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Medina County, Ohio
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Total Records: 81
11996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - A Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
21996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - B Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
31996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - C Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
41996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - D Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
51996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - E Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
61996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - F Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
71996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - G Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
81996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - H Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
91996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - I Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
101996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - J Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
111996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - K Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
121996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - L Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
131996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - M Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
141996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - N Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
151996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - O Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
161996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - P Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
171996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - Q Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
181996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - R Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
191996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - S Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
201996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - T Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
211996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - U Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
221996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - V Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
231996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - W Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
241996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - Y Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
251996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index - Z Surnames Only,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
261996 - 1999 Current Obituary Index Complete,  __/__/____/__/__Kathy Petras
27Aldrich, Betsy  __/__/____/__/1884Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
28Allen, Charley Allen  __/__/____/__/1881Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
29Archer, Harry  __/__/____/__/1881Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
30Babcock, Alfred W.  __/__/____/__/1905Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
31Branigan, Infant  __/__/____/__/1881Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
32Dailey, Evelyn L.  __/__/____/__/1999Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
33Dolamore, David John,  __/__/__08/29/1929Kathleen Gould
34Dolamore, Emma  __/__/__09/11/1902Kathleen Gould
35Dolamore, Samuel  __/__/__12/26/1898Kathleen Gould
36Eyman, Austin S.  __/__/__06/23/1892Kevin Eyman
37Fields, Chas.  __/__/____/__/1901Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
38Francis, Theodore  __/__/__07/25/1934Robert C Johnston Jr
39Ganyard, Alzina M. Wolcott  __/__/__02/14/1908Lee Ann Shade
40Ganyard, Seymour Alson  __/__/__12/21/1894Lee Ann Shade
41Ganyard, Willis D.  __/__/____/__/1901Lee Ann Shade
42Good, Paul R.  __/__/____/__/1999Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
43Grindle, Marian J.  __/__/____/__/1999Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
44Hill, Frances Mcintyre  __/__/__03/14/1916Virginia Hill Travis
45Hill, Frances Mcintyre  __/__/__03/14/1916Virginia Hill Travis
46Hill, Jay Albert  __/__/__07/11/1936Virginia Hill Travis
47Hill, John Richard  __/__/__05/12/1911Virginia Hill Travis
48Hill, John Richard  __/__/__05/12/1911Virginia Hill Travis
49Kuder, Eli A.  __/__/__10/3/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
50Kuder, Frank E.  __/__/__09/23/1861Donald Buncie The Registry
51Longacre, Mrs. J.n.  __/__/____/__/1901Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
52Mader, Louis John  __/__/__12/11/1927Michael Mader
53Mcfarlin, Anthony  __/__/__07/25/1910Lee Ann Shade
54Mcfarlin, May  __/__/__09/8/1950Lee Ann Shade
55Muntz, Christian  __/__/__06/23/1861Carol Eddleman
56Oatman, Lyman  __/__/__04/9/1881R Bennett
57Oatman, Sallie  __/__/__02/20/1905r Bennett
58Parsons, Willis Franklin  __/__/__10/23/2008Joseph Conley
59Phinney, Caroline  __/__/__08/6/1934David Holcomb
60Randall, Mrs. Percinda  __/__/____/__/1901Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
61Rockwell, Elizabeth (Boston) __/__/____/__/1999Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
62Root, Louisa Hart  __/__/__11/13/1902William King
63Root, Marshall Samuel  __/__/__02/5/1894William King
64Shaw, Alonzo  __/__/__02/__/1939David Holcomb
65Shaw, Early  __/__/__05/13/1943David Holcomb
66Shaw, Frank  __/__/__10/28/1939David Holcomb
67Shaw, Hannah Peacock  __/__/__11/26/1880David Holcomb
68Shaw, Zada  __/__/__11/__/1955David Holcomb
69Smith, Donna Root  __/__/__11/17/1915William King
70Smith, Donna Root  __/__/__11/17/1915William King
71Smith, Louis Sidney  __/__/__02/21/1927William King
72Smith, Mrs Lucy  __/__/____/__/1905Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
73Smith, Mrs. S.j.  __/__/____/__/1901Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
74Thayer, Mrs. Betsy  __/__/____/__/1884Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
75Thayer, Lemuel  __/__/____/__/1881Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
76Thayer, Linus S.  __/__/____/__/1901Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
77Thayer, Sam'l Milton  __/__/____/__/1905Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
78Thayer, Samuel Milton  __/__/____/__/1905Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
79White, Edith  __/__/____/__/1905Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry
80William, Elwood Sooy  __/__/__01/16/1905Fran Stuart
81Zweifel, John C.  __/__/____/__/1999Maggie Stewart-Zimmerman The Registry

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