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Princeton Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/18/2018

Location: Princeton, Lancaster County, Nebraska, US Location Map   

Description and/or Directions

This survey done in 1930's

Total Records: 124
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1BarnardAnna B. __/__/__10/17/1937Age 30y10m18d; w/o Samuel
2BarnardBettie Lou 04/10/19054/9/1929Age 1y5y2d; d/o Samuel & Anna B.
3BarnardEleanor N. 04/14/19056/5/1935Age 3y10m2d; d/o Samuel & Anna B.
4BarnardSamuel 03/17/19053/30/1934h/o Anna B.
5BierstedtJ. H. 5/28/18436/10/1902
7BoesigerAnna F. 2/8/189711/29/1897d/o Fred & Anna
8BoesigerAnna Elizabeth 3/4/18536/8/1916w/o Fred
9BoesigerFred 10/18/18455/4/1928h/o Anna Elizabeth
10BoesigerGeorge E. 3/21/18916/20/1906s/o Fred & Anna
11BoesigerMinnie M. 1/9/18957/19/1917w/o W. O.
12BoesigerRudolph A. 3/11/18818/4/1918
13BoesigerRuth Mildred 9/23/19086/10/1909
14Brown__/__/____/__/__infant son
15BrownSusie M. 12/1/18734/28/1874d/o D. C. & E. J.
16BrownWillie __/__/__11/19/1882Age 4y3m; s/o John & Ellen
17BrustMrs. Mary K. __/__/__12/27/1930Age 57y
18BurkeCharles F. 8/4/18352/4/1913h/o Marie
19BurkeFrank C. 12/7/18727/17/1911s/o Charles F. & Marie
20BurkeLouise H. 6/1/18695/7/1917d/o Charles F. & Marie
21BurkeMarie 4/4/18378/15/1910w/o Charles F.
22BurkeReka 11/2/18659/2/1931d/o Charles F. & Marie
23CheneyHanna __/__/1840__/__/1911
24CheneyWilliam H. __/__/1829__/__/1901
25CulpGeo. __/__/____/__/__h/o Mary E.; 136 PA Inf Cwar
26CulpMary E. 8/16/18677/2/1901w/o Geo.
27DoheErnst __/__/1842__/__/1918h/o Johanna
28DoheJohanna __/__/1859__/__/1919
29DoheMary M. 12/4/18798/15/1904
30EbbersJohan __/__/__3/10/1934Age 851m12d
31EbbersJosephine 3/28/18703/7/1909w/o Arnold
32EbbersMary Flaker 9/29/18371/11/1917
33Fink__/__/____/__/__infants of Phillip & Sarah E.
34FinkMary __/__/__3/28/1889Age 59y; w/o Phillip
35GansemerBertha Rose 11/28/18829/18/1888d/o P. & E.
36GansemerEmma 3/27/18612/10/1885b. Langenthal, Switzerland
37GansemerIda Louise 2/22/18903/11/1893
38GansemerJohann 2/17/18482/18/1889b. Kasletin, Prussia
39GansemerOskar __/__/__12/16/1882s/o P. & Eliza
40GriserAlice 4/7/18923/20/1912w/o Ernest
41HanselMrs. Anna __/__/__3/31/1934
42HengeveldDena __/__/__11/16/1886Age 38y; w/o Lawrence
43HengeveldLawrence H. __/__/1841__/__/1919h/o Minnie & Dena
44HengeveldMinnie __/__/1860__/__/1938w/o Lawrence H.
45HensinkfeltGarrit J. 7/11/18261/27/1897Age 70y6m16d
46HessSamuel 4/7/18135/6/1882b. York Co. PA; age 69y29d
47HillsEzra C. __/__/1849__/__/1926
48HillsLydia 9/16/18705/20/1909w/o E. C.
49KirthEdward 7/26/18627/13/1888
50KnappLeo Albert __/__/__6/6/1935Age 1y8m23d
51KruseHeinrich J. __/__/__2/18/1882Age 1y5m18d; s/o J. & A.
52LartonElizabeth __/__/__9/21/1887Age 68y14d
53LuckeAugust 10/18/183912/9/1914h/o Wilhelmine
54LuckeHenry __/__/1844__/__/1928h/o Margaret
55LuckeLouie __/__/1868__/__/1895
56LuckeLydia 3/11/188710/25/1891d/o H. & Maggie
57LuckeMargaret __/__/1845__/__/1906w/o Henry
58LuckeMargaretha 3/19/184510/31/1906Age 61y5m12d; w/o H.
59LuckeRafe 7/18/188011/20/1902s/o Aug. & Wilhelmine
60LuckeRuby M. 3/4/190110/8/1909d/o H. L.
61LuckeVictor 4/22/18768/12/1876
62LuckeWilhelmine 9/13/18441/14/1923w/o August
63LuckeWilliam C. 8/23/187312/15/1925
64LuebkertEmily 7/20/18565/16/1917
65McPhersonCharles A. __/__/1865__/__/1912h/o Ocie May
66McPhersonOcie May __/__/1872__/__/1900w/o Charles
67MilesSusan M. 1/27/181212/2/1892
68MohleElizabeth 5/5/18259/26/1904w/o Wm.
69MohleWm. 5/29/18352/18/1908h/o Elizabeth
70OldemeyerAnna P. __/__/1866__/__/__w/o Garrett
71OldemeyerGarrett __/__/1851__/__/1925h/o Anna P.
72PeterElizabeth 3/12/18223/15/1903
73PeterJacob __/__/__4/20/1883Age 62y7m5d; h/o Sevilla
74PeterMichael 11/16/18185/27/1895
75PeterSelome 9/12/18584/27/1890Age 31y7m15d; d/o Jacob & Sevilla
76PeterSevilla __/__/__7/8/1901Age 78y; w/o Jacob
77PetersJacob __/__/1846__/__/1928h/o Narcissus
78PetersNarcissus __/__/1849__/__/1926w/o Jcob A.
79PetersVida __/__/1886__/__/1909d/o Jacob A. & Narcissus
80PietenpolF. 8/16/18481/1/1916
81PietenpolG. M. 8/17/1855__/__/__
82PietenpolHenry 10/15/18853/5/1920
83PietenpolWm. 1/18/189412/9/1894
84RecklingLoren 7/8/1827__/__/__d/o Everett & Ida
85SaylerEliz. J. __/__/__1/19/1879Age 29y5m5d; w/o Jos.
86SchellAnna Marty __/__/__10/17/1887Age 66y
87SchellAnnie __/__/__2/25/1886Age 30y11m4d; d/o D. & M. M.
88SchellChristina __/__/1881__/__/1928w/o James A.
89SchellDaniel __/__/__6/18/1894Age 67y
90SchellEmma 6/4/18843/14/1916w/o William
91SchellFrank G. __/__/__9/3/1887Age 16y; s/o D. & M. M.
92SchellFreda J. __/__/__11/5/1888Age 15y4m17d; d/o D. & M. M.
93SchellHerman L. __/__/1866__/__/1928
94SchellJames A. __/__/1861__/__/1935h/o Christina
95SmithC. H. __/__/__8/7/1883Age 35y
96SowersAnn M. 8/12/18835/9/1903d/o Geo. & Mary
97SowersGeorge 4/23/18428/30/1916h/o Mary E.; 136 PA Inf Cwar
98SowersJohn A. 8/8/18754/29/1879s/o Geo. & Mary
99SowersMarie 11/20/18865/6/1910w/o Jacob
100SowersMary 10/7/184710/1/1929w/o George
101SowersMelvina 10/31/18857/19/1905d/o Geo. & Mary
102SowersWillie H. 11/8/18774/13/1879s/o Geo. & Mary
103StrankmanFrank __/__/1851__/__/1893
104StrankmanFritz __/__/__12/10/1890Age 8d; s/o Wm. & Meta
105StrankmanHenriette 1/13/18465/11/1889Age 53y9m2d
106WaackLena Boesiger 2/18/187712/29/1910d/o Jacob & Ella Boesiger
107Walter__/__/____/__/__c/o S. & A.
108WalterAnna __/__/__1/15/1888Age 36y5m; w/o Samuel
109WalterFriedrick __/__/__10/11/1884Age 5y7m; s/o S. & A.
110WalterW. E. 7/24/189312/5/1894Age 1y4m12d
111Wells__/__/____/__/1921Infant c/o Clarence A.
112WellsArthur __/__/1914__/__/1916s/o Clarence A.
113WellsClarence A. __/__/1882__/__/1930
114WellsEmma __/__/1907__/__/1912d/o Clarence A.
115WellsLola __/__/1912__/__/1916d/o Clarence A.
116WilhelmAnn __/__/__12/13/1934Age 66y3m27d
117WilhelmEdward __/__/__6/26/1932Age 70y1m21d
118WilterdingLoyd __/__/__5/7/1889Age 3m; s/o J. & E.
119WilterdingLucius __/__/1884__/__/1907
120WoodringBertie __/__/__4/27/1890Age 3m; d/o N. & L.
121WoodringCharles E. __/__/__5/23/1884Age 2y2m19d; s/o N. & L.
122WoodringEllen F. __/__/__4/14/1890Age 1y9m11d; d/o N. & L.
123Young__/__/____/__/__infant dau.
124YoungMelindie __/__/__5/15/1888Age 33y5m29d; w/o John

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