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Description Date of Birth Date Submitter
Allen, Drewery Dec 1, 1749 Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Armour, John about 1753 Jul 2004 Gerry Hill
Armstrong, George C., Clarke County   Apr 2005 Joy Fisher
Butts, Jacob C., An Old Line Whig, Morgan County June 2, 1893 Feb 2004 Pat Colbert
Caldwell Family   Aug 2005 Gerry Hill
Callaway, John Sanders January 6, 1839 Oct 2011 Samuel Taylor Geer The Registry
Cox, John Madison, Ware County   Nov 2004 Joy Fisher
Davison, Charles Clement 1923 Oct 2011 Samuel Taylor Geer The Registry
Flynt, Roger Dyer, Laurens County   Nov 2004 Joy Fisher
Fuller, Elijah 1754 Dec 2005 Jon F Fuller
Geer, James Frederick September 21, 1824 Jun 2007 Samuel T. Geer
Greene, Nathaniel 1740 Nov 2004 Barbara Winge
Harris   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Hogue, Robert Jasper   Oct 2002 Charlene Parker
Jeffries, Burkett N., Jasper County 1806 Aug 2004 Robert Jeffries
Johnson, Jesse & Lucy Webb Barnette (great grandparents of Lyndon Baines Johnson) April 29, 1895 & January 14, 1798 Jul 2004 Connie Epps Bond
Jones, Wiley Bruce January 8, 1947 Sep 2005 Terri Saturday
Jones, William, Jasper County 1758 Oct 2003 Bill Jones
Kimbrough   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Lamar, John, Jones County 1762 Jul 2004 Ms. Gerry Hill
Lamar, John T, M.D, Dooly County 1832 Jul 2003 Valerie (Johnson) Freeman
Lewis, William Mills, Toombs County   Nov 2004 Carla Miles
McMichael, Seaborn McMichael 1805 Mar 2003 Ms. Gerry Hill
Meadows, Vincent T. 1804 Sep 2004 Harriett Meadows Fuquay & Robbie Wacho
Merritt   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Parks, Ezekiel Evans   Aug 2005 Gerry Hill
Pound, Merryman, Putnam County 1760 Jul 2004 Linda Ward Meadows
Sanford   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Smith, Paul Lloyd, Clarke County   Apr 2005 Joy Fisher
Swanson, Nathan G. (Hon) Aug 1821 Nov 2006 Candace (teal) Gravelle
Tuggle-Dunn-Lee   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Wade, James D., Brooks County 1856 Nov 2004 Joy Fisher
Wade, Jesse T., Screven County 1851 Jan 2004 Carla Miles
Wekkbirb, Carlton J., Jefferson Davis County   Nov 2004 Carla Miles
West, John, Jr.   Jan 2006 Gerry Hill
Winslett, Samuel   Aug 2005 Gerry Hill


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