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Rock Island County
Archived Queries

Surname Submitter Date Query
Betty Power 20 May 1998 seeking any information on the John Lape family from Fairfield Co.,Ohio. John was born 1756, died abf 1818 in Fairfield Co. He married to Margaret Conrad, 9 chrildren .Also Henry Lape married to Catherine Wolf. He was born Jan 12,1794, died July 20, 1851 in Fayettea Co. ,Illinois.
Charlie Dannenfelser 19 May 1998 I just returned from a visit to the Quad Cities, Geneseo, Morrison, and Portland-Whiteside County. It is magnificiently beautiful! My search included viewing the gravesite of Mary Hunt Dannenfelser at Sharon Cemetery and the graves of Frederick and Mary Dannenfelser at Oakwood Cemetery in Geneseo. I also viethe land in Portland Township which was acquired by U.S. Land Grants in the late 1840's; in all it was a successful and very pleasant trip. My disappointment was in finding only a "reference" to naturalization in the basement of the Rock Island County Courthouse.I appear to be running aground on finding and establishing a connection back to the birthplace in Germany; if any of you have suggestions on alternatives available please let me know. A question: Where is located the most complete selection (for the area) of "Germans to America"?? Also, the most likely Passenger Lists for arriving in Rock Island? Does anyone have an idea of what might have attracted them "directly" to the area from Germany?? Thanks for any help, Charlie Dannenfelser
Muriel Caillau 16 May 1998 I am seeking information on the family of James BORLAND and Annie LANG. I have one daughter listed, Jennie E. LANG who married George H. WEED. Jennie was born April 10, 1854 in Moline, IL.
CARLSON Angela Smith 15 May 1998 Searching for info on Charles Matthew CARLSON. Born 1893, died 1918 at Rock Isand, Camp Grant. He was born in Victoria, Il, and place of burial unknown. Entered Service only 1 month before his death. Any info found would be appreciated. Thank you.
Norm Prince 14 May 1998 Between 1845 and 1850 three of the sons of William and Mary Johnston of County Fermanaugh, Ireland, removed themselves and there families to the `new world'. They arrived at the port of New Orleans and traveled up the Mississippi River to Rock Island, Illinois. The three brothers and their families settled in Bowling township, Rock Island county and Preemption and Perryton township, Mercer county. The families had a habit of inter-marrying and if one was to look closely at the following chart they would find several cases of first cousins beginning a family. Along with marring other Johnston's, the offspring of the brothers married into other Irish families with the names listed on the heading. The Johnston and Hutchinson name is not as well known in the three township today, as it was 100 years ago, but I am sure there are a number of person who could trace their ancestors back to one of these Orangemen. I would be most interested in corresponding with any person researching these Mercer and Rock Island county names. The following tree only shows the three brothers and their children; much more information is available for those that have an interest in this family. Several Descendants of William and Mary Johnston 1 William JOHNSTON b: 1790 d: 06 March 1872 +Mary BUCHANAN b: 1790 d: 25 April 1861 A Joseph B JOHNSTON b: 17 November 1811 d: 11 March 1880 +Ann THOMPSON b: 1815 d: 1903 B James R JOHNSTON b: 12 September 1813 d: 28 August 1872 +Sarah BLEAKLY +Frances GRAYDON b: Abt. 1912 C William S JOHNSTON b: 29 January 1815 d: 15 March 1870 +Susanna JOHNSTON b: January 1829 d: 09 August 1907 D John H JOHNSTON b: 1820 d: 05 October 1877 +Jane WELSH b: 1826 d: 08 September 1885 E Frances JOHNSTON b: 14 October 1821 F Elizabeth Anne JOHNSTON b: 18 January 1824 d: 10 October 1840 G Mary JOHNSTON b: 04 September 1825 H Thomas L JOHNSTON b: 02 September 1827 d: 14 February 1902 +Mary Ann JOHNSTON b: Abt. 1836 I Robert JOHNSTON b: 19 July 1829 J Margaret JOHNSTON b: 19 May 1831 d: 20 August 1844 2 John JOHNSTON, Sr b: 1791 d: 15 November 1867 +Mary JOHNSTON b: 1800 d: 05 April 1880 A William L JOHNSTON b: 02 December 1819 d: 12 November 1874 +Martha Jane CONLON b: 1840 d: Aft. 1900 B Rachel JOHNSTON b: 29 August 1820 d: 06 September 1904 +William JOHNSTON +Thomas K JOHNSTON C Mary Ann JOHNSTON b: 01 January 1823 d: 25 May 1885 +John HUTCHINSON b: 25 April 1824 d: 11 October 1882 D Elizabeth JOHNSTON b: 17 July 1825 d: 1862 +J W JOHNSON b: 1814 d: July 1922 E John W JOHNSTON b: 31 October 1827 d: 29 October 1919 +Alice HUTCHINSON b: 15 January 1842 d: 18 April 1924 F Joseph JOHNSTON b: 09 September 1830 d: 08 February 1874 +Eliza Jane JOHNSTON b: 16 December 1836 d: 10 April 1923 G Thomas JOHNSTON b: 19 April 1837 d: 03 October 1859 H Robert W JOHNSTON b: 16 October 1839 d: 15 September 1892 +Rachel JOHNSTON b: 12 February 1838 d: 23 February 1888 I Susanna JOHNSTON b: 02 April 1841 J Matilda JOHNSTON b: 15 May 1844 d: 20 April 1921 +James N SMITH b: 09 April 1857 d: 13 August 1950 3 Thomas JOHNSTON b: 15 August 1794 d: 02 April 1867 +Elizabeth JOHNSTON b: 1796 d: 26 January 1898 A Mary Anne JOHNSTON b: 19 February 1820 B John Y JOHNSTON b: 15 October 1821 d: 03 February 1872 +Mary BRANNIAN b: 1822 d: 05 April 1866 C Alice JOHNSTON b: 20 June 1824 D William W JOHNSTON b: 17 July 1825 d: 05 January 1889 +Margaret LIPTON b: 26 May 1831 d: 08 June 1881 E Susanna JOHNSTON b: January 1829 d: 09 August 1907 +William S JOHNSTON b: 29 January 1815 d: 15 March 1870 F Joseph M JOHNSTON b: 01 November 1829 d: 09 September 1904 +Mary M JOHNSTON b: November 1842 G Mary Jane JOHNSTON b: 1835 d: 11 April 1881 +Robert R JOHNSTON b: 1826 d: 09 April 1903 H Rachel JOHNSTON b: 12 February 1838 d: 23 February 1888 +Robert W JOHNSTON b: 16 October 1839 d: 15 September 1892 I Thomas Y JOHNSTON b: 10 July 1842 d: 19 August 1881 +Rebecca PALMER b: 31 January 1854 d: 30 April 1916 J Elizabeth JOHNSTON b: 19 August 1832 +Samuel HUTCHINSON b: 09 September 1827
Marlene Heinsohn 14 May 1998 Searching for info on Christian Grieser b. ca 1830 near Berlin, Germany m. Wilhelmina HIPPE/KRAUSE b. 1831 in Germany. Son Theodore (Peter) GRIESER/GREASER b. 10 May 1854 near Berlin. Family came to America in 1854 and settled in Moline, IL where Christian worked in the coal mines. Children born in Moline: Elizabeth b.1856; Wm. b 1857; Frederick b. 1859; b. in Genesco-Minnie b. 1862; Christopher b. 1863; born in NE-Frank b. 1865; Emma b. 1869; Annie b. 1872; Lena b. 1877. They are listed in Henry Co. Census for 1860-70. Need Naturalization papers that might name the village near Berlin. Christian would have needed this as he and several children homesteaded here in Colfax Co., NE . No papers filed here. Also need parents of both Chris & Wilhelmina (Minnie). Minnie and her children are buried here in Fremont, Dodge, NE but Christian disappeared in 1894 without a trace. Courthouse records about his sons Frederick and Theodore state that he died in 1895-but where??? I'm hoping he had relatives in IL and is buried there. I have some very colorful stories (true) about my Grandfather-in-law (Theodore GREASER).
Janet Miller 14 May 1998 I am researching family of Barnabus McGuire, a soldier in the Revolutionary War from Westmoreland and Cumberland counties in Pennsylvania. His son, Pendergast McGuire migrated west into Illinois with at least two of his sons, Jacob and Daniel and their families, They were joined by a third son, J. Pendergast McGuire who was married to Priscilla Yokum, a widow. This James Pendergast McGuire served in the 9th Calvary, Company M, Illinois volunteers in the Civil War. In the 1860 federal census, Jacob, his wife Jane and children James, Cordelia, Rachel, Mary Agnes, Ann and Sarah appear in Rapid City,Rock Island County, Ill., while Pendergast and his wife, Sarah, and son Daniel and his family are in nearby Pt. Byron. In the 1870 census, Jacob and his family are in Kewanee, Ill., as are Sarah (no Pendergast, presumed dead) and Daniel and his family . I am particularily interested in Jacob's son, James Pendergast McGuire, but welcome any information. I have been trying to find military records of Civil War service for Jacob's son, my great-grandfather, who was about 14 at the outset of the war. Family history says he might have been a drummer boy. Also,could Jacob or Pendergast (the elder) be in one of the early Rock Island books have seen mentioned.
Judi Ford 12 May 1998 I need help in finding information about George Brown PATTERSON who married Ada Ophelia BARGER. Children's names were: Jimmy, Hattie, Elmer, Grace, Ada, Verna, Hazel, Walter and Dorothy. George was born in 1856 and died in 1935. Thanks for any info..
LDurbala 11 May 1998 I am trying to locate any descendents of Stanley (Stanko) KAUZLARICH, born abt. 1878 in Croatia, he would be the brother of my great-grandmother Marija Kauzlarich KATICH. Their parents were Jasper Kauzlarich and Maria BLOSKOVIC. Stanley has two sons Stanley born abt. 1903, wife's name Anna Belle; and another son Victor born abt. 1906, wife's name Rachel. Stanley, Sr. lived in Coal Valley. I remember stories of him playing an instrument in a Croatian Band and coming to visit my great-grandmother during Croatian Festival in Rathbun, Iowa.
Karla Everett 5 May 1998 Researching HORNER and LEFTRIDGE from Rock Island. Does anyone have the lineage of Governor Horner?
Marilyn Gerrard-Hartman 3 May 1998 Here is the scenario for my gg grandfather, Joseph GERRARD: Joseph GERRARD was born in England in 1799, came to America about 1822, and married Adeline ALLEN at New Bedford MA in 1826. They had one child in MA, then Joseph's father died, and they returned to England about 1830 to settle the estate, staying for about 8 years and having several children there. When they came back to the US about 1838, they apparently made a bee-line to Rock Island, where the last of their children were born, including my g grandfather Frederick Henry. About 1858, the entire family moved to Nebraska to homestead. What I would love to discover, is why did they head for Rock Island immediately, as though (perhaps?) that was their destination as they left England? Adeline's sister Phoebe ALLEN (unmarried) and brother Leander ALLEN and his wife Emmelina GERRARD (Joseph's sister) may have already been at Rock Island, or may have accompanied Joseph & Adeline there. There was also a John GERRARD, who may have been Joseph's brother, that I am told was at Rock Island in 1840 - so he also could have been there prior to Joseph & Adeline. So, Joseph & Adeline may have headed there because family was there - but then what took the others there? The GERRARDs I named (other than Frederick Henry) were born in England and the ALLENs I named were born in Massachusetts. Anyone have any suggestions on how I might proceed with attempting to answer this question?
Martha Marshall 1 May 1998 I need help in location descendents and ancestors of William Henry GRIFFIN b. 11 Sept. 1834 Ill. unknown location, d. 21 Dec. 1881 Tx.and wife Delia B.MORRIS b. 24 June 1844 Miss. d.26 Jan. 1926 Tex. It is know William H. GRIFFIN had uncle Henry GRIFFINand uncle George GRIFFIN also appt. relative Don and Cora GRIFFIN. Photos in possession of family record Charlie and Kate STEBBINS,Jerald STEBBINS and photo Aunt Net (Mangold Photography) Moline, Ill. Unsure of Griffin STEBBINS connections and also photo of Jessie Pearl FUNDLEY or FINDLEY 1yr. old to her great Aunt Delia Griffin (T.M. Jones Moline, Ill. Photography). If any of these names are known. It is known that the family lived in Moline, Ill. and Davenport, Iowa areas from 1830- 1870's before coming to Texas. I would appreciate any help offered and willing to share what I have.
LARSON Sandy Thompson 27 Apr 1998 Searching for information on one of my deceased ancestors who lived in the Rock Island Andulusia area. His name was Carl Victor LARSON his wife,s name was Laura Larson who just passed away within the last few months. I am looking for the cemetery they may be buried in so that I may gather some information for Genealogy Research. Anyone who could give information on the cemeteries in the are where they may be buried at and perhaps the phone # of the cemeteries in that area. They were Swedish if that helps!
FETTERER Ida 25 Apr 1998 Any connections to the FETTERER surname from Rock Island Please contact me.
LIEDTKE Marcia Dahlke 22 Apr 1998 Need a record for David LIEDTKE and Mary Elizabeth Liedtke(her maiden name also)marriage certificate--they were residents of Rock Island County(either Coal Valley,Milan or Rock Island towns)from 1876-1888? Also would there be information on Julius Liedtke(Mary's father who lived with them)? David was born(31Mar1853);Mary was born (20Dec1858);I have no dates on Julius.
RINCK Chuck 20 Apr 98 Looking for information on the sheriff of Rock Island county John circa 1900.
STECHALIN Pat Stechalin 20 Apr 1998 The STECHALIN family (we are the only ones in the country to our knowledge) immigrated to Rock Island sometime before 1860. I found Joseph STECHALIN in the 1860 census living with someone else that had migrated here from Germay (Alsace-Lorraine).
Julie Van Wyngaarden 16 Apr 1998 Trying to find information about George VIEGER(S) who came to Illinois around 1880 from Germany? Married april 1885 in Rock Island, Rock Island County, Illinois. Born in 1857? in Germany but in 1900 gave up his allegiance to the Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands. Did he emigrate from Germany to the Netherlands? When did he emigrate to the US? Would like to find his birth place in Germany? He was illiterate and we are not even sure of the name VIEGER although it's listed as such on his naturalization papers.
KAPPAS Borges 15 Apr 1998 Does anyone have any information on the KAPPAS family?

JEANETTE S CHORPENNING 15 Apr 1998 I am looking for information on the Billburg Bar, in 1899, then billed as "The Longest Bar In The World". It was in Rock Island, IL.
Diane Ryan 9 Apr 1998 I am looking for information on the TILLMONT family. They originated in the Alsace Lorraine area of France Germany. They immigrated to New Bremen in Lewis County New York around 1840. The descendants then moved on the Rock Island Illinois. The ancestors names were Peter and Emma or (Anna), born in the late 1700's and then their son Stephen married Elizabeth BACH around 1852. Any help in locating any descendants of this family would be appreciated. I hope to compared genealogical notes with them if possible.
BORST James Cross 03 Apr 1998 Five male BORSTs immigrated to Rock Island from Germany between 1881 and 1894 (according to census entries). Most seem to have come as young men and married later. They were: George born c1867 immig 1881 married Margaret ???? 9 children John born c1870 immig 1888 married Ida ???? 4 children Charles born c1873 immig 1890 married Augusta O Mielke 7 children August born c1873 immig 1891 married Augusta ???? 0 children Gustaf born c1880 immig 1894 married Sophia Habemill 5 children The Borst Family Association is interested in corresponding with descendents, especially concerning the origin of the immigrants in Germany and whether they were related. We also seek death data for the immigrants and spouses and marriage data for the children.
PIERSOL Bobbi Piersol Cathey 22 Mar 1998 Please help me with information on the PIERSOL names listed in Civil War records and other Rock Island County records. I am trying to see if there is any connection to my ancestors in Union County, Illinois. Joseph Piersol, Ignatius Clemment or Clem Piersol, Zachariah Piersol all in Union County, Illinois in the l850, l860 census. Any information on the Rock Island Piersol's would be appreciated and any information I have would be shared. Thank you.
GRISWOLD Rita Hallett 22 Mar 1998 I have come in possession of a photo album belong to my GGrandfather's brother, Milton Oliver GRISWOLD. It is full of studio pictures from IA & NE, supposedly of his family, but no names on any of the pictures. I was wondering if someone out there could guide me as to finding out when these studios were in business so I could at least date the pictures. Two in particular was taken by the Photographic Studio of Thomas V Gibboney in Columbus Junction, IA. I beleive these may be my GGrandparents, but could tell more if I knew dates. Several are by Huebingers' located at 119 W. 2nd Street, Davenport, IA. There are some wedding photos taken by Malaur, Eagle Gallery in Des Moines, IA. There is one of a young woman taken by Bruetts of Davenport, IA. Quite a few of them were taken by Jno. Buell of Geneseo, IL. (I don't know where this is, so if anyone out there knows where Geneseo, IL is, please let me know & I will submit a query there as well.) There is a photo of two teenage (?) girls taken by Haynew' Palace Studio Car - Northern Pacific Railroad, branch studio, Yellowstone Park. One photo says Hostetty 1918 on the front side of the photo, with no location. Some are by Hakelier, Vienna Studio in Rock Island, IL There are at least 50 photos in all. If anyone can give me any leads, there are other studios in the area on some of the photos & I can give a complete list if you need. Any help in dating these would be greatly appreciated.
Connie Alexander 21 Mar 1998 Looking for any info on "Pioneer Family Descendent Rock Island County Illinnois Bicentennial 1976". My grandfather was awarded several certificates for being descendent of Peter & Eva Catherine SIM; Phillip & Cornelia Jane SIM; and Cynthia Mathilda SIMLINDE. My grandfather was Julius Walker LINDE. Thank you for any information you might have.
Susan (Reagan) Galvin 21 Mar 1998 I am searching for information on my gg-grandparents, John REAGAN and Hanorah (Anna)COUGHLIN REAGAN. They were living in Hampton, Rock Island County ca. 1858 to 1868/70. Sometime durmg 1870-72 they moved to Kansas. They had 7 children: Daughter #1 b. ca. 1844-1850 in Ireland. Immigrated to US in 1852 with mother. She died at sea. Daughter #2 b. ca. 1844-1850 in Ireland. Immigrated to US in 1852 with mother. She died at sea. Jeremiah b. 1855 in Wisconsin or Moline, IL. Family oral history seems to be conflicting. I tend to lean toward Wisc . Elinor Mary b. 4 Mar 1857 in Racine, WI or Lafayette, WI; d. 8 Feb. 1929. Married to John Joseph Walsh (date unk). The following two were born in Rock Island Cty, IL: Hannah b. Feb. 1859, d. 17 April 1933; married John Donahoe 28 April 1897 and divorced on 6 Jan 1908. Her marriage and divorce took place in Kansas. No children. Buried om St. Bridget Cemetery, Scam, KS. William J.b. 1861, d. ? and was never married as far as I know. According to the 1880 census, he was a teacher and suffered from Poralysis and was crippled in one foot. He taught school in PA. Nothing else is known about him. Charles Henry b. 9 May 1868, d. 8 Feb 1946, married to Hallie ?? and later divorced. There are no known children. I do not know where they entered the US, but suspect it was PA. The information regarding WI is from oral family history and from death records. It is thought by familty that Charles may have been born in Peoria, IL. If anyone can help me with this family I would truely appreciate it.
Rita Hallett 20 Mar 1998 I am searching for information on Francis M. (GRISWOLD) WESTMEYER. She lived in Rock Island in the early 1900's. When her father, Milton Oliver GRISWOLD died in 1935, she was living in Aurora, IL. Any information on M.O. GRISWOLD would be appreciated also.
AUSTIN Lynn White 20 Mar 1998 I am trying to find information on the AUSTIN family. Specifically Wilson and Wheeler(twins) born in Rock Island on Sept. 10, 1874. I beleive their fathers name was Richard AUSTIN. He died when they were less than ten years old (sometime between 1874 and 1885). His widows name was Deborah. She then moved to Florida after his death. Any info on his date of death or circumstances would be so appreciated. Thanks!
WYTHE Karen Wagner 19 Mar 1998 Am seeking info on Thomas WYTHE born 1898 in Seymour, Ia. Thomas lived in Moline in the 1930s and 1940s and perhaps later. It is believed that he worked for the railroad. He may have married a woman with the first name Helen. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.
Gary D. Kline 15 Mar 1998 I'm researching HAZLITT/HAZLET in NJ and MD. Came across this info someone researching HAZLITT or MACKEY in Rock Island may find useful. They have Rev. War connections! Source: The New Jersey Genesis, Vol 12. Number 3, April 1965. The death record of Richard MACKEY (b. 16 Apr 1782) appears in the HAZLITT (Robert of NJ) Bible. Richard was the youngest son of Joseph MACKEY, a miller of Roxborough (NJ). His sister, Sarah MACKEY, was the wife of Alexander HAZLITT (son of John). Joseph MACKEY (Captain of Company 1, 1st Regiment of Militia) is buried in the churchyard of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Oxford, Hazen, NJ and his grave is marked by the General William Mazwell Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. Alexander HAZLITT married Sarah MACKEY(b. 26 Nov 1784) on Dec. 27, 1803 at Easton, Pensylvannia. They were the parents of twelve children, two dying as infants. In 1837, they left New Jersey to settle in Rock Island County, Illinois. Alexander HAZLITT's father, John, was born 10 Oct 1736. His first wife, , Elizabeth MASON, died 1776/7 leaving a son, Alexander, and other children. John was a wagonmaster in 1778 in the Revolution from Sussex County.
Barbara Little 11 Mar 1998 I am researching the DeMINCK/DeMUYNCK family who immigrated from Belgium to the U.S. in 1883 and lived in South Moline Township from that period until sometime after 1900 when they migrated to Ipswich, Edmunds Co., South Dakota. My gr-grandparents Charles Bernard DeMINCK/DeMUYNCK b. Oct 22, 1844, and his wife Mary Louise DOELESLAGER b. Jun 12, 1853, immigrated with their four children, David, Leo Bernard, Emil and Julius, all were born in Belgium. They had five children here in the U.S., William, Julia, Mary, Tillie and Elizabeth. My grandfather Leo Bernard DeMINCK/DeMUYNCK worked in the Moline foundry until it was destroyed by fire. After the foundry was rebuilt in St. Charles, Illinois my grandfather went there for employment. It was in St. Charles that he met and married my grandmother Jeannette DeBRUYNE April 25, 1903. Can anyone help me with this family? Are there any DeMINCK/DeMUYNCK's still in the area? I would very much like to know where these people were born in Belgium. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
GOOD Judy 04 Mar 1998 GOOD - 1860 Rock Island Co. Census lists GOOD, Anna M. living in Hampton Twp; John GOOD living in Black Hawk Twp.; and Phillip C. GOOD living in 1 W. Rock Island Twp. Does anyone know anything about any of these families? Any info appreciated. Thanks.
Lorna MacIver 23 Feb 1998 I would like to find out if there is anyone here working on my lines. My gggrandmother Hannah DRURY was b Wayne Co. 1823. She moved w her family to Rock Is Co before 1844, which is the year she married Isaiah DAVIS and moved across the river to Muscatine Co. Hannah's parents were John Drury b 1797 OH and Mary (Polly) REYNOLDS b 1798 OH; both are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Their other children included Jane Frances, Mahala, Rachel, Eliza, James, Louise, Stewart, John, Eliza, and Sarah. I am trying to figure out the relationship betwen this family and the many other Drury and Reynolds families who lived in this area.. Thanks!
Barbara Clements 22 Feb 1998 Any REYNOLDS who are related to CLEMENTS.
Chuck Kerr 17 Feb 1998 My ggf was Alonzo DUNBAR, and his wife was Bessie WHITESIDE. They had 7 children: 1) Lucy b. 18-Nov-1889 in Joslin, IL. my grandmother married to Theodore KERR 6-Mar-1913. d. 19-Feb-1931 2) Elizabeth 3) Nellie 4) Sarah (married to Leonard AANDERSON) 5) Eugene 6) Charles 7) Raymond Can anyone help me get more info.
Roger H. Clinton 17 Feb 1998 Looking for a John Sylvester HILTON 1870-1900. Wife's name Elizabeth (BLOODSWORTH) Hilton and Son William. He served in the Iowa 21st Infantry Civil War from the town of Elkport, Iowa. He move to the Moline or Manmouth area after the war.
MEAD Jill D. Walch 16 Feb 1998 Looking for information on A.H. MEAD. I have a transcript of a letter written from Port Byron, Ill. July 21, 1861 by AH MEAD to a relative in Delaware County, New York. Others named in the letter are Margaret MEAD, Arthur MEAD, a son, and Edward MEAD who was planning to "join Jim Lane in Kansas", a mounted company. I do not know who AH MEAD is, exactly, but think that he may be Ambrose Mead or Alfred Mead, born in Roxbury, Delaware County, New York. Thanks for any help.
BUCKLEY 11 Feb 1998 I am looking for information on a Mary SULLIVAN, who came over from County Cook, and a John Aloysious BUCKLEY who were married in Rock Island. I know they had a son born in 1881 after they moved to Chicago.
Lois Loudon-Miele 4 Feb 1998 Does your HARDIN research include Mary Ann Hardin (b 28 Dec 1839 in England to John and Mary Hardin)? She married Joseph HILLIER (b 28 Aug 1836 in Nova Scotia to George and Sarah STEPHENS - HILLIER) in Rock Island -- marriage date 12 Sep 1861. My grandmother, Venetta Mae Hillier (b 14 May 1862 in Rock Island) was their daughter.
ALLMENDINGER Nancy Larsen 1 Feb 1998 I am resarching my surname of ALLMENDINGER. Of particular interest at this time is William Christian Allmendinger born 10/31/1862 in Buffalo Prairie, Rock Island, Ill. He married Nov 13, 1892 Nancy Elizabeth Kindle. Any information anyone may have on William will be greatly appreciated.
Carol Molen 30 Jan 1998 My g grandfather, John Frank and Jacob ZIEGLER purchased a lot in the Bailey and Boyes addition in Rock Island in May of 1853. John Frank was from Darmstadt, Germany. His wife was Magdalena FREY. Jacob was also from Darmstadt. I am trying to find out how John and Jacob were connected. Can anyone help me with this information I believe John came from Germany about 1847 and settled in Missouri for 3 years before coming to Rock Island. He was a cooper by profession. His children were: Isadora, Matilda, Caroline, Henry, Emil, Emily, John and Emil. Charles Frank or Frey was also possible a son. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share info on the Frank family. Thank you.
WELLS Leo Tucker 28 Jan 1998 Looking for information on a Henry C. WELLS born in 1847 in Rock Island, IL. Need name of parents. Know some of his brothers and sisters were born there too, for example: Lucius & Albert.
Peggy Falk 15 Jan 1998 I am researching LUCAS, LIPTON, JOHNSTON, they started out in Preemption, Mercer Cty. Illinois, but in an old photo album many pictures are from Rock Island so I assume they spread out. My Greatgreat Grandmother Alice LIPTON,came from Ireland in 1847, in 1856, at the age of 13 she married Robert Thompson Johnston, he was 17. In the 1860 census I found William and George LIPTON, born in Ireland 1839 & 1837also a John LUCAS born Ireland 1800. Any relatives out there?
Bonnie Grimmius 13 Jan 1998 GRAVENOR, Elvin S. b. 12 Nov. 1887 - died in Rock Island Co. 27 Jan. 1971. Married 1937 to Josephine HOCHART who d. 5 Oct. 1957. No children together. Josephine had a dau. Celina (YATES) from previous marriage and she lived in Chicago, IL and d.1982 in Phoenex AZ. Elvin's parents were: Robert Raven & Dora GRAVENOR. Siblings: Irene (COOMES); Icel (HAR); Mary (KINDIG); Carrie (MCMORROW); Prior to their death, Elvin & Josephine lived in Alpha, Henry Co, IL. I'd like to make contact with anyone with family or friendship ties to the persons listed above. I have lots of information to share and information I'd like to gather.
Sherry in CA 11 Jan 1998 Would like help confirming some information, if at all possible. Nicholas BRUNER married Hannah FISHER in 1821 in Lawrence Co., IN. They moved to Illinois and ended up in Rock Island Co. Their daughter, Catherine, married William (Valentine) Fisher in 1849 in Rock Island Co. From family sources, I've been told that all four of these people are buried at Dickson Cemetery. Would like to verify that they are indeed there, and also find out if their graves are marked. If marked, what is the information given on them. The only death date I have, is for Nicholas, who died in 1877. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
ANDERSSON G"ran Andersson 1 Jan 1998 My name is G"ran Andersson an I live in the south of Sweden. I'm looking for information of my grandfather (Lave ANDERSSON). He emmigrated from Sweden in 1923. I've found out that he lived somewhere in Illinois and he died in 1965. That's all I know. I whould like to know where he lived, if he had a family and so on. Can anyone help me?

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