Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

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Jack, Russell W.
Jackson, Gerry
Jackson, Rex
Jacobsen,Melvina M. Wright
Janssen, Ada(Jones)
Jaramillo, Moses
Jarvie, August
Jarvis, Axel G.
Jarvis, F.W.
Jarvis, Larry
Jarvis,Mildred Frances
Jarvis,William Charles
Jasper, EstelEmma
Jasper, John H.
Jasper, John M.
Javaux, EdwardCharles
Javernick,Rudolph J.
Jeannot, WayneAllen
Jeffries, A. Edrie
Jeffries,Loyd Raymond
Jeffries, MollyL.
Jeffries,Nellie M. Anderson
Jenkins,Charlotte Elizabeth
Jenkins, Deloy
Jenkins, NelloWalton
Jennings,Mildred W. Fraedrich
Jensen, GaylenD.
Jensen, H.A.
Jensen, PansyMcFall
Jenson,Thelma Blanchard
Jessen, Alvin E.
Jewell, RobertMarkham
Johnson, AliceI.
Johnson, BenjaminT.
Johnson, CarlHilding
Johnson,Clifford Leslie
Johnson, DonaldC.
Johnson,Donald Francis
Johnson,Elizabeth Manwaring
Johnson, ErvinMyrle
Johnson,Evelyn E. Housely Hallett
Johnson,Florence Adams Rudger
Johnson, GeorgeF., Sr.
Johnson, GlennS.
Johnson, HaroldK.
Johnson,Hazel Ann Wargelin
Johnson,Irene E. Draper Buchanan
Johnson, KathleenM.
Johnson, KennethJ.
Johnson, LydiaS.
Johnson,Marie J. (Jaques)
Johnson, MarieStarr
Johnson, MarvinL.
Johnson, MilesL.
Johnson, Opal
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, RobertA.
Johnson,Spencer Allen
Johnson, Vera M.
Johnson, VirgilLee
Johnson, Wilbur
Johnston, ReynoldL.
Jones, DouglasD.
Jones, FrancesCressy
Jones, JesseEugene
Jones, Louise B.
Jones,Margaret Louise Wallace
Jones,Mary Jeane (Wallace)
Jones, Wayne L.
Jorenby, MaryE. Horn
Jussila, AlfredA.
Jussila, TheodoreW.

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