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Knox County
Obituaries/Death Notices

Description File Size Date Submitter
Breece, Ida Keightley 112k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Breece, John G 78k-image Oct 2002 Ranch Lady
Brown / Shafer, Alice Marie (Griffin) August 27, 1990 2K Feb 2007 Eric Bopes
Cravens, Clem Cassius 1918 1K Feb 2008 Joy FisherThe Registry
Drake, Rev. A. J. May 18, 1893 1K Apr 2009 Ken Wright
Ellsberry, Carrie Foutch 154k-image Oct 2002 Ranch Lady
Ewing, Charles W 142k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Ewing, Roger 557k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Foutch, Sarah Wherrett 162k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Foutch, Thomas 192k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Gordan/Malstrom, Opal August 1, 1984 1K Sep 2007 Ruth Culton Taylor
Keightley, William "Willie" 464k-image Jul 2002 Ranch Lady
Lundeen, Andrew March 13, 1896 2K Jul 2012 Deb Haines The Registry
Mathews, W. B. December 15, 1860 1K Dec 2013 Kathy Stinson
Morris, Arthur 1901 1K Apr 2007 Deb HainesThe Registry
Pollock, Elizabeth Foutch 153k-image Oct 2002 Ranch Lady
Reed, Matthew Gilmore 3k Feb 1998 Virginia Greenup Seaholm
Robertson, Lida Jane 2k Mar 1998 Virginia Greenup Seaholm
Simpson, Tracy Whittelsey 80k-image Sep 2002 Ranch Lady
Stickey, Samuel V. December 26, 1938 1K Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson
Tracy, Edward 1910 1K Apr 2007 Deb HainesThe Registry
Walbaum, A. June 25, 1897 1K Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson

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