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Total Records: 3472
NoBride GroomMarriage Date NotesSubmitter
1Abbott, Jane Witt, William 11/13/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
2Abbott, Nancy Simpkins, William Asberry 03/02/1843(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
3Abernathy, Elizabeth Price, Wm. 07/11/1803(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
4Abernathy, Hannah J. Loughridge, John 01/27/1847(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
5Abernathy, Martha Truner, James 01/09/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
6Adams, Ann Beall, Theophilus 06/25/1835(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
7Adams, Clara B.  Menzies, John __/__/1879Adams, Clara B. - Menzies, John 1879Donald Buncie The Registry
8Adams, Eliza Umstart, Simeon 12/17/1837Umstot(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
9Adams, Sarah J. Smith, George W. 11/27/1834(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
10Adams, Susanna Adams, Thomas 09/04/1794(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
11Addason, Mary Spencer, David C. 03/23/1827(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
12Adderson, Elizabeth Dawson, Edward 09/18/1813(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
13Addison, Jane Carter, Daniel 03/28/1842(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
14Adison, Mary Shaw, William 05/08/1828(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
15Aires, Cath Havercomb, John 09/20/1843Ayres(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
16Albaugh, Eliz. Craig, John M. 11/12/1828Kalbaugh(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
17Albright, Matilda Harris, Peter 10/23/1844(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
18Albright, Sarah A. Eckhart, Adam 01/26/1831(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
19Alderton, Eliz A. Robertson, John 12/16/1834(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
20Alderton, Mary Alderton, Wm. 12/28/1835(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
21Alderton, Nancy Twigg, Michael 02/28/1843(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
22Alderton, Polly Ginger, Casper 05/19/1832Yinger(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
23Alexander, Elizabeth Broadhog, Charles F. 06/24/1793(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
24Alexander, Mary A. Mckensey, Benjamin F. 09/17/1845(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
25Alexander, Susan Conner, William 10/11/1835(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
26Alie, Sarah M. Mcdonald, Angus 11/24/1828(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
27Alkire, Mahala Ann Neff, T. M. D. 11/16/1839(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
28Allen, Eliz Pugh, Nimrod 07/21/1830(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
29Allen, Jane Dunn, Lewis T. 03/14/1843(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
30Allen, Mary Barrett, Miles 05/05/1842(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
31Allen, Mary Miller, Richard 06/14/1828(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
32Altrup, Dena Schluter, Herman H. 01/15/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
33Ambrose, Nancy Huff, Andrew 09/25/1816(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
34Amos, Rachel J. Frailey, George 11/08/1834(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
35Anderson, Catherine Workman, Isaac 11/19/1805(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
36Anderson, Eliz Jacobs, William 05/04/1835(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
37Anderson, Harriet Robinson, Beverly W. 06/24/1839(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
38Anderson, Sarah Porter, Gabriel M. 04/17/1837(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
39Angle, Jean  Devlin, Daniel __/__/1945Angle, Jean C. - Devlin, Daniel Myles 1945Shawn McGreevy
40Annon, Martha C. Bent, William 12/23/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
41Appold, Mary  Shock, Louis __/__/1911Appold, Mary Ellen - Shock, Louis Charlton 1911Adam Hitt
42Arklie, Maria Mcclary, John 03/17/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
43Armstrong, Cath Bruce, Andrew 12/28/1841(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
44Arnold, Cath Sapp, George 06/23/1797(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
45Arnold, Elizabeth Friend, Joseph 11/08/1824(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
46Arnold, Frances Highbaum, Henry 01/10/1828(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
47Arnold, Jemima Alkire, Solomon 01/15/1820(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
48Arnold, Julia Workman, Jacob 11/15/1837(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
49Arnold, Margaret Logsdon, John 07/18/1829(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
50Arnold, Mary Logsdon, Ralph 10/31/1795Margaret(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
51Arnold, Mary Close, Jacob 10/23/1832(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
52Arnold, Mary Dean, Francis 03/07/1827(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
53Arnold, Minnie Anderson, William 02/07/1826(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
54Arnold, Nancy Cronon, Patrick 08/15/1840(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
55Arnold, Onea Mattingly, John 09/11/1796(Honor)(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
56Arnold, Patience Logsdon, John Of Wm. 11/11/1799(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
57Arnold, Sarah Lee, Fred'k 09/13/1823(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
58Arnold, Sarah King, Elias 01/17/1818(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
59Arnold, Susanna Barkdoll, Jonathan 08/29/1846(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
60Arnold, Susanna Laft, Henry 09/21/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
61Arthur, Nancy Musselman, Christian 05/17/1817(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
62Ash, Susan Bear, John 07/27/1833(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
63Ashby, Martha Willson, James 12/31/1806(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
64Ashby, Martha Wilson, James 01/04/1807(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
65Ashby, Sally Zimmerman, John 03/23/1807(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
66Ashkettle, Harriet Benton, Levin 02/17/1842(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
67Ashkettle, Matilda Funk, James 11/25/1842(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
68Athey, Amy Dunn, Lewis 10/30/1813(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
69Athey, Amy Tracy, Samuel 09/11/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
70Athey, Ann Long, Benj. 06/01/1802(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
71Athey, Ann Crupler, David 12/30/1831(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
72Athey, Ann Mcatee, Robert 01/30/1836(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
73Athey, Ann L. Perrin, James K. 07/06/1835(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
74Athey, Eliz. Ball, Mathew 02/09/1802(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
75Athey, Elizabeth Crawford, Thomas B. 12/30/18061/1/1807(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
76Athey, Mary Speelman, Plilip 07/20/1822(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
77Athey, Mary Price, Silas 09/11/1821(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
78Athey, Mary Crabtree, Balser 02/20/1819(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
79Athey, Mary Athey, David H. 12/25/1840(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
80Athey, Nancy Somerville, George 09/16/1840(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
81Athey, Susanna Parish, James 05/11/1818(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
82Auder, Elizabeth Graham, Wm. 12/19/1811Reeder December 26(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
83Ayers, Charlotte Kight, Emanuel 02/13/1846(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
84Ayers, Dorcas Koontz, Jacob Jr 01/30/1816(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
85Ayers, Dorcas Cordray, Nathan 07/24/1798(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
86Ayers, Eliz Lovette, Harry J. 02/23/1830(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
87Ayers, Jenny Miller, Jacob 11/10/1823(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
88Ayers, Margaret Koontz, James 05/11/1818(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
89Ayers, Massy Michael, Jesse 11/26/1845(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
90Ayers, Nancy Snook, John 04/14/1794(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
91Ayers, Ruhany Barnes, William 04/10/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
92Ayler, Nancy Jones, Thomas 09/14/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
93Bahy, Eliza E. Rodsuck, John F. 10/19/1846(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
94Bailie, Susanna Cox, Jonathan 04/04/1792(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
95Baitzen, Hannah Conrad, Michael 08/02/1805(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
96Baker, Cath. Hoye, Daniel J. 10/12/1840(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
97Baker, Margaert Ducy, John B. H. 03/05/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
98Baker, Mary Saffarns, George 01/29/1806(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
99Baker, Mary Dilp, Henry 03/18/1847(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
100Baker, Mary Ann Evans, Edward 12/26/1846(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
101Baker, Paggy Mckinsy, Samuel 03/07/1814(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
102Baker, Sarah J. Porter, Ambrose V. 09/20/1843(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
103Baker, Sarah White, William B. 04/30/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
104Ball, Eunice Bitzer, Anthony 05/29/1794(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
105Ball, Juliet Meyers, Philip 05/09/1812May 19(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
106Ball, Lydia Gilpin, Elias 12/01/1801(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
107Ball, Mary Riddle, Moses 02/11/1806(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
108Balzel, Mary Chaney, Ezekiel 09/06/1794September 07(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
109Bane, Susan Berry, James 08/04/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
110Bankhart, A.  Shockley, Norman 11/23/1877Bankhart, A. E. - Shockley, Norman B. November 23, 1877Donald Buncie The Registry
111Bankhead, Isabella Henry, James 11/18/1841(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
112Bappert, Eliz. Feirl, William 11/22/1838Ferral, Ferrell(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
113Barbary, Ann Beatty, Thomas 11/21/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
114Barber, Roberta  Hausman, Henry __/__/1947Barber, Roberta Lee - Hausman, Henry Richard 1947Don Wendroth
115Barbridge, Mary Emma Hangerford, James 12/11/1837(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
116Barcart, Ann M. Rickie, John 04/14/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
117Barcus, Fanney Shrimplin, William 03/26/1795(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
118Barcus, Paggy Cutchfield, Wm. 01/28/1807Critchfield February 03(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
119Barcus, Patience Frost, Josiah Jr. 05/19/1819(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
120Barcus, Rebecca Boyles, Henry 08/20/1794August 21(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
121Baring, Margaret Weisenmiller, Conrad 08/08/1840(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
122Barkdale, Lavina Stewart, John G. 04/11/1836(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
123Barker, Esther Roby, Wm. 10/09/1815(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
124Barkshire, Elizabeth Davidson, Wm. 04/21/1801April 23(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
125Barkshire, Priscilla Jones, Moses 08/15/1803(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
126Barnard, Ann Jones, James 05/08/1820(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
127Barnard, Cath Britting, Joseph 11/13/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
128Barnard, Eliz Bryer, John 01/21/1843(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
129Barnard, Hannah Duckworth, George W. 12/22/1835(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
130Barnard, Mene Browning, James 05/02/1837(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
131Barnard, Nancy Ryland, Andrew 09/06/1832(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
132Barncord, Delia  Hausman, William __/__/1920Barncord, Delia Augusta - Hausman, William 1920Don Wendroth
133Barnes, Abigail Shimer, James 09/19/1820(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
134Barnes, Adaway Carroll, Henry 06/14/1820(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
135Barnes, Elizabeth Roberts, Edward 01/11/1820(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
136Barnes, Helhan Terral, Mathew 01/19/1797(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
137Barnes, Maria Wagner, Jacob J. 05/15/1844(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
138Barnes, Nancy Miller, Isaiah 02/28/1835(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
139Barnes, Rachel Jacobs, Enos 04/04/1840(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
140Barnes, Ruth Elliott, Zadock 10/25/1804(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
141Barnes, Sarah Sigler, William Of John 06/19/1834(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
142Barnet, Mary Thompson, James 06/26/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
143Barnett, Margaret Miller, Jacob C. 10/21/1842(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
144Barrett, Mary Hamphin, Anthony 12/08/1843(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
145Bart, Cath Waverler, Marcus 01/21/1839(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
146Barthalow, Rachael Perry, Michael 07/24/1813(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
147Barthelow, Mary Thrasher, Peter 12/27/1818(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
148Bassett, Norma  Tighe, Frederick __/__/1938Bassett, Norma Ann - Tighe, Frederick Leo 1938Shawn McGreevy
149Bates, Elizabeth Sweet, Moses 12/19/1814(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
150Batmess, Mary Cassale, Jacob 08/28/1818(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
151Bayard, Ann Thistle, George 11/26/1801(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
152Beale, Lucinda Moore, Levi 03/22/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
153Bealer, Peggy Meredith, Thomas 02/16/1795(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
154Beall, Adeleize Taylor, Levi 01/29/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
155Beall, Amy Hoblitzell, Jacob 06/04/1808Annie, Ammy(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
156Beall, Ann Beatty, John C. 12/21/1799December 22(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
157Beall, Anna Eckles, Samuel 09/20/1813(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
158Beall, Annapler Huntly, Elijah K. 02/02/1838(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
159Beall, Caroline M. F. Mcnell, John W. 09/23/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
160Beall, Eliz. Sherry, Michael 02/10/1847(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
161Beall, Elizabeth Beall, Aza 02/06/1794(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
162Beall, Ellen Broadmarkle, John 01/14/1828(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
163Beall, Harriet Clise, John 08/21/1823(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
164Beall, Harriet Ijams, Amos 12/01/1836(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
165Beall, Lucy Simons, Michael 02/14/1822(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
166Beall, Nancy Brian, Nathaniel 07/10/1817(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
167Beall, Priscilla Slicer, Walter 11/12/1812(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
168Beall, Priscilla Magill, Samuel 02/23/1826(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
169Beall, Priscilla E. E. Mckaig, William W. 05/01/1839(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
170Beall, Rebecca Conner, Thomas 11/01/1827(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
171Beall, Surname  Beall, Surname __/__/__Beall, Surname Marriages - Beall, Surname MarriagesCandee
172Beall, Verlinda Drake, Edward 01/22/1824(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
173Beall, Verlinda Mckaig, Thomas I. 10/23/1828(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
174Beals, Sarah  Burket, John 08/2/1855Beals, Sarah - Burket, John August 2, 1855Donald Buncie The Registry
175Beam, Ann Duckworth, Aaron 02/20/1805license 1/9(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
176Beard, Ann E. Kreamer, Conrad 07/27/1839(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
177Beard, Hanna Shaffer, John 07/01/1822(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
178Beard, Rebecca Ryan, William 08/02/1837(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
179Bease, Eliz Magier, James 06/22/1830(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
180Beatty, Louisa E. Shryer, Lewis C. 02/06/1823(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
181Beaver, Esther Poling, Martin 02/02/1804(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
182Beavins, Elizabeth Osmon, Isaac 04/16/1804(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
183Beavins, Mary Magruder, Nath. B. 05/28/1797M. Barnes June 01(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
184Beavins, Sara Murdoch, Walter A. 05/28/1797Rachel Barnes May 31(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
185Bechie, Mary  Barry, Joseph __/__/1937Bechie, Mary Agnes - Barry, Joseph Paul 1937Shawn McGreevy
186Beck, Lesaw Smith, John 12/05/1844(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
187Beckner, Ann Spiker, Adam 11/30/1811Reckner December 05(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
188Beckwith, Eliza Lemon, Joseph B. 09/25/1846(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
189Beddon, Harriet Daugherty, Wm. 09/24/1825(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
190Beeman, Lydia Neptune, William 01/01/1811(PerformedBy:Shaw)Harriet Moore
191Bell, Elizabeth  O'brien, Thomas __/__/1947Bell, Elizabeth - O'brien, Thomas 1947Shawn McGreevy
192Bell, Harriet E. Palmer, Daniel 08/19/1844(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
193Bell, Virginia B. Mcculloh, George W. 01/20/1845(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
194Beman, Sarah Larette, Jacob 02/27/1847Beeman(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
195Benick, Jane Lucas, John D. 06/11/1796(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
196Bennet, Jemima  Perrin, Henry F. 01/5/1862Bennet, Jemima - Perrin, Henry F. January 5, 1862Donald Buncie The Registry
197Bennett, Eliz Kerr, Thomas 04/29/1847(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
198Bennett, Elizabeth Day, Amie 06/01/1814(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
199Bennett, Mary C. Windle, John W. 06/04/1846(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore
200Bensen, Margaret Hicks, William 01/06/1831(PerformedBy:)Harriet Moore

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