Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

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Gray, Athol B.
Gallagher, Wade
Galutza, SallieMae
Galvin, Alta(Chaney)
Gans, ForrestEugene
Gantz, April Mae
Gantz, CharlesA.
Gantz, John L.'Jack'
Gantz, Ruby L.
Gantz, ShirleyM.
Gardner, MaryBetty
Gardner, RobertE.
Gardunia,Ernest William
Garner, LawrenceE.
Garrard, Bette(Diggs)
Garrison,Marjorie June (Meyers)
Gasper, Peter G.
Gaudian,Rev. Thomas Armand
Gau, Richard
Gebhards,Ethel Hulin
Gehrig, Fred L.
Gerback, MarionL.
Gerke, AugustEdward
Gestrin, FrancisW.
Gestrin, H. Elena
Gestrin,Neda D. (Griffin)
Gestrin, Otto W.
Gibbons, Patsy
Gibbs,Blanche Belle Alderson
Gibbs, MargaretMcKie
Gidney,Laurence Herbert
Gifford,Frances Charlene Goslin
Gifford, G. Gary
Gifford, ShaneNeil
Gifford, WilliamF.
Gilbert,Raymond Clyde
Gillespie,Lucia Christine
Gillespie,Wendell P.
Gillihan, ElsieG.
Gill, Pam Kunes
Gill, Rod
Gjording, JackB.
Gjording,Mary Virginia Schrum
Gleason, DeborahE.
Gleason, MildredA.
Gleason,Russell Leonard
Glenn, Faye M.
Glenn, FredaMarie
Glover, Vada
Godard, Helen L.
Godfrey, John E.
Godfrey,William James
Goldman, B.F.
Gomes,Olga Isabelle (Veil)
Goode, AilaD. (Kantola)
Goode, Clarence
Goode, FrancisB.
Goode, Viola
Goodman, A. Austin
Goodman,Gwendlyn Dana
Goodman,John Edward Austin
Goodman, PeterLeon
Goodrich, ForrestE.
Goodrich, HelenL.
Goodson,Violet V. Brown
Goodwin, Alta L.
Goodwin, BettyJo Holt
Goodwin, SethTanner
Gordon, Helen L.
Goslin, AvisVelma
Goslin,Berniece J. Harkin
Goslin, Cecil A.
Goslin,Francis Charles
Goslin, Orlo M.
Goslin, T. Edwin
Gott, Melvin H.
Gough, Margaret
Gould, MyrtleYoung
Grabow, Harry A.
Graham,Rose Marie Hubbard
Grandy, Harry I.
Grandy, Harry L.
Grant, KennethLynn
Grasmick, RuebenN.
Gratton, FlorenceV.
Gratton, WilliamF., Jr.
Gray, Brian Dean
Gray, Darla
Greaves,Frances Louise (Fulton)
Greaves, SterlingG.
Green, Edwin G.
Greene, John E.
Greene, Lt. RobertC.
Green,Lucille Catherine Smith
Greenman, GaraldA.
Greenwood,Elva Marceline Penn (Haney)
Greer, BrianJames
Greer,Elzora M. Ann Harmon (Bridge)
Gregory, Myron
Gregory, Quinten
Gribble,Margaret Louise
Gribble, Willard
Griffin, FrederickB.
Griffin, Stevie
Griffith,Delva Lillian Beers
Griffith,Micheal LeRoy
Grimaud, Pete A.
Grime, Avis
Grisham,Ruth A. Ruybalid
Griswold,Catherine F.
Grizzell,Bonnie Eloise Eld (Stice)
Grob, DorisLouise (Grob)
Grob, Ronald
Groesbeck,Edna Bell
Grondahl,Viola Mae Blankenship
Grosse, Nell L.
Groves,Frances Lillian Lewis
Guarino, Emily
Guarino, EmilyClaire
Gundy, HazelMay (Jenkins)
Gwilliam,Timothy Draper

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