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Boone County

Description File Size Date Submitter
USGenWeb Archives - Tombstone Transcription Project Unk Unk Various Contributors
Andrus Cemetery, Bonus Twp 8k Mar 2004 Ermine Payne
Argyle Cemetery, Boone & Winnebago Counties 120k Nov 2003 Ermine Payne
Belvidere Cemetery 1837 unk Aug 2004 Sam Coots Larson & Martin W. Johnson
Blaine Cemetery, LeRoy Twp 53k Feb 2003 Ermine Payne
Blood's Point Cemetery 62k Aug 2006 Ermine Payne
Brick Church/Hauges or Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 3k Nov 2003 Ermine Payne
Burr Oak Cemetery, Leroy Twp 7k May 2004 Ermine Payne
Capron Cemetery 58k Nov 2003 Ermine Payne
Center Cemetery, located just north of Manchester Grade School, Manchester Twp 3k Mar 2003 Ermine Payne
Clark Cemetery 3k Nov 2004 Ermine Payne
Davis Cemetery, 1/2 in Boone Co. - 1/2 in Winnebago Co. 23k May 2003 Ermine Payne
Drake Cemetery, Caledonia Twp 3k Mar 2003 Ermine Payne
Dullam Cemetery 10k Mar 2004 Ermine Payne
East Bergen section of Jefferson Prairie Cemetery, in Rock Co WI on state line 18k Mar 2005 Ermine Payne
East Bonus Cemetery, Bonus Twp 21k Nov 2004 Ermine Payne
Flora Cemetery 79k Aug 2004 Ermine Payne
Flora Cemetary - Partial Survey More To Come 1K May 2012 Lori Pepper
Forest Hills Cemetery 16k May 2003 Ermine Payne
Garden Prairie Cemetery, Bonus Twp 96k Apr 2003 Ermine Payne
Jefferson Prairie/East and West Bergen Cemeteries, in Rock Co WI on state line 18k Mar 2005 Ermine Payne
Lawrenceville Cemetery, Bonus Twp 11k Nov 2003 Ermine Payne
Livingston Cemetery 79k Nov 2003 Ermine Payne
Ney Grange Hall Area Cemetery 3k May 2003 Ermine Payne
N Kingston Cemetery 27k May 2003 Ermine Payne
Oak Hill or Town Cemetery 5k Feb 2005 Ermine Payne
Orth Cemetery 8k May 2003 Ermine Payne
Poplar Grove Cemetery 38k Jan 2005 Ermine Payne
Round Prairie (aka Coynes) Cemetery, LeRoy Twp 10k Aug 2012 Ermine Payne and David Stokstad
Russellville Cemetery, Bonus Twp 6k Mar 2004 Ermine Payne
Shattuck's Grove Cemetery 50k Dec 2003 Ermine Payne
South Poplar Grove Cemetery 4k Apr 2004 Ermine Payne
St James Cemetery 193k Apr 2003 Ermine Payne
Stimes Cemetery - County Line Cemetery 12k Dec 2004 Ermine Payne
Stone School House Cemetery, LeRoy Twp 3k Feb 2003 Ermine Payne
Stowell/Bamlett Cemetery, Manchester Twp 3k Mar 2004 Ermine Payne
West Bergen/Jefferson Prairie Cemetery 50k Mar 2005 Ermine Payne
Wheeler Cemetery - aka Beaver Hill Cemetery, Poplar Grove Twp 1k Mar 2004 Ermine Payne

Boone County ILGenWeb

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