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Tasteful Memories
Greater Cordele's Centennial Cookbook 1889 - 1989

submitted by Barbara Hootman Nov. 2002

Note from submitter: This cookbook was sent to me by my cousin, Judy Whitaker Williams. I have tried to contact someone who was on the original committee, to verify that I can provide pieces of the booklet to the Crisp County Georgia GenWeb Archives, but have been unable to locate anyone who worked on this project. The booklet is not copyrighted, but I would have preferred a heads up to a member of the committee. However, the biographical data included, I feel, is so important to researchers, that I am providing these wonderful pictures of the individuals who donated their favorite family recipes.
Thank you to the:
Greater Cordele's Centennial Cookbook
Chairman: Dawn Hughes
Graphic Arts: Marylene Williams
Composition, Layout and Design: Dawn Hughes
Appreciation To: Cordele Dispatch
Thanks To: Those who submitted recipes
Committee Members: Patsy Browning; Connie Wells Idalene Sawyer
Published by Ham Printing Company March, 1989
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Includes poultry, beef and fish
Includes casseroles and salads

     Tasteful Memories is a historical cookbook commemorating the 100th birthday of Cordele.

     Inside there are over 100 years of various recipes that date from the Civil War days to just recently. Also included are brief histories about those who submitted recipes making this possibly one of the most interesting cookbooks one will ever read from Cordele.
     Also featured are drawings of several churches, homes and buildings built in the late 1800's and early 1900's that are true landmarks of Cordele including the statue of the Confederate Soldier on the front lawn of our Community Clubhouse.
     All these impressive drawings are done by a local artist. A look inside will prove what "Taste" ful Memories the last 100 years has brought.
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CHICKEN COR DON BLEU Provided by Dawn Taylor Hughes As a child I would sneak into the kitchen on Sunday mornings before my parents would get up, stand in a chair before the stove and "experiment" with breakfast. I still experiment as I did with this recipe that won the Cordele Dispatch Tasteoff in 1988. My parents are Curtis and Wilma Barefoot Taylor of Rochelle. My maternal grandparents are Mrs. Ruby Copeland Barefoot and the late Mr. Elbert Barefoot of Cordele, and my paternal grandparents are the late Mr. and Mrs. Albert Taylor of Rochelle. Mr. Barefoot once served as Justice of the Peace and my mother, Wilma Taylor, said that young couples came to their home quite often to be married by her father. On April 9, 1988, I married John Phillip Hughes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Hughes of Cordele. This dish is one of John's very favorites.
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CHICKEN A LA KING Provided by Ruby Slade This recipe is from a cookbook published in 1913. It belonged to my husband's mother, Mrs. Jerry Slade.
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CHICKEN TETRAZINNI Provided by Deborah P. Ray I was born in Crisp County. Upon graduation from high school, I married Spivey Ray Jr. and moved to Perry, Ga. During our stay in Perry, we started a family but Spivey Ray III died shortly after his delivery. We moved back to Crisp County in 1979 and have lived on the Ray family homestead in the neighboring community of Arabi since that time. We have one son, Spivey Terrell and three daughters, Carol, Pamela, and Victoria. We enjoy fishing and hunting trips. We attend Little Rock Baptist Church.
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CHICKEN BREASTS IN WINE Provided by Judy Gibbs This recipe was handed down from my mother, Mrs. Jeff Newell. I was born in Wilcox county but moved to Cordele at age 7. I married Lloyd Gibbs from Robhelle on August 21, 1939. We ;have three boys, Sonny, who lives in Orlando, Fla. He and his wife Shirley have three boys, Mitch, Richmond and Ben. Ronnie resides in Cordele. He and his wife Tere have two children, Angela and Shannon. Jeff lives in Birmingham, Als. and he and his wife Lisa have two girls, Sarah and Rachel. Lloyd has retired but I still bake for the public. We are members of the First Baptist Church.
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CHICKEN CASSEROLE Provided by Frances Mann I have lived in Cordele for three years. I have one daughter, Connie Peeples who is principal at J.S. Pate School. My son-in-law is Coach Juniior Peeples who is at A.S. Clark now, he was at Crisp County High until this year, he had been there ten years. I have two grandsons, Britt and Ross Peeples who are 8 and 11 years old. I live with them and they are the joy of my life. I have really enjoyed living here, the people are so nice and friendly. We attend First Baptist Church.
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EASY CHICKEN PIE Provided by Yvonne M. Baker Yvonne McGinty and Farrow Baker were married in 1963 and both were born, raised, and still live in Crisp County where they raised a son, James Farrow Jr., "Jeff", and a daughter, Felicia Gay. Yvonne is active in church, serves on the American Cancer Society Board of Directors, the Crisp County Farm Bureau Ladies Committee, and various other activities. One of Yvonne's favorite memories was during the summers when her father and mother, the late Otis and Evelyn McGinty would load up her older sister, brother and herself and go to Ebenezer Creek for a family swim.
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POPPY SEED CHICKEN CASSEROLE Provided by Louise Jackson Odom Louise was born in Arabi to Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Jackson. Louise Jackson and William D. Odom of Warwick were married in 1959 and have lived in Warwick since that time. They have one son, Don Jackson, and one daughter, Teresa Leigh. They are active members of the Warwick United Methodist Church. Louise has worked at First State Bank and Trust in Cordele for 32 years.
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CHICKEN PIE Provided by Mrs. Goodwin Nix (Ruth) We arrived in Cordele almost 35 years ago. Goodwin was University of Georgia County Extension Director for more than 25 years. I am a registered dietitian of area nursing homes and hospitals, serving in that capacity until retirement. Our two children grew up here and are both graduates of the University of Georgia. Steve is Resouce Analyst with the Alabama Forestry Commission in Montgomery. He is married to the former Evangeline Key and they have four children, three girls and a boy. Jane has a four-year-old daughter and is married to Dr. Douglas S. Payne, a clinical psychologist and director of Augusta Psychological Service in Augusta.
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BAKED CHICKEN BREAST Provided by Eleanor Gibbs I was born in Crisp County and have lived here all my life. My parents are the late Carl and Bertha Vaughn. My maternal grandparents are the late William and Cornelia Elder and my paternal grandparents are the late Gus and Birdie Vaughn. My husband is the late R.I. Gibbs. I have three children, Harriet, Jerry and David Gibbs and six grandchildren. I attended Tremont School in the Tremont Community and graduated from Cordele High School in 1935. I am a member of the First Baptist Church and am active in all organizations of the church.
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MAX'S BARBECUE CHICKEN Provided by Max B. Dixon by Gloria Dixon Max B. Dixon purchase the Standard Oil Abency from John S. Pate Jr. in April of 1968. In June of 1968 the famil, Max, his wife, Gloria, and two daughters, Gloria Elaine and Melanie Ann moved to Cordele. They purchased their home at 1306 Robin Street from John Griggs. Their third daughter, Julie Elizabeth was born in August, 1968. The Standard Oil Bulk Plant was originally on Eighth Street. A new facility was built on Midway Road in the Industrial Park in April of 1977. Max became a Chevron jobber in 1981 and after his death in 1986 the business was later sold to McKinney Brothers. Max and his family were active members of First Baptist Church. He was past president of the Cordele Lion's Club. He was in charge of the cooking for the many fundraising barbecue suppers for the club. He also did the same thing for the youth at First Baptist Church. Max was a member of the Crisp County Board of Education from 1973- 1979 and served as chairman from 1978-79. He also served as president and sponsor chairman for Ducks Unlimited.
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CHICKEN CORN CASSEROLE Provided by Betty T. Taylor Betty T. Taylor, formerly Betty Taylor of Calhoun, married Jimmie Taylor of Montezuma. We have two sons, James Taylor who is married to the former Claudette Lique and Jeff Taylor who is married to the former Debbie Herndon. We have two grandchildren, Allison and Mathew Taylor. The Taylors moved to Cordele from Montezuma in 1973. Jimmy is Senior Vice-President at South Georgia Farm Credit Service. Betty is employed at Roberts, Roberts, and Ingram, Attorneys at Law.
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DUCK GUMBO Provided by Dr. Glenn Williams Dr. Williams is now living in Albany and is the son of the late Theodore Williams and Bonnie Williams of Cordele.
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BAKED QUAIL/DOVE Provided by Kathy Browning Mike Browning and his wife, Kathy both grew up in Cordele. After graduation at the University of Georgia, Mike and Kathy moved back to Cordele and entered the insurance business as an agent for State Farm Insurance Cos. Mike and Kathy have two daughters, Krissie, 10, and Hollie, 5. Mike and Kathy have been very active in community activities and are proud to call Cordele home.
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DEER CHILI-CAMP STYLE Provided by Dan Raney Spires (no biography provided)
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ROAST WILD TURKEY Provided by Curtis Everton Browning Curtis is an avid hunter and sportsman. He has served as president of Ducks Unlimited and chairman of the Spnsor Committee for DU. Curtis has been a member of the Cordele Lion's Club for 25 years and has served as president. Curits and Patsy enjoy wild game suppers.
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SAVORY POT ROAST Provided by Bennie Opal Stripling My parents were J.L. and Mary Boles Godwin of Lilly, Ga. I left Lilly and came to Crisp County to teach school. I taught first grade at Bridges then West Crisp and retired after 12 years at O'Neal. While at Bridges School I met and married Cecil Stripling. He was the third generation of his family to farm land his grandfather purchased when he moved his family from Jones County. We have two children, Cecile and Tom. Cecile married David Orr and they have two sons, Scott and Eric. Tom married Mary Walp and their children are Jason and Johanna.
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DAPHNE LODGE FRIED CATFISH AND HUSHPUPPIES Provided by Elizabeth Williams King In 1945 I came to Cordele as the bride of Wendell H. Williams, a native of the city. Daphne Lodge was soonn to become a way of life for us. It is a landmark of Crisp County with a history extending for 36 years as a restaurant. We now claim to be the oldest restaurant under continuous farming management in the area. In its earliest days of Daphne Plantation was the site of a bubbling well and dance pavilion located in the confines of what is now the Veteran's State Park. Taking the train from Cordele out to Daphnne was a favorite summertime excursion of young and old alike. The old manor house of the Plantation became the original Daphne Lodge and here are the catfish and huspuppies recipes that made it famous.
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OYSTER CASSEROLE Provided by Louise Blacknon (Mrs. L.L.) My parents are John Theodore and Eunice Hall McArthur who moved to Cordele in September, 1905. I was 6 months old at the time. I grew up and was educated in Cordele and on September 21, 1932, I married L.L. Blackmon who was a farmer and owner of Blackmon Hardware located on 8th St. We are active members of First Baptist Church where my husband taught Sunday School and I was the G.A. Leader for years. My husband died in September of 1966 and I, now 84, have collected various antique items most of my life.
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MIGHTY FINE'S BRUNSWICK STEW (Provided by M.F. Carter Recipe belonged to grandmother, Julia Odessa Poole Carter) My dad, M.F. Carter, Sr. came to Crisp County in 1916 and met my grandmother, Miss Julia Odessa Poole, who was at that time the secretary and receptionist for Dr. Walter Elliot. The M.F. Carter family was the first Carter family in Crisp County and I, M.F. Carter, Jr., was born on Oct. 5, 1919 and had the first recorded birth certificate in Crisp County. I married the former Mary Amelia Easterling of Gulfport, Miss. on September 30, 1944, and after WW II, we settled in Cordele in November, 1945. We have six children, Millard Filmore Carter III, Harold Lloyd Carter, twins Fredrick Joseph and Frances Amelia Carter, John Thomas Carter, and William Timothy Carter. My family and I are members of First Baptist Church.
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GRANDMOTHER MIT'S BRUNSWICK STEW (Provided by Idalene Williams Sawyer This Brunswick Stew recipe has been in my family since the turn of the century. Although I grew up in Macon County, my father, Leslie Williams, probably cut most every pine tree around Crisp County during the early 1900's. In moving to Crisp County 20 years ago, my late husband, Bill Sawyer Sr., has used my grandmother's recipe to serve friends, First Baptist Wednesday night suppers and family members, Bill and Fran, Brian and Rebecca, Cindy and Jimmy, Lesli and Jim.
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Hyman House - Click on photo for larger view

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Christ Episcopal Church -
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ASPARAGUS SALAD Provided by Christine McGahee Barrow I was born and reared in Crisp County and attended Crisp County Public Schools where I was a member of the 1933 graduating class from Cordele High School. I was married to the late M.A. Barrow Jr., owner and manager of Central TV and Radio Repair Service and a veteran of World War II. I am a member of Third Street Baptist Church where I am actively involved and I am also involved in other civic organizations. Presently I am president of the American Legion Auxiliary, a patriotic organization. I was named Business and Professional Women's Club's "Woman of Achievement" in 1972-73.
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BROCCOLI CASSEROLE Provided by Essie Braswell This recipe is submitted in honor of Mrs. May Wheeler who was a resident of Cordele for many years. During these years she was a noted decorator for Roobins and Christopher's Store for Homes. She now resides at Magnolia Manor in Americus and is 96 years old.
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SCALLOPED CORN CASSEROLE Provided by Cathy Mygrant (no biography provided)
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CORN PUDDING Provided by Mrs. Harold Bunnell Harold and Laura Bunnell retired from General Motors in Indiana and moved to Cordele in 1979. My mother, Grace Anderson, is a resident at Royal Care Nursing Home. We are members of First Baptist Church and I am a member of the Cordele Woman's Club and Cordele Garden Club.
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EGGPLANT CASSEROLE Provided by Gloria Dixon The above recipe was a winner for Gloria in the first Cordele Dispatch Cookbook Contest. Gloria is a member of the Cordele Women's Club and has served on the American Cancer Society.
***************************Page 32***************************
CHUTNEY RICE SALAD Provided by Mrs. Jerry J. Slade Jerry J. Slade was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Slade. He had served three and a half years in the U.S. Navy when he and Helen met and were married Feb. 1, 1947. Their home is four miles west of Cordele. Their daughters are Becky and Cindi. Becky is married to Lamar Lewis of Athens where they reside with their sons, Lamar Jr., Benjamin, and Joseph. Cindi married Billy Griffin and they live four miles east of Cordele with their four sons, Will, Jeremy, Jesse and C.J.
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POTATO CASSEROLE Provided by Sarian Spires (No biography provided)
***************************Page 34***************************
MAMA'S SQUASH CASSEROLE Provided by Mrs. Curtis Browning The Curtis E. Browning family moved to Cordele from Hawkinsville in 1963. Mrs. Browning is the former Patsy Jane Blount and they were married June 8, 1957. Curtis has been an agent for State Farm Insurance Co. for 25 years. In 1977 he purchased the corner lot at Hickory and 16th Ave. from Mrs. Sue Van Kleek and built a buiding for their family insurance business. The Brownings have three children, their son, Michael Flynn Browning, who is also an agent for State Farm Ins. Co., is married to the former Kathy Russ. Their daughter, Curtis Lyn is married to Robert Henry McLeod II of Pineview. Their youngest daughter, Nita Jane Browning was born at the Crisp County Hospital November 27, 1969. The Brownings are very active members at the First Baptist Church. Curtis has served as chairman of the board of deacons several times. He has been president of Cordele Little League, Cordele Lion's Club and Crisp County High Band Boosters. Patsy was president of Cordele Woman's Club in 1984-1986. The above recipe is a family Sunday Dinner favorite of the Brownings.
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CRUNCHY SQUASH CASSEROLE Provided by Alma Ida Clary Alma Ida Clary is a native of Crisp County. She is married to Billy Clary, also a native of Crisp, and they have one son, Wade Clary. Alma Ida has been in the banking profession for many years. She and Billy have been very active in church work all their adult life. Billy and Wade are engaged in farming.
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SQUASH CASSEROLE Provided by Elizabeth Folds We lived in the Pateville Community until 1967 when we moved to Cordele. We are still members of the Pateville Community Club and Northern Heights Church. We have supper once a month at each. I love to fix new dishes to carry.
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CANDIED SWEET POTATOES Provided by Edna Mathis My parents were Mamie and John H. Allen. My sisters are Jayne Miller and Rosa Lee Ray while my brothers are John H. Allen Jr., George C. Allen and Cullen Allen. My husband is Carl W. Mathis Sr., son of Walter J. and Clara Mathis.
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SWEET POTATOE SOUFFLE Provided by Nita Sims Hobbs This recipe was handed down from my grandmother, Emmie Manning Jones. My parents are Mary J. and Joseph "Doc" Sims, they have lived in Crisp County since 1943. I was born and raised in Crisp County. My husband is Mixon Hobbs and we live on Bobwhite road. We are the parents of two daughters, Tanya Elizabeth, 19, who is a sophomore at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus and Holly, 16, a juniior at Crisp County High School. They were both born in Crisp County. In 1984, Mixon founded Homestead Homes, Inc. whichh is located in Cordele Industrial Park.
***************************Page 39***************************
CONGEALED VEGETABLE SALAD Provided by Lucy Middleton Clark Lamar and I and our five-year-old daughter, Lawana, moved to Cordele January 1, 1956. I am a native of Early County and Lamar is from Houston County, Als. Our son, Charles, was born here in 1956. Lamar worked as a buyer for B.C. Moore's until he recently retired. Our daughter married Homer Willis from Early County and they have two daughters, Amy and Suzanna. Our son married Dee Turton and is in business here. I have enjoyed staying busy here, keeping the "home fires burning."
***************************Page 40***************************
VEGETABLE SALAD Provided by Laverne L. Hamilton Arabi, Ga. (no biography provided)
***************************Page 41***************************
MIXED VEGETABLE CASSEROLE Provided by Linda Kitchens My husband Ronnie and I moved to Cordele in September 1972. I am originally from Dooly County and Ronnie grew up in Macon County. We lived in town for 16 years on 18th Avenue and in November of 1988 moved out to Lake Blackshear whichh had been a dream of ours. We have two boys, Kirby, age 14 and Kelly, age 12. We are members of the First Baptist Church of Cordele. Formerly, we were members at Morningside Baptist Church for 14 years. I am presently employed as Administrative Secretary at Crisp Academy and Ronnie is Executive Vice-President at the Bank of Dooly in Vienna. Formerly Ronnie had worked 16 years with Cordele Production Credit. We have always been attached to Crisp County and are glad to have been a part of this community which has grown tremendously right before our eyes. Due to both us working outside the home, we have been very selective in our extracurricular activities and have limited them mainly to school and church activities which involve the entire family.
***************************Page 42***************************
IRENE'S GUMBO Provided by Dot Horne for Irene Slade Williams Irene Slade Williams, (Mrs. Orion) is the daughter of Raines Slade and Jerry O. Slade. She is a life-long resident of Crisp County who recently celebrated her 85th birthday. On November 25, 1988, Irene and Orion celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. The Williams' have one child, Cheryl Basnar (Mrs. John) and one grandchild, Claire. Irene and Orion are members of Ebenezer Baptist Church. Irene taught school in Perry, Fla. and Crisp County. She was president of Houston Association W.M.U. for several years along with several W.M.U. organizations that began during her term of office. Orion was a member of Crisp County Board of Education for 29 years and served as its chairman for may years.
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ASHEVILLE SALAD Provided by Rose McLeod Wischkaemper Pineview, Ga. This recipe was a favorite of my mother's, Charlye Ertzberger McLeod, who was the valedictorian of the 1916 graduating class at O'Neal High School in Cordele. She served this at many meetings of the Methodist Women's "Missionary Society."
***************************Page 44***************************
EDITH WILLIAMS' TOMATO ASPIC Provided by Trina T. Williams (Mrs. Colon Williams) Edith Williams died in January, 1989. She was a lifelong resident of Crisp County. Until her retirement she had taught school in Crisp and Dougherty Counties. Miss Williams was a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church. She was a tireless worker of the Cordele Woman's Club. She was interested in Crisp County history and researched facts to share with others. Miss Williams was also a member of the Retired Teachers and the Ebenezer Homemaker's Club. This aspic recipe is a favorite of her community.
***************************Page 45***************************
BARBECUED BAKED BEANS Provided by Cindy B. Miller I am the daughter of Betty Lynn Wells Baker and Herman H. Baker. I am married to Glenn Miller and we have a son, Michael who is two years old. We have been married for seven years. I work at First State Bank & Trust Co. in Cordele and have worked there for seven years also. We attend First United Methodist Church where I am in the handbell choir, a circle, and serve on the administrative board and on the board at First Methodist Learning Center where Michael attends daycare. I am currently taking a class at South Georgia Tech. I love Cordele and think it's the nicest place on earth to live and raise a family.
***************************Page 46***************************
OLD FASHIONED BAKED BEANS Provided by Jana B. Hauesler Jana was born and raised in Crisp County. Her parents are W.T. Brown and the late Ruth P. Brown. In June of 1988, she married Lee Hauesler, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hauesler of Arabi. Jana is the Marketing secretary at First State Bank & Trust Co. in Cordele and Lee is the Accounting Manager at the Water, Gas & Light Co. in Albany.
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FRESH CRANBERRY SALAD Provided by Jan K. Odom I am the daughter of the late T.E. "Buddy" and Gladys Pirkle Kennedy of Ashburn. I am married to Wesley R. Odom of Arabi and I have three children, John David Gilliam, Michelle Dawn Gilliam and Kennon Shane Gilliam, three step-children, John Wesley Odom, Marvin Lohman Odom and Gina Odom. I have two grandchildren, Jessica Marie Gilliam, daughter of David and Debra Gilliam and Marshall Cheyne Strong, son of Gina Odom Strong. I have been employed at First State Bank and Trust Co. in Cordele since 1965 and currently serve as vice-president, cashier and secretary.
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FRANKLIN SIMONS FROZEN FRUIT SALAD Provided by Unknown With the marriage of Sara Melanie Chastain of Fulton County to Charles Howell Truluck of Crisp County in 1954, the families of Lee and Chastains of Fulton County and Lights of Forsyth County were joined withh the Halls and Blanchards of Dooly and the Trulucks of Crisp County. Charles and Melanie established their home in Crisp County where they raised three daughters, Trina Elizabeth who is married to Colon Hiram Williams and they ahve a daughter, Ivy Elizabeth; Tara Lee Truluck was their second daughter and is engaged to William James Wilson slso of Crisp County. Their third daughter is Terri Vivian Truluck, presently a student at the University of Georgia. This recipe came from the Franklin Simon Tea Room in Atlanta. It was first served during the early forties and has been a favorite for many years.
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CORDELE CARNEGIE LIBRARY - Click on photo for larger view
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GAINEY'S DRUG STORE - Click on photo for larger view
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GRANDMOTHER MITCHELL'S GINGER CAKES (This recipe dates back to Civil War days) (I'm including this recipe, for historical reasons! Barb Brown Hootman) 3 eggs 1 cup butter 1 cup sugar cane syrup 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon ground ginger 4 cups self rising flour Cream butter, sugar, syrup, eggs, ginger and flour and knead dough. Roll out thin and cut into desired shapes. Bake at 325 degrees until light brown. Note: use more flour if too thin. Provided by Ruby Watson Davis My father, Julian "Jeff" Watson was born in 1880 in Dooly County, now a part of Crisp. In 1906 he married Saludia "Essie" Mitchell of Wilcox County and they lived in Crisp County but later bought a farm in Wilcox. They had two sons and seven daughters. I was born in Crisp County on January 13, 1910 and married James H. "Jim" Davis in Rebecca, Ga. in 1927. Jim came to Georgia from Richmond, Va. in 1925 and we moved to Cordele in 1942. We owned and operated Southern Home Improvement and Nursery until Jim's death in 1986. Jim was the originator of Christmas on the Flint and Baker's Dozen. We have three sons, Gene, Elwood and Roe. We also have four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.
***************************Page 52***************************
OLD FASHION TEA CAKE Provided by Ruthel Patrick My name is Ruthel Andrews Patrick. I married Ernest "Bo" Patrick in 1948. We have three children, Ramona, Nancy and Milton. We have six grandchildren. In 1971 my husband and I founded Rubo's, Inc. the first of 22 Rubo's was opened in Cordele. I attend First Baptist Church in Cordele where I am a member of the Fidelis Sunday School Class. I serve as Associational Director of the Women's Missionary Union and am a member of the Cordele Woman's Club. My husband and I are serving as Chairpersons for the Caravan for the Centennial Celebration. My hobbies are cooking and gardening.
***************************Page 53***************************
DEPRESSION PUDDING Provided by Beth Holloway Porter I was born in 19--(If a lady tells her true age, she will tell almost anything) but was reared in Crisp County moving from Abbeville at a very young age. My parents are Arnold Murry Holloway and Emma Rebecca Keene Holloway. We have one son, E. Richard Calhoun, one granddaughter, Shannon Calhoun. This pudding is one of thge first things I can remember my mother cooking and I was a depression baby.
***************************Page 54***************************
SWEET POTATO PUDDING Provided by Mrs. Geneva P. Cofer I am the oldest of five children born to Mr. Sam and Mary Pipkin who were lifelong residents of Arabi, Ga. (Crisp County). I married Denzil Cofer who was the youngest of 11 children born to Jessie Monroe and Bessie Elizabeth Cofer who moved from Gwinnett County around 1914 to Wenona. We moved to Atlanta in 1947 where Denzil was employed by Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company. We had two children, Gale and Denise and we now have three grandsons. Denzil retired from Southern Bell in 1982 and we moved to Cordele and have reside here for seven years. We are both active in First Baptist Church and I am a member and active in Cordele Woman's Club.
***************************Page 55***************************
SYRUP CANDY Provided by Mrs. Ira Lee Adams Margaret Rogers Adams, daughter of Dr. R.H. and Eugenia Beckham Rogers was born in Ocilla, and moved to Moultrie at age two. She graduated from Moultrie High and Huntingdon College and taught school in Miami. My husband, Ira Lee, son of Kenneth and Cora Massey Adams was born in Pavo, seventeen miles from Moultrie. He studied pharmacy, entered service and was in charge of the pharmacy at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. during World War II when we met. We have three fine children and ten grandchildren. James and Barbara Herring have four, the Rev. Lee and Susan Loebel Adams have three and Russel and Kathy Floyd Adams have three children. We moved to Cordele in 1951.
***************************Page 56***************************
GRANNY'S PEACH COBBLER Provided by Linda Shepard Linda was born in Cordele to Robert and Nellie Ford. She married Virgil Shepard in 1964. They have three children, Brian and Bruce who are both students at Georgia Southern College and Laurie, a tenth grade student at Crisp County High School. The Shepards are active members of First Baptist Church and enjoy working with the youth. They are both employed at Culpepper-Wade Oil, Inc.
***************************Page 57***************************
FRANKLIN NUT CAKE Provided by Dot Horne for Rosa Slade Williams (Mrs. Colon W.) Rosa Slade Williams was born and raised in Crisp County. She is the daughter of Lelia R. and Jerry O. Slade and was married to the late Colon W. Williams. She and her husband have no children. She is a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church and taught school in Perry, Fla. and Crisp County for 40 years. She was nicknamed "Jewel" by her family because of her service to others.
***************************Page 58***************************
MY GRANDMOTHER'S LEMON CHEESE FILLING Provided by Joann Williams (Mrs. W.S. Williams, Jr.) Although my husband,, Billy, and I were not born in Cordele, we both moved herre with our families as small children. My parents were Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Wilkes and Billy's were Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Williams. My father was called to active duty a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and as a result we left Cordele for five years. Like so many other couples, my parents had enjoyed living in Cordele so much, that they returned here to live as soon after the war ended as possible. Billy and I both fraduated from Cordele High School and after attending college we were married in Cordele. We have lived here ever since, and raised our three children, Dutch, Alicia and Julie
***************************Page 59***************************
SOUR CREAM POUND CAKE Provided by Lyn Browning McLeod Lyn, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Browning, was born in Hawkinsville April 22, 1962. She is married to Bob McLeod of Pineview. They have two children, Robert Henry McLeod III and Laura Lyn McLeod. Lyn graduated from Crisp County High School and Auburn University where she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega Soroity. She is a member of the Fine Arts Club. Lyn is employed at her father's State Farm Insurance Agency. She entered the above recipe in the local county fair when she was eleven and won a blue ribbon.
***************************Page 60***************************
BURNT CARAMEL CAKE FROSTING Provided by Myrtle S. Sheffield (No biography provided)
***************************Page 61***************************
LANE CAKE Provided by Bonnie Hitchcock Williams This was one of the cakes cooked by my mother, Mrs. J. Hitchcock, better known as "Miss Molly". It was a special treat at Christmastime for the entire family.
***************************Page 62***************************
WHIPPED CREAM POUND CAKE Provided by Debbie Gazaway Jump Vienna, Ga. This delicious pound cake recipe has been enjoyed on many occasions, some of which were at the Cordele Primitive Baptist Church on 7th Ave. by the family and friends of my mother, Mrs. Mary Thelma Gazaway. I used to wonder why in the world my mother would cry if a cake didn't turn out the way it whould. Now I know. But I guarantee this recipe is very easy to make and turns out delicious every time. My mother and her family, Lonnie and Estelle Musselwhite, Bill Musselwhite Harper and Zelma Musselwhite Carr were born and raised in Crisp County. My mother began working at McClellan's Dime Store in downtown Cordele, presently Allied Department Store in 1940 and was made manager in 1966 where she continued to work until her retirement due to the closing of McClellan's in 1976.
***************************Page 63***************************
ORANGE DATE CAKE Provided by Mrs. Weldon Branon The former Sally Slade (No biography provided)
***************************Page 64***************************
OLD FASHIONED GINGER BREAD Provided by Mrs. Alvin Braswell In 1908 I was born then raised in Wilcox County at the family home. Mr parents are the late W.V. and Sarah Frances Powers. In 1927 Alvin Braswell and I were married and soon after, moved to Cordele. For 52 years we have been living here. We have one daughter, Mrs. Paul W. Craig. We have four grandchildren and Two great-grandchildren. For thirty-five years I worked as an interior decorator. Presently, I am retired, but stay active in many clubs.
***************************Page 65***************************
CREAM CHEESE POUND CAKE Provided by Rilla Ivey My maiden name is Rilla Chandler. My parents are the late Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Chandler. I moved with my family to Crisp County in 1920 and have lived on this same farm over 60 years. My parents purchased the farm in December of 1919. It was then known as part of the Culpepper Estate and is located in the Western part of Crisp County. I taught school for several years in Crisp and Turner Counties. I was married to the late J. Luke Ivey on Dec. 27, 1927. Our two children, Sonny and Janet, attended West Crisp School. Sonny is now retired after 25 years with Belk Hudson Department Stores. He and his wife, the former Carolyn Hunter, live here on the farm near me. Janet is married to Curtis Lowery and lives in Augusta. I have four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I am a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church and honorary member of Clements Homemakers Club.
***************************Page 66***************************
MA-MA'S CHOCOLATE ANGEL FOOD CAKE DELIGHT Provided by Mayson Thornton Bissell This dessert was a Sunday dinner favorite used by my grandmother, Mrs. W.R. Turner. After my grandfather purchase Cordele Sash, Door and Lumber Company in the early 1930's, my grandparents moved to Cordele and built their home on the corner of 15th Avenue and Hickory Street. Granddaughter Molly Turner Thomas and family live there today. Until her death in 1964, the family would gather at "Ma-Ma's" and "Pa-Pa's" for Sunday dinner. Their daughter, Cornelia, married B.I. Thornton from Elgerton and son, Ben, married Frances Slade. The familey grew! By 1964, there were eight grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, but never too many for Sundays with "Ma-Ma'" and "Pa-Pa!"
***************************Page 67***************************
MRS. MIDDLETON'S CARAMEL CAKE Provided by Mrs. O.P. Middleton Jr. This recipe was given to me by Mrs. O.P. Middleton, Sr. of Waverly, Ga. Arthur Middleton was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Middleton was ambassador to Russia for George Washington. Mrs. Middleton presently resides on property that was part of an original grant by King George III of England to William Middleton dated July 4, 1769. The family still has a copy of this original grant. My husband, O.P. Middleton, Jr. and I moved to Cordele in February, 1979 to open a Burger King and in 1987 we started the TCBY Yogurt Shoppe located on 16th Ave. We purchased the home of Jack William, a life-long Cordele resident who built the home shortly after he returned to Cordele from serving his country in World War II.
***************************Page 68***************************
VANILLA WAFER CAKE Provided by Bea Swinney Jim and I moved to Cordele in 1959 with our two children, Cheryl and Jimmy. Jim became a parner with Willard Ellis in the International Harvester Dealership, which was called Georgia Implement and Truck Company. They sold out quite a few years later and Jim is now with Bowen Chevrolet- Oldsmobile. I've been withh the Crisp County Board of Education for 21 years. Cordele has been very good to us and we are delighted to have our children and their families living here, too. We have six grandchildren, James, Will, Janice, Susan, Julie and Megan, whom we are very proud of. This recipe was given to me by Jim's mother when we first married. It's easy to make and delicious. It is a very good cake to use at Lion's Club Barbecues, bake sales etc.
***************************Page 69***************************
SOUTHERN PECAN PIE Provided by Sherrie Whittington I am married to Mike Whittington and we have one son, Morrie. I was born in Telfair County but lived most of my life in Cordele. This recipe was given to me by my grandmother, Eliza Batchelor, also from Telfair County.
***************************Page 70***************************
PECAN PIE Provided by Frances A. Spires A native of Bibb County, I moved to Cordele with my parents Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Allen in 1939. For years, our family ran Allen's Grocery, formerly Booth's Grocery on South 7th Street. I married Dan Raney Spires, a native of Crisp County, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Spires. We have two children, Dan Jr., and Karen and two grandsons, Jason and Matthew. I retired from Cordele Banking Company after 27 years and Dan retired from the U.S. Postal Service with 35 years service.
***************************Page 71***************************
PECAN PIE Provided by Angie Greer (Mrs. Charles Greer Jr.) Carlton Greer and his grandmother, Mrs. Charles Greer Sr.,' loves to bake pecan pies together. This was their favorite recipe. Each time they made it they would record the date on the recipe. What fun it is for Carlton to look back on those days and remember special times in the kitchen with his grandmother. Carlton's grandparents were lifelong residents of Cordele. His grandfather was born here in 1896, and hhis grandmother moved here as a young girl. His great-grandfather, Charles Carlton Greer, was born in the Coney area of Dooly County (now Crisp) in 1857. The Greers worked in turpentine operations, sawmilling and farming. Carlton's father, Charles Carlton Greer III broke the farming tradition and became an ophthalmologist, practicing in Cordele since 1973.
***************************Page 72***************************
BLUEBERRY SUPREME Provided by Barbara S. Johnson I was born and grew up in Oklahoma. I moved to Cordele in 1964. I am the mother of Shannon, Britt and Shelley Johnson. I enjoy cooking and always had fun trying out new recipes. I have a collection of recipes and recipe books from all over the United States. I have employed for ten years as Financial Secretary at First Baptist Church.
***************************Page 73***************************
STRAWBERRY-PECAN PIE Provided by Nita Jane Browning Nita Jane Browning is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Browning. Nita was born at the Crisp County Hospital on Thanksgiving Day, 1969. She graduated from Crisp County High School in 1987 and is now attending the University of Georgia where she is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and the Redcoat Marching Band's Georgettes. Nita was crowned the 1987 Crisp-Dooly Forestry Queen. Active in 4-H, Nita won the 1986 4-H Southern Regional Saddleseat Championship. The above recipe was a winner for Nita in the 4-H Dairy Foods Contest.
***************************Page 74***************************
BOB HOPE'S LEMON PIE Provided by Frances Shiver Williams (Mrs. D. John) This recipe is submitted by Margaret Allen for Mrs. Williams. Frances was one of the best cooks in Cordele and was adamant about things going together. For instance, biscuits go with chicken, hot rolls go with beef, cornbread goes with turnips and a fish dinner is always followed with lemon pie.
***************************Page 75***************************
OLD FASHIONED DRIED PEACH CUSTARD PIE Provided by Mrs. Geneva Cofer (No biography provided)
***************************Page 76***************************
RAISIN COCONUT RAGGEDY ANN COOKIES Provided by Ginny Bowen Ginny and Cecil Bowen have lived in Cordele since 1955. Ginny was an elementary school teacher, having taught 28 years in Crisp County schools and two years in Thomas County. Cecil is the owner and operator of Bowen Gulf Station. Ginny and Cecil have three children: Ginger Brock (Mrs. Brinson Brock) of Arabi, Gay Palmer (Mrs. Scott Palmer) of Birmingham, and Stan Bowen of Cordele. they have two grandchildren: Kristen and Brent Brock. Ginny, Cecil and Stan are members of Pinecrest Baptist Church where they are active members. This recipe is one that Ginny has had since taking a cooking course in college. It is a favorite of their family.
***************************Page 77***************************
GRANDMA'S GINGER COOKIES Provided by Verlie McAfee Moore I'm the daughter of R.M. McAfee's. My husband was C.L. Moore and we have two sons, Don and Pat, who also live here with their families. Our ancestors came to this area in 1806. I live on the land that was drawn by our forefathers in 1821 in the land lottery. I was a teacher, am a collector of history. I love writing and people. I believe in putting God first. I also believe in success and achievement but not to the extent one fails to enjoy life and its simple pleasures.
***************************Page 78***************************
DOUGHNUTS Provided by Paula Lowery My husband is Wilbur Lowery from Pitts, Ga. We have two children, Maranda Holliday and Paul Lowery. My parents are Agnes Coleman Ray and Eugene R. Ray. I was born in Doerun and moved to Crisp County in 1945. I have worked at Cordele Banking Company for 27 years. I am a member of New Hope Baptist Church near Hatley. Wilbur and I have been married 26 years.
***************************Page 79***************************
CARAMEL PECAN ROLLS Provided by Louise Vermillion (No biography provided)
***************************Page 80***************************
FRUIT BARS Provided by Dora Jane Wade Dora was born in Crisp County to Walter B. and Frances Fraser. Granddaddy Jackson, her only living grandparent at that time, owned a grocery store where she loved going to get cookies out of the big jars. She grew up in Arabi and now lives in the country. She is married to Marvin Lee Wade and they have two sons, Michael J. Wade and Tony M. Wade. She works at First State Bank and Trust in Cordele.
***************************Page 81***************************
STRAWBERRY CRUNCH Provided by Rose Griffin The W.H. Griffin family moved to Crisp County in 1948. They purchased the old R&T Lumber Co., formerly Crisp County Lumber Co., and since then they have operated as Griffin Lumber Company since 1949. The Griffins have one son, Billy Griffin who is associated with Griffin Lumber Co. He is married to the former Cindi Slade and they have four sons. Their daughter is Betsy, married to Sam Clinkscales of Blakely. They have a son and dauther. Mrs. Griffin is the former Rose Mills of Hazelhurst.
***************************Page 82***************************
GERMAN CHOCOLATE SNAKIN' BARS Provided by Patricia H. Payne Patricia H. Payne is married to Richard E. Payne of Cordele. They have no children. Patricia is the daughter of the late Buren R. Houston, and Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fraser. Richard is the son of the late William Payne, and Mrs. Marion D. Payne. Patricia is a Consumer Loan Oficer with First State Bank and Trust Co. and Richard is Vice President with Cook Industrial Electric Company, Inc.
***************************Page 83***************************
CONGEAL SALAD Provided by Nell Mathis (No biography provided)
***************************Page 84***************************
VANILLA ICE CREAM Provided by Irma Barry (No biography provided) PEACH ICE CREAM Provided by A. L Braswell This is my own original recipe.
***************************Page 85***************************
THE CANNON HOUSE - Click on photo for larger view
***************************Page 86***************************
ST. THERESA CATHOLIC CHURCH - Click on photo for larger view
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THE WHIPPLE HOUSE - Click on photo for larger view
***************************Page 88***************************
WHAT'S IN IT LOG Provided by Denise Joiner Dominici I am the daughter of Tharistine Brown Johnson and former Crisp County Sheriff Curtis Joiner. I married John William Dominici in 1978 and we have two daughters, Tara Faith, age 6 1/2, and Allison Hope, 3 1/2. Tara is a first grader at J.S. Pate and Allison attends First Baptist Child Development Center. We are active members of the Third Street Baptist Church. I am Family Life Editor for the Cordele Dispatch where I have worked for ten years. John is employed by Crisp County Power Commission in the operations department. I make this cheese log every Christmas. If you don't like sauerkraut, try it anyway--you really can't taste it. It makes up real pretty and is ideal to carry to parties.
***************************Page 89***************************
HAM CHEESE BALL (Provided by unknown) James Edward Wright was born in Dooly County, now Crisp County, on Dec. 5, 1862. Nathan S. Dorough bought land in Dooly County, now Crisp, on March 12, 1849. Paul O. Ray came to America from Norway in 1892 and bought land in Dooly Co, now Crisp, in 1901. Theophilus Williams came to Dooly County in 1840. Joseph Columbus Hamilton ws born July 13, 1841 in what is now Crisp County to Gordon Wells Hamilton and Rachel Royal. These were the ancestors of Mary Garland Ray and Earl Wendell Hamilton. Mary Garland Ray, daughter of the late Jim E. Ray and Annie Ruth Wright Ray and Earl Wendell Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Hamilton, Sr. were married January 1, 1961. Their children are Denise H. Williams married to Gibb W. Williams, III, David E. Hamilton and Mary Diann Hamilton. They have made their home at Arabi most of their married lives. EArl is part owner in a newly established company, ConArt, Inc. located just across Lake Blackshear in Sumter County.
***************************Page 90***************************
HAM SANDWICHES Provided by Dot Morgan I am a native of Atlanta but moved to Albany in 1946 when my husband was transferred with Georgia Power Company. I worked for the Albany Chamer of Commerce for five years and then went into banking. I retired from First State Bank and Trust Company in Albany June 1, 1986. We moved from Albany to Lake Blackshear in 1973, which is the most beautiful area of Crisp County in which to live. My hobbies include being retired and having my time to live as I please, reading, traveling, gardening, cooking and generally enjoying Lake Glackshear. I especially enjoy the time I now can give to my church. We have no children and my husband, L.N. "Pee-Wee" Morgan is retired from Georgia Power Company.
***************************Page 91***************************
WANDA'S POTATO SOUP Provided by Loutrelle Childree I am married to John R. Childree and have three sons and six grandchildren. I am employed by Cordele Banking Company and retired from New York Life Ins. Co. My parents are Mr. and Mrs. Warren McMillan of Fitzgerald.
***************************Page 92***************************
PEAR MINCEMEAT Provided by Evelyn C. Ray This recipe belonged to my sister, Ruth Cofer Royal. I had six brothers and four sisters. My parents were Jessie and Elizabeth Cofer. I was married to the late Ples Ray and we had one daughter Pleaslyn who maried Johnny Rausour and they have two children, Jeremy and Jarriett.
***************************Page 93***************************
GRANDMA'S WHOLE WHEAT BREAD Provided by Mrs. James Cox, Jr. Seville, Ga. I grew up in Webster County in the 1930's. My mother was a school teacher making $35 a month and daddy was a farmer. Money was not very plentiful so mother baked most of the bread we ate. Our favorite was her whole wheat bread. I moved to Seville with my husband, James Cox and three children, Jimmy, Emily and Melissa. Mother moved in a small house in our back yard and continued to bake bread. It became a favorite of my children. When she died, I, then, continued to bake "Grandma's Bread" and it is now a favorite of my five grandchildren, Anna, Jay, Cassie, Joseph and Casey.
***************************Page 94***************************
VIDALIA CORNBREAD Provided by Dorothy Slade Horne (Mrs. Frank, Sr.) I am the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry O. Slade. I am a lifelong resident of Crisp County and am married to Frank Horne, Sr. We have two children, Joncy Horne Carpenter of Savannah and Franklin S. Horne, Jr. of Macon. We have five grandchildren, Dottie, Casey and Jay Carpenter; Laurie Lee and Stebin Horne III. We are active members of First Baptist Church in Cordele where I teach night Bible Study Class and Couple 30+ Sunday School Class. I retired after 34 years of teaching in Crisp County Schools.
***************************Page 95***************************
CRACKLIN CORN BREAD Provided by Mrs. Sam Hendley This was my grandmother's recipe, Mrs. Tone Smith from the Wenona Community.
***************************Page 96***************************
YEAST ROLLS Provided by Mrs. Elliott Ellis This roll recipe originated with my husband's grandmother, Mrs. Rufus Ellis who came to Cordele about 1909 from Pennsylvania. Her parents came from Sweden. Her name in Minnie Lauger and she taught school in the Tremont Community. She had a pupil, Rufus King, whom she later married.
***************************Page 97***************************
FRANCES' BROWN AND SERVE ROLLS Provided by Marylene Williams Frances' rolls are on the "wanted list". She is known for her generosity with her delicious rolls and her beautiful Tiffany roses. We, the recipients have been so fortunate. Daddy occasionally slipped me a jar of his hot pepper jelly to serve with them, Frances Shiver Williams is the second wife of David John Williams Jr. They were married in 1949 and lived on 18th Ave. E. She was born in Americus, Ga.
***************************Page 98***************************
EGG NOG Provided by Beverly Hodges Whelchel My mother, Laurabel Hodges, often served this recipe when she had Christmas Open House. On one such occasion when we were young teenagers, Merrilyn Cobb Ivey and I was serving the egg nog. We soon forgot our instructions about dipping the servings from the bottom of the punch bowl. After most of the guests had been served, we began to help ourselves to that which was left in the bottom. We got a bad case of the giggles and poked fun at all the ladies' hats, so you know it was a long time ago. We were immediately sent to my room upstairs and needless to say, we were not asked to serve egg nog again.
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THE CONFEDERATE PRIVATE SOLDIER - Click on photo for larger view
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100TH ANNIVERSARY SEAL - Click on photo for larger view

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