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Tothill Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/25/2018

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Description and/or Directions

Survey taken in 1930's; 1 mile west of Davey, NE

Total Records: 138
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AbernathyJohn J. 7/3/18432/11/1899
2AbernathyRichard T. Frank 7/4/18742/23/1900
3AllelyWilliam __/__/1868__/__/1929
4AllenEva 1/31/188011/30/1881
5AndersonBengt __/__/1844__/__/1922
6BeckmanCharles P. 6/15/18785/18/1913
7BeckmanGeorge A. 6/30/18815/23/1915
8BeckmanGrace N. 7/2/19006/19/1924
9BeckmanWilliam H. 9/15/18439/20/1928
10BixbyAchsah M. __/__/1889__/__/1890
11BullingElizabeth 2/28/18953/19/1896
12BullingGottlieb C. 2/23/185711/15/1932h/o Louise
13BullingLouise 8/8/18632/8/1932w/o Gottlieb C.
14BunnellCarrie 3/13/18534/6/1901w/o Joseph B.
15BunnellJoseph B. 4/23/18471/19/1896h/o Carrie
16BunnellMabel 3/14/18883/30/1891
17BunnellWalter 11/28/18795/15/1881
18BurnsLula __/__/1868__/__/1907
19BurtHattie H. __/__/1903__/__/1917
20BurtHenry S. __/__/1870__/__/1915
21BurtLorinda L. __/__/1901__/__/1913
22ChristensenAnnie E. __/__/1856__/__/1914
23ChristensenMichael __/__/1852__/__/1936
24ClaussenClaus N. 12/22/18393/20/1919
25EhlersGerd Heinrich Frederich 12/12/18473/3/1938
26EhlersMarie Dorathea __/__/__8/5/1900(b:3/1939):
27EricksonAnna K. 11/25/18501/3/1931
28EricksonCharley G. 11/28/185311/27/1902
29EricksonNora __/__/____/__/__
30Farrar__/__/__9/29/1933infant s/o J. H. & T. L.
31FarrarAmos W. __/__/1864__/__/1932h/o Lucy A.
32FarrarBlanche __/__/1894__/__/1895
33FarrarLucy A. __/__/1876__/__/1932w/o Amos W.
34FarrarZeda __/__/1910__/__/1932
35FoersterHenry 4/26/185111/20/1936h/o Marie
36FoersterMarie 12/7/185812/31/1924w/o Henry
37FoersterSusanna 3/17/18823/14/1883d/o Henry & Marie
38FrankLibbie 9/16/18778/8/1878
39FrankSarah E. 2/12/18712/6/1883
40GarverDavid M. __/__/__2/26/1904Age 59y10m8d
41HallCharles H. __/__/1873__/__/1882s/o William A. & Gertrude
42HallGertrude __/__/1856__/__/1921w/o William A.
43HallMyrtle M. __/__/1875__/__/1882d/o William A. & Gertrude
44HallReuben F. __/__/1879__/__/1931s/o William A. & Gertrude
45HallWilliam A. __/__/1850__/__/1909h/o Gertrude
46HalletMaggie C. __/__/__12/25/1873Age 31y10m17d; w/o Capt. Warner
47HalletMaggie C. __/__/__7/26/1880Age 4y; d/o W. & E.
48HansonAnna B. 10/7/18722/14/1899
49HansonChristian 2/24/187510/1/1894
50HansonChristine 11/25/18738/25/1893
51HansonChristine 8/21/1853__/__/__(d:8/191897):w/o Henry
52HansonHenry 8/21/18538/19/1897
53HansonMartin 4/__/18818/__/1881
54HansonMary 5/14/18822/12/1899
55HansonSena A. 2/18/188010/4/1903
56HarrimanAdam __/__/1835__/__/1885h/o Mary E.
57HarrimanLizzie __/__/__4/1/1878Age 3y; d/o A. & M. E.
58HarrimanMary E. __/__/1838__/__/1906w/o Adam
59HolmanMary __/__/__3/5/1894Age 78y; w/o W. P.
60JacobsenAlfred __/__/__7/__/1905Age 6m; s/o C. W. & M.
61JacobsenEdward __/__/__7/__/1876Age 6m
62JacobsenMaren 1/22/18551/27/1913w/o Peter
63JacobsenPeter 4/16/18441/5/1918h/o Maren
64JohnsonFred __/__/1853__/__/1939
65JohnsonFred A. __/__/1870__/__/1913
66JonesBenjamin F. 5/10/18471/21/1910
67JonesEddie 1/10/18794/19/1879
68JonesElla 1/10/18794/19/1879
69JonesHarriet A. 8/3/18352/3/1918
70JonesHarvey L. 12/8/18819/4/1884
71JonesWalter H. 5/6/18551/9/1925
72KehlerJ. Ellis 2/15/184111/9/1903Age 62y3m6d; b. Liberty PA
73KehlerOriva 12/5/18758/28/1897Age 22y3m8d; b. Syracuse, NE
74KehlerRosa J. 11/8/18543/28/1917
75KendrickEliz __/__/__3/9/1882Age 48y; w/o O. W.
76LarsonAndrew __/__/1850__/__/1929
77LarsonCharles C. __/__/1880__/__/1932
78LarsonGladys Viola 5/4/190510/10/1905
79LarsonKarnan __/__/1844__/__/1924
80LathropCurtis G. 11/29/18187/5/1906h/o Paulina B.
81LathropPaulina B. 8/3/18171/17/1901w/o Curtis G.
82LindermanGertruce 6/15/18973/4/1919
83LindholmCharles __/__/1845__/__/1930
84MelickCatherine __/__/1823__/__/1877w/o Peter
85MelickJane Maria __/__/1815__/__/1861w/o Peter
86MelickKatherine M. __/__/1874__/__/1933
87MelickNicholas E. __/__/1847__/__/1934
88MelickPeter __/__/1812__/__/1878h/o Jane Maria & Catherine
89MelickPriscilla __/__/1845__/__/1922
90MelickWilliam E. __/__/__9/16/1873Age 5m24d; s/oN. E. & P.
92MooreAllie 1/21/18971/29/1897c/o J. W. & A. L.
93MooreElla 1/21/18976/16/1918d/o J. W. & A. L.
94MooreJ. W. 3/24/18528/20/1930
95MooreLulu 1/21/18971/21/1897d/o J. W. & A. L.
96MooreRalph L. 4/2/18896/12/1900s/o J. W. & A. L.
97MyersGracia A. __/__/1846__/__/__
98MyersJames M. __/__/1845__/__/1921h/o Gracia A.
99NeffChristiana __/__/1855__/__/1927
100NeffJohn G. __/__/1845__/__/1933
101NesbittJoseph G. __/__/__10/2/1877Age 42y3m15d
102NesbittJosie __/__/__10/28/1881Age 3y11m12d
103NortonJohn W. __/__/1871__/__/1934
104NortonMary __/__/__10/3/1888Age 50y; w/o Joseph
105NortonSarah __/__/1847__/__/1894
106NortonSteve __/__/1859__/__/1934
107OlsonMagnus __/__/1867__/__/1929
108SchnitterJohann Gottfried 6/13/182510/10/1894
109SchnitterJohanna Christiana 7/28/18382/5/1916
110SchnitterJohannes Martin 9/16/190010/13/1900s/o Max & Alice
111SchnitterMax 12/28/190312/16/1916s/o Max & Alice
112ScottCalista E. __/__/1820__/__/__w/o William
113ScottJohn __/__/1857__/__/1884s/o William
114ScottWilliam __/__/1818__/__/1889h/o Calista E.
115ShotwellEliza J. 7/3/1840__/__/__w/o Jesse E.
116ShotwellJesse E. __/__/18354/12/1903h/o Eliza J.
117SpryLulu 6/4/18792/4/1939
118SprySamuel 1/28/18731/21/1925
119StrandbergAleda 12/24/188310/22/1909c/o Nels & Ellens
120StrandbergEllens 4/17/18585/1/1915w/o Nels
121StrandbergJohn __/__/1836__/__/1928
122StrandbergNels 11/12/18455/2/1915h/o Ellens
123StrandbergPerry __/__/1852__/__/1923
124TappArchie A. 2/14/18865/4/1886s/o C. W. & J. A.
125TappCharles F. 6/5/18811/27/1883s/o C. W. & J. A.
126TappCharles W. 12/28/18563/17/1938
127TappClaudy E. 11/28/18791/27/1883s/o C. W. & J. A.
128TappJulia A. 8/17/18524/30/1899w/o C. W.
129ThomasFrancis O. 3/1/18598/26/1921
130ThomasMelviena 8/7/18388/5/1917w/o Phineus F.
131ThomasPhineus F. 5/23/18275/20/1905h/o Melviena
132ThomasWm. R. 9/7/18596/23/1910
133TothillAgnes L. __/__/__2/10/1879Age 73y; w/o R. J.
134TothillRichard 12/16/18235/2/1885
135TothillRichard J. __/__/__10/16/1873Age 66y; h/o Agnes L.
136TothillTrend __/__/1848__/__/1927
137Trester__/__/1870__/__/1871twin c/o Milton L.
138WarnerArnold L. 5/8/191511/11/1930

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