Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000

Thanks to the Valley County Genealogical Society and those associated with them for making this compliation of obituaries for Valley County, Idaho Archives. To read more about this project, read Wesley W. Craig, Jr.'s Acknowledgements letter.

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Falk,Jane Milliner Peterson
Farber, JackRussell, M.D.
Farber, Lou J.
Farley, JamesCarlyle
Fausset, Col.Louis R.
Faust, John
Faust, M. Lyle
Fereday,Eveline Josephine Meyers
Fewkes,Curtis Freeman
Fewkes, EdithMay
Fickes,Stella Mae Mitchell
Fields,Blanche Donica (Rowland)
Fields, Roy B.
Fields,Viola Glasscock
Filley, MartieA.
Fincher,Ellen Marie Phillips
Fincher,Vern Clifford
Firebaugh,George E., Jr.
Fisher, Alma H.
Fisher, Elvia B.
Fisher,Hazel Ann (Powers)
Fisher, John J.
Fisher, JohnPerry
Fisher,Lucille Olivia Weber
Fitz, Herbert
Fitzwater,Donald Lee
Flanagan,Ruth Delane Clark
Fletcher,Sarah Skillern
Florence,Harvey Edgar
Florence,Ruth L. Anderson
Foerster,Robert Jay
Fogg, MargaretE. Hart
Fogg, Ted
Foltz, Wayne G.
Forney,Margaret (Magel)
Fors, Edwin J.
Fors, Esther A.
Fortune, Clara'Peggy'
Foss, LottieMae Round
Foster,Charlotte Mae Linebarger
Foster, Don W.
Fouts, EdwinDuane
Fowler, DorothyEllen
Fowler,Mildred Veronica
Fowler, SaraM. McClusky
Frabotta, Victor
Fraley, James E.
Francis, HarryF.
Francis,Mildred Herrick
Franklin, RobertB.
Fraps, RobertMichael C.
Fraser,Thorwald Johnson
Frasier, Dee Jay
Frasier, Richard
Frazier, HazelC.
Frazier, JudithAnn
Frazier, WilburW.
Fredricks,Jane Davis (Sutcliffe)
Freeman, FrankE.
Freeman, LewisH.
Freiberg,Alvin Daniel
Freiberg,Genevieve Caroline Thamert
Freudenthaler,Floyd W..
Friedman, Fern
Friend, Thelma
Fritschle, Purl
Fritser,George Albert
Frost, Frances
Frost, JulieCarol (Swift)
Fry,Elsie Gertrude Freitag
Fry, Georgia M.
Fry, James Vernon
Fry, John A.
Fry, Kathryn E.
Fry, Mattie T.
Fry, Ward Dick
Fuhrman, KentAllen
Fulcher, ArdeveeFay
Fulcher, GlenDale
Fulton, Everett
Fulton, GlenFrank
Fulton, Harry
Fuzi, StephenJohn

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