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Bear Creek Cemetery

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Submitted By Paula Snyder 02/22/2024

Location: Petrolia, Fairview Township Location Map     

Description and/or Directions

Originally submitted Oct 2006. Directions from S Argyle St/Kittanning Pike & Main Street Petrolia PA: Continue on S Argyle St/Kittanning Pike for 174 ft; Turn left onto Forrest St for 0.6 mi; cemetery will be on the right.

Total Records: 63
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Bartley Dixon __/__/1806__/__/1900
2Bartley Jane __/__/1847__/__/1900
3Bartley Rebecca __/__/1817__/__/1899
4Black Alexander 11/07/183009/15/1893
5Black Rebecca 06/07/1837__/__/__(d:03/081894):
6Campbell Elisabeth __/__/__07/28/1861w/o Robt, age 60Y
7Campbell Eliza J __/__/__02/24/1881w/o R, age 66Y 8M
8Campbell Jane Beatty __/__/1793__/__/1878
9Campbell John Christy __/__/__11/24/1833s/o S & S, age 9M 6D
10Campbell  Robert __/__/__10/05/1886age 81Y 3M 23D
11Campbell Sarah __/__/__03/22/1871w/o R, age 63Y
12Campbell Silas __/__/__09/16/1838s/o S & S, age 14Y 8M 7D
13Campbell Thomas __/__/__01/26/1843s/o S & S,aged 8Y?
14Campbell William __/__/1786__/__/1841
15Cloak Nancy __/__/1836__/__/1926
16Cloak Nicholas __/__/1838__/__/1922
17Curry Esther H __/__/1834__/__/1879w/o Peter
18Curry Mary A __/__/1854__/__/1876
19Curry Ruth C Dillon __/__/____/__/__
20Fleming Charlotte V __/__/1874__/__/1959
21Fleming Elizabeth C __/__/1861__/__/1952
22Fleming Heber C __/__/1866__/__/1926
23Fleming Mary E __/__/1837__/__/1916His Wife
24Fleming Nancy Jane 08/25/182912/06/1892w/o W A
25Fleming Thomas S __/__/1832__/__/1922GAR
26Fleming W A 06/23/1826__/__/1906
27Fleming Wardie K __/__/1874__/__/1969
28Fleming William F __/__/1872__/__/1942Minister
29Hays Deborah Jane __/__/__03/10/1883w/o Robt, age 67Y 7M 13D
30Hays  Robert __/__/__12/22/1877Father, 65Y 4M 6D
31Hilliard  Maggie A __/__/1878__/__/1892
32Hilliard  Nora L __/__/1884__/__/1892
33Hilliard  Robert J __/__/1848__/__/1906
34Hilliard  Robert J __/__/1887__/__/1892
35Hilliard  Sarah E __/__/1881__/__/1892
36Jameson James S __/__/1791__/__/1863PA Militia, War of 1812
37Kelly Nancy J __/__/1839__/__/1897
38McGarvey John __/__/1810__/__/1899
39Ray Euphemia G __/__/1828__/__/1908
40Ray Matthew S __/__/1830__/__/1908
41Ray Melda __/__/1857__/__/1915
42Reed Nancy __/__/__08/30/1886w/o Hugh, age 71Y 11m 18
43Reep Elmer E __/__/1867__/__/1912
44Reep Estella E __/__/1874__/__/1915
45Robertson  Harriet __/__/__11/19/1880w/o Wm, age 51Y
46Ross  Maggie E __/__/__09/04/1872w/o B M, age 26Y 6M 15D
47Schoenfeld  Adda B __/__/1873__/__/1947
48Schoenfeld Blanche A __/__/1905__/__/1997
49Schoenfeld  Charles A 05/02/183302/01/1912
50Schoenfeld  Charlotte 01/17/184010/17/1913
51Schoenfeld Walter G __/__/1905__/__/1988
52Schoenfeld  William A __/__/1871__/__/1942
53Turner Andrew L __/__/1877__/__/1878
54Turner Anna Melba __/__/1871__/__/1946
55Turner Elizabeth B __/__/1876__/__/1876
56Turner Hamilton R __/__/1847__/__/1888
57Turner John H __/__/1874__/__/1930
58Turner Margaret D __/__/1848__/__/1919
59Turner Mary __/__/1884__/__/1974
60Turner P G __/__/1872__/__/1960
61Walker  Mary Imelda __/__/__03/08/1886w/o Wm, age 33Y 3M 23D
62Wallace Catherine F __/__/1859__/__/1943
63Wilson  William 12/07/183103/23/1907


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