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Snow Hill Cemetery Tombstone Photos
Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Beck, Ada Wood Image 42K Sep 2005 Anonymous
Beck, Ibzan M. Image 59K Oct 2005 Anonymous
Etheridge, George L. Image 63K Oct 2005 Anonymous
Hardie, Thomas H. Image 42K Sep 2005 Anonymous
Hardie, Victoria Rachel McCook Image 36K Sep 2005 Anonymous
Holder, Eugene Lee Image 18K Sep 2005 Anonymous
Holder, Mary Etta McCook Image 28K Sep 2005 Anonymous
Holder, Morgan Lee "Boss" And Elizabeth Lee Snow "Bessie" Image 12K Sep 2005 Anonymous
McCook, George E. Image 53K Oct 2005 Anonymous
Stevens, Bartley I. Image 60K Oct 2005 Anonymous
Stevens, Henry F. Image 65K Oct 2005 Anonymous
Wood, Sarah McCook Image 35K Sep 2005 Anonymous

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