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Henry Fork Church of the Brethren Cemetery

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Submitted By Bobby Hunt 09/10/2023

Location: 130 Doe Run RdRocky Mount, VA Location Map    

Description and/or Directions

Located intersection of Rt. 220 and Rt 674 (Doe Run Road)

Total Records: 139
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Adkins Franklin Lee 9/3/185912/25/1935
2Adkins Lula Jane 2/4/18901/21/1970
3Altice Clayton Allen 5/7/19385/7/1938A little bud of love
4Altice Pauline J. 7/30/192010/21/1997Joing with Russell C
5Altice Russell C. 1/12/191812/7/1968Joint with Pauline J
6Arrington Lula Parcell 9/16/19004/5/1971
7Bennett Carlton E. __/__/1914__/__/1974(b:' 1914)(d:'1974):
8Bennett Della D. __/__/1873__/__/1945(b:' 1873)(d:'1945):Joint with Joseph G
9Bennett Joseph G. __/__/1862__/__/1949(b:'1862)(d:'1949):Joint with Della D
10Bowles Margarette G. 12/11/19361/24/1998Married-Dec-24 1955
11Brown  Dennis Bayse 3/17/19586/29/1960Gone to be an angel
12Brown Donald A. 12/16/19353/18/1973
13Brown  Dora H. 10/18/190510/3/1954
14Brown Edith Mae 2/13/19329/5/2005Joint with Henry Gordon
15Brown Henry Gordon 8/30/19236/30/1995Joint with Edith Mae
16Chitwood Alexander __/__/1875__/__/1952(b:' 1875)(d:'1952):Joint with Della A
17Chitwood Della A. __/__/1876__/__/1961(b:'1876)(d:'1961):Gone but not forgotten; Joint with Alexander
18Chitwood Helen Hall 9/17/19111/28/1990Joint with Henry Roy
19Chitwood Henry Roy 2/4/19085/24/1976Joint with Helen Hall
20Chitwood Walter Edward 8/21/19432/21/1975
21Cundiff James H. (Jim)2/6/18673/15/1951Joint with Locky
22Cundiff Locky Katherine Hall 4/9/18632/14/1950Joint with James H
23Dooley Malcolm 8/18/19287/20/1975God bless you darling
24Dudley  Alfred Franklin 4/24/19307/8/1997
25Dudley Angie P. 6/14/19081/22/1981Joint with Artis F
26Dudley Artis F. 10/26/190611/7/1972Joint with Angie P
27Dudley Hobert William 8/4/190210/13/1953
28Foster Allie Lee 4/10/18838/5/1953Joint with Essie Altice
29Foster Essie Altice 7/16/18824/8/1965The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want; Joint with Allie Lee
30Foster Harry Richard 6/22/19084/1/1974Joint with Norma Kelly
31Foster Norma Kelly 3/4/19227/24/1989Joint with Harry Richard
32Greer Baby 10/3/1964__/__/__Single Date
33Greer Joseph J. 4/23/192711/5/1976Our father which art in heaven
34Haley John Pearson 4/11/192012/27/1973Joint with Virginia Lorene
35Haley Virginia Lorene 5/10/192812/15/1970Joint with John Pearson
36Haley William M. 7/14/19463/29/1973Gone but not forgotten
37Hall Ann T. __/__/1866__/__/1927(b:'1866)(d:'1927):Joint with Letcher
38Hall Beulah Young 9/30/18966/14/1988Together forever; Joint with George Robert
39Hall Charlie P. 10/13/18816/4/1967Joint with Lula Frith
40Hall Charlie C. 5/20/191412/7/1951Safe in the arms of Jesus
41Hall Christie P. 1/8/191512/23/1966
42Hall Fitz Harrison 12/25/188812/19/1963Joint with Frances Chitwood
43Hall Frances Chitwood 6/4/189311/14/1933Joint with Fitz Harrison
44Hall Frank Stafford 6/3/19247/27/1941He was the sunshine of our home.
45Hall George Robert 1/10/19082/17/1978Joint with Beulah Young
46Hall Gracie M. 3/7/19328/10/1985
47Hall Isabelle H. 4/27/19146/2/2004Joint with Posey
48Hall John Sylvester 3/15/18812/2/1964Joint with Lydia Chitwood
49Hall Letcher __/__/1864__/__/1943(b:' 1864)(d:'1943):Gone but not forgotten; Joint with Ann T
50Hall Lula Frith 7/14/18733/30/1965Joint with Charlie P
51Hall Lydia Chitwood 3/15/18906/20/1947Joint with John Sylvester
52Hall Percy 9/11/19116/10/1937Asleep in Jesus
53Hall Posey 12/8/190811/20/1969Joint with Isabelle H
54Hall Ruthie Ann 3/30/19174/12/1943Weep not father and mother for me for I am waiting in glory for thee
55Harrison Everett D. 5/22/19407/3/1979Gone but not forgotten
56Harrison Lillie M. __/__/1900__/__/1992(b:' 1900)(d:'1992):Married-Dec-25-1919
57Harrison W. Tyler __/__/1897__/__/1969(b:'1897)(d:'1969):
58Hodges Ada M. 3/10/18844/24/1969
59Hodges Anderson Filmore 8/18/18835/11/1967Joint with Lue Mills
60Hodges Andrew T. 7/28/190712/5/1942Just in the morning of his day in youth and love he died.
61Hodges Ben 3/10/191010/17/1979
62Hodges Cora L. 3/14/190112/4/1969
63Hodges Daisy Chitwood 9/1/18857/29/1961Joint with William Riley
64Hodges Delma C. __/__/1950__/__/1983(b:'1950)(d:'1983):Jesus wept
65Hodges Ethel M. 2/1/19149/11/1986
66Hodges Eula H. 6/10/190610/16/1998Joint with George W
67Hodges George W. 1/19/19015/6/1974Joint with Eula H
68Hodges Gladys M. 11/6/19224/14/1981Joint with Horace L
69Hodges Grover (Tump)1/14/19197/10/2000
70Hodges Henry Marshall 2/26/191812/21/1957
71Hodges Horace L. 2/27/191910/28/1961Joint with Gladys M
72Hodges J. Vernon 12/5/18979/3/1946Gone but not forgotten
73Hodges J. Millard 10/12/18805/24/1960
74Hodges Jacob S. 7/25/18715/4/1962Joint with Laura B
75Hodges Joseph Marshall 9/9/190911/19/1948Gone but not forgotten
76Hodges Kingdom C. 9/12/191011/5/1967
77Hodges Laura B. 5/22/18848/16/1968Joint with Jacob S
78Hodges Lue Mills 3/15/18889/10/1962Joint with Anderson Filmore
79Hodges Lula Hunt 1/6/18902/3/1960Joint with Robert
80Hodges Norman 10/7/18921/21/1936
81Hodges Richard Wayne 3/31/19417/29/1947Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
82Hodges Robert 10/3/188112/30/1966Joint with Lula Hunt
83Hodges  Shirley Ann 11/13/19371/9/1960Into thy hands I commend my spirit; joint with Walter Herbert
84Hodges Vernon Elwood 8/17/19346/23/2010
85Hodges  Walter Herbert 9/29/19321/13/2002Joint with Shirley Ann
86Hodges William Riley 10/18/18834/18/1951Joint with Daisy Chitwood
87Holden Sallie H. 6/13/18952/26/1967
88Holland James E. 3/9/18776/18/1960Joint with Lucy K
89Holland Lucy V. 11/4/19036/8/1985
90Holland Lucy K. 7/22/18804/23/1962Joint with James E
91Hubbard Claude S. 8/16/18947/26/1955Joint with Ora B
92Hubbard Edith Dean 6/4/19361/25/1948Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
93Hubbard Ethel C. 9/30/19017/7/2000
94Hubbard Henry A. 3/5/190311/19/1961
95Hubbard Ora B. 4/30/189611/29/1969Joint with Claude S
96Hunt Patricia Chafin 5/31/19686/1/1968
97Jones Annie L. 10/30/18945/5/1982Joint with Paul B
98Jones Dallas J. __/__/1934__/__/2005(b:'1934)(d:'2005):married April 17, 1954
99Jones Dulcie D. 6/28/19079/2/1972Our father which art in heaven; Joint with H Woodson
100Jones H. Woodson 1/30/190410/18/1990Joint with Dulcie D
101Jones Herbert B. 3/8/189911/2/1984
102Jones Paul B. 3/13/19274/9/1942Joint with Annie L
103Jones Roger Allen 6/30/19624/10/1979
104Jones Wanda Darlene 10/8/19581/13/1986
105Law Andy 1/30/19368/8/1988Forever in our hearts
106Law Blanch Hodges 7/14/190712/3/1983Joint wiht Ted E Buck
107Law David Buren 6/15/195410/19/1954Safe with Jesus
108Law Doat R. 11/6/19217/13/1936Prepare to meet me in heaven
109Law Everett (Peanut)12/16/19331/6/2001
110Law Frank Wilford 8/2/19612/10/1992
111Law Frank Victor 3/19/19381/5/1986
112Law Harry Raymond 8/3/19215/29/1950
113Law John Willie __/__/1899__/__/1974(b:'1899)(d:'1974):Joint with Sallie McBride
114Law Lawrence __/__/1935__/__/__(b:' 1935):
115Law Lorraine 10/31/19256/30/1942
116Law Nora E. Stone 6/7/189111/29/1963
117Law Robert J. 8/16/18847/17/1933
118Law Sallie Mcbride __/__/1906__/__/__(b:' 1906)(d:'(no date)):Joint with John Willie
119Law Ted E. (Buck)7/2/19001/8/1972Joint with Blanch Hodges
120Law Victoria H. __/__/1879__/__/1961(b:'1879)(d:'1961):She is at rest in heaven
121Law Will T. 5/15/18784/28/1932Gone but not forgotten
122Lynch Elsie 9/1/191410/15/1938
123Lynch Gary Lee 5/5/195411/15/1954
124Mason Lucy Stanley 4/9/18973/3/1991
125Neice Ellsworth R. (Buddy)12/16/19382/10/1987
126Neice Lila Martin 5/19/19344/7/2002
127Parcell Joel T. 4/19/18803/24/1947In God's Care
128Robertson Jack 9/12/191811/23/1957
129Robertson Ruby G. 5/21/19212/9/1997
130Robertson  Tom William 7/7/19254/2/2010
131Stanley John W. 2/1/18938/17/1918Good bye
132Stanley Lucy A. 9/14/185812/10/1928
133Stanley Sam H. 9/10/185112/27/1928
134Stump Velva Ann 7/29/19647/31/1964
135Stump William David 10/7/197012/17/1970
136Wade Ernestine H. 2/16/19193/10/2006Will always be missed
137Wood William Jr. 10/23/191912/14/1977
138Young Fred Thomas 12/2/19061/2/1976
139Zeigler Mattie Pearl 10/19/192211/6/2004

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