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Total Records: 45
NoBride GroomMarriage Date NotesSubmitter
1Adair, Eliza  Wisner, John 10/17/1861Adair, Eliza - Wisner, John T. October 17, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
2Albright, Mary  Bigham, William 12/10/1863Albright, Mary - Bigham, William December 10, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
3Armstrong, Gettie C.  Spencer, M. A. 06/7/1864Armstrong, Gettie C. - Spencer, M. A. June 7, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
4Armstrong, Matilda  Laing, J. D. 06/18/1864Armstrong, Matilda - Laing, J. D. June 18, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
5Bailes, Sarah  Kelly, James 07/26/1860Bailes, Sarah - Kelly, James July 26, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
6Bardon, Martha J.  Felgar, Benjamin 05/3/1864Bardon, Martha J. - Felgar, Benjamin May 3, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
7Boydston, Sophronia  Orr, James 11/15/1860Boydston, Sophronia - Orr, James T. November 15, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
8Carey, Matilda  Tracy, Barebel 10/25/1860Carey, Matilda - Tracy, Barebel October 25, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
9Case, Elizabeth J.  Faws, Michael A. 05/5/1864Case, Elizabeth J. - Faws, Michael A. May 5, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
10Condry, Rosa A.  Attland, Jacob C. 07/28/1864Condry, Rosa A. - Attland, Jacob C. July 28, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
11Cunningham, Mary  Armstrong, John 02/16/1864Cunningham, Mary E. - Armstrong, John D. February 16, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
12Dawson, Maggie  Franks, W. 07/31/1860Dawson, Maggie - Franks, W. H. July 31, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
13Dulin, Eliza  Carlin, James 05/2/1864Dulin, Eliza - Carlin, James May 2, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
14Ellison, Hattie  Ellison, John 06/22/1884Ellison, Hattie - Ellison, John June 22, 1884Dianne Sampson
15Eyemen, Ann  Albright, William 12/22/1862Eyemen, Ann Laura - Albright, William H. December 22, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
16Firestone, Celesta  Harrison, Stephen 03/27/1860Firestone, Celesta - Harrison, Stephen March 27, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
17Firestone, Nancy  Anderson, Alexander 09/12/1861Firestone, Nancy J. - Anderson, Alexander September 12, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
18Fluhart, Abbie  Thompson, Solomon 01/1/1863Fluhart, Abbie J. B. - Thompson, Solomon January 1, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
19Friess, Lydia  Robinson, William 10/24/1861Friess, Lydia - Robinson, William October 24, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
20Galbraith, Sarah  Hanna, A. 03/29/1860Galbraith, Sarah - Hanna, A. March 29, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
21Geitgie, Mary  Snyder, Franklin 11/20/1860Geitgie, Mary - Snyder, Franklin November 20, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
22Hanna, M.  Colmery, D. 05/3/1860Hanna, M. J. - Colmery, D. R. May 3, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
23Hilligas, Nannie  Taggart, Joseph 09/25/1862Hilligas, Nannie - Taggart, Joseph H. September 25, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
24Howard, Harriet  Jeffries, Andrew 10/9/1862Howard, Harriet E. - Jeffries, Andrew L. October 9, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
25Hutchison, Keziah  Maxwell, William 08/2/1860Hutchison, Keziah - Maxwell, William August 2, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
26Jeffery, Mary  Wasson, Fred 09/27/1941Jeffery, Mary Lucille - Wasson, Fred Thomas September 27, 1941Joseph F. Conley
27Johnson, Ellie E.  Grimes, Isaac 05/5/1864Johnson, Ellie E. - Grimes, Isaac May 5, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
28Leattor, Lizzie  Ely, Elisha 08/18/1863Leattor, Lizzie - Ely, Elisha D. August 18, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
29Litsinger, Eliza J.  Ross, James W. 02/2/1865Litsinger, Eliza J. - Ross, James W. February 2, 1865Donald Buncie The Registry
30McClure, Jemima  Dunlap, J. 09/3/1863McClure, Jemima - Dunlap, J. R. September 3, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
31McKinley, Rollie  Childs, Edward 10/7/1862McKinley, Rollie - Childs, Edward B. October 7, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
32Miller, Barbara  Dile, Franklin 03/8/1864Miller, Barbara - Dile, Franklin March 8, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
33Miller, Margaret  Kerr, David 12/30/1862Miller, Margaret - Kerr, David J. December 30, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
34Patterson, Lydia  Cook, George __/__/__Patterson, Lydia - Cook, George (August 13 1836)J. D. McDonald
35Reese, Phoebe  Shallenberger, John 11/21/1861Reese, Phoebe - Shallenberger, John November 21, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
36Rife, Mary  Rosenberger, Samuel 09/20/1860Rife, Mary - Rosenberger, Samuel G. September 20, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
37Rudy, Frances  Echard, John 12/18/1860Rudy, Frances - Echard, John December 18, 1860Donald Buncie The Registry
38Shaver, Elizabeth J.  Campbell, Isaac C. 03/23/1864Shaver, Elizabeth J. - Campbell, Isaac C. March 23, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
39Showalter, Catharine  Ohale, Daniel 03/3/1863Showalter, Catharine - Ohale, Daniel March 3, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
40Sloan, Charlotte  Beerington, L. 03/31/1864Sloan, Charlotte - Beerington, L. March 31, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
41Stanley, Hattie B.  Myers, Joseph H. 05/3/1864Stanley, Hattie B. - Myers, Joseph H. May 3, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry
42Troutman, Amanda  Sands, Isaac 11/24/1863Troutman, Amanda M. - Sands, Isaac N. November 24, 1863Donald Buncie The Registry
43Waters, Rebecca  Storrs, Madison 10/4/1861Waters, Rebecca M. - Storrs, Madison E. October 4, 1861Donald Buncie The Registry
44West, Mary  Sanderson, Robert 12/30/1862West, Mary J. - Sanderson, Robert L. December 30, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
45Wisner, Jane T.  Thompson, John C. 03/2/1864Wisner, Jane T. - Thompson, John C. March 2, 1864Donald Buncie The Registry

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