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Chestnut Hill Cemetery

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Submitted By Mary Green Kerr 03/16/2024

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Description and/or Directions

Originally submitted Nov 2006. Directions from US 119/Memorial Blvd Connellsville, PA: Head east on US 119/Memorial Blvd and take the right hand exit for Pittsburgh St; continue for 0.6 mi; Turn left onto Baldwin Ave for 486 ft; Continue onto Wills Rd for 0.2 mi; Slight right onto Blackstone Ave for 266 ft; Turn right onto Wills Rd for 0.1 mi. Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Old St Joseph Cemetery and St Joseph Cemetery is adjacent to each other.



Total Records: 289
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Adams Charlie R __/__/1886__/__/1916
2Adams F P 12/21/185204/04/1902
3Adams Mary A __/__/1851__/__/1923
4Albine Sarah __/__/__04/20/1889w/o Geo, age 45Y
5Ambrose Harry __/__/1890__/__/1918Co H 145 Inf 37 Div, WWI, KIA in France
6Anderson Lars 07/13/188109/15/1901s/o A & C
7Andreaccio Margherita 08/15/186012/24/1888
8Andreaccio Pietro 05/03/184504/11/1903
9Baine Mollie __/__/1879__/__/1901
10Baluch Stephen 11/12/189306/02/1968Pvt, Co B 601 Engineers, WWI
11Bell Florence H __/__/1891__/__/1966Sister
12Blackburn David __/__/1828__/__/1904Father, Masonic Symbol
13Blackburn Martha J. __/__/1825__/__/1901Mother
14Borris Stephen 08/27/189411/09/1894s/o Wm & M
15Bosley Chas __/__/1845__/__/1911
16Bottomley Charles Sr __/__/1879__/__/1948
17Bottomley Harold __/__/1910__/__/1980MA, US Coast Guard, WWII
18Bottomley Martha __/__/1870__/__/1939
19Boyd Elizabeth __/__/1872__/__/1937
20Boyd Jeremiah 06/14/184907/30/1894
21Boyd John 02/21/182511/29/1893
22Boyd Phebe Ann 08/14/186603/03/1886
23Boyd Rachel 01/25/182506/28/1902
24Brannen Bridget A __/__/1857__/__/1885
25Brannen Edward W __/__/1812__/__/1901
26Brannen Mary __/__/1818__/__/1895
27Brennen Katherine __/__/1889__/__/1902
28Brennen  Mary Jane __/__/1889__/__/1904
29Brierly Thomas J V __/__/____/__/__Co F 11 PA. Res. Inf., GAR Marker
30Brown Emma C __/__/1878__/__/1955
31Brown Henry L __/__/1875__/__/1881
32Brown John L __/__/1835__/__/1875
33Burke Elmer 05/21/185708/08/1932Father, Fname maybe James
34Canonico Carlo __/__/__10/19/1904
35Carmer J E __/__/____/__/__Co H 1st W Va Cav
36Carr John __/__/__11/__/1888Our Father, aged 61 Years
37Clark Frank B 12/13/186512/03/1906Husband
38Collins Moses __/__/__10/20/1871Killed in a collision of (train) cars near Bidwell Station, PA, age 55
39Collins Serge Ralph M __/__/1929__/__/1946
40Conley Bernard __/__/1855__/__/1895
41Connell Owen __/__/__4/__/1893Aged 60 yrs, from Monaghan, Ireland
42Cramer William H __/__/__11/27/1880aged 28Y
43Dawson Elizabeth __/__/1855__/__/1940
44Dawson Isaac __/__/__04/16/1856age 28Y
45Dawson John B 02/17/185905/12/1900
46Dawson Malinda 12/04/183010/11/1903w/o S
47Dawson Robert __/__/__10/27/1863age 75Y
48Dawson Smith 07/15/182608/05/1915Co K 7 PA Cav, GAR
49Dawson William H 03/29/187212/23/1873s/o S & M
50Dayton Elmira F __/__/1898__/__/1899d/o Alice
51DeTemple Catharine 03/05/184010/23/1900w/o John
52Dooley Michael __/__/____/__/__
53Dougherty John H __/__/__04/29/1890s/o T J & I, age 29 years and 23 days
54Dowling Richard __/__/____/__/__Our Darling
55Dublin Charles 05/28/185303/25/1898
56Dublin Joseph __/__/1820__/__/1881
57Dublin Mary __/__/182307/15/1897
58Dull Earle R G 07/16/188003/04/1909
59Dull  Harry Graham __/__/__07/25/1879s/o HJ & SA, age 2M 8D
60Dull John Henry 11/24/185006/01/1908
61Dull Lindley L __/__/__01/01/1871aged 25 years 22 days
62Durstein Mary F __/__/1878__/__/1946
63Eaglen John W __/__/__03/11/1863s/o Edward & Nancy, age 19Y 10M 2D, Co H 112 Reg. P. V. Died at Bell Plain, Va, GAR
64Edenbo Elizabeth __/__/1831__/__/1919
65Enos Elizabeth __/__/1851__/__/1886
66Enos Geo __/__/1850__/__/1905
67Enos Jonathan 12/28/1814__/__/__
68Enos Mary K 07/30/182002/03/1911w/o Johnathan
69Feldbauer George F __/__/1887__/__/1959
70Feldbauer Mary F __/__/1885__/__/1949
71Flanigan Carroll L __/__/1893__/__/1933Co A 29 INF, WWI
72Flanigan James __/__/____/__/1901
73Flanigan Mary __/__/____/__/1902
74Flanigan Patrick J __/__/1850__/__/1943
75Flynn John J __/__/__04/23/1881age 24Y 1M
76Frain Elizabeth 06/30/188503/12/1913
77Frankenberger Maria Herbert __/__/1821__/__/1899
78Goslett Mary Agnes __/__/____/__/__d/o HJ & Mary, age 1Y 11M 19D
79Greenland Emily 12/08/180702/11/1884w/o John
80Greenland John 10/03/180601/17/1881
81Griffin Mary A __/__/____/__/__Illegible
82Griffin Morris __/__/____/__/__Co K 7 PA Cav
83Griffin Unknown 05/27/1822__/__/1901Dates are best guess
84Griffin William 05/09/180004/26/1896
85Hampton Sarah __/__/1845__/__/1921
86Hampton William __/__/1846__/__/1936
87Hannam Matilda C 10/__/182206/09/1890
88Harlan Matilda __/__/1854__/__/1901
89Hartz John 10/25/185810/28/1904
90Hasson James __/__/__05/22/1898Aged 23 yrs
91Hasson Jane __/__/__09/30/1896Aged 57 yrs
92Hasson John __/__/__09/08/1884Aged 37 yrs
93Hasson Thomas __/__/__06/25/1884Aged 13 yrs
94Herbert Joseph 10/13/179211/05/1880
95Higgins Illegible __/__/____/__/__
96Higgins Timothy __/__/____/__/__
97Higgins  Unknown __/__/____/__/__
98Hobson Nannie D 01/11/187005/13/1906d/o S & M Dawson
99Hoey Alice V __/__/__02/08/1947
100Hoey Joseph A __/__/__03/11/1939
101Holleran John __/__/1865__/__/1900
102Holleran Michael __/__/1835__/__/1898
103Hook Eleanor R __/__/1895__/__/1971
104Howard  Daisy May __/__/__6/__/1880d/o Saml & F, aged 8m 14?D
105Howard Frances A __/__/1846__/__/1909w/o S H, nee Earnshaw
106Howard Samuel H __/__/1848__/__/1927GAR Marker
107Howard Villetta L __/__/1869__/__/1942
108Jackson Annie M __/__/1883__/__/1911w/o SF
109Jackson Ruth N __/__/____/__/1911Baby
110Kearns Mary 01/21/1835__/__/1914w/o Thomas
111Kearns Michael __/__/__10/15/1894age 27Y
112Kearns Thomas 12/22/181810/09/1888Born in Kilmaiden, Co. Waterford, Ireland
113Keenan Thomas B __/__/__03/31/1892Aged 69 yrs
114Keenan William J 08/22/186406/30/1894
115Kelly Edward 05/15/185812/10/1885
116Kenner John W __/__/1856__/__/1909
117Kerfoot Richard D __/__/1873__/__/1915
118Kessler Charles V 08/14/192006/20/1954Pennsylvania, TEC 5 4-26 Sig Photo Bn, WWII
119Kessler Edward L 10/__/188110/__/1908Beloved son of S & ?
120Leddy Bernard __/__/1843__/__/1890
121Lunnen D A __/__/____/__/1913
122Lunnen H T __/__/1884__/__/1911
123Lunnen Jack 09/12/189803/21/1910
124Lunnen Mae __/__/1894__/__/1910
125Lunnen Muriel E __/__/1886__/__/1907
126Lunnen R A __/__/1899__/__/1947
127Lunnen William H 09/21/188402/26/1904
128Lynn Annie M __/__/__05/20/1875age 29Y, Our Sister
129Lynn John W __/__/__09/23/1869age 23Y
130Lyon Thomas J 5/__/181602/21/1882
131Mahon  James __/__/185404/07/1881Aged 27 years
132Mahon  John C __/__/185003/30/1889Aged 39 years
133Mahon  John __/__/181403/10/1889Aged 75 yrs
134Marley Mary __/__/__02/14/1881d/o Owen & K, age 6 Weeks 3 Days
135Martin Alfred W 01/30/185112/13/1904
136McCormick Charles __/__/1859__/__/1888
137McCormick Elizabeth __/__/__02/13/1879w/o Moses, age 83Y 1M 29D
138McCormick Henery L __/__/__07/27/1839s/o M & E, age 22M 29D
139McCormick Lucinda 04/08/182506/20/1887w/o GC
140McCormick Moses __/__/__12/29/1834age 47Y
141McCune Lawrence 08/03/185104/25/1897
142McDonough Martin __/__/1860__/__/1882
143McGarrity Alice 03/01/184802/03/1918
144McGarrity Daniel __/__/1881__/__/1900
145McGarrity James __/__/187412/__/1892
146McGarrity Unknown __/__/____/__/1887
147McGrecor Anna Mary 04/30/1931__/__/1960
148McGune James 09/30/187407/07/1902
149McHugh Ann __/__/1825__/__/1898
150McNamara Frederick __/__/1890__/__/1937Pvt, Co I 47th US Inf, WWI
151McParland Anne __/__/1854__/__/1915w/o E J
152McParland Felix 02/07/185108/31/1893Born Co ?, Ireland
153Miller Edna Pearl 10/10/188510/28/1886
154Miller George D C __/__/1856__/__/1926
155Miller John D C __/__/__11/04/1905age 83Y 5M 28D
156Miller Kate __/__/__02/25/1901w/o J D C, age 66Y 21D
157Miller Katherine E __/__/1856__/__/1931
158Miller Susanah 10/13/182001/01/1872w/o J D C,
159Minnis Cecelia __/__/1883__/__/1896
160Minnis George Johnson __/__/1889__/__/1954Pvt, Med Det 110th Inf 28th Div, WWI
161Minnis J Stuart __/__/1896__/__/1921Co K 3 Kem Bat, WWI
162Minnis James __/__/1840__/__/1904
163Minnis Mary Johnson __/__/1856__/__/1934
164Minnis Rosamond __/__/1888__/__/1949
165Mooney Michael __/__/__02/19/1879age 6Y 1M 7D?
166Mooney Thomas __/__/__02/19/1879age 5M 16D
167MorganEugene __/__/1875__/__/1923Co D 10 PA, Spanish American War Marker
168Mullen Martin __/__/__05/05/1895Aged 42 yrs
169Mullen Nora __/__/__12/23/1901Aged 49 yrs
170Nardine Margaret T 11/05/191906/06/1987
171Navin Ellen __/__/____/__/__d/o J ??
172Navin John __/__/____/__/1891s/o J & S
173Navin Martin __/__/____/__/__
174Nesmith John W __/__/1849__/__/1870
175Nesmith Sarah __/__/1825__/__/1895
176Newcombe Walter P 01/02/187710/07/1902
177O’Brien John __/__/__10/16/1889s/o John & Anne, aged 4 years 11 months & 16 days
178O’Bryon Charles __/__/1876__/__/1940Father
179O’Bryon Mary __/__/1877__/__/1929Mother
180Palladino Joseph 10/14/189003/16/1928
181Pfister H Jerome __/__/1907__/__/1909
182Pfister Isabelle __/__/1889__/__/1923
183Porter Baby __/__/__01/21/1933
184Porter Elizabeth __/__/__06/27/1898w/o Wm, age 78Y
185Porter Ellis C 07/08/189209/07/1982
186Porter Jack W 11/28/192003/19/1968Pennsylvania, Cpl, US Army, WWII
187Porter Jane A 08/23/189712/15/1986w/o Ellis C
188Porter Kathryn __/__/1918__/__/1934
189Porter Mary S __/__/1875__/__/1879d/o Wm & N
190Porter Nancy L 08/17/184409/24/1896w/o Wm H
191Porter Robert C __/__/1873__/__/1917
192Porter Sanford C __/__/__08/06/1872age 18Y
193Porter Sydney M __/__/1888__/__/1889d/o Wm & N
194Porter Unknown __/__/____/__/__
195Porter Violet M __/__/1881__/__/1885d/o Wm & N
196Porter  William H 08/14/184210/19/1913Co H 142 PA Inf, GAR
197Porter Ziba M __/__/____/__/1887d/o Wm & N
198Porter Zilla M __/__/____/__/1887d/o Wm & N
199Quinn Joseph 02/09/187301/16/1896
200Quinn Michael __/__/____/__/__(d:07/0601917):age 74Y


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