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Fayette County
Cemetery Records

Description File Size Date Submitter
USGenWeb Archives - Tombstone Transcription Project - Fayette County unk unk Various Contributors
Misc Headstone Readings - partial 7k Aug 1997 Beverly Himes Barger
Bear Creek (aka Matheny) Cemetery 4k May 2006 Various
Craig Cemetery 10k Aug 2001 Kathi Flyte
Halford Cemetery 5k Aug 2001 Kathi Flyte
Magassi Cemetery 13k Aug 2004 Jim Small
Monclovia Cemetery - Partial Survey More To Come 7K Jul 2009 Susan Greenberg
Pratt Cemetery 15k Aug 2004 Jim Small
South Hill Cemetery 1k Sep 1997 Beverly Himes Barger
Sperry Cemetery 3k Sep 1998 Nancy Werstler
Staff Cemetery - Complete Survey 4K Jul 2009 Laura Bach
Taylor Cemetery 1k Aug 2005 Edd Marks
Williams Cemetery 7k Sep 1998 Nancy Werstler

Fayette County USGenWeb Archives

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