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Montgomery County
Census Records

File Description Size Date Submitter
1860 Federal Census - Partial 3k Dec 1997 MJ Hawkinson
1900 Federal Census Images unk Dec 2003 John F. Schunk, S-K Publications

The donation of the 1900 Montgomery County, Illinois, Census images for permanent, free display in the USGenWeb Archives was made possible through the generosity of David Singer ( and the permission of S-K Publications. These census images are copyrighted by S-K Publications and are not to be republished or redistributed without their permission. The images are also available on CD (in a higher-quality format that was reduced when they were converted to .GIF files for the Web) from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita KS 67208-0173. The 1900 Montgomery County, Illinois, Census contains 636 pages (census images) in Enumeration Districts 073 through 096 and 134 through 135. Enumeration Districts 134 and 135 follow ED 088 on the microfilm. Pages 074-12B, 080-07B, and 084-11B were not copied from the microfilm, as they are blank.

The name of each image file is the Enumeration District number followed by the page number.

The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated in each Enumeration District:

Audubon Township: ED 073
Bois d'Arc Township: ED 074
Butler Grove Township: ED 075
East Fork Township: ED 076-077
Fillmore Township: ED 078-079
Grisham Township: ED 080
Pitman Township: ED 081-01A through 081-11A
Harvel Township: ED 081-11B through 081-18A
Hillsboro Township: ED 082
Hillsboro, Hillsboro Township: ED 083
Irving Township: ED 084
Nokomis Township: ED 085
Nokomis City, Nokomis Township: ED 086
North Litchfield Township: ED 087
Litchfield City, Ward 3, North Litchfield Township: ED 088
Litchfield City, Ward 4, North Litchfield Township: ED 134
Litchfield City, Ward 5, North Litchfield Township: ED 135
Raymond Township: ED 089
Rountree Township: ED 090
South Litchfield Township: ED 091
Litchfield City, Ward 1, South Litchfield Township: ED 092
Litchfield City, Ward 2, South Litchfield Township: ED 093
Walshville Township: ED 094
Witt Township: ED 095
Zanesville Township: ED 096

Montgomery County USGenWeb Archives

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