Twiggs Land Lot - Land District maps

Twiggs County has 8 land districts: LD 6, LD 7, LD 23, LD 24, LD 25, LD 26 LD 27 & LD 28.
The land lots numbers 1-230 (or whatever) begin anew in each Land District. It is important to note the Land District and follow the numbers, as sometimes similar numbers are side by side, but in a different Land District. The numbers usually run north-south and then south-north (or just the opposite)
The original Land District numbering does not change, although parts of a Land District may now be in several counties.
The large number in the center of the Land District is a modern day numerical system. The Land District is written along the border of the District. Twiggs Land District 6
Land District 6
Twiggs Land District 23
Land District 23
Twiggs Land District 24
Land District 24
Twiggs Land District 25
Land District 25 Southwestern half

Twiggs Land District 25
Land District 25 Northeastern half
Twiggs Land District 26
Land District 26
Twiggs Land District 26
Land District 27
Twiggs Land District 28
Land District 28
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