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Ada County Idaho Archives :: Joplin Cemetery

Submitted by Penny Short and Elaine Vollmer

Joplin Cemetery was created in the 1880s by Mr. Joplin. It was originally for his family and extended family members. Most of those buried in Sections E, F, G, and H are related to him, but not all. Later it was opened to early settlers of that area of Boise. Burial is now for those in the cemetery district. There are about 1,000 graves in the Joplin Cemetery. A beautiful, granite cremain wall was erected in the Fall of 2002 and is located on the East end of Section E (by G). The ?Joplin Cemetery? marker is located on the West side of Section E on the entry road. The Joplin Cemetery sign is located in front of the cemetery in front of Section C, on Chinden Blvd. Obituaries were kept by the sexton for most people buried from 1973 onward (a few before).

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