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Table of Contents

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Newspaper Clippings

Acuff, Arthur C. Jones, Don
Acuff, Ed Jones, Orval L.
Ahrens, Fred Justus, Orville R.
Ahrens, Fred L. Kaiser, Frank
Alho, Ed Keegan, Margaret E.
Anderson, Edward Kelly, John
Anderson, Jean Ruth Kieffer, Louis
Appleburg, Gunnard Kinsel, Robert
Austin, Dale Kinsel, William J.
Austin, Robert D. Knopp, F.P.
Bailey, Ralph Knorr, Samuel J.
Baldwin, Ellen A. Knudson, Betty
Baldwin, Elva M. Kuula, June
Barnhart, Anna Latta, Faye
Barrett, Cecil Leamy, Walter
Bashor, Lois Lein, Alvin
Baskins, Joe Leisk, Elizabeth
Batzle, Bud Leisk, Elizabeth
Baxter, Eugene Lennon, Robert
Bay, Wendell Lien, Alvin
Bayes, Juanita Lindsay, William
Beaver, Donald Lohoefer, Allen
Beaver, Donald Lohoefer, David
Beebe, Zeta M. Lyons, Pat
Beinhart, Ruth Mackey, Judy
Bewick, Lionel E. Marcus, Margaret
Biotti, Jospehine Marquette, Leona R.
Bisaro, Art Marshall, Robert
Bisaro, Art Martin, Elgine
Bisaro, Ed Matson, Woodrow
Bisaro, Ed McFarland, James
Bisaro, Ed McKenna, Richard P.
Blackman, Blythe McKinley, William
Bloom, Kenneth McKinley, William R.
Booth, Betty Ann McKinley, William R.
Booth, Ida May Michael, Jean
Booth, John M. Miller, Marilyn
Boro, Delmont Miller, Raymond
Boro, William Moe, Clifford
Brainard, Beverly Moe, Ruth
Brainard, Lucile Monahan, Betty
Brainard, Wayne Moore, Robert Joseph
Brainard, Wayne Mulroney, Muriel Maxine
Brainard, Wayne Mulroney, Muriel Maxine
Brainard, Wayne Mulroney, Muriel Maxine
Brainard, Wayne Murray, Mary Ellen
Braum, Ray Needham, Yvonne
Brewer, Stanley H. Nelson, Disa
Brockman, Fern Nelson, Harry M.
Brooks, Warren Newton, Adeline
Bruseau, Lloyd Wilfred Nicholson, Robert
Bulmar, Patricia Nolan, Lester
Buob, Cornelia Widman Ogilve, Robert
Burmeister, Grace Alice Ogilvie, Lillian
Bush, C. Ogilvie, O.M.
Bush, Charles Ogilvie, Patsy
Bush, Donald C. Ogilvie, Wanda
Calkins, Duane Owen, Edward
Cassady, Llyod Owens, Walter P.
Cater, Clare E. Page, Dale
Cavens, Raleigh Palmer, Bertha
Cavens, Selma Palmer, Frank S.
Cawley, Percy S. Parkey, Ted
Chamberlin, Paul Dale Pastore, Idaho
Champagne, Alberta M. Pastore, Reno
Champman, William Ashley Patterson, Charles
Chisholm, Gladys Patterson, Jean
Clancey, Virginia Mae Pauley, Roy Clifton Jr.
Clark, Donald Paulson, Peter
Clark, Donald Pearce, Stanley
Cobb, Gene M. Pearson, Reinhold A.
Collins, Michael Poetter, Burt
Conlon, Robert Presley, J. Clarence
Cornell, Lyle Presley, J. Clarence
Coumbs, Donald E. Pride, Archie
Crane, Cecil L. Reeves, Elton
Crane, Irene Reid, Francis Jr.
Crutcher, Ernest Jr. Rethmeyer, August
Crutcher, Ernest R. Riep, Herman Jr.
Crutcher, John Roberts, Henry W.
Crutcher, John Robson, Robert M.
Crutcher, Mary Alice Robson, Robert M.
Cutting, Judson Rocco, Martin
Daniels, M. Keith Rock, John A.
Davis, Ray Royer, Kenneth E.
Day, Woodrow Schaller, Ruth
Decker, Lindsay Schuettenhelm, Mary Alice
DeLisle, David Schuttenhelm, Charles L.
Destefano, Mary Sciuchetti, Henry
Dorendorf, Viola L. Seeber, Harold
Duffy, Lucille M. Seigler, John
Dunkle, Mary Ellen Short, Kenneth
Dunlap, Dorothy Short, Kenneth
Eichelberger, Frank Shugart, Lois
Elam, Stanley P. Shugart, Wanda
Elstone, George Shugart, Wanda R.
Ely, Sherman Simpson, Edna
Erickson, Margie Simpson, James
Eugene Mourning Skaggs, C.B.
Farrington, Elieen Smeder, Andrew
Fay, Jane Smith, Arlene
Fedder, William Smith, Frederick
Flake, Troy Smith, Phillip Max
Fleshman, Maxine Smith, Thomas H.
Forgette, Garath Smith, Zelpha Alberta
Forgette, Yvonne Socket, Peter
Fritz, Shirley Stanton, Harry
Furze, Dorothy Stanton, Mildred
Garner, Opal Stebbins, Patricia
Gates, Lucille Stebbins, Patricia
Geraghty, Cyril Lawrence Stephens, Lisa
Gilman, Vivian Steward, Gordon
Goble, James L. Stout, Elmer
Gough, Norman Stout, Elmer
Gough, Shirley Stout, Elmer
Graham, Hugh Stout, Ross L.
Guidry, Ray Swain, Lloyd
Guidry, Richard Taylor, Richard
Gunn, Charlotte Teeters, Josiah C.
Gunn, Edward Temby, Archie R.
Haddock, Garth Thomas, Curtis
Haigwood, Mable Thomas, Curtis
Hand, Claude Thomason, Carol Louise
Hand, Eva Haddock Thompson, Elizabeth Jane Heglund
Hanlon, David F. Thompson, Homer
Hansen, John Duane Thompson, Jane Heglund
Harkness, Charles Thompson, Jane Heglund
Harris, Thelma Thornhill, Helen Margaret
Hasquet, Amparita Tower, William C.
Hasselin, Felma Tregoning, Thomas
Hasselin, Victor Turnbow, Jean
Hawley, E.C. or C.E. Turnbow, Jean
Hayes, Howard Tweedy, Ira
Hayes, William J. Tylen, Eric
Heller, George H. VanderVloedt, Joseph
Hendrickson, Elwin Edward Varker, Hugh
Henley, Hazel D. Visara, Edwon
Henley, Katherine Wahl, John Charles
Henry, Clayton Wahl, John Charles
Holstein, Alma Wahl, Randolph
Horne, Lewis M. Wahl, William
Horner, Lois Warren, Edna
Huges, Emily Wellens, Lyall
Hughes, Leland Wellens, Lyall
Hunt, Carroll Wiintala, Eino
Hunt, Frank Wilder, Ray
Hunt, Othel M. Wilson, David George
Hutsell, Mabel Wolheter, Bernadine
Ingerson, Walter T. Wombolt, Jacob
Jasberg, Rel Wood, Ralph
Jewell, Thomas N. Woodson, Thomas
Jewell, Thomas N. Young, Jack
Johnson, Arlene S. Young, Wayne
Johnson, J.L. Zamboni, Frederick
Johnson, Louis Zehetmir, Burden
Johnson, Ruth Zehetmir, Dorothy
Joki, Alex Jr. Zehetmir, Dorothy
  Zemke, Hubert

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