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William Denning Family Photo Album

In Memory of a Great Pioneer Family

In Memory of those family members whohave gone before us.

The Denning Family Proudly

Celebrating Our 150 Years in America

And as a Family

Grace A. Denning

     Daughter of William Denning Sr. and Mary Jane (Molly),  (Pike)  Denning
     of Richmond, Missouri. Granddaughter of John and Rebecca  Ann  (Little)
     Denning of Streator, Illinois. The Denning family  was  established  in
     United States in 1852 from Durham, Durham County, England. And recently
     celebrated their 150 years in America on August 2nd and 3rd of 2003 and
     will celebrate their "The Denning Encore Reunion, August 4th, 5th, 6th,
     7th of 2005 in Springfield, Illinois. Grace  Adeline  Denning  and  her
     twin sister Rose Jane Denning grew up in Richmond, Ray County, Missouri
     and raised her family in Auburn, Illinois.

Grace Adeline Denning Rogers
Born August 31, 1902, Richmond, Missouri
and died June 5, 1977
at her daughter's home in Pawnee, Illinois,
Buried in Auburn Cemetery in Auburn, Illinois

Grace A. (Denning) Rogers

     Grace Adeline Denning Rogers was born August 31, 1902  to  William  and
     Mary Jane (Molly) (Pike) Denning  on  421  Jabez  Street  in  Richmond,
     Missouri. She was a twin to Rose Jane Denning Johnson. Rose  and  Grace
     were daughter's out of ten children that William and Mary Jane Denning.
     William was the son of John  and  Rebecca  Ann  (Little)  Denning  from
     Streator, Illinois who later  settled  in  Lincoln,  Illinois.  William
     Denning their father moved from Streator in early 1880's and moved back
     to Lexington, Missouri were  he  worked  with  his  half-brother  Peter
     Denning on Peter's Denning farm. Later William moved in with Athiel and
     Sarah (Anderson) Pike family in Richmond, Missouri  were  William  went
     back to school and worked the coal mines he was 11  or  12  years  old.
     Athiel and Sarah Pike had a daughter Mary Jane Pike.  William  fell  in
     love with her and at age 21 he married Mary Jane Pike.  Mary  Jane  was
     always known as Molly. She was always known at Molly Pike Denning.

Grace A. Denning on the Right and Rose J. Denning on the Left,
photo taken in 1902 in Richmond, Missouri.

Rose J. and Grace A. Denning baby photo
approx 6 months of age approx.
1903 in Richmond, Missouri

Rose Jane and Grace Adeline Denning
Approx. age 9 or 10
Twin daughters of William and Mary Jane (Pike) Denning

Rose J. Denning and girlfriend standing outside Rose's home
in Richmond, Missouri - approx age 16 or 17

Grace A. Denning standing on front porch of the Denning home
on Jabez St. in Richmond, Missouri age maybe 18

     Rose J. Denning standing and Grace A. Denning sitting on porch banister
     of the Denning home on Jabez St. in Richmond, Missouri age maybe 18

Grace A. Denning and brother George Denning and Rose J. Denning
Approx age 20 or 21,
Standing in front of the Denning home on Jabez Street in Richmond, Missouri

A Little History & Background

     William Denning had lived in Richmond, Missouri since  1880  and  there
     are still Denning's off springs there. So there  has  been  Denning  in
     Richmond, Ray County, Missouri for over 120 years. I'm  proud  to  have
     Richmond, Missouri as part of this family history.

     Grace and her twin sister Rose would grow up in  a  normal  loving  and
     nurturing household where their mother taught them how to cook and  put
     up the garden by canning and they would learn to sew.  Both  Grace  and
     Rose went to grade school in Richmond, Missouri. I'm not sure of a High
     School or if they were taught at home. Both Grace and Rose grew  up  to
     be great cook and could sew anything just by looking at  it.  Rose  and
     Grace where daughter's of William and Mary Jane (Pike) Denning.

     They grew up with the following brothers and sister. John  Denning  who
     was born May 25, 1892, Mary Denning  Nov  11,  1893,  William  (Willie)
     Denning Jr. Oct 6, 1897, Charles H. Denning Jan 15, 1901, Irvin  Levere
     Denning Nov 11, 1907, A Baby was born May 13, 1913 and only lived a few
     days and died on May 29, 1913, Mattie Elizabeth Denning May  15,  1916,
     George Edward Denning Sr. May 16, 1910. All of her brothers and sisters
     lived in Richmond, Missouri and a few moved to the Kansas and  Missouri
     area. Most of after they were married built homes on  Jabez  Street  in
     Richmond, Missouri. Jabez Street was had so many Denning's living on it
     at one time.

     William Denning Sr. was killed in a pony cart accident  in  1924.  Mary
     Jane (Pike) Denning was born in Richmond, Missouri on May 31, 1874  the
     daughter  of  Athiel  Pike  and  Sarah  (Anderson)  Pike  of  Richmond,
     Missouri. Mary Jane was raised in  Richmond,  Missouri  and  she  lived
     there until her death in August 14, 1945. Mary Jane died from a  series
     of strokes.

Denning Family Photo: Front Row - Rose Johnson, Mattie Manley, Mother Mary Jane Denning, Mary Kraft Back Row - Irvin Denning, William Denning Jr., John Denning, Charles Denning, George Denning. Everyone except for Grace.

Standing out front of "Tip's Barber shop" and the home of Grace and Lance Rogers and family's homes on the east side of the square in Auburn, Illinois. Back William Kraft, John Denning, from left to right Kenneth Johnson, Grace Denning Rogers, Rose Denning Johnson, Mary Denning Kraft, Ella Denning and Donald E. Rogers kneeling holding a tomato's in his hands.

Top left Mary Isabelle, Phyllis Louise, Donald Eugene, Lance "Tip", Grace A. Rogers.
Taken in Auburn, Illinois.

Lance “Tip” Rogers

Grace married Lance “Tip” Rogers
the son of Isabelle and Robert Rogers
from Richmond, Missouri.
They were married on October 17, 1925
in Carrollton, Missouri.
Lance was born January 8, 1886 in Scranton, Kansas.

A Little History & Background

     Lance had been living in Auburn, Illinois since 1918 where he had  been
     working as a coal miner with the  Panther-Creek  Coal  Mine.  But  coal
     production was down and some of the coal mines in Auburn stated closing
     up. But in 1920 some of the coalmines had begun reopening.  Lance  went
     back to Richmond, Missouri in 1925 and married Grace A. Denning.  While
     back in Richmond, Missouri Lance wanted a new  career  he  and  Grace's
     brother Charles "Charlie" Denning and Brack Johnson,  Grace's  sister's
     Rose Jane's husband all three  would  attend  Tri-City  Barber  College
     together in Kansas City. It took Lance  Rogers  and  Charles  "Charlie"
     Denning and Brack Johnson six months to complete the course.

     Shortly after Grace and Lance were married they  packed  up  and  moved
     back to Auburn, Illinois were Lance was  already  working  in  Panther-
     Creek Coal Mine. The following coal mines were in operation at the time
     in Auburn, Illinois Panther-Creek, Peabody #1, South  Mound  Coal  Mine
     and a coal on the east side, and a coal mine  in  the  north  side  the
     other two I have no idea of their name.  One  of  five  coal  mines  in
     operation at that time in Auburn, Illinois.

     When Lance and Grace arrived in Auburn they found  them  self's  living
     out of a tent in the east park in Auburn because of a housing shortage.
     Grace and Lance lived out of the tent  in  the  east  park  during  the
     winter months also. Family of miners at that time would be  living  out
     of basements, Attacks, coal sheds, people would rent anything  as  long
     as they had a roof over their head and a place to call home.

     While in Auburn, Illinois Grace gave birth to her first  daughter  Mary
     Isabelle Rogers who was born on May 25, 1926.  I  don't  know  if  Mary
     Isabelle was born in Auburn, I don't know if she was born in  the  tent
     of if they had rented a home before her birth. 

     In 1929 or 1930Grace and Lance and their new daughter would  move  back
     to Richmond, Missouri, Grace and Lance's daughter Mary  Isabelle  would
     spend her first year of grade school in Richmond, Missouri before  they
     would move back to Auburn, Illinois. After Isabelle was out  of  school
     Lance and Grace (Denning) Rogers would pack up and head back to Auburn,
     Illinois were this time Lance and Grace would  rent  a  home  from  Dr.
     Hart. When Grace came back to Auburn she was expecting her  2nd  child.
     The Dr. Hart home is where Lance Jr. was born. Lance Jr. was born  dead
     (Still born) Lance Jr. died at birth.  While  Grace  recovered  in  bed
     after Lance Jr. birth Lance Sr. would lay his son to rest in the Auburn

Lance Roger Jr. Grave Site, Died Oct 15, 1931
Buried in Auburn Cemetery, Auburn, Illinois

     In 1932 Lance would rent space in the basement of the Auburn Hotel  and
     open his "Tip's Barber Shop" he would do his barber during the day  and
     work in the Panther-Creek Coal Mine in the evenings.

     In 1932 or 1933 Lance and Grace would buy a building at 115  North  4th
     street on the east side of the square in Auburn, Illinois. They  bought
     the Vancil Funeral Home building from the owner Mr. Harry Vancil. Lance
     would run his barbershop from the front and the family  would  live  in
     the back. Grace  gave  birth  to  two  more  children  Phyllis  Louise,
     February 14, 1936 and Donald Eugene, November 24, 1937  both  would  be
     born in the living quarter behind the barbershop in the  back  of  this
     building, Lance would take trips to St. Louis, Missouri  from  time  to
     time to take classes and update is barber license. Lance was  a  barber
     for over 25 years until his death. Lance  and  Grace  (Denning)  Rogers
     were well known and well liked respected citizens of Auburn.


Grace A. (Denning) Rogers and Mary Isabelle Rogers only a few days old
standing in front of the Auburn Hotel 1926

Grace (Denning) Rogers, Picture 2 in front of the Auburn Hotel 1926

     Grace and Lance "Tip" Rogers and the family lived in the back  of  this
     small building and would run his Barber Shop in the  front.  Grace  and
     Lance bought this building in 1937 and  barbered  there  until  Lance's
     death in the 1950's. Grace sold the building in 1963. The old  building
     still stands today on  the  east  side  of  Auburn  square  in  Auburn,

     Lance her husband past away on March 17, 1950 from black lung from when
     he was a coal miner. But Grace would live the rest of her life  raising
     her family in Auburn, Illinois. Grace work and retired from St.  John's
     School of Nursing where she worked as a housekeeper.  Grace  past  away
     one morning at her daughter's home  in  Pawnee,  Illinois  of  a  heart
     attack. Building History: Harry Vancil built the building for a funeral
     home "Vancil Funeral Home" after the funeral home closed up  built  the
     building. The building was bought by Lance "Tip" and Grace A. (Denning)
     Rogers were they would live in the back and run Tip's Barbers Shop from
     the front. Grace A. (Denning) Rogers owned the building until 1963 when
     she sold it to a Taylorville man who opened a shoe repair shop  in  the
     front and his wife would run a beauty shop in the old living quarter in
     the back. It later closed up and sat empty for quite a few years.

     Grace's favorite color was "Red" so Grace would leave her handy work in
     the living quarters of this building. She liked red so much she painted
     the ceiling in the living quarters of the building red. The Red ceiling
     was still their when the current owners bought the building. It had  to
     be a shock to the new owners but if Grace A. (Denning) Rogers wanted it
     Red and if no one would paint it for her.  She  painted  it  her  self.
     Today the building has new life a new  owner.  It  is  a  fabric  store

Lance "Tip" and Grace A. Denning Rogers gravesite
in the Auburn Cemetery in Auburn, Illinois

Lance & Grace Rogers

Paying our Respect to Former Auburn Residents

Lance “Tip” Rogers

Obits from the Auburn Citizen News Paper


     All business houses closed Monday afternoon,  during  the  funeral  of
     Lance "Tip" Rogers, local barber, who died Friday morning, March 17, at
     his home. Mr. Rogers had been in ill health for several years, but  was
     able to do part time barbering until several  weeks  ago  when  he  was
     confined to his bed.

     He was born in Scranton, Kansas, January 8, 1886, the son of Robert and
     Isabelle Rogers. In 1918 he came to Illinois and worked as a miner  and
     a barber. Twenty-five years ago he was  married  to  Grace  Denning  in
     Carrollton, Mo.

     In addition to his  wife,  he  is  survived  by  three  children,  Mrs.
     Isabelle Pacotti, Pawnee; Phyllis and Donald at home; a brother,  Alex,
     Richmond, Mo., a sister, Mrs. Phyllis  Willows,  Scranton,  Kans.,  one
     granddaughter, Mary Lou Pacotti, Pawnee. A sons  Lance,  jr.,  died  in

     The body was removed to the Masterson Funeral home in  Taylorville  and
     taken to the residence Saturday afternoon.  Services  were  held  at  2
     o'clock  Monday  at  the  Auburn  Baptist  Church,  with  Rev.   Norval
     Richardson officiating. Burial was made in the Auburn Cemetery.

     Attending the funeral were these out-of-town relatives: Alex Rogers and
     children, Lila  and  Richard,  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  Denning,  Irvin
     Denning, George Denning, Brack Denning (This  was  listed  in  obit  as
     Brack Denning it should of Been Brack Johnson),  Mrs.  Mary  Kraft  and
     daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Coffer and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pierce
     and daughters, Mrs. Alice Denning, Junior Denning, Mr. and Mrs.  W.  H.
     Fagg, (Mr. and Mrs. W. H.  Fagg  was  listed  in  obit  of  being  from
     Richmond,  Mo.  But  they  were  from  Springfield,  Illinois)  all  of
     Richmond, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Manley of Kansas City, Mo.

Grace A. Rogers

Obit from the State Journal Register News Paper

     Mrs. Grace A. Rogers, 74, of 512 No.6th, Auburn, died at 7 a.m. Sunday,
     June 5 at the residence of her daughter in Pawnee.

     She was born in Richmond, Mo. the daughter of  William  and  Mary  Pike
     Denning. She was married Oct 17, 1925 in Carrollton Mo. to Lance  (Tip)
     Rogers. He preceded her in death  on  March  17,  1950.  She  was  also
     preceded in death by one son. Lance; one sister Mary  Kraft  and  three
     brothers, John, William and Irvin.Mrs. Rogers was a  member  of  Auburn
     Nazarene Church and a 52-year  resident  of  Auburn.  She  retired  as
     housekeeper from St. John's School of Nursing in 1964 after 10 years of

     Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. John (Isabelle) Pocotti of Pawnee and
     Mrs. Ralph (Phyllis) White of Auburn; two  sisters  Mrs.  Brack  (Rose)
     Johnson of Richmond, Mo. and Mrs. Floyd (Mattie) Manley of Kansas City,
     Mo. eight brothers  George  Denning  of  Belleville  Kan,  and  Charles
     Denning  of  Richmond,  MO.; eight  grandchildren  and   four   great-

     Services were held at 1 p.m. Tuesday, June 7 at Auburn Nazarene Church.
     Rev. Larry Gallaher officiated. Burial was in  Auburn  Cemetery.  Berry
     Funeral Home was in charge of the arrangement.

Family History and Story Written by:
Charles W. Brown Jr. Grandson of
Lance "Tip" and Grace A. (Denning) Rogers


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