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Stockfeldt Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/25/2018

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Survey taken in 1930's

Total Records: 125
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AhrensHenry 8/31/18968/12/1900
2AsendorfKatie __/__/__4/10/1886d/o T. F. & M. G.
3BartelsEliza B. 6/5/18515/13/1916
4BartelsElla M. __/__/____/__/__
5BartelsHenry H. 1/26/184312/24/1908
6BartelsJ. H. __/__/__4/18/1887Age 73y
7BettenhausenGeorge J. 5/15/18813/20/1885Age 4y5d
8BoettcherFriedrich W. 3/21/184411/23/1886
9BuhmannHans J. 10/5/18361/2/1919
10BuhmannHeinrich __/__/__9/8/1889Age 9m5g; s/o E. W. & M.
11BuhmannJ. P. 10/30/18951/3/1899
12BuhmannM. M. 7/7/18927/11/1892
13BuhmannWm. H. 9/9/18975/22/1901
14ChristiansenLorenz W. __/__/1840__/__/1886h/o Marie
15ChristiansenMarie __/__/1842__/__/1922w/o Lorenz
16CramerDiedrich 11/2/18662/5/1937h/o Wilhelmina
17CramerFriedrich __/__/1860__/__/1930
18CramerWilhelmina 7/26/18467/17/1934w/o Diedrich
19DierksAnton __/__/__2/18/1890Age 58y7m4d
20DoernenburgMaria S. __/__/__3/7/1889Age 14d; d/o C. & J.
21EggerAlbert __/__/__7/17/1935Age 79y5m29d; h/o Mary A.
22EggerAnna B. 10/25/18253/9/1904w/o Johann
23EggerJohann 7/21/18212/11/1909h/o Anna B.
24EggerMary A. 12/7/18634/11/1924w/o Albert
25EggerSamuel __/__/1860__/__/__h/o Annie B. Wells
26EggerSamuel Elmer __/__/__10/21/1883Agw 11m21d; s/o S. & A.
27FulleFritz 6/14/19047/13/1904s/o Aug. & Minnie
28FulleHenry 5/8/19036/13/1903s/o Aug. & Minnie
29GloeHeinrich __/__/__3/19/1883Age 2y2m13d; s/o P. J. & L. M.
30GloeOskar __/__/__12/22/1882Age 8y11d; s/o P. J. & L. M.
31GolzHenry __/__/__1/3/1889Age 27y3m16d
32GrageFrederick H. D. 4/__/18595/19/1915
33HartjeAnna B. __/__/1852__/__/__w/o Henry F.
34HartjeHenry F. __/__/1845__/__/1910h/o Anna B.
35JoostenJacob 10/20/18444/14/1921h/o Marie
36JoostenMarie 8/20/184412/10/1922w/o Jacob
37JoostenMildred G. __/__/____/__/__
38JoostenRudolph __/__/____/__/__Age 5m
39KockAdeline __/__/1858__/__/1934Age 76y22d
40KockWilliam __/__/1854__/__/1922
41KockWillie __/__/__10/21/1884Age 4y5m6d; s/o W. & A.
42KruegerAmelia __/__/1869__/__/1923w/o August F.
43KruegerAugust F. __/__/1863__/__/1929h/o Amelia
44KruegerHelena 1/11/18624/13/1894
45KruegerLouis 11/18/18839/27/1885
46KruegerMargaretha 3/25/18988/3/1900
47LarenzenJacob __/__/__8/20/1896
48LarenzenMarie __/__/__7/19/1898
49LesoingHenry __/__/1885__/__/1928
50LesoingMary D. __/__/1865__/__/1934w/o William
51LesoingWilliam __/__/1869__/__/__
52LesongCaroline 1/24/18675/12/1920d/o Frank & Wilhelmina
53LesongFrank 3/26/18304/13/1906h/o Wilhelmina
54LesongWilhelmina 10/20/18441/27/1903w/o Frank
55LuckeClara __/__/1877__/__/1925s/o Frederick & Mary
56LuckeFrederick 8/30/18518/8/1910h/o Mary
57LuckeMary __/__/1850__/__/1903w/o Frederick
58MeierJohan H. 9/5/182410/30/1894Age 80y1m25d; h/o Marie E.
59MeierMarie E. 9/21/182412/14/1891Age 67y2m24d
60MeyerEsther Louise 12/23/19026/3/1903
61MeyerHenry J. 11/10/18529/30/1901h/o Sophia
62MeyerMarian Sophie Elise 11/8/18573/28/1896
63MeyerSophia 3/18/185012/21/1925w/o Henry J.
64MuellerDorothy 4/25/18586/23/1914w/o Fred
65MuellerFred 4/29/185310/31/1917h/o Dorothy
66OellingLouis 9/25/188610/10/1886s/o Wm.; b. Centerville, NE
67OellingLouise 7/10/18596/1/1926
68OellingWilhelm 11/2/185511/11/1934
69OellingWm. __/__/__11/11/1934Age 79y2d
70PetersGinnia 4/15/188412/1/1887Age 2y7m15d; d/o H. & M.
71RauschChristel 5/14/18391/27/1890
72Reckling3/28/1898__/__/__c/o William & Lena
73Reckling5/17/18345/23/1901Age 67y11d; w/o J. Frederick
74RecklingJ. Frederick 5/5/18349/25/1893
75RecklingLena Miller 7/5/18633/30/1898w/o William
76RecklingWilliam 5/1/1868__/__/__h/o Lena
77ReischleimBaldina 10/3/18699/12/1923w/o Fred
78ReischleimDora 6/12/188911/16/1893d/o Fred & Baldina
79ReischleimFred 11/12/18661/11/1910h/o Baldina
80ReischleimHenry 5/10/189510/5/1918s/o Fred & Baldina
81RemalyKirt __/__/__10/18/1879Age 5m3d; s/o E. & S.
82RockeJoseph 3/16/18091/31/1883h/o Mary
83RockeMary 2/2/18246/19/1886w/o Joseph
84SchmutteAnname 11/30/185411/25/1885w/o Henry
85SchmutteElanora M. __/__/__7/12/1870Age 7m20d; d/o H. & A.
86SchmutteHenry 1/9/185510/11/1929h/o Anname
87SchmutteJohann Heinrich 7/11/18257/13/1914h/o Sophia
88SchmutteLouise M. 1/25/18556/3/1898w/o A. F. J.
89SchmutteSophia 5/2/18362/18/1919w/o Johann
90SchneiderAnna R. __/__/____/__/__Age 39y; d/o Rudolph & Elizabeth
91SchneiderCarolina __/__/__1/20/1885d/o E. & B.
92SchneiderElizabeth 4/14/18453/11/1910w/ Rudolph
93SchneiderHenry __/__/____/__/__Age 27y; s/o Rudolph & Elizabeth
94SchneiderJohn D. __/__/__10/20/1878Age 58y7m19d
95SchneiderRudolph 2/11/18439/1/1905h/o Elizabeth
96SchneiderWilliam __/__/____/__/__Age 7y; s/o Rudolph & Elizabeth
97SeigfriedAnna L. 2/22/18762/17/1879
98SeigfriedHulda M. 11/15/18798/16/1885d/o C. K.
99SeverinElizabeth 11/9/18226/24/1905
100SeverinJohan C. 9/26/18152/5/1892
101SteffinElsie 7/23/18536/7/1907w/o J. B.
102SteffinHelena __/__/__4/17/1878Age 2y28d; d/o J. B. & E. M.
103SteffinHelene __/__/__4/24/1887Age 74y4m15d
104SteffinHenrich __/__/__4/19/1878Age 2m4d; s/o J. B. & E. M.
105SteffinJ. B. 12/27/18425/19/1923h/o Elsie
106SteinkeCharles __/__/__11/19/1883Age 1y3m14d; s/o C. & D.
107StiegelmeyerFreddie 5/26/18772/13/1881
108StiegelmeyerFreddie P. __/__/__2/13/1881Age 3y8m15d
109StiegelmeyerHenry 1/21/18423/4/1882
110StiegelmeyerJ. Henry __/__/__3/4/1882Age 40y1m11d
111StiegelmeyerWillie 10/12/188210/28/1901
112StockfeldtEleanora __/__/1835__/__/1902d/o Rev. Paul G.
113StockfeldtRev, J. Paul G. 6/21/182812/23/1899h/o Eleanora
114StockfeldtMary 4/22/18613/15/1889
115StockfeldtRosa A. __/__/__11/9/188110y5m11d
116TangemanEmma M. 5/16/18722/2/1912w/o John H.
117TangemanMarie E. 9/9/18502/4/1881
118TangemanMarie E. Meier 11/9/18522/4/1881d/o J. H. & E. Meier
119TiedemanHenriette 9/6/18503/29/1919
120TiedemanJohn P. 4/4/184712/18/1928
121TiedemannFreda 3/5/18656/8/1937
122TiedemannHenry C. 4/4/18478/25/1915Age 68y4m21d
123WarnickeDiedrich 4/26/18368/17/1909h/o Dorothea
124WarnickeDorothea 9/24/18296/30/1907b. Balaca, Germany; w/o Diedrich
125WellsAnnie B. __/__/1858__/__/1922w/o Samuel

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