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Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000 - W

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

Webb, Robert H.
Waddell, Georgiana N.
Waddell, Virgil
Wadley, Helen (Ruuska)
Waggoner, Beulah M.
Waigand, Benjamin Harrison
Waldram, Theo Irene
Waldron, Harry Arthur
Walker, Bessie V.
Walker, Bob B.
Walker, Faye F.
Walker, Herbert E.
Walker, Roy M.
Walker, Ursie D.
Walker, William E.
Wallace, Charles (Matt)
Wallace, David R.
Wallace, Eldon A.
Wallace, Ellis E.
Wallace, Faye Coonrod
Wallace, Francis E.
Wallace, Frank A.
Wallace, Gladys M.
Wallace, Hugh H.
Wallace, Stanley E.
Wallace, Stanley R.
Wallace, Tenny Elizabeth.
Wallace, Thelma F. (Haferty)
Wallace, Walter
Wallis, Bonnie
Wallis, Randall
Wall, Paul D.
Walters, Wallace C.
Wander, Harry
Warberg, Ann (Nortune)
Warberg, Bruce M.
Warberg, Martin C.
Ward, Alice Elizabeth
Ward, Arthur E.
Ward, Dollie Della.
Ward, Dr. Roscoe C.
Ward, Earle L.
Ward, Edward
Warden, Melvin Leo
Warden, Steve Alan
Ward, Ernest E.
Ward, Gary Lee
Wardle, Cora J. (Jolley)
Ward, Stella Mae (Ireland)
Warfield, Danny LaVern.
Warfield, Dorothy Fay Rhodes.
Wargelin, John E.
Warham, Ada Marie.
Warner, Violet 'Tootie'.
Warr, Edward W.
Warr, Pauline Winnefred (Johnson)
Warwick, Norman Edward.
Warwick, Robert
Washburn, May Hoopes (Walker)
Waters, Gary A.
Watkins, Ernest A.
Watkins, Ray A.
Watson, Lottie M.
Watson, Myron
Watts, Laura
Weatherly, Jewel Coralie (Williams)
Webb, Andrew Ronald.
Webb, Angeline King De la Houssaye
Webb, Wayne R.
Weed, Carlos Lester, Jr.
Weed, Ella Elizabeth Camp
Weeks, Harvey Elmer
Weeks, Robin 'Dan'
Weiss, William Tobias
Welch, John L.
Welch, Lewis E.
Welch, Ralph D.
Weller, E.A.
Weller, Verday Rosetta
Wellman, Edward Lorin
Wellman, Mabel L
Wells, Lois I. (Miller)
Wells, Roy L.
Weltz, Eddie Martin
Wendler, Woodrow W.
Westerbeek, Lyda May Day
West, Leona Mabel (Hensley)
West, Peter E.
West, Ray Orval
Wetzel, Afton M. (Marinelle)
Whaley, Marjorie
Wheeler, Emerson Clay
Wheeler, Frances E. Denney
Wheeler, Kenneth Joe
Wheeler, Richard Oren
Whitaker, Carl J.
Whitaker, Rose Vera
White, Bellemetta Elfers
White, Bertha Louise Scheline
White, Ernest C.
White, Fannie
White, George Q.
White, Glyde Whitsell
Whitehead, Newton
White, Ina Chloe Avercrombie
White, Leila Mahala
Whiteman, Carrie (Campbell)
Whiteman, Donald Campbell
White, Vernon O.
White, Virginia L.
Whitlow, Floyd D.
Whitney, Boyd Everett
Whitney, Elsie Hermion Murray
Whitney, Laura Myrtle Collins
Whitney, Lawrence Wayne
Whitney, Margaret Bertha
Whitside, Clara L.
Whitson, Gertrude I. (Yeomans)
Wickham, Lee H.
Widner, Alice Lorton Lewis
Wightman, Fannie M. Bollar
Wilde, Elsie Sophia Starr
Wilde, Paul F.
Wilde, Robert
Wiley, Arthur L.
Wilkerson, Kenneth
Wilkie, Edit I..jpg
Willcut, Miles J.
Willey, Margaret L.
Willey, Mary
Williams, Ethel Jewel
Williams, Fredrick Lloyd
Williams, Helen
Williams, Helen Eilene Rasmussen
Williams, Jesse D.
Williams, John E.
Williams, John W. 'Jack'.
Williams, Lester James
Williams, Lewis I.
Williams, Melva Lillian Close.
Williamson, Charley
Williamson, Etta Marie Jensen
Williams, Samuel L.
Williams, Wallace Hugh
Willingham, Belva Buck
Willis, Margie R. Hall
Willsey, Noel B.
Wilson, Albert D.
Wilson, Andy Mike
Wilson, Anna Margaret (Fortune)
Wilson, Cecil T.
Wilson, Emma K.
Wilson, Eugene C.
Wilson, Frances
Wilson, George Evan
Wilson, Leila B. (Medbury)
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, May W.
Wilson, Murrielle McGaffee
Wilson, Rayno August
Wilson, Teri Diane McMullen
Wilson, Velma Fern Mitchell
Winchester, Leonard Leslie
Winslow, Jack Melvin
Wirth, Ernest C.
Wisdom, Lillian P.
Wisner, Allen V.
Withers, Harrison J.
Witherspoon, Lillian
Withers, Scottie
Wittenbrink, Mable Ethel Patricks Turner
Witt, Everett
Wixom, Glenn S.
Wolf, Bessie Adelaide
Wolfe, Betty Jean Clark
Wolfe, Duane
Wolfe, Jeannine S. Moore
Wolfe, Josephine L. (Wassler)
Wolfe, Norbert Anthony
Wolfkiel, Charles W.
Wolosyn, Judith Ann Wheeler
Wolverton, Richard Leeg
Woodcock, Bonnie J. (Cruickshank)
Wood, Connally
Wood, Hazel
Woodie, Lester Lawrence.
Woodington, William H.
Wood, Nicholas
Wood, Norman Benjamin, Sr.
Woods, Arlie Leonard
Woods, Frances H. Hulen
Woods, Frank C.
Woods, Gail Sheridan
Woods, Twila L.
Woods, Wallace Owen
Woodward, LaDell Christian
Wood, Zora Margaret
Woolery, Violet
Workman, DeLoss Young
Worsley, David Manning Worthington, M. Fern
Wrhel, Babe Rudolph
Wrhel, Dixie Lee
Wright, Bertha Egbert
Wright, Christine Ann (Wade)
Wright, Edith C. Hall
Wright, Glenn W.
Wright, Leona Frances
Wyman, C.L. Roy
Wyman, Nathan J.
Wysong, Francis

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