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Thanks to The Madison County Journal Danielsville, GA and Mike Buffington for his permission
to upload the obituaries to the Madison County Georgia USGenWeb Archives 23 April 2001

(Obituaries in these files are not listed in the Table of Contents)

2003 Madison County Journal Obituaries
File Name Obituaries - Surnames Size Journal Date
1jan03.txt Bridges, Hudson, New, Roach, Segars, Sorrells, Tucker 11K 1 Jan 2003
8jan03.txt Adams, Brown, Kerr, Ledbetter, Hart, Kelley, Minish, Nelms, Smith, Tate, Wheeler, Wood 16K 8 Jan 2003
15jan03.txt Broome, Brown, Burroughs, Crumley, Fleeman, Fortson, Parks, Rice, Scarboro, Wright 16K 15 Jan 2003
22jan03.txt Barber, Chandler, Duncan, Fitzgerald, Garrett, Ginn, Hart, Patterson, Phillips, Rhodes 14K 22 Jan 2003
29jan03.txt Campbell, Collins, Davison, Drake, Lee, McGrew, Owens, Ray, Skelton, Smith, Wooten 14K 29 Jan 2003
5feb03.txt Adams, Booth, Boswell, Brown, Dove, Hutchens, Lester, Maddox, Mitchell 14K 5 Feb 2003
12feb03.txt Almond, Frier, Grier, Jette, Kitchens, Lance, Landreth, Mann, McDonald, Osburn, Smith, Welborn 15K 12 Feb 2003
19feb03.txt Adams, Bradford, Ford, Freeman, Howard, Lawrence, Ledbetter, Norton, Oldham Smith, Washington 15K 19 Feb 2003
26feb03.txt Barrett, Boyd, Drake, Evans, Hathcock, Lance, Linnell, Moon, Palmer, Shaw, Strickland, Walls 14K 26 Feb 2003
5mar03.txt Cox, Drake, King, Leachman, Patterson, Powell, Shepherd, Todd, Spratlin, Stone, Walters 14K 5 Mar 1003
12mar03.txt Adams, Baxter, Casey, Compton, Dean, Heaton, Jordan, Maxwell, Nash, Pugh, Stricklandn, Thurmod, Wallace 16K 12 Mar 2003
19mar03.txt Black, Branyon, Edwards, McLendon, Moore, Pruitt, Self, Sheriff, Thomas 15K 19 Mar 2003
26mar03.txt Barnette, Carithers, Chandler, Coile, Edwards, Hines, Jackson, Latimore, Moore, Smith, Timms 14K 26 Mar 2003
2apr03.txt Beasley, Brooks, Bryant, Peck, Roberts, Smith, Williams 14K 2 Apr 2003
9apr03.txt Collins, Cress, Crumley, Dixon, Fields, Moore, Murdock, Rhoden, Smith, Vaughn 12K 9 Apr 2003
16apr03.txt Beck, Cromer, David, Melton, Sims, Swords, Young 11K 16 Apr 2003
23apr03.txt Barrett, Clay, Cunningham, Epps, Haynes, Hembree, Howington, Smith, Ruark, Wilkes, Williams 14K 23 Apr 2003
30apr03.txt Black, Blackely, Cheatham, Cox, Hollis, Keenan, Kincaid, King, Smith, Spinks, Thomas 14K 30 Apr 2003
7may03.txt Bryant, Davis, Jackson, Miller, Minish, Monroe, Rice, Wade Ward 12K 7 May 2003
14may03.txt Brown, McCall, McCullar, Parten, Peppers, Smith, Sorrow 12K 14 May 2003
21may03.txt Bryant, Burden, Crowe, Deal, Ginn, Klein, Sims, Timms, Weldon 14K 21 May 2003
28may03.txt Barnett, Boggs, Chapman, Fowler, Gunter, Lucas, McKeever, Prather, Samples, Thomas, Tiller, Williams 14K 28 May 2003
4jun03.txt Baker, Bellamy, Bruce, Coker, Jordan, King, McCoy, Peterman, Redfearn, Smith, Spears, Webb 15K 4 Jun 2003
18jun03.txt Arnold, Bailey, Conwell, Eidson, Ferguson, Gower, Gilder, James, Tasker, Waldrop 13K 18 Jun 2003
25jun03.txt Carter, McCarty, Perkins, Sorrow, Taylor 8K 25 Jun 2003
2jul03.txt Cannon, Carrington, Epps, Evans, Hill, Leard, McGarity, Perry, Phillips, Sims, Skaggs, Wright 15K 2 Jul 2003
9jul03.txt Barrett, Brown, Dickson, Griffin, Huggins, Hill, Keefe, Threlkeld, Willoughby 11K 9 Jul 2003
16jul03.txt Cofer, Coker, Cole, Fleming, Hitchcock, Mclean, Smith 8K 16 Jul 2003
23jul03.txt Bennett, Carey, Carter, Esco, Howard, McElreath, Teet, Weaver, Wilbanks 13K 23 Jul 2003
30jul03.txt Anglin, Barnette, Cheatham, Colley, Fields, Lindsey, Patman, Seymour, Vaughn 10K 30 Jul 2003
6aug03.txt Boothe, Howington, Johnson, Kellum, Manny, Nix, Robinson, Steed, Wehunt, Wilson 14K 6 Aug 2003
13aug03.txt Bullock, Caroway, Fowler, Hembree, Olson, Seagraves, Smith, Williams 11K 13 Aug 2003
20aug03.txt Bennett, Brown, Fowler, Nguyen-Sims, Norris, Pace, Palmer, Pilgrim, Ricketson, Sheridan, Williams, Williamson, Wood 16K 20 Aug 2003
27aug03.txt Adams, Boyles, Duckett, kesler, Mixon, Nelms, Poole, Smith, Taylor, Tonge, Varsakelis 13K 27 Aug 2003
3sep03.txt Audulewicz, Barnett, Booth, Brooks, Brown, Dutton, Hemrick, Hendrics, Mathis, Parham, Perdue, Roach, Schoyen, Strickland, Waters 18K 3 Sep 2003
10sep03.txt Duncan, Fleeman, Hammonds, Jones, Jordan, Morgan, Pierce, Williams 10K 10 Sep 2003
17sep03.txt Booth, Brown, Campbell, Cherry, Dudley, Duncan, Fowler, Evans, Gable, Haggard, Hollis, Jordan, Maxwell, Patton, Shubert, Thomas, Williams 21K 17 Sep 2003
24sep03.txt Brown, Carrington, Cawthon, Drake, Fitzpatrick, Floyd, Jones, McEntyre, Paul, Pittman, White, Whitlow 17K 24 Sep 2003
1oct03.txt Brown, Deen, Fambro, Hart, Hill, Hitchcock, Little, Pearson, Ramsey, Rhodes, Thomason 15K 1 Oct 2003
8oct03.txt Allen, Banks, Cotrell, Fyock, Hambrick, Hill, Massey, Nation, Saville, Threlkeld, Watson, Wilson 16K 9 Oct 2003
15oct03.txt Cash, Cobb, Ethridge, Hooper, Hosteller, Howell, Jordan, Martin, Moody, Smith, West 15K 15 Oct 2003
22oct03.txt Coley, Daniell, Hilley, Landry, Mann, Nash, Parham, Rowland, Stewart, Wiatrowski 12K 22 Oct 2003
29oct03.txt Cox, Harper, Pettis, Threlkeld, Toole, Vickery 7K 29 Oct 2003
5nov03.txt Anglin, Appling, Arnold, Bennett, Black, Clark, Kotcher, Lovern, Parham, Simmerton, Smith 13K 5 Nov 2003
12nov03.txt Daniel, Duncan, Fowler, Howard, McCay, Nelms, Pryon, Tyner 14K 12 Nov 2003
19nov03.txt Bond, Bowen, Carithers, Ervine, Kirkland, Parks, Pruitt, Occhipinti, Scarboro, Sorrow, Vinson Winship 13K 19 Nov 2003
26nov03.txt Bates, Booth, Bruce, Garrison, Ginn, Hunsinger, Sailors, Timms, Vickery 12K 26 Nov 2003
3dec03.txt Bray, Driver, Gunter, Hart, Hollis, Pittman, Rousey, Watts, Wilder, Winn 14K 3 Dec 2003
10dec03.txt Bond, Colquitt, Farmer, Green, Lunsford, Maxey, Miller, Palmer, Stovall, Waters, Yang 13K 10 Dec 2003
17dec03.txt Bellew, Gosnell, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Holland, James, Jenkins, Massey, Mize, Morrow 13K 17 Dec 2003
24dec03,txt Anthony, Bennett, Bond, Carey, Fleeman, Justice, Lipham, McDaris, Osley, Phillips, Pittard, Smith, Wilson 14K 24 Dec 2003
31dec03.txt Allen, Dudwick, Duffell, Ervin, Garrett, Gwinn, McConnell, Murfin, Satterwhite, Wade, Welborn 12K 31 Dec 2003

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