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Ballard Co. location map
County was established in 1842 from HICKMAN and MCCRACKEN Counties.
The county seat is WICKLIFFE.

Table of Cemeteries

File Name Photo Contributor
armstron404ph.txt Armstrong, John H. armstron404ph.jpg Charles Klingel
armstron405ph.txt Armstrong, John T. armstron405ph.jpg Charles Klingel
armstron407ph.txt Armstrong, Lillie M. armstron407ph.jpg Charles Klingel
armstron411ph.txt Armstrong, Martha Mobena armstron411ph.jpg Charles Klingel
armstron406ph.txt Armstrong, William L. armstron406ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carter423ph.txt Carter, Cue Carlisle carter423ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carter401ph.txt Carter, Howard Edgar carter401ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carter409ph.txt Carter, Jewel carter409ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carter408ph.txt Carter, Lokey E. carter408ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carter412ph.txt Carter, Martin Luther carter412ph.jpg Charles Klingel
carterjr426ph.txt Carter Jr., Martin Luther carterjr426ph.jpg Charles Klingel
doty402ph.txt Doty, Hazel doty402ph.jpg Charles Klingel
griffith410ph.txt Griffith, Lloyd A. griffith410ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mcneill424ph.txt McNeill, Dallas M. mcneill424ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mcneill413ph.txt McNeill, Jewel C. mcneill413ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mizell400ph.txt Mizell, Harriett mizell400ph.jpg Charles Klingel
stanfill416ph.txt Stanfill, Star Carter stanfill416ph.jpg Charles Klingel
burnson403ph.txt Burnson, Jessie burnson403ph.jpg Charles Klingel
crabtree418ph.txt Crabtree, James crabtree418ph.jpg Charles Klingel
crabtree427ph.txt Crabtree, Mary Frances crabtree427ph.jpg Charles Klingel
helton415ph.txt Helton, George Washington helton415ph.jpg Charles Klingel
hilton428ph.txt Hilton, Ramop hilton428ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mayberry397ph.txt Mayberry, Fredrick mayberry397ph.jpg Charles Klingel
crabtree419ph.txt Crabtree, James W. crabtree419ph.jpg Charles Klingel
dennis420ph.txt Dennis, A.L. dennis420ph.jpg Charles Klingel
dennis421ph.txt Dennis, Amy Lucille dennis421ph.jpg Charles Klingel
dennis422ph.txt Dennis, Connie M. dennis422ph.jpg Charles Klingel
lee425ph.txt Lee, John Jessmond lee425ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mayberry398ph.txt Mayberry, Freddie mayberry398ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mayberry399ph.txt Mayberry, George L. mayberry399ph.jpg Charles Klingel
mayberry414ph.txt Mayberry, Minnie mayberry414ph.jpg Charles Klingel
wood417ph.txt Wood, Ralph H. wood417ph.jpg Charles Klingel

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