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Wayne County, Ohio
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Total Records: 35
1Buchman, John  __/__/____/__/1878Pat Mcarthur The Registry
2Carson, Andrew Preston  __/__/__07/31/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
3Cramer, Peter  __/__/__11/8/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
4Crum, John  __/__/__06/22/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
5Dannemiller, Vincent De Paul  __/__/____/__/1918Joy Fisher
6Edwards, Evelyn Arlene  __/__/__05/26/2004Crystal Amerski
7Eyman, Michael  __/__/__10/5/1906Kevin Eyman
8Fluhart, Annie May  __/__/__11/9/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
9Garver, Asenith  __/__/__03/21/1932Renee Bennett
10Garver, David  __/__/____/__/1907Renee Bennett
11Garver, Ethel Pope Hanford  __/__/____/__/1913Renee Bennett
12Garver, John R.  __/__/__06/3/1912Renee Bennett
13Griffin, Nancy  __/__/__03/5/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
14Jenaret, Mary Anne Sophia  __/__/__10/9/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
15Latimer, Sarah  __/__/__11/11/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
16Lehr, Aaron Page  __/__/____/__/1878Pat Mcarthur The Registry
17Lehr, Adren  __/__/__08/28/1928Pat Mcarthur The Registry
18Lehr, Adren  __/__/____/__/1956Pat Mcarthur The Registry
19Lehr, George A.  __/__/____/__/1984Pat Mcarthur The Registry
20Lehr, Guy L.  __/__/____/__/1966Pat Mcarthur The Registry
21Lehr, Moses Jacob  __/__/__08/28/1928Pat Mcarthur The Registry
22Lehr, Vinton L.  __/__/____/__/1958Pat Mcarthur The Registry
23Lowe, Jacob  __/__/__04/8/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
24Price, Elizabeth  __/__/__08/22/1866Karen Pate
25Reel, William  __/__/__09/25/1918Ken Wright
26Scofield, Milton C.  __/__/__09/11/1899Ken Wright
27Smith, Jacob P.  __/__/__09/7/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
28Steele, Elaine (Sandy) __/__/__01/27/2002Robin Marshall
29Wasson, Fred Thomas  __/__/__04/22/1999Joseph F. Conley
30Wasson, John  __/__/__08/16/1953Joseph F. Conley
31Wasson, Mary Lucille (Susie) __/__/__03/28/2006Joseph F. Conley
32Wells, James Brainard  __/__/__07/8/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
33Wells, Thomas H. __/__/__12/29/1862Donald Buncie The Registry
34Wells, William W.  __/__/__07/1/1860Donald Buncie The Registry
35Weygant, George Henry D.  __/__/____/__/1847Elissa S Powell

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