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Pella Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/12/2018

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Description and/or Directions

Abstracted By: LDS Church Volunteers

N 40.55553 W 96.50202

Survey done in 1930's

Total Records: 68
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1BoevinkDena __/__/__4/12/1915Age 80y4m7d
2BoevinkF. J. __/__/1852__/__/1905
3BoevinkHenry J. __/__/__11/27/1918Age 64y
4BoevinkKatie __/__/__1/17/1936Age 54y1m
5BoumaT. J. Weerd __/__/__10/22/1936Age 73y10m1d
6BouwensAnthonie 6/19/18462/20/1922Age 75y8m1d
7BouwensBennie 12/20/1895__/__/__
8BouwensJacob __/__/__9/20/1903Age 7y1m
9BouwensMartin A. __/__/__5/4/1937Age 55y2m2d
10BouwensMary 9/13/18495/26/1926
11BrockhuizerJenig Jen 9/2/18849/12/1902
12De boerAnna __/__/__11/23/1930Age 92y
13De boerBennie __/__/__9/5/1889
14De boerGeorge Binne 1/6/185612/5/1890Age 34y10m29d
15De boerLizzie __/__/__9/10/1889Age 29y10m2d
16De boerRendet __/__/__11/9/1910Age 74y
17De jangAnna 10/17/18575/17/1889
18De youngDirk __/__/__10/27/1899Age 17y5m16d
19De youngDirk __/__/1854__/__/1891
20De youngJane __/__/1852__/__/1930
21De youngLillie 1/15/18813/30/1916
22DoeschotAntonie 3/16/18873/6/1906
23DoeschotJohanna 9/19/18914/29/1897
24FischerAnna __/__/__5/10/1890
25FischerHenry 6/15/18889/11/1934
26HeitbrinkCharlene 3/23/19373/23/1937
27HeitbrinkG. John 2/23/1867__/__/__(d:19__)
28HeitbrinkGarret H. __/__/1865__/__/__
29HeitbrinkMina Fay 3/7/19283/7/1928
30HeitbrinkMinnie 2/20/187010/15/1928Age 55y7m22d
31HeitbrinkMinnie E. __/__/1871__/__/1919
32HeitbrinkThelma Mae 12/31/19241/27/1926
33HeitbrinkTina 1/4/18961/20/1925
34KampMary __/__/1857__/__/1909
35KleinElizabeth 4/20/18861/12/1908
36KleinMartha J. 7/16/18904/12/1897
37KroeseAdrianus 6/14/18814/7/1892
38KroeseEdward __/__/__4/3/1906Age 2m
39KroeseGaret __/__/1872__/__/__
40KroeseGerritz 4/23/18415/28/1916
41KroeseHelen __/__/1904__/__/1914
42KroeseHerman A. __/__/__11/11/1937Age 74y6m9d
43KroeseJannes 2/17/18328/3/1916
44KroeseJennie __/__/1874__/__/1913
45KroeseMinnie 1/26/186610/27/1914
46KroeseTed __/__/__9/26/1937Age 38y1m14d
47LanguisGarrit John 11/1/184711/4/1915
48MulderDolf __/__/__7/__/1927Age 68y7m26d
49PrangeDena G. 5/18/18795/18/1931
50RypkemaNellie __/__/__3/28/1938Age 31y1m5d
51SingersPeter (Rev.) __/__/1865__/__/1929
52SlagleMalassia (Mrs.) __/__/__3/27/1938Age 69y2m26d
53SlagleMamie __/__/1891__/__/1896
54ToppJohn 1/5/187212/27/1919
55Van der leestDora M. 4/8/18942/16/1901
56Van diestKatie __/__/__9/12/1898Age 38y10d
57Van engenAleida __/__/1861__/__/1925
58Van gentDaniel 5/14/18629/5/1928
59Van gentDiena May 5/6/19176/4/1920
60Van gentJana Schankel 9/18/185910/12/1912
61Van ostenFronie 1/2/186910/27/1899
62Van ostenGarret 3/23/185912/23/1932
63Van ostenJacob 1/25/18957/8/1922
64Van wierenHarmes 7/16/18337/29/1917
65VanderbeekArend J. __/__/1839__/__/1902
66VanderbeekDiena H. __/__/1851__/__/1915
67VerhoffHenry __/__/__11/10/1936Age 34y8m2d
68VerhoffVivian __/__/____/__/__

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