1875 A. T. Andreas Atlas
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Each county has a history, patrons' directory and business directory.  
That information is on the county page.

Several volunteers helped to type up the information in these files.  We would like to thank each and every one for their help.  This project has turned out to be quite successful because of them.  We did not put their names individually on each file but thought they should be listed here instead.  Volunteer Transcribers included:  Kim, Jinx, Kathieln, Myra, Candy, Edna, Jerry, Ida, Josephine, Justina, Mari, Lisa, Louann and Pat.

We still have many, many pages to transcribe.  We have been scanning the pages of the book and making them available online.  If you would like to help, please email me at IAGWArchives@aol.com.   

We would like to especially thank Pat for typing up many of the county histories.

File Description Size Date Submitter
History of the State of Iowa (pgs 397-422)
andreas.txt Index 109kb unk Steve Radloff
399-402.txt Indians of Iowa, Black Hawk, The Black Hawk War, The Black Hawk Purchase, Keokuk's Reserve, The Sac and Fox Agency, Indian Treaties 90k 9/2002 Volunteer
402-404.txt Territorial Relations, Pike's Expedition, Spanish Grants, The Half-Breed Tract 33kb 9/2002 Volunteer
404-405.txt Early Settlement, Territorial Organization, State Organization, Location of the Capital, Growth and Progress 47kb 9/2002 Volunteer
405-409.txt State Institutions:  Agricultural Society, The Agricultural College and Farm, The Penitentiary, Additional Penitentiary, State University, State Historical Society, Hospital for the Insane, Hospital for the Insane, College for the Blind, Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, Soldiers' Orphans' Home, Reform School, The State Library 75kb 9/2002 Volunteer
409-413.txt The Public Lands 112kb 09/2002 Volunteer Transcribers
413-415.txt Political Record 35.8kb 09/2002 Volunteer Transcribers
415-417.txt The Judiciary 61.8kb 09/2002 Volunteer Transcribers

Biographies from pages 362-392  

Abernethy, Hon. Alonzo 363 Kasson, John A. 364
Ainsworth, Hon. L. L. 381 Kephart, Hon. E. B. 386
Anderson, Daniel 389 Kinert, Hon. David 374
Andros, Frederick, M.D. 377 King, Rev. W. F. 386
Appelman, Capt. R. B. 383 Knapp, Hon. S. A. 380
Bagg, Hon. S. 381 Lane, C. H. 392
Bailey, Hon. Joel 379 Lee, Hon. Daniel S. 380
Baker, Capt. G. 377 Lichty, Hon. Lewis 368
Baker, Gen. N. B. 387 Lockwood, R. B. 390
Baker, Col. W. T. 377 Lovell, Hon. G. W. 376
Baldwin, Hon. Caleb 363 McDuffee, W. E. 391
Ballard, S. M., MD. 391 McGlathery, Hon. Milo 390
Barnhart, Warren 383 McGregor, Alexander 372
Bass, Hon. George L. 372 McKean, Andrew J. 385
Beadle, Augustus 378 McMorris, James, M.D. 387
Belknap, Gen W. W. 364 McNabb, Hon. H. W. 378
Bemis, Hon. George W. 378 Mallory, S. H. 391
Betkey, Capt. J. J. 381 Maple, W. H. 391
Bever, Sampson C. 371 Maston, Hon. S. G. 384
Bigelow, Hon. Lafayette 376 Melendy, Hon. Peter 388
Blackman, W. W., M.D. 392 Merrill, Hon. Samuel 364
Blakeslee. Dr. Edwin 373 Millar, Samuel R. 389
Booth, Gen. C. H. 366 Miller, Hon. Edward G. 369
Booth, Edmund 373 Miller, Hon. W. E. 389
Bourne, James D. 369 Mitchell, Hon. Thomas 388
Bowen, Hugh 375 Moore, A. H., M.D. 392
Bowman Rev. Martin 386 Mott, Hon. John S. 377
Boyd, W. S., M.D. 370 Moulton, M. M. 374
Brayton, Hon. John M. 378 Murdock, Hon. Samuel 379
Brazelton, William 374 Noble, Hon. Reuben 376
Buchanan County Bulletin 382 Overman, D. C. 379
Burdick, Theodore W. 377 Overman, Hon. J. W. 379
Burton, Edward L. 380 Parrott, Matt 370
Butler, Hon. F. F. 378 Peet, James M. 374
Butler, Lindley S. 385 Perfect, James S. 374
Callanan, James 391 Perrin, Jeremiah 382
Cameron, John R 370 Perry, Hon. Adam 386
Campbell, Frank T. 390 Peters, Col. John H. 371
Carpenter, Hon. C. C. 362 Peters, Richard O. 374
Case, Hon. Louis 382 Porter, John 371
Chaney, John 391 Potter, Capt. E. G. 387
Chase, J. L. 368 Powers, Hon. J. H. 388
Chase, S. B., M.D. 368 Powers, Hon. Simeon S. 377
Clark, Hon. Frank G. 381 Preston, Hon. Isaac M. 384
Clark, W. G. 389 Rands, Edward P. 372
Cline, Charles 373 Rice, Gilbert H. 391
Cloud, Hon. D. C. 392 Rice, James 381
Cobb, L. A. 380 Rogers, Thomas 366
Cole, Hon. C. C. 362 Rolfe, Dr. B. F. 376
Cole, S. M. 378 Roszell, Hon. Oliver H. P. 380
Coles, Robert 391 Rupert, Benjamin 383
Conklin, Hon. C. H. 381 Russell, Hon. John 363
Cooley, Hon. E. E. 377 Rynerson, Robert A. 376
Cushing, Hon. James 385 Saum, George 373
Dahly, B. O. 377 Sawyers, Col. J. A. 389
Daniels, Addison 386 Shaw, Col. William T. 373
Davidson, James 375 Sherwood, Samuel 371
Dayton, Hon. Henry 377 Shuey, Col. W. H. 385
Donnan, Hon. W. G. 378 Skinner, W. M., M.D. 374
Dott, Robert 373 Smedley, Col. A. B. 378
Drake, J. H. 389 Smith, Hon. Delano T. 390
Dunham, Fred. Stuart 373 Smith, Platt 367
Durham, Hon. Samuel W. 386 Smyth, Hon. William 384
Dwelle, Hon. Lemuel 386 Stacy, Fitch B. 368
Eaton, Arial K. 391 Stacy, H. T. 378
English, J. F. 390 Standring, Leonard 377
Evans, Samuel B. 383 Stedman, Hon. E. Matt 370
Farwell, Cyrus A. 379 Stephens, R. D. 385
Faville, Hon. Oran 383 Stiles, Hon. E. H. 383
Felt, Andrew J. 370 Taft, Stephen H. 387
Filkins, J. W. 380 Tallman, Capt. A. W. 372
Fisher, Joseph Hunt 373 Tewksbury, W. A. 381
Fitch, Dr. George W. 386 Tilford, J. S. 382
Fuller, Hon. Levi 382 Tralt, Hon. J. C. 369
Gallup, Elisha 378 Treanor, Hon. John 388
Gosker, Rev. John L. 370 Tubbs, Hon. L. W. 392
Granger, Hon. Charles T. 376 Lipton, Jaines G. 390
Granger, Henry S. 372 Van Anda, Col. S. G. 383
Graves, Hon. J. K. 366 Van Horne, Hon. G. W. 389
Greusel, Col, Nicholas 382 Van Sandt, L. N. 391
Grimes, W. S. M.D. 387 Wagner, Dr. W. B. 387
Grinnell, Hon. J. B. 367 Walker, Benjamin K. 386
Hahn, Daniel G. 386 Wardall, Thomas 378
Hanford, W. W. 389 Wasson, Jesse, M.D. 382
Hart, C. L., M.D. 389 Webster, J. F. 369
Hartman, William H. 370 Welsh, Capt. J. J. 391
Hebard, Alfred 392 Whittemore, Barrett 369
Hempstead, Hon. Stephen 366 Whittemore, Hon. Otis 374
Hendershott, Hon. Henry B. 383 Widner, Dr. James 391
Herriman, Maj. D. B. 380 Willett, Hon. G. R. 377
Hitchcock, Arad 378 Willits, Allison I. 385
Hobson, Joseph 392 Wilson, Hon. David S. 368
Holdridge, Hon. D. D. 370 Wilson, Dr. J. F. 388
Hollis, Charles M. 384 Wilson, Hon. Thomas S. 368
Hopley, John 391 Wood, Alonzo P. 385
Howell, Adam 391 Wood, Hon. James 381
Hunt, G. W. 373 Worley, J., M.D. 387
Hunt, Hiram H., M.D. 370 Wright, Hon. Ed 388
Hutton, Presley 383 Wright, Hon. G. G. 363
Ingersoll, E. J. 392 Young, James F. 381
Jamison, James 380 Young, Hon. J. B. 384
Johnson, G. S. 372
Jones, Hon. Andrew T. 372
Jones, Gen. George W. 365
Jones, Hon. G. W. 389
Jones, Col. John R. 381
Jones, Hon. William A. 382
Joslin, Dr. Clark 369

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