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Total Records: 21292
1Abad, Lucy M.  __/__/__06/22/1948Diane Renfrow
2Abad, Pedro E.  __/__/__06/19/1966Diane Renfrow
3Abascal, Bonifacia G.  __/__/__10/14/1996Christina Gettys
4Abascal, Marcos Amador  __/__/__09/14/1978Christina Gettys
5Abbitt, John Morton  __/__/__09/12/1994Suzy Fleming
6Abbott, Alyda Dey  __/__/__02/16/1964Suzy Ward Fleming
7Abbott, Bernetta Lane  __/__/__07/31/1976Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
8Abbott, Byron Ernest Sr  __/__/__10/4/2012Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
9Abbott, Ellen Marie Hourigan  __/__/__08/9/1940Robert Woolfitt The Registry
10Abbott, Ellen Marie Hourigan  __/__/__08/9/1940Robert Woolfitt The Registry
11Abbott, Etta Rogers  __/__/__02/18/1949Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
12Abbott, Fred Carlton  __/__/__04/20/1962Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
13Abbott, Freddie  __/__/__10/10/1893Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
14Abbott, Gertrude A.  __/__/__11/21/2012Diane Renfrow
15Abbott, Gertrude M.  __/__/__09/14/1967Diane Renfrow
16Abbott, Irvin Roswell  __/__/__08/27/1895Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
17Abbott, Jessie Rich  __/__/__05/31/1905Donna Bluemink The Registry
18Abbott, Lillian Giraud  __/__/__03/20/1992Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
19Abbott, Margaret Kelley  __/__/__12/31/1921Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
20Abbott, Margaret Kelley  __/__/__12/31/1921Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
21Abbott, Mary Virginia  __/__/__08/12/1926Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
22Abbott, Sarah Kelley  __/__/__05/26/1910Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
23Abbott, Walter Brittle  __/__/__03/29/1951Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
24Abbott, Walter Roswell  __/__/__02/17/1938Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
25Abbott, Walter Brittle II __/__/__03/2/2010Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
26Abdell, Joseph Owen Jr.  __/__/__11/24/1949Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
27Abdell, Joseph O  __/__/__08/18/1891Suzy Ward Fleming
28Abdell, Mary S.  __/__/__04/7/1899Suzy Fleming
29Abdullah, Yusef  __/__/__09/18/1997Diane Renfrow
30Abeles, Charles Calvert   __/__/__01/9/2011Suzy Fleming
31Abeles, Charles Taussig  __/__/__03/15/1980Donna Bluemink The Registry
32Abeles, Sally Pope Taylor  __/__/__07/5/1997Suzy Fleming
33Abiouness, Lee Sprague  __/__/__01/10/1963Christina Gettys
34Abiouness, Mabelle F. Sprague  __/__/__07/16/1976Robert Woolfitt The Registry
35Abiouness, Mary E. T.  __/__/__04/25/1944Robert Woolfitt The Registry
36Abiouness, Peter E.  __/__/__12/26/1967Christina Gettys
37Abiouness, Violette Azar  __/__/__10/20/1989Robert Woolfitt The Registry
38Abiouness, Younis Ellis  __/__/__02/12/1981Christina Gettys
39Abraham, Ann Hutchings  __/__/__03/1/1995Diane Renfrow
40Abraham, Ann Hutchings  __/__/__03/1/1995Diane Renfrow
41Abraham, Elizabeth Allen  __/__/__08/2/1941Christina Gettys
42Abraham, George A.  __/__/__02/14/1962Christina Gettys
43Abraham, Mrs. Mary Oley  __/__/__04/18/1960Christina Gettys
44Abrames, Mary Jane Crooker  __/__/__09/7/1944Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
45Abrams, Jerome A.  __/__/__11/5/1968Robert Woolfitt The Registry
46Abrams, John Thaddeus  __/__/__08/17/1904Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
47Abrams, Marvin Irvin  __/__/__12/20/1994Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
48Abrams, Rose L  __/__/__11/30/1960Donna Bluemink The Registry
49Abramson, Sadie Weber  __/__/__10/25/1993Diane Renfrow
50Absolem, Anna  __/__/__05/16/1915Donna Bluemink The Registry
51Acey, William Thomas  __/__/__06/26/1948Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
52Ackaway, Birdie Zoby  __/__/__11/6/1994Robert Woolfitt The Registry
53Ackaway, George Mitchell  __/__/__09/9/1962Christina Gettys
54Ackaway, Mrs. Jamille Haddad  __/__/__04/8/1948Christina Gettys
55Ackerly, Annie Maria  __/__/__05/8/1921Suzy Fleming
56Ackiss, Annie  __/__/__05/14/1974Diane Renfrow
57Ackiss, David Washington  __/__/__12/30/1952Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
58Ackiss, Elizabeth Anderson  __/__/__04/23/1938Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
59Ackiss, Emmitt Ray  __/__/__03/15/1950Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
60Ackiss, Grace Turner  __/__/__05/10/1944Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
61Ackiss, Harrison Seneca Jr.  __/__/__05/30/1975Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
62Ackiss, Harrison Seneca Sr.  __/__/__10/30/1954Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
63Ackiss, James  __/__/__01/19/1945Diane Renfrow
64Ackiss, Lillian Carr  __/__/__08/27/1974Diane Renfrow
65Ackiss, Margaret Waddy  __/__/__12/6/1979Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
66Ackiss, William Frank (Willie) __/__/__03/2/1929Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
67Ackiss, William H. Sr  __/__/__10/7/1917Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
68Ackiss, William  __/__/__01/29/1939Diane Renfrow
69Adams, Bubber J.  __/__/__07/22/1957Diane Renfrow
70Adams, Charles Vail  __/__/__04/3/1946Suzy Ward Fleming
71Adams, Charlotte Wales  __/__/__04/6/1989Suzy Ward Fleming
72Adams, Corbet M.  __/__/__01/31/1945Diane Renfrow
73Adams, Deborah  __/__/__08/17/1995Diane Renfrow
74Adams, Deborah  __/__/__08/17/1995Diane Renfrow
75Adams, Dockery S.  __/__/__09/27/2000Diane Renfrow
76Adams, Dockery S.  __/__/__09/27/2000Diane Renfrow
77Adams, Elisha  __/__/__04/22/1994Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
78Adams, Eliza  __/__/__07/5/1966Diane Renfrow
79Adams, Elizabeth Thompson  __/__/__07/__/1962Diane Renfrow
80Adams, Ella Elizabeth Whiteman  __/__/__02/11/1958Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
81Adams, Emma Snipes  __/__/__03/13/1963Diane Renfrow
82Adams, Emma Snipes  __/__/__03/__/1963Diane Renfrow
83Adams, Eulace S.  __/__/__12/10/1945Diane Renfrow
84Adams, Fonzy Weiss (Lee) __/__/__01/30/1995Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
85Adams, Gertrude Smith  __/__/__09/18/1967Robert Woolfitt The Registry
86Adams, Harold George  __/__/__12/16/1958Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
87Adams, Herbert Ashbey  __/__/__03/3/1941Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
88Adams, Ida Belle Smith  __/__/__05/23/1932Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
89Adams, James  __/__/__04/29/1914Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
90Adams, John E.  __/__/__04/__/1943Diane Renfrow
91Adams, Lewis  __/__/__05/1/1899Suzy Ward Fleming
92Adams, Louise Ivey  __/__/__06/12/1937Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
93Adams, Mamie  __/__/__08/__/1936Diane Renfrow
94Adams, Marie Louise  __/__/__09/30/2011Robert Woolfitt The Registry
95Adams, Mary F  __/__/__02/23/1912Donna Bluemink The Registry
96Adams, Mary Dominica  __/__/__11/12/2010Christina Gettys
97Adams, Mattie L.  __/__/__12/16/1928Diane Renfrow
98Adams, Mattie  __/__/__12/4/1949Diane Renfrow
99Adams, Naomi Lambert  __/__/__12/25/2007Diane Renfrow
100Adams, Phillip Wellons  __/__/__01/2/1970Robert Woolfitt The Registry
101Adams, Robert  __/__/__03/7/1944Diane Renfrow
102Adams, Rosa  __/__/__11/21/1983Diane Renfrow
103Adams, Roy Dana  __/__/__08/11/1967Robert Woolfitt The Registry
104Adams, Sivilia  __/__/__10/6/1943Diane Renfrow
105Adams, Vaughn Guillaudeu  __/__/__09/23/1998Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
106Adams, Virginia Woodis  __/__/__02/6/1959Diane Renfrow
107Adams, Walter Paul  __/__/__10/4/2009Suzy Fleming
108Adams, Walter P  __/__/__02/26/1996Suzy Fleming
109Adams, Willie Mae  __/__/__03/20/1933Diane Renfrow
110Adams, Willie Mae  __/__/__03/20/1933Diane Renfrow
111Addenbrook, Joseph Arthur  __/__/__04/11/2007Suzy Fleming
112Addenbrook, Mary Elizabeth Bell  __/__/__01/3/2004Suzy Fleming
113Addenbrooke, John Eachus  __/__/__11/2/1966Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
114Addington, Anne Ball  __/__/__07/9/2015Suzy Ward Fleming
115Addington, Elizabeth L  __/__/__07/26/1903Donna Bluemink The Registry
116Addington, Emma A.  __/__/__01/25/1890Donna Bluemink The Registry
117Addington, Frank Thornton  __/__/__10/4/1967Donna Bluemink The Registry
118Addington, Helen Murphy  __/__/__02/3/1998Donna Bluemink The Registry
119Addington, Joseph Clark  __/__/__10/24/1986Donna Bluemink The Registry
120Addington, Mary Elizabeth  __/__/__05/30/1916Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
121Addington, Mary Ellen  __/__/__08/20/1906Donna Bluemink The Registry
122Addington, Robert Johnson  __/__/__06/10/1901Donna Bluemink The Registry
123Addison, Alberta Loebsack  __/__/__12/9/1966Robert Woolfitt The Registry
124Addison, Alice Ann Corbell  __/__/__12/5/1912Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
125Addison, Henry  __/__/__01/16/1939Diane Renfrow
126Addison, Margaret  __/__/__09/13/1942Diane Renfrow
127Adger, James E.  __/__/__08/15/1976Diane Renfrow
128Adkins, Daryl Edwin  __/__/__11/13/2015Robert Woolfitt The Registry
129Adkins, Edwin Clarence  __/__/__02/19/1913Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
130Adkins, Nancy Ann Stokley  __/__/__04/2/2021Robert Woolfitt The Registry
131Adkins, Nannie Bright  __/__/__06/8/1971Diane Renfrow
132Adkins, Richard  __/__/__05/21/1911Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
133Agelasto, Alexander Michael Sr.  __/__/__12/1/1906Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
134Agelasto, Peter A  __/__/__05/7/1985Suzy Ward Fleming
135Agey, Hoite Mckee  __/__/__07/1/1911Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
136Agostini, Edmond  __/__/__02/19/1970Robert Woolfitt The Registry
137Agostini, Edward  __/__/__09/17/1973Robert Woolfitt The Registry
138Agostini, Edward L. (Edwin) __/__/__01/27/1956Robert Woolfitt The Registry
139Agostini, Elena Meloni  __/__/__12/21/1978Robert Woolfitt The Registry
140Agostini, Helen Parati  __/__/__12/5/1963Robert Woolfitt The Registry
141Agostini, Joanne  __/__/__09/4/1942Robert Woolfitt The Registry
142Aguanno, John  __/__/__10/1/1976Robert Woolfitt The Registry
143Aguanno, Pauline Burgess  __/__/__08/2/1957Robert Woolfitt The Registry
144Ahern, Beatrice, Sister  __/__/__06/11/1895Robert Woolfitt The Registry
145Ahern, Dennis  __/__/__09/5/1896Robert Woolfitt The Registry
146Ahern, Julia  __/__/__08/5/1875Robert Woolfitt The Registry
147Ahern, Margaret T.  __/__/__06/12/1904Robert Woolfitt The Registry
148Ahern, Mary  __/__/__07/10/1934Robert Woolfitt The Registry
149Ahern, Rev. Michael J.  __/__/__08/__/1918Robert Woolfitt The Registry
150Ahman, Agnes Florence Gaffney  __/__/__09/1/1961Robert Woolfitt The Registry
151Ahman, Annie Beatrice Mckown  __/__/__03/8/1956Robert Woolfitt The Registry
152Ahman, Annie A.  __/__/__07/8/1961Robert Woolfitt The Registry
153Ahman, Bernard Luke  __/__/__05/19/1962Robert Woolfitt The Registry
154Ahman, Bernard Luke, Jr.  __/__/__08/7/1949Robert Woolfitt The Registry
155Ahman, Frank Paul Sr.  __/__/__06/28/1953Robert Woolfitt The Registry
156Ahman, James V.  __/__/__03/31/1898Robert Woolfitt The Registry
157Ahman, John J. Sr.  __/__/__01/31/1906Robert Woolfitt The Registry
158Ahman, John J., Jr.  __/__/__09/16/1924Robert Woolfitt The Registry
159Ahman, Rosanna Mccourt  __/__/__08/23/1938Robert Woolfitt The Registry
160Ainsworth, Janet Rosemary  __/__/__06/13/1955Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
161Akbar, Jessie Atif  __/__/__03/17/1998Diane Renfrow
162Akers, Cynthia Wayne  __/__/__07/28/1958Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
163Akey, Margaret Mary  __/__/__04/9/1986Robert Woolfitt The Registry
164Akoury, Kalil  __/__/__02/8/1992Robert Woolfitt The Registry
165Ala, Ismael Balde  __/__/__07/23/1999Robert Woolfitt The Registry
166Ala, Maria-corazon Dumol  __/__/__06/12/1982Robert Woolfitt The Registry
167Albano, Ana Rosa Mazzei  __/__/__07/28/1942Robert Woolfitt The Registry
168Albano, Annie Moschetti  __/__/__07/24/1943Robert Woolfitt The Registry
169Albano, Charles Carmen  __/__/__11/13/1946Robert Woolfitt The Registry
170Albano, James A. Sr.  __/__/__07/11/2003Robert Woolfitt The Registry
171Albano, Mildred J.  __/__/__09/28/2002Robert Woolfitt The Registry
172Albano, Nicholas  __/__/__11/20/1945Robert Woolfitt The Registry
173Albert, Corine W.  __/__/__01/__/1945Diane Renfrow
174Albertson, Jesse E.  __/__/__01/__/1972Diane Renfrow
175Albertson, Margaret E.  __/__/__08/1/1968Diane Renfrow
176Albritton, Hattie Mae  __/__/__10/11/1957Diane Renfrow
177Albritton, Malinda Sykes  __/__/__07/30/1947Diane Renfrow
178Albritton, Vernon  __/__/__05/15/1977Diane Renfrow
179Alcantara, Charles A.  __/__/__12/2/1965Robert Woolfitt The Registry
180Alderman, Edward Harry  __/__/__03/18/1976Robert Woolfitt The Registry
181Alderman, Gladys Martha  __/__/__10/8/1957Robert Woolfitt The Registry
182Aldridge, Catherine Margaret  __/__/__07/16/2002Robert Woolfitt The Registry
183Aldridge, Elizabeth  __/__/__06/15/1952Diane Renfrow
184Alex, Aaron Bernard  __/__/__01/28/1991Diane Renfrow
185Alex, Richard T.  __/__/__04/6/1997Diane Renfrow
186Alexander, Annie Marie Diggs  __/__/__03/18/1960Suzy Ward Fleming
187Alexander, Annie  __/__/__05/30/1903Donna Bluemink The Registry
188Alexander, Annie  __/__/__06/27/1959Diane Renfrow
189Alexander, Barbara Elaine Johnson  __/__/__09/1/2017Diane Renfrow
190Alexander, Bradford  __/__/__08/6/1962Diane Renfrow
191Alexander, Caroline L  __/__/__03/7/1906Donna Bluemink The Registry
192Alexander, Carrie  __/__/__10/24/1946Diane Renfrow
193Alexander, Claretta M.  __/__/__03/2/2001Diane Renfrow
194Alexander, Cynthia Rebecca King  __/__/__06/23/1994Dorothy Strawhand The Registry
195Alexander, David  __/__/__02/10/1992Diane Renfrow
196Alexander, Eunice  __/__/__09/16/1971Diane Renfrow
197Alexander, Eunice  __/__/__09/__/1971Diane Renfrow
198Alexander, Gertrude Virginia Wolf  __/__/__07/18/1951Robert Woolfitt The Registry
199Alexander, Helen Margaret  __/__/__08/9/1969Robert Woolfitt The Registry
200Alexander, Henry Clay  __/__/__01/7/1933Robert Woolfitt The Registry

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