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Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000 - P

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

Paanaen, Ellen S. Hilberg
Paananen, John A.
Pace, Margaret Lee (Dalrymple)
Page, Jarrod D.
Paine, Geraldine
Paine, Geraldine Hughes
Palmer, Rose Mary Creason
Pancheri, S. Diantha (Gardner)
Paradis, Mathew Mark
Parent, Katherine Pfeffer
Park, Gail Howe
Park, Jack W.
Parks, Cora M.
Parks, Fleta L.
Parrot, Stanley James
Parrott, Una Mary
Partee, Charles Gregg
Passey, Wayne William
Patrick, Brent Owen
Patrick, Kasey Cole
Patrick, Michael Aman
Patrick, Neil
Pattan, Gerald E.
Patterson, Bertha Lois Cantrall
Patterson, Charles L.
Patterson, Dean Edward
Patterson, Emma E.
Patterson, Horace
Patterson, Iva M. Buzzard
Patterson, Quincy Glen
Paul, Howard W.
Pauls, Maude M. Burnside
Paulson, Dorthe Ellen
Pauly, Marvin L.
Payne, Benjamin
Payne, Jean
Payne, Thomas Floyd
Payne, William Robert
Payne, William Rollie
Peabody, Edward James
Peacock, Grant William
Pearce, Ethel M.
Pearce, Frank
Pearson, Bertha Margaret Dowd
Pearson, Charles Robert
Pearson, Margaret Dowd
Peck, Howard L.
Pederson, Deward
Peirce, Gordon E.
Pekins, Lila Young
Pence, Thomas F.
Penn, Elva Marceline G. (Haney)
Pense, Edgar S.
Perkins, Lillian Simmons
Perrigo, Tilden L.
Perrigo, Vera Idella
Perron, Carl W.
Perron, Edna May
Petersen, Edith May
Petersen, Edith May Dyke
Petersen, Lorenzo Andrew
Petersen, Malcom J.
Petersen, Ruth R. (Rieger)
Peterson, Annie J.
Peterson, Doris Lorraine Whadford
Peterson, Frances Eujean (Butts)
Peterson, Galen Rex
Peterson, Ira L.
Peterson, James Daniel
Peterson, Lester O.
Peterson, Lola Carson Hays Barnette
Peterson, Lorenzo A.
Peterson, Malcom J.
Peterson, Paul David
Peterson, Shirley Y. Rynearson
Peterson, Tina Marie Bailey
Peterson, Vernon G.
Petrie, Carolyn Joyce
Petrie, Zoeann Marie Teilman
Petzak, Joseph P.
Phelan, Clara Marie McGirl
Phelps, Warren Lee
Phillips, Beth E. (Childers)
Phillips, Vendy E.
Phipps, Charley E.
Piatt, Michael A.
Pierce, Adelbert Lee
Pierce, Florence Mable
Pierce, Todd Hamilton
Pietri, Pauline Bilkis
Pilcher, Beulah Mae
Pilcher, John Lee
Pipes, David M.
Pitman, David M.
Place, Jason Richard
Plains, Scott
Platt, Mary
Plummer, Neva May
Poe, Percy S.
Points, Ellis D.
Points, Florence M.
Points, Milton W.
Points, Vernon
Pond, Kenneth Paul
Poole, Clyde Little
Poro, Gust F.
Poro, John Edward
Poro, Mary
Porter, Mark Dodson
Pottenger, Alvin Earl
Pottenger,, Cynthia Etta
Pottenger, John Willie
Potter, Frank H.
Potter, Robert A.
Potts, Anna Mae (Murgoitio)
Potts, Charlottie Kate
Potts, Floyd C.
Potts, Ivan C.
Potts, Mahala Ann
Poulos Susan Campbell
Powell, Thelma Irene
Powers, William
Pratt, Alice La Verne
Pratt, Ed S.
Pratt, John
Pratt, Ray
Preboski, Paul E.
Predmore, Marilyn Jean Even
Prestel, Hal H.
Prestel, Marie Louise Boismier
Preston, Betty Jo (Gipson)
Prestwich, Iliff
Price, Edna Sophia
Priddy, Jari Bryon
Prindel, Patricia
Prindle, Iva Maude Strauchon
Prindle, Lyle Everett
Prock, Donald Owen
Proctor, Kenneth Jon
Pruitt, Elsberry Younger
Pruitt, Viola N.
Pulliam, Helen Lenore Enesbeck
Putnam, Earl A.
Putnam, Jessie Ethel
Putnam, Karl R.
Pyle, Dorothy Mae (Whaley)

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