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Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

Nail, Lillian Ruth
Nakatani, Jessie Harue
Nakatani, Nobuo
Nall, John W.
Nally, James H.
Nally, Marjorie Gregory Little
Nash, Clara E. (Wood)
Nasi, Saime E.
Naylor, Jessie
Neff, LaDorise Quick (Thamert)
Neider, Charles D.
Neisinger, Dr. Nathan E.
Neisinger, Marvin E.
Neisinger, Mervin E.
Nelson, Esther H.
Nelson, Eugene Lyle
Nelson, Gilbert L.
Nelson, Gladys M. (Estill)
Nelson, Henryetta M. (Worrall)
Nelson, James Everett
Nelson, Juanita Mae Montgomery
Nelson, Lloyd
Nelson, Mauritz L.
Nelson, Michelle Sarah.
Nelson, Sidney L.
Nelson, Sidney 'Steve'
Nelson, Vern F.
Newbold, Gerald Henry
Newcomb, Lebana Elendar
Newcomb, Martha Tallman
Newcomer, Emily C.
Newcomer, Robert E.
Newell, Clarence E.
Newell, Emmett
Newell, Lawrence B.
Newell, Lewgene H.
Newhouse, Lillian M.
Newman, Edmerica
Newman, James W.
Newman, Lydia M.
Nicholas, Grace Marie Beckwith
Nicholas, Jessie Ione (Brown)
Nicholas, Thomas J.
Nichols, Betty Jane
Nichols, Durham, Jr.
Nicholson, Betty
Nicholson, Raymond De
Nichols, Robert E.
Nickels, Harley C.
Nickels, Ruby
Nielson, Byron Hardy
Nissula, Arthur G.
Nisula, Elmer Jack
Nitzel, Clarence E.
Nitzel, Joan Rae (Jordan)
Nitzel, Ludwig W.
Noblitt, James Monroe, Jr.
Nock, Ruby May
Nokes, Mabel Stanger
Noland, Phyllis I.
Noonan, James Adolph
Nordling, Olah Harrell
Norton, Ada Mae Lacey
Norton, Fred William
Nortune, Elsworth M.
Nortune, Henry
Nourse, Edward G.
Nourse, Gloria M.
Nourse, Gloria Mae Drake
Nowland, Ed
Numbers, Dr. Don S.
Numbers, John R. (Jack)
Numbers, Zoe
Nutt, Naomi M.

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