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Holly Hill

Submitted By Rick E Henderson 08/25/2013

Location: Port St Joe    

Description and/or Directions

Directions to Holly Hill Cemetery: From the intersection of US Highway 98 and Florida State Highway 71 in
Port St. Joe, Gulf County, Florida, drive 1/2 mile north on Highway 71.
Turn right onto Garrison Avenue and drive 1-7/10 miles. Turn left onto
Madison Avenue and drive 7/10 mile to the cemetery.
Headstones face east
Section A
Row 1 Graves 1 through 78
Row 2 Graves 79 through 133
Row 3 Graves 134 through 191
Section B
Row 4 Graves 192 through 246
Row 5 Graves 247 through 325
Row 6 Graves 326 through 381
Row 7 Graves 382 through 449
Section C
Row 8 Graves 450 through 495
Row 9 Graves 496 through 663
Row 10 Graves 664 through 735
Row 11 Graves 736 through 879
Row 12 Graves 880 through 1008
Section D
Row 13 Graves 1009 through 1047
Row 14 Graves 1048 through 1078
Row 15 Graves 1079 through 1121
Row 16 Graves 1122 through 1222
Row 17 Graves 1223 through 1292
Row 18 Graves 1293 through 1378
Section E
No rows Graves 1379 through 1416
Section F
Row 19 Graves 1417 throught 1473
Row 20 Graves 1474 through 1506
Row 21 Graves 1507 through 1529
Section G
Row 22 Graves 1530 through 1552
Row 23 Graves 1553 through 1646
Row 24 Graves 1647 through 1753
Row 25 Graves 1754 through 1843
Section H
Row 26 Graves 1844 through 1926
Row 27 Graves 1927 through 2014
Row 28 Graves 2015 through 2093
Row 29 Graves 2094 through 2183
Row 30 Graves 2184 through 2252
Section I
No rows Graves 2253 through 2292
East side Spaces 2293 through 2304
West side Spaces 2305 through 2333

See the Tombstone Photo section for a section/plot diagram



Total Records: 2333
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1??/??/????/??/??Section C Row 10:666Not assigned
2AdamsAnna Bandy 10/12/1903??/??/??Section G Row 25:1790
3AdamsCarrie Hazel 1/15/19129/21/1981Section C Row 11:797
4AdamsCatherine S 3/4/1935??/??/??Section H Row 29:2153
5AdamsChester 1/23/19206/27/1979Section B Row 5:274
6AdamsCurtis, Sr 3/30/1890??/??/2459Section C Row 8:485(d:24593):Headstone faces north
7AdamsEdna E 9/21/1920??/??/??Section B Row 5:275
8AdamsFoy E 9/16/19339/22/2005Section H Row 29:2152(Married) Oct. 27, 1951
9AdamsJohn 6/3/192511/18/2002Section A Row 2:99Pvt, US Army Air Forces, World War II
10AdamsLillie G 9/8/18924/8/1966Section C Row 8:486Headstone faces north
11AdamsLovania Plair 9/16/19188/16/1943Section C Row 12:898
12AdamsMargaret G 2/18/19285/21/2011Section A Row 2:100
13AdamsZack B 2/5/18801/17/1957Section G Row 25:1789
14AdkinsGeorge C 10/24/190412/13/1989Section E No rows:1395
15AdkinsLyda M 1/26/190612/23/1994Section E No rows:1396
16AglirasJohn Thomas "Popo" 11/27/192510/18/2012Section H Row 29:2169 "Served in World War II"
17AguilarEster V 10/30/1900??/??/??Section C Row 8:557
18AguilarGustavo 6/6/189212/18/1968Section C Row 8:556
19AhrentChristina Lynn 6/18/19896/20/1989Section D Row 13:1011
20AllemoreAnne Belle 4/4/19101/12/2002Section G Row 24:1660
21AllemoreNorman F 8/17/19069/21/1960Section G Row 24:1659
22AllenAlma L 10/4/19267/5/1982Section G Row 24:1741Wed Mar. 7, 1943
23AllenBertha Mae 8/17/19193/26/2001Section G Row 25:1825
24AllenDorothy B 11/6/19166/18/1974Section H Row 30:2196
25AllenEarl 1/22/19399/10/1961Section G Row 25:1822
26AllenFerrel Oliver, Jr 5/11/1934??/??/??Section G Row 24:1657
27AllenFerrell Oliver, Sr 1/15/19156/7/1989Section H Row 30:2199
28AllenFrederick Harold 8/22/19382/26/2002Section A Row 2:98 TSgt, US Air Force, Vietnam
29AllenJane Allemore 11/8/19357/19/2012Section G Row 24:1658
30AllenJohnnie B 3/12/19171/4/1992Section G Row 25:1824
31AllenMichael Dean 2/22/196011/15/1997Section A Row 2:97
32AllenNellie S (Honey) 9/20/19156/18/1972Section H Row 30:2200
33AllenNoah D 3/22/19211/19/1997Section G Row 24:1742
34AllenWilliam J 9/1/19107/19/1972Section H Row 30:2195
35AllenWm J "Bill" 6/11/19317/18/1991Section B Row 5:301
36AlsobrookCharlie Willard 8/6/1933??/??/??Section D Row 16:1162
37AlsobrookDorothy Ann "Dot" 4/17/19367/29/1999Section D Row 16:1163
38AlsobrookThomas Godwin 8/3/18943/14/1970Section H Row 27:1931
39AmanAnnie H 3/31/19012/15/1960Section C Row 8:469
40AmanFairo Lee 8/29/19004/19/1972Section H Row 30:2244
41AmanWayne Franklin 12/14/19515/7/2010Section H Row 30:2245 Pvt, US Army, Vietnam
42AmbroseBetty Ivadine 4/6/1932??/??/??Section D Row 13:1026Wed Dec. 8, 1951
43AmbroseLynn Kenneth 10/29/19278/24/1990Section D Row 13:1025SSgt, US Marine Corps, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
44AmmonsEvie L 1/29/19241/12/1993Section D Row 16:1128
45AnchorsGeorge Mincey 7/20/19191/5/1972Section H Row 27:1946 CWO, US Navy, World War II
46AnchorsMarie Susan 12/5/19178/8/2006Section H Row 27:1947
47Anderson??/??/????/??/??Section D Row 16:1175The side of the headstone is blank
48AndersonEmma C 9/23/189610/21/1962Section G Row 24:1683
49AndersonHershel DeWayne 12/7/194812/5/2009Section D Row 16:1174
50AndersonHershel Lee 10/23/192912/17/1992Section C Row 8:495 SFC, US Army, Korea, Vietnam
51AndersonI. Milton ??/??/1914??/??/1990Mausoleum, east side:2302
52AndersonJanet Cook 1/15/191611/25/2005Section G Row 24:1706
53AndersonJessee 3/14/19086/4/1977Section A Row 3:163
54AndersonNadine D 11/11/193012/15/1985Section C Row 8:496
55AndersonSusan P 9/20/19216/17/2000Section A Row 3:162
56AndersonVictor Raymond 7/12/191411/18/1959Section G Row 24:1705 ACRT. US Navy, World War II
57AndersonWilliam Otto 4/10/18963/16/1975Section G Row 24:1682
58AndersonZella S ??/??/1915??/??/2006Mausoleum, east side:2303
59AndrewsEvelene C 11/26/1938??/??/??Section D Row 16:1215
60AndrewsOris D 3/23/19374/29/1997Section D Row 16:1214Married Nov. 30, 1957
61ArbogastJohn Clifford ??/??/1895??/??/1977Section H Row 30:2189
62ArbogastJosephine ??/??/1895??/??/1979Section H Row 30:2190
63ArdHerman Ray 11/5/192712/12/2007Section C Row 9:662 US Army
64ArdMargaret 1/29/19332/14/1986Section C Row 9:663
65ArgoCatherine C 4/30/18971/5/1957Section G Row 23:1560
66ArmstrongCarl L 10/8/191111/27/1963Section G Row 25:1760
67ArmstrongChasity Sunshine 10/28/197412/9/1974Section H Row 28:2054
68ArmstrongClarence W 9/4/19424/14/2003Section B Row 5:311
69ArmstrongEstelle 1/18/19152/26/1990Section B Row 5:309
70ArmstrongLorene P 8/26/19132/21/2013Section G Row 25:1761
71ArmstrongRickey E "Rick" 12/7/19531/9/2002Section B Row 5:310
72ArmstrongWalter E 8/9/19091/20/1985Section B Row 5:308
73ArnettDavid C 3/3/18945/5/1970Section H Row 27:2001
74ArnettRoxie W 8/30/18997/30/1997Section H Row 27:2002
75ArnoldFlorence O 5/1/19011/2/1979Section H Row 26:1925
76AsbelleClara M 2/26/191710/16/2000Section C Row 12:982
77AsbelleClayton E, Sr 6/10/19225/22/1981Section C Row 12:981 PFC, US Army, World War II
78AskenasyAlyce G 1/26/191612/29/1963Section B Row 7:430
79AtkinsKatie Jane 12/29/19131/4/1996Section D Row 18:1362
80AustinCharles 2/11/18988/28/1967Section B Row 7:403"Son of Joseph and Rebecca Herring"
81AycockDouglas M 3/21/194212/30/1972Section H Row 27:1962
82AyersCora L 11/19/1921??/??/??Section D Row 14:1075Married Sept. 22, 1942
83AyersJohn D, Jr 8/24/19225/3/1995Section D Row 14:1074 MSgt, US Air Force, World War II
84BabbFloyd ??/??/????/??/??Section C Row 9:632(b:At the foot of #631; no headstone, no slab; information provided by the cemetery caretaker):
85BabbVicie V 9/25/18941/4/1988Section C Row 9:631
86BackinJean 8/11/1938??/??/??Section C Row 9:603
87BackinRaymond H 3/18/19318/16/1974Section C Row 9:602
88BaerJohn Robinson 5/27/19116/20/2006Section D Row 18:1324 PFC, US Army, World War II
89BaggettJoyce Oliver 4/27/189110/21/1964Section B Row 6:332
90BaggettMargorie Alma 5/28/19191/1/1996Section B Row 6:331
91BaggettMartha Jane 1/4/189111/29/1963Section B Row 6:333
92BaldwinDouglas 7/16/1910??/??/1994Section H Row 26:1887(d:
93BaldwinDr. Beverly Ann 6/12/19414/12/1995Section H Row 26:1889
94BaldwinMalzie C 8/11/19121/6/2009Section H Row 26:1888
95BaloghErnie Busch 9/29/19906/4/2010Section I No rows:2265
96BarbeeArchie H 7/23/194310/10/2005Section H Row 27:1936 A2C, US Air Force, Vietnam
97BarbeeBernice M ??/??/1921??/??/1995Section C Row 11:780
98BarbeeH.F. "Spotball" ??/??/1915??/??/2000Section C Row 11:779
99BarbeeTina A 7/4/19677/4/1967Section C Row 8:482
100BarberEdna M 3/26/1928??/??/??Section C Row 11:805
101BarberSam W 8/25/191011/12/1999Section C Row 11:804
102BarhamMary Ann 8/30/18947/19/1980Section H Row 28:2083
103BarlowBilly D 6/4/19301/16/2006Mausoleum, west side:2319
104BarlowDorothy F 1/17/1931??/??/??Mausoleum, west side:2320
105BarnesElaine 10/24/19448/30/2008Section D Row 17:1269
106BarnesFrank W 10/5/191612/2/2007Section E No rows:1382
107BarnesJerry 11/7/1943??/??/??Section D Row 17:1268(Married) June 15, 1962
108BarnesLonnie A 6/24/1899??/??/??Section C Row 8:465
109BarnesLorell S 8/1/19164/12/2009Section E No rows:1383
110BarnesRuth S 7/9/189310/16/1968Section C Row 8:466
111BarnhillH. Jeanette 8/2/1946??/??/??Section D Row 15:1110
112BarnhillJames J 4/5/19391/15/2003Section D Row 15:1109
113BarteeEsther Childers 11/28/18811/24/1976Section B Row 4:198
114BarthJulia Ann Boyett 9/13/19481/19/2008Section D Row 15:1100In the Boyett plot
115BartonHazel M ??/??/1933??/??/??Section A Row 2:102
116BartonPhilip L 3/7/19288/16/1993Section A Row 2:101MSgt, US Army, US Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
117BassJames Perry ??/??/1907??/??/1963Section B Row 7:422
118BassMyrtle Ruth ??/??/1922??/??/1997Section B Row 7:423
119BatemanA.V. 12/3/19186/21/2003Section C Row 8:479Wed Sept. 27, 1937
120BatemanGladys L 5/4/191912/21/1995Section C Row 8:480
121BatemanOscar M, Jr 9/29/1932??/??/??Section H Row 26:1864
122BatemanRobyn M 7/7/19501/13/1966Section C Row 8:481
123BaumgartCharles A ??/??/????/??/??Section G Row 23:1640 "April 24, 1931"
124BaumgartCharles Arthur, Jr 6/27/195510/23/1956Section G Row 23:1643
125BaumgartFrances S ??/??/????/??/??Section G Row 23:1639 "Oct. 9, 1935"
126BaxleyMary L 2/13/1929??/??/??Section D Row 17:1243
127BaxleyRobert B 12/17/1927??/??/2001Section D Row 17:1242(d:Kam 15 2001):(Married) Dec. 21, 1946
128BeamanE. Wayne 6/16/19102/4/1988Section C Row 10:732Married July 8, 1933
129BeamanIrene S 2/28/19155/2/1994Section C Row 10:733
130BeamanJames W (Jim) 4/23/19341/25/1990Section C Row 10:729UTP2, US Navy Married (#730) July 17, 1975
131BeardenMarvin F 3/16/19344/12/1997Section D Row 16:1153
132BeardenMary L 8/1/1936??/??/3879Section D Row 16:1154(d:38797):
133Beasley1/6/1974??/??/??Section H Row 27:1940
134BeckBessie 12/20/19047/18/1993Section H Row 28:2066
135BeckMonroe 2/14/19069/2/1989Section H Row 28:2065
136BeebeJimmy D 12/12/19267/4/1970Section C Row 8:544Florida, Pvt, Co C, 515 PRCHT Infantry, World War II
137BelinAddie Leonard 2/25/188711/23/1968Section F Row 20:1477
138BelinClelan Leonard 3/27/19173/2/2011Section F Row 20:1479
139BelinInfant ??/??/????/??/??Section F Row 20:1480"Infant son of C. Leonard & Mary Belin Oct. 2, 1950"
140BelinJacob Chapman 10/28/19145/31/2000Section F Row 20:1481
141BelinMyrtle F 7/2/19142/27/2007Section F Row 20:1482
142BelinWilliam Jacob 10/15/18682/2/1953Section F Row 20:1476
143BelinWilliam Palmer 3/13/19075/17/1907Section F Row 20:1474Cenotaph for #1474; interment is in Carolina Cemetery, AL
144BelinWilliam Patrick 6/11/19874/16/2010Section F Row 20:1478
145BellowsLoula C 9/1/18873/9/1968Section G Row 23:1556
146BellowsRobert E ??/??/1885??/??/1958Section G Row 23:1555
147BesoreOliver C "Bill" 1/27/19359/21/2005Section H Row 29:2158 TSgt, US Air Force, Vietnam
148BigginsGordon Harry 1/14/19233/30/1988Section C Row 8:552
149BishopMyrtle L 2/24/192212/10/1994Section C Row 9:625
150BishopSophronia 12/1/19844/19/1976Section C Row 12:953
151BishopTheodore R (Theo) 10/26/19158/18/1985Section C Row 9:624Married Nov. 11, 1939
152BlakeJoyce T 3/27/19244/2/2004Section A Row 3:189
153BlakeWilliam H 11/28/19253/12/2010Section A Row 3:188
154BlankenshipVernon ??/??/1965??/??/1987Section B Row 6:328
155BlaschumChristopher M 10/20/19663/2/2002Section B Row 6:373 LCdr, US Navy
156BlountElsie H 6/11/19189/6/2005Section G Row 24:1672
157BlountElwin M 11/19/19151/26/1998Section G Row 24:1670
158BlountJohn G, Jr 10/31/19132/27/1993Section G Row 24:1669
159BlountMargaret Lois 12/20/194010/29/1993Section G Row 24:1668
160BlountPaul Justice 10/30/191610/20/1998Section G Row 24:1671 TEC5, US Army, World War II
161BlowBenjamin F 6/15/19231/23/2003Section H Row 29:2170
162BobbittJames Earl 9/7/19145/26/1957Section G Row 25:1828
163BobbittMarjorie Cook 9/18/19185/22/1967Section G Row 25:1829
164BooneMarie L 11/29/19194/17/1979Section H Row 27:1945
165BooneThomas T 12/18/191411/8/1967Section H Row 27:1944 Florida, CMB USNR, World War II PH
166BordenCanda Joy 8/29/19881/24/2012Section C Row 8:587
167BordenGeorge Dave 3/30/198411/9/2010Section C Row 8:586
168BosqueJan Wimberly 5/3/19328/18/2005Section G Row 24:1679
169BowenEula Mae 5/15/18984/10/1958Section H Row 26:1926
170BowenHeather Veronica 5/23/19775/25/1977Section C Row 11:755
171BowenLawrence D 8/21/19291/6/1967Section H Row 26:1905 Y3, US Navy, Korea
172BowmanElsie M 1/10/1927??/??/??Section C Row 11:814
173BowmanMartin H 8/30/19229/6/2006Section C Row 11:813 PFC, US Army, World War II
174BoydBetty Odom 8/15/1932??/??/??Section H Row 28:2022
175BoydEdwin Stow 3/14/19325/6/2010Section H Row 28:2021 SSgt, US Air Force, Korea
176BoydPatsy Ruth 10/6/19485/18/1969Section H Row 28:2023
177BoyerGertrude 7/3/19069/10/1980Section C Row 8:531
178BoyettArthur Onzlon 2/22/19276/17/2005Section D Row 15:1098
179BoyettBessie C 12/30/19105/8/1991Section C Row 11:750
180BoyettFlorence Stewart 8/22/1926??/??/??Section D Row 15:1099
181BoyettStephen F 5/24/19048/7/1987Section C Row 11:749
182BoyetteDavid A 10/28/19119/12/1966Section G Row 22:1544
183BoylesBarbara Sue 1/9/19343/23/1999Section H Row 29:2101
184BoylesErlma Lee Morris 1/5/19111/16/1991Section H Row 29:2100
185BoylesRobert Glenn 5/26/19041/10/1988Section H Row 29:2099
186BrabhamStanley Robert 3/8/196511/6/1966Section C Row 8:475"Stanley Robert son of Haynes & Emily Brabham"
187BradyJames Alan Goff 2/17/195612/27/1987Section G Row 23:1608
188BrakeBobby 3/18/19502/5/1971Section C Row 10:675
189BrakeDonald Wayne 3/1/19631/28/2004Section D Row 15:1105
190BrakeEmma L 5/8/19163/20/1990Section C Row 10:674
191BrakeHelen E 6/12/19458/10/2008Section C Row 10:669
192BrakeJake 7/18/190011/13/1975Section C Row 10:673
193BrakeLarry Louis 3/7/19644/28/2007Section D Row 15:1107
194BrakePatrica Renee 7/4/1963??/??/??Section D Row 15:1108
195BrakePenny 4/12/1937??/??/??Section C Row 10:668
196BrakeRonnie 3/23/1946??/??/??Section C Row 10:667
197BrakeSammy Teresa 10/2/1964??/??/??Section D Row 15:1106
198BransonClyde R 3/5/193111/24/1997Section D Row 16:1210 TSgt, US Air Force, Korea
199BrantCharles Ray Lee "Charlie" 1/31/19983/9/2007Section D Row 17:1249
200BrantMavis Rebecca "Dolly" 1/4/19361/22/2009Section D Row 17:1248

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