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Garfield Table Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 09/18/2018

Location: 6 miles west of Arnold - N Garfield Cemetery Road Location Map   

Description and/or Directions

Survey taken in 1982

Total Records: 105
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AbelGeorge __/__/1873__/__/1949
2AbelRusalia __/__/1854__/__/1900w/o Charles
3ArbogastLeon __/__/1888__/__/1899s/o Marion & Lena
4ArbogastLoretta __/__/1890__/__/1891d/o Marion & Lena
5AubleAbraham Lincoln __/__/1866__/__/1947s/o James & Charlotte; h/o Minnie
6AubleDeashly __/__/1896__/__/1899c/o Abraham & Ione
7AubleElry Dean __/__/____/__/1920c/o Abraham & Ione
8AubleFern __/__/____/__/1890d/o Abraham & Ione
9AubleFrances Miller __/__/1889__/__/1974w/o Myron
10AubleMinnie Ione Goodenow __/__/1864__/__/1945w/o Abraham; d/o Stephen & Mary
11AubleMyron __/__/1891__/__/1977s/o Abraham & Ione; h/o Frances
12BartholomewAlice J. __/__/1855__/__/1900
13CampbellAlbert __/__/____/__/__
14CampbellSamuel __/__/1873__/__/1892s/o Wesley & Sarah
15CampbellSarah Hoffa __/__/____/__/__w/o Wesley; d/o Abe & Nan
16CampbellWesley __/__/1845__/__/1910h/o Sarah; Cwar
17Clark__/__/____/__/__infant d/o David & Ida
18Clark__/__/____/__/1938d/o Samuel
19ClarkCharles __/__/____/__/1887s/o John & Amelia
20ClarkDora Miller __/__/1882__/__/1908w1/David
21ClarkJohn H. __/__/1850__/__/1899
22ClarkMarion __/__/____/__/__
23ClarkSamuel __/__/1908__/__/1947s/o David & Dora
24ClarkSusanna __/__/1846__/__/1908
25ClarkValentine __/__/____/__/1915infant c/o David & Ida
26ClaudsonCharles __/__/1847__/__/1928h/o Elvira
27ClaudsonElvira __/__/1854__/__/1904w/o Charles
28CumpstonAnna Pearl __/__/1912__/__/1913
29DillonAbner __/__/1877__/__/1918h/o Minnie
30DillonEdward __/__/____/__/1952
31DillonMinnie Smith __/__/1881__/__/1964w/o Abner; d/o Andrew & Elizabeth
32ElleyCora __/__/1879__/__/1917
33ElleyWayne __/__/1916__/__/1921
34FergusonAlice __/__/1856__/__/1929w/o Frank
35FergusonFrank __/__/1856__/__/1894h/o Alice
36FisherGertrude __/__/____/__/__w/o Claude
37FisherHarriet Clark __/__/1867__/__/1962w/o Ira
38FisherIra __/__/1863__/__/1938h/o Harriet
39FisherJohnny __/__/1941__/__/1964s/o Claude & Gertrude
40FoxClara Helmkamp __/__/1886__/__/1968w/o Edward; d/o George
41FoxCyrus __/__/1924__/__/1925s/o Edward & Clara
42FoxEdward __/__/1878__/__/1971s/o Cy & Katherine; h/o Clara
43FoxWalter __/__/1910__/__/1980; h/o Elvs/o Edward & Clara
44FrolkeyNellie Clark __/__/1869__/__/1890w/o Frank
45Gill__/__/____/__/__c/o Thomas & Anna
48GoodenowAi __/__/1865__/__/1930s/o Stephen & Mary; h/o Jennie
49GoodenowEdith __/__/1892__/__/1963d/o Ai & Jennie
50GoodenowHarry __/__/1894__/__/1977s/o Ai & Jennie
51GoodenowJennie Auble __/__/1869__/__/1958w/o Ai; d/o James & Charlotte
52GoodenowMary __/__/1828__/__/1911
53GoodenowStephen __/__/1812__/__/1888h/o Mary
54HenryDorothy Maize __/__/1905__/__/1973w/o Frank
55HenryFrank __/__/1900__/__/1977s/o James & Mary; h/o Dorothy
56HoffaAbraham __/__/1825__/__/1893h/u Nancy
57HoffaNancy Dungan __/__/1825__/__/1906w/o Abraham
58HolstenMary __/__/1844__/__/1860
59HughesAugustus __/__/1857__/__/1934s/o James H. & Sarah; h/o Minnie
60HughesMinnie Joedeman __/__/1869__/__/1931w/o Augustus; b. Germany
61JohnsonHulda Hoffa __/__/1856__/__/1931w/o Thomas ; d/o Abe & Nancy
62JohnsonSamuel __/__/1888__/__/1959s/o Thomas & Hulda
63JohnsonThomas __/__/1849__/__/1935s/o Sam & Eliza; h/o Hulda
64JoyBertha Smith __/__/1887__/__/1948w1/o Lester; d/o Andrew & Elizabeth
65JoyLester __/__/1886__/__/1974h/o Bertha, Ona
66LehmkuhlerGrace Goodenow __/__/1897__/__/1965w/o Jess; d/o Ai & Jennie
67LinnArva Martin __/__/1896__/__/1965w/o George; d/o Elmer & Lillian
68LinnDoris __/__/____/__/1917twin d/o George & Arva
69LinnMary Jean __/__/____/__/1917twin d/o George & Arva
70LongFayette __/__/1878__/__/1962s/o Wilk & Cora; h/o Nancy
71LongNancy Johnson __/__/1886__/__/1962w/o Fayette; d/o Thomas & Hulda
72Miller__/__/____/__/__c/o Jacob & Lucy
73MillerJohn __/__/1814__/__/1890h/o Sophia
74MillerSophia __/__/1827__/__/1907w/o John
75MyersArlene __/__/____/__/1909d/o D. P. & Stella
76PearceB. Frank __/__/1855__/__/1921s/o Allen & Susannah; h/o Mary
77PearceBert __/__/____/__/__s/o Frank & Mary; h/o Clara
78PearceClara Joedeman __/__/____/__/1953w/o Bert
79PearceMary McKamey __/__/1860__/__/1933w/o Frank; d/o John
80PearcePaul __/__/1896__/__/1978s/o Frank & Mary
81RockwellBessie Highes __/__/1905__/__/1959w/o Walter; d/o Augustus & Minnie
82SchmittgenGeorge __/__/____/__/__s/o John
83SenselAdam __/__/1863__/__/1941h/o Beulah
84SenselBeulah Fox __/__/1875__/__/1964w/o Adam; d/o Cy & Catherine
85SiverBeryl M. __/__/1894__/__/1967d/o C. C. & Gertie
86SmithAndrew Jackson __/__/1836__/__/1916h/o Elizabeth
87SmithElizabeth Earnst __/__/1841__/__/1916w/o Andrew
88SmithEllen Lenore __/__/1912__/__/1919d/o Seymour & Zella
89SmithJacob __/__/1865__/__/1917s/o Andrew & lizabeth; h/o Stella
90SmithLoyed __/__/1890__/__/1891s/o Jacob & Stella
91SmithSeymour __/__/1868__/__/1941s/o Andrew & Elizabeth; h/o Zella
92SmithStella Dillon __/__/1870__/__/1970w/o Jacob; d/o Augustin & Angeline
93SmithZella Dillon __/__/1875__/__/1952w/o Seymour; d/o Augustin& Angeline
94SpaffordMary Almina __/__/1860__/__/1890
95SukrawMarion __/__/1910__/__/1925s/o Peter & Tirzah
96SukrawPeter __/__/1880__/__/1924h/o Tirzah
97SukrawTirzah __/__/1889__/__/1963
98SukrawVernon __/__/____/__/1909infant s/o Peter & Tirzah
99SukrawWendell __/__/1922__/__/1924s/o Peter & Tirzah
100TullyEmeline __/__/1831__/__/1903
101Ullom__/__/____/__/__triplet c/o Ollie & Lee
102Ullom__/__/____/__/__c/o Ollie & Lee
103UllomOllie __/__/____/__/__h/o Lee
104WhittakerCarl __/__/1899__/__/1899s/o Edward & Hannah
105WhittakerLoyd __/__/1900__/__/1909s/o Edward & Hannah

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