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Sunnyside Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/25/2018

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Survey taken in 1930's; now called Denton Cemetery

Total Records: 72
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Altzebrusa__/__/19007/17/1902Age 2y; c/o Fred
2AndersonLetty A. __/__/1872__/__/1925
3AndersonLydia J. __/__/1838__/__/__
4BaschWilliam H. R. __/__/18435/20/1899b. Germany
5BeamElizabeth Coate 11/27/18313/18/1910w/o Jacob
6BeamJacob 9/3/18259/10/1910h/o Elizabeth
7BentleyAdah S. 11/7/185111/20/1931w/o Charles E.
8BentleyCharles E. 2/6/18462/19/1932h/o Adah S.
9BerrymanEliza J. 8/20/18408/19/1915
10BerrymanFrederick 5/7/18361/15/1898
11BerrymanAunt Mary 12/25/18443/13/1924
12DaleAllen 10/31/18922/25/1912
13DentonAlice M. __/__/1858__/__/1908w/o J. I.
14DentonDaniel M. 3/17/18234/13/1889
15DentonEsther 11/25/18895/13/1904b. Chadron, NE
16DentonJennie 3/18/18597/20/1897b. Fayettte Co., IA
17DentonRobert Lynn 6/2/18886/7/1890b. Cod, NE
18FraassWalter __/__/1909__/__/1928
19GilesHanna K. __/__/1870__/__/1924w/o Herbert
20GilesHerbert __/__/1867__/__/__h/o Hanna
21GilesLawrence __/__/1905__/__/1905s/o Herbert & Hanna K.
22GilesVera __/__/____/__/__Age 4y9m10d; d/o E. & L. M.
23GleasonElizabeth Smith __/__/1862__/__/1919
24GleasonJohn H. R. __/__/1858__/__/__
25GrimmMaria __/__/1824__/__/1884
26HaaseAnna __/__/1865__/__/1929w/o Henry
27HaaseFrederick C. __/__/1859__/__/1928
28HaaseHenry __/__/1859__/__/1924h/o Anna
29HaaseJacob __/__/1899__/__/1902s/o Henry & Anna
30HeleneEllen M. __/__/1856__/__/1919
31HeleneH. Smith __/__/1855__/__/1930
32HerpolsheimerCatherine __/__/1845__/__/1885
33HerpolsheimerFrederick __/__/1838__/__/1915
34HicksJames B. __/__/__11/15/1893age 34y
35HicksMary A. __/__/__11/12/1893Age 66y; w/o Richard
36HockingJames __/__/1845__/__/1912
37HockingMary E. __/__/1848__/__/1932
38HolkAugusta Schell 7/15/186312/23/1912
39HurleyJohn __/__/1842__/__/__h/o Sarah
40HurleyRoy 9/17/18912/5/1894Age 2y4m18d; s/o John & Sarah
41HurleySarah __/__/1848__/__/1907w/o John
42JenkinsJessie May 8/2/18845/3/1905Age 20y9m1d; s/o J. M. & E. J.
43KendallJacob M. __/__/1853__/__/1928h/o Mary J.
44KendallMary J. __/__/1859__/__/1920
45KopiesAugust 4/27/1847__/__/1925b. Prussia
46KopiesCharlotte Peters 12/10/1857__/__/1900b. Danville, OH
47KopiesMable Leona 12/7/18951/27/1898
48McElroyJames B. 5/29/185711/8/1914
49MillerHugh L. D. __/__/1878__/__/1880
50MillerRachel G. Grimm __/__/1852__/__/1936d/o Maria Grimm
51MillerRuth N. __/__/1894__/__/1895
52MillerViola M. __/__/1892__/__/1892
53MorrisJoseph 8/7/18319/12/1907
54NelsonMrs. A. S. 8/8/18552/13/1906
55NelsonAndrew __/__/1854__/__/1917
56NelsonAnna __/__/__5/26/1892Age 39y3m20d; w/o Peter
57NelsonCharlotte __/__/1865__/__/1916
58NuetzmanOtto __/__/1889__/__/1916
59RatschWilliam 11/18/18426/12/1899
60ReevesWilber T. __/__/1872__/__/1930
61RogersAudrey 9/19/19043/23/1906d/o J. E. & E.
62SchellCarl __/__/__7/21/1892Age 36y
63SmithHoward __/__/1864__/__/1937
64SnellSarah 12/6/18533/30/1918
65StuartGeorge 3/4/185410/27/1918h/o Nellie E.; s/o Joseph Morris
66StuartJoseph Morris 8/7/18319/12/1907
67StuartNellie E. 6/24/185512/1/1914w/o George
68Ward__/__/____/__/__infant s/o A. M. & N. L.
69WaughJoseph Wilson 12/25/18533/17/1914h/o Margaret
70WaughMargaret 8/8/183510/21/1919w/o Joseph
71WilsonCharles 2/23/18665/9/1924
72WilsonKeziah B. 8/7/186710/2/1928

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