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Livingston County

File Description Size Date Submitter
Baker, Alfred 1918 1K Nov 2007 Joy FisherThe Registry
Blake, Nettie September 27, 1932 1K Nov 2010 Melinda Gutzman
Burgess, Mary Fellers 2k May 2001 Diane Rayburn
Campbell, Joseph 1918 1K Dec 2007 Joy FisherThe Registry
Church, Frederick Joy 1k Nov 2001 DeHoog
Church, Mary Ann Wheatland 3k Nov 2001 DeHoog
Cleanson, Martin February 1, 1900 2K Jul 2012 Deb Haines The Registry
Darrah, Mary Melissa Graham 3k Aug 2002 Erma Day
Decker, Levi December 7, 1899 2K Jul 2012 Deb Haines The Registry
Egan, Fred 1906 1K Apr 2007 Deb HainesThe Registry
Fellers, Chester - 1971 1k May 2001 Diane Rayburn
Fellers, Pearl "Polly" 4k May 2001 Diane Rayburn
Garrett, Rose Lee Plymire February 7, 1929 1K Mar 2010 Melinda Gutzman
Long, Orland September 7, 1927 1K Nov 2010 Melinda Gutzman
Lucas, David H. September 3, 1931 1K Nov 2010 Melinda Gutzman
McClellan, Susanna J. December 27, 2005 2K Jul 2006 Barbara Jane Stainback
McCullough, Martha Ellen Boyer January 9, 1916 2K Aug 2010 Kim Venne
McCullough, Mary Ann Convis January 9, 1916 1K Aug 2010 Kim Venne
Robinson, William 2k Aug 1998 William E Robinson
Wamsley, Joseph July 10, 1899 1K Jul 2012 Deb Haines The Registry

Livingston County USGenWeb Archives

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