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St. Patricks Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/25/2018

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Description and/or Directions

Survey taken in the 1930's by members of the LDS Church; noe called Saint Mary & Sait Patrick

Total Records: 139
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1BarryMary L. __/__/1904__/__/1937
2BellEdward Haley __/__/____/__/__
3BellPreston 1/1/185812/13/1916
4BolandBridget __/__/1837__/__/1901
5BolandJohn T. __/__/1861__/__/1884
6BolandThereasa __/__/1874__/__/1896
7BoyleEdwin 9/28/18827/12/1900
8BradyAnna __/__/__12/23/1884Age 6y
9BradyEarle M. __/__/1907__/__/1933
10BradyEugene __/__/1873__/__/1932
11BradyFrancis J. 2/__/18879/__/1891s/o M. & J.
12BradyJames Frances __/__/__2/14/1887Age 17y10m; s/o Michael & Jane
13BradyJane 4/__/1844__/__/1896b. Wicklaw, Ireland
14BradyLeonora __/__/1883__/__/__
15BradyMary 12/14/18737/21/1891d/o M. & J.
16BradyMichael 5/__/1838__/__/1905b. Co. Cavan, Ireland
17BradySarah Jane __/__/__8/6/1878Age 2y
18BradyVirginia Boyle __/__/1886__/__/1906
19ClemensEllen __/__/__11/23/1909b. Co Antrim, Ireland
20ClemensJohn __/__/__10/13/1886Age 58y
23CondonFrank __/__/1886__/__/1929
24CondonThomas __/__/1873__/__/1934
25CondonWilliam __/__/1881__/__/1918
26ConnorJ. W. __/__/____/__/__
27CrowleyRev. John 3/21/18418/21/1898b. Caherayh, Co. Cork, Ireland
28CunninghamJulia __/__/__12/19/1891Age 3y; d/o J. E.
29CunninghamThomas A. __/__/__7/25/1891Age 8y; s/o J. E.
30DaveyMichael __/__/1844__/__/1921
31DaveyPearl B. 12/31/18764/8/1897b. Syracuse, NY; w/o T. H.
32DaveyWinifred __/__/1846__/__/1929
33DaveyWinifred Rose __/__/1895__/__/1923
34DeriegBridget __/__/__3/29/1880Age 39y; w/o Daniel
35DeriegCatherine __/__/1907__/__/1907
36DeriegDaniel E. __/__/1867__/__/1925
37DeriegJohn H. __/__/1873__/__/1913
38DevlinMary A. __/__/1833__/__/1918
39DillonBernard __/__/____/__/1904
40DillonFrancis __/__/1904__/__/1904
41DillonGeorge E. __/__/1908__/__/1909
42DillonJohn E. __/__/1877__/__/1910
43DillonJohn E. __/__/1910__/__/1910
44DillonMary R. __/__/1906__/__/1912
45DobsonMary J. __/__/1827__/__/1905
46DonohueJames C. __/__/1880__/__/1934
47DonohueJohn __/__/__4/22/1904Age 58y10m8d; h/o Julia
48DonohueJulia __/__/__10/29/__
49DonohueMary __/__/__9/9/1894Age 22y4m2d; d/o John & Julia
50DonohueMichael 10/29/18283/2/1924b. Co. Cavan, Ireland
51DonohueSarah B. 10/11/18449/22/1905b. Kingston, Canada
52DoodyDan __/__/1843__/__/1901Cwar
53DoodyWilliam __/__/1866__/__/1899
54DoreEdith __/__/1877__/__/1923
55DoreEdward H. 11/15/18561/17/1905
56DoreEllen __/__/__2/16/1894Age 55y; b. NY; w/o Patrick
57DoreGertrude E. 2/2/18697/27/1899w/o P. J.
58DoreJames __/__/__10/25/1876Age 2y1m; s/o Patrick & Ellen
59DorePatrick 6/19/18311/30/1905
60DorePatrick A. 1/29/189111/1/1891s/o P. J. & G. E.
61DoreWilliam D. __/__/1876__/__/1921
62EckenrodeDeborah __/__/1893__/__/1893
63EckeryJosephine 4/27/18813/5/1905w/o E. C.
64FerryJames __/__/__4/23/1931Age 72y5m11d
65FiniganElizabeth 1/18/1883__/__/1886Age 3y5m; d/o J. & C.
66FiniganJohanna 1/5/18764/21/1902
67FitzpatrickCatherine 5/17/18416/24/1901b. Co. Sligo, Ireland; w/o Joseph
68FitzpatrickJoseph 8/15/18321/27/1911h/o Catherine
69HaleyEdward 1/10/18392/23/1935
70HansonJack E. 12/5/19222/5/1939Age 17y
71HaylenAnne __/__/__10/30/1889w/o John
72HaylenJohn __/__/__9/18/1894Age 84y10d; h/o Anne
73HealeyHelen Agnes 3/18/19072/23/1935
74HefferonWilliam __/__/__3/7/1905Age 69y
75HennesseyCatherine T. __/__/__2/14/1899Age 23y4m4d; w/o D. J.
76HennesseyCharlie 6/11/188510/13/1918
77HennesseyDaniel 11/2/18811/25/1892
78HennesseyJoseph 2/23/18429/30/1926h/o Margaret
79HennesseyMargaret 1/23/18435/29/1930w/o Joseph
80HennesseyPatrick 7/12/187511/6/1899
81HigginsMary __/__/18245/8/1874w/o John
82HoganAnnie 3/8/18675/5/1901b. Paisley, Scotland; w/o J. A.
83HoganFred Francis 3/22/18951/31/1934
84JonesAndrew __/__/__2/5/1882Age 35y; s/o B. M. & Mary
85JonesJames __/__/__1/30/1882Age 28y8m; s/o B. M. & Mary
86KaneEdward __/__/1835__/__/1900
87KeaneLawrence __/__/____/__/__
88KeaneMary __/__/____/__/__
89KeatingBernard __/__/__9/15/1892Age 23y
90KeatingEdward __/__/__8/7/1885Age 48y
91KeatingJohn __/__/__2/13/1887Age 14y; s/o Edward & Ellen
92KelleyGeorge __/__/__9/7/1899Age 69y; b. Co. Cork, Ireland
93LeonardPatrick __/__/__4/13/1888Age 53y; b. Dligo, Ireland
94LeonardPeter __/__/__9/6/1885Age 36y; b. Dligo, Ireland
95LynchMary A. __/__/____/__/__w/o Thomas J.
96LynchThomas F. __/__/____/__/__s/o Thomas J. & Mary A.
97LynchThomas J. __/__/____/__/__h/o Mary A.
98MaraJohn 2/14/18819/29/1894b. Tiooerary, Ireland; 15 IA Inf Cwar
99MaraJohn J. 12/7/18714/23/1939b. Ceresco,NE; age 67y
100MaraMary E. 11/21/187611/9/1926b. Nauvoo, IL; age 49y11m18d
101MarkerP. __/__/__2/26/1875Age 56y4d
102McGerrEdward 1/6/184408/01/1913b. Co. Dunganno, Ireland
103McGerrMary Jane __/__/1869__/__/1887
104MoranElisabeth __/__/__1/15/1892Age 1y; d/o W. A. & Annie
105MoranTheresa __/__/__1/18/1892Age 3y; d/o W. A. & Annie
106MorganJohn 8/15/184311/26/1909
107MorrisseyGeorge 5/6/18612/__/1936
108MorrisseyThomas __/__/18166/16/1880b. Ireland; age 44y
109MurphyDaniel __/__/1841__/__/1901
111NellisEllen 1/1/18611/19/1901w/o James
112NellisJohn __/__/1856__/__/1918
113NelsonOliver 1/16/185812/3/1892
114NelsonT. O. 6/30/18879/7/1888c/o N. & O.
115O'ConnerBernard B. 8/1/180010/27/1874b. Co. Sligo, Ireland; h/o Mary
116O'ConnerDaniel 11/15/183511/27/1905
117O'ConnerMargaret 6/10/18541/15/1902
118O'ConnerMary 5/15/18127/1/1895b. Co. Mary, Ireland; w/o Bernard B.
119O'ConnerMary B. 8/21/1873__/__/1885d/o P. W. & B.
120O'ConnerMichael __/__/1849__/__/1926
121PatridgeGeorgie __/__/__8/26/1876Age 7m1d; s/o James & L.
122RileyAnnie Morissey __/__/1887__/__/1910w/o Frank
123RogersDaniel __/__/1895__/__/1895s/o J. V. & M. A.
124RustmeierMary Catherine 11/8/191010/4/1911d/o Michael & Mary
126ScanlonCornelius S. __/__/1843__/__/1895
127SheaMargaret __/__/1841__/__/1882
128SheaMary __/__/1863__/__/1880
129SheaMary __/__/__10/8/1896Age 68y; w/o Michael
130SheaMichael __/__/1839__/__/1909
131SheaMichael __/__/1881__/__/1896
132SheaMichael __/__/__1/24/1875Age 52y; h/o Mary
133SheaThomas __/__/__12/29/1929Age 59y
134SlatteryCatherine 5/14/184010/14/1889w/o Stephen
135SlatteryCatherine 7/1/187111/10/1872d/o Stephen & Catherine
136SlatteryStephen 12/28/18359/21/1895h/o Catherine
137WheelerBridget Knaughton __/__/__8/11/1917Age 80y; w/o John
138WheelerJohn __/__/__6/3/1885Age 65y; h/o Bridget Knaughton
139WilliamGerald __/__/1912__/__/1936

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