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Obituaries for Valley County, Idaho: 1940-2000 - C

Cable, William Claude
Calderwood, Clarence Ralph
Calderwood, Jennie L.
Caldwell, Berl
Caldwell, Floyd F.
Caldwell, Joyce Isabella Clara
Caldwell, Webster L.
Calkins, Donald L.
Callaham, Richard Dean
Callender, Frank D.
Callender, Laura P..
Callender, Roberta M.
Callender, Robert Whitney
Callender, Viola
Callender, Wilma L.
Calzacorta, Julian
Cameron, Martin F.
Cammerer, Hope
Campbell, Barbara Ruth Henske
Campbell, Charles Allen
Campbell, Charles M.
Campbell, Cliff
Campbell, Dorothy Blanche
Campbell, Floyd W.
Campbell, Grace L.
Campbell, June Audrey Sibley
Campbell, Marguerite
Campbell, Mary O.
Campbell, Paul A.
Campbell, Richard Eli
Campbell, Rodney
Campbell, Rollie Lester
Campbell, Warren Edmond
Campbell, W. Rex
Canaan, Bessie
Cantrall, Daniel Robert
Cantrall, Ernest Milton
Cantral, Lloyd Earl
Cantrall, Robert Maurice
Carey, Brad
Carico, Ann Marie Nisula
Carley, Minnie A. Dixon
Carlsen, Frances E. Nixon
Carlsen, Lois Whitwort
Carlson, Dennis C.
Carlson, Gustavus Wyatt Alexander
Carney, Geneva Mae (Bullington)
Carney, Howard
Carpenter, Edith Strike
Carpenter, Eva Ruth Goodman
Carpenter, Harold Ross
Carpenter, Irene E. Thornton
Carpenter, William E.
Carpentier, Ronnie Lee
Carr, John F.
Carr, Thomas
Carson, John S.
Carson, Martha A. (Nachtrieb)
Carstensen, Alberta Louise Johnson
Carter, Dale A.
Carter, Dorothy E. (Edwards)
Carter, Helen C.
Carter, James Allan
Carter, Kurt Druckenmiller
Carter, Marjorie Anna
Carter. Newt
Carter, Vikki
Carter, Winton
Caruickshank, Helen
Cary, Dale
Casey, Ida Johanna
Casey, Iva May
Casey, Jennie P.
Casey, Victor W.
Cassens, Mildred
Caviness, Jeannine A. Perkins
Caward, Gerald A.
Chadd, Ione Cleaver Benson
Chadwell, Anne E. Marshall.
Chadwell, Harland
Chadwell, James R.
Chadwell, Jess H.
Chadwell, Kelly Lynn
Chadwell, Pearl W.
Chaffin, Lavor Kendall
Chalfant, Clyde L.
Chalfant, Donald Dearhn
Chalfant, Larry Leon
Chamberlain, Clair C.
Chapin, Elaine Kitchin
Chapin, Madis
Chapin, Madis Crockwell
Chapman, Brian C.
Chapman, Jessie MacDonald
Chapman, Lois
Charleton, Louise L.
Charlton, Fred W.
Cheney, Ernest John
Cheney, Gail W.
Chenoweth, Darrel B.
Chenoweth, Robert Roy
Chesney, Charles
Childers, Fred
Childers, Ruth (Nyquist)
Chisham, Carl L., Sr.
Chisham, Perle Mae Andrus
Chitwood, Robert Thurman
Christiaens, Maxine (Lamborn)
Christopher, Jean B.
Church, Harry Edgar
Church, Wauneta Blanche
Clark, Donald Lyman
Clark, Harold R.
Clark, Jeannette Mae
Clark, Lanetta Byrde (Dunbar)
Clark, Lyn
Clark, Rosie
Clarkson, Edna Mae Evans
Clark, Winifred L.
Clausen, Marie E.
Clausen, Thomas William
Clay, Albert Ross
Clay, Caroline Joan
Clay, Edward Isaac
Clay, Frank Willis
Clegg, Elzora
Clegg, George H.
Clegg, Milton G.
Clements, Alberta Masterson
Clements, Asa Howard
Close, Charles V.
Close, Stanley Todd
Close, William Charles
Cluff, Lillie Ferrell
Cluff, Ralph Moyle
Coburn, Druisella
Coburn, Helen
Cochran, Jack Raymond
Cochran, Patrick Michael
Code, Fordyce William
Colburn, Phillip B.
Colburn, Ralph Earl
Cole, David R.
Cole, Effie Taylor
Cole, Elenora Ria Klein
Cole, Hazel Brown
Cole, JoAnne
Cole, Jo Anne Neeb
Coleman, Bruce Avery
Coleman, Charles
Coleman, Erma E.
Coleman, John R.
Cole, Mary Louise
Cole, Mayme J. Fox
Colenbaugh, Clinton Wayne
Colenbaugh, Donna Bryant
Cole, Wilma Louise Potter
Collard, James Elton
Collett, Daniel Phillip
Colley, Jean
Collins, Christina Michele Youmans
Collins, Flora W. (Wright)
Collins, Laverne C.
Collins, May Mary Jones
Collis, Mary Jane Baker
Colson, Robert Frank
Colton, Donald K.
Condit, Gomer H.
Conley, Thomas M.
Conner, Winnie Linebarger Jordan
Conn, Freman L.
Conrad, Walter Wm. Fredrick
Conway, Dorothee M. (Miller)
Cooke, Russell W.
Cook, Lucile Whinham
Cook, Minnie Violet
Cook, William Lloyd
Coon, James R.
Coonrod, Arvaretta Shaw
Coonrod, Celestia Alice Linden
Coonrod, F.A.
Coonrod, Johnnie M.
Coonrod, Miles F.
Coonrod, Robert L.
Cooper, Elsie Mae
Cooper, Gladys
Copenhaven, Dorian Thomas
Corbet, Norman J.
Cornia, James Russell
Cornia, James Russell, Jr.
Cornwall, Viola Daniels
Cornwell, David L.
Cornwell, Ella G.
Cornwell, Norman C.
Corrie, Eva Louise
Corta, Richard H.
Coryell, Earl C.
Coski, Donald David
Coski, Tom
Coulter (Infant son)
Covington, Freda E. Wakefield
Covington, Lawrence
Cowger, Eddy Earl
Cowger, Tanya Marie
Cox, Jack
Cox, Sharon L.
Cox, Thelma Estelle
Cox, William L.
Coy, Mary Ann
Craddick, Marjorie E. (Gerlach)
Craig, Evelyn (Whyte)
Craig, Jack A., Sr.
Craig, Louise Erma Howell Harwood
Craig, Marie
Craig, Wesley William
Crandall, Floyd L.
Crawford, Lester B.
Crawford, Morris
Creason, Gail M. Summers
Creason, Jess W., Jr.
Creswell, Carol I. Burns
Crisp, Clare A. Newell
Crispin, Christipher Kelly
Crist, Clarence Vernon
Cromwell, Arthur W.
Cromwell, Florence Mae Fields
Cromwell, Grace Ellen
Cross, Cecil
Cross, Melvin H.
Cross, Montie E.
Crosthwaite, H.D.
Crow, Tamara Sue
Cruickshank, James L.
Crummett, Mildred Irene
Crutcher, Jewell M. (Morris)
Crutcher, John W.
Cruzen, Edward A.
Cummings, Howard Taylor
Cummings, John Calvin
Cummings, June Janer Waitley
Cummins, Lois (Halley)
Cunningham, Billy Clifford
Cunningham, George Ellen Smith
Cunningham, William E.
Curtis, Roxanne Gay Russell
Cuslidge, Don M.

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