Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

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Raber, Ernest Paul II
Rabor, Marva Ann.
Radford, Lloyd C.
Ragains, Wilbur W.
Rainey, Hazel A.
Raiser, Norman C.
Raiser, Robert
Ralphs, Gertrude B.
Ramsey, C. Jackson
Randa, Walter
Rankin, Alfred J.
Rash, Elma
Rash, William Franklin
Rasmussen, Ivan A.
Ratcliff, Michael D.
Ratzat, Hattie (Wallace)
Rawlings, Frank N.
Rawlinson, Ronald P.
Raztat, Carl
Ready, Stanton G.
Reagan, John
Rea, Helen Marie Alvis
Rea, Laura R.
Reberger, Dorothy (Beall)
Rebillet, Louis
Reddington, Opal L
Redmon, Cassandra Patrice
Redmon, Glendora N.
Redmon, Glenn L.
Redmon, Lary Glenn
Redmon, Viola M.
Redmon, Zelma Cromwell
Redtfeldt, Lloyd Howard
Reece, Alex R.
Reece, Clara E.
Reed, Ashley Ann
Reed, Martha
Reed, Pat
Reed, Penn
Reed, Richard Nelson, Jr.
Reed, Samuel O.
Reed, Woodrow W.
Reedy, Thomas L.
Reese, Margaret E. Zimmerman
Reid, Harvey K.
Remaklus, J. Phil, Sr.
Remaklus, Lt. Col. Theobold
Remaklus, Wilda S.
Reynolds, Sherrie (Kite)
Rhodes, Clarence Edward
Rice, Elmer
Rice, Gladys J.
Rice, Richard
Richard, Joseph
Rich, Ione
Riddlemoser, John
Rieger, Bernard J.
Rietze, Caroline J.
Rigenhagen, Appy E. Scearcy
Riggin, Mike E.
Riggs, Blaine L. (Jack)
Riggs, Norma K. Carson
Riley, John
Rising, Donald I.
Rising, Helen Winnifred
Ritchie, Judy D.
Rivett, Mose A.
Roark, Daisy V.
Roark, Phoebe Elaine
Roark, Roy Albert.
Robb, Forest E
Roberts, Cleone
Roberts, F. Bryant.
Roberts, George Thomas
Roberts, Maxine
Robertson, Jesse J.
Robertson, Richard L.
Roberts, Raymond Edward
Roberts, Selma Martha (Kleint)
Robideau, Laura Ann
Robie, Gay M. Deasy McFall
Robinson, Frank D.
Robinson, James Henry
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Laurene
Rodgers, Caroline C. Link
Roe, Hazel Mary (Roe)
Rogde, Phebe Alice Haines
Rogers, Kay Acheson
Rogers, Leo J.
Rogers, Marjorie B.
Rogers, Orville A.
Rogers, Ralph Benton
Rogers, Rockey Lee
Roller, Harry Lee
Rollins, Jessie Evelyn
Romine, Rita C.
Ronk, Steven Todd
Rosecrans, John W.
Rose, Mary Maude (Flannery)
Ross, Alena Hinshaw
Ross, Clifford James
Ross, Guy William
Ross, Toshiko Kuniyoshi.
Roundtree, Perry Oliver
Rourke, Harold Edmund.
Rowe, Jennie Bon Geddes
Rowe, Samuel Donald
Rowland, Alta J.
Rowland, Elaine
Rowland, Mary Louise.
Rowland, Sophia E.
Rowles, Bettie Jane Bean
Ruark, Edith Wilma Ferrell
Ruark, Robert J.
Rubey, Walter B.
Rulien, Vivienne H. Harman
Rumsey, Leona Dorothy Doney
Rupprecht, Michael Louis
Ruska, Eugene E.
Ruska, Richard E.
Ruska, Theodore E.
Rusk, Vivian A. Riggs
Russell, Bertha S.
Russell, Donald Alvin
Russell, Goldie A. (Parker)
Russell, Tola Ann
Rutherford, Lawrence W.
Rutherford, Lenora.jpg
Rutherford, Mabel L.
Rutledge, Clyde Vernon
Rutledge, Helen Elizabeth (Carlson)
Rutledge, I. W.
Rutledge, Richard Darrell
Ruuska, Edward D.
Ryan, Charles LeRoy, Sr.
Ryder, Milan Woodrow
Ryder, Orrell Eugene (John)
Ryker, Anita M. Thurston
Ryker, Steven Dale

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