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Oak Creek Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/18/2018

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Raymond, NE survey done in 1930's



Total Records: 485
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AllelyThomas 7/1/18354/17/1892102 IL Inf. Cwar
2Anderson8/7/18848/12/1884d/o J. F. & May; Age 5d
3AndersonDr. Edwin 8/21/18347/17/1888h/o Lodema E.; Surgon Cwar
4AndersonJohn C. 01/20/190504/07/1905
5AndersonJohn A. 02/19/190504/07/1905
6AugElla Berniece 8/11/189111/29/1918
7AukermanElzy A. 5/21/186012/30/1931
8AukermanStella Pearl 02/25/190510/20/1885d/o E. A. &R. E.; Age 2y11m
9AustinAlbert G. __/__/18283/30/1880Age 52y6m25d; 58 IN Inf. Cwar
10BarksdaleEnoch Lewis 3/14/18757/21/1917
13BartletteJoseph L. 5/1/184412/29/1901Age 57y7m29d; Cwar
14BartonCharlie W. __/__/____/__/__Age 2 weeks; s/o J. K. & L. A.
15BartonClarence J. 4/28/19062/28/1917
16BartonClyde A. 8/13/189610/22/1930
17BartonJessie E. 2/28/18677/15/1916
18BartonPaul E. 1/11/18951/27/1918
19BartonWillie H. __/__/____/__/__Age 5y7m; s/o J. K. & L. A.
20BartzatWilliam Albert 8/16/19167/30/1917
21BastedoEsther L. 11/8/18384/18/1925
22BastedoJohn 6/30/18318/9/1912
23BastedoLionel 11/16/18633/3/1908
24BattenCharles L. 4/22/187811/13/1879
25BattenEttie T. 2/25/18753/1/1875
26BattenFrances Esther 3/1/0875__/__/__Age 5d; d/o J. L. & H. E.
27BattenJohn 9/8/18065/5/1892
28BerryJennie 9/4/18564/13/1885w/o W. T.
29BerryW. T. 1/11/18501/30/1934
30BetzMary E. __/__/__2/19/1891Age 24y19d; d/o S. & P.
31BillowsHenry A. __/__/1878__/__/1915Age 26y1m14d; s/o John Wesley & Martha Ellen
32BillowsJohn Wesley __/__/1852__/__/1930
33BillowsMartha Ellen __/__/1856__/__/1920
34BillowsPeter __/__/__7/17/1872Age 55y2m16d
35BinghamEdwin __/__/__1/21/1912Age 86y7m
36BinghamEmila __/__/__4/4/1885Age 50y4m
37BinghamWilliam __/__/__11/26/1880Age 19y4m
38BlackEdward Franklin __/__/1846__/__/1904
39BlackElizabeth Dickson __/__/1851__/__/1917
40BolarA. 5/11/18271/22/1904
41BolarFrank S. 11/23/18641/31/1933
42BolarGeorge __/__/__1/31/1900Age 6d; s/o Frank S. & Stella M.
43BolarLoyd E. __/__/__5/17/1901Age 9d; s/o Frank S. & Stella M.
44BolarMariba J. 6/25/18339/4/1594
45BolarStella M. __/__/__3/12/1901w/o F. S. Bolar; Age 25y29d
46BrasketVergie __/__/__9/12/1880d/o D. S. & M. N. ; age 1y3m12d
47BraymanCarl Eugene __/__/1921__/__/1923
48BreedenCharlie __/__/__3/8/1879Age 2m29d
49BreedenTena __/__/__2/3/1886w/o Wm Breeden; age 28y6m
50BrownAbigal Newton __/__/1805__/__/1902
51BrownAlba __/__/____/__/__5 IA Cav. CWar
52BrownMary Goodwin 7/16/28376/5/1900b. St. Marys, IN
53BundyIda 7/4/187710/20/1909
54BurghamEmma J. __/__/1880__/__/1898
55BurghamMartin A. __/__/1855__/__/1910
56CampinDaniel 10/11/185810/29/1897
57CarrElma M. 11/4/18823/24/1908d/o G. W. & A. F.
58CarrGeorge W. __/__/1844__/__/1921
59CarrMargerete __/__/__3/21/1880w/o G. W. Age 35y7mo
60CarrT. Alpha 10/19/18915/12/1915s/o G. W. & A. F.
61CarverEvert G. 11/7/18834/13/1936
62CarverRufus W. __/__/1856__/__/1910
63ChesterfieldMelvin __/__/__1/9/1881s/o Charles & Hannah; age 6y11m
64ClarkAlta J. __/__/__4/1/1887Age 18y11m
65ClarkBlanche E. 1/24/19013/7/1901d/o F. H. & J.
66ClarkEdna M. 2/13/189711/18/1903d/o F. H. & J.
67ClarkGeo. H. 10/8/18862/8/1935
68ClarkGrace B. 2/15/189511/28/1903d/o F. H. & J.
69ClarkLaura E. 3/5/18685/9/1913
70ClarkSilas 9/16/18404/13/1904
71ClarkSilas M. 1/3/18995/20/1905d/o F. H. & J.
72CombsAllen R. 7/9/18318/7/1909
73CombsFreddie A. 4/24/18784/25/1885
74CombsLydia A. 8/24/184010/13/1890
75CombsR. M. 10/16/18357/15/1915
76CombsSarah G. 2/3/18841/1/1923
77CooperTheda A. 4/22/183412/18/1881
78CoppingerSophea __/__/1840__/__/1926
79CoppingerThomas __/__/____/__/__9 MN Inf Cwar
80CourtneyJames __/__/__2/13/1899Age 57y9m27d
81CrawfordMartha J. 11/9/18513/6/1903
82CrawfordT. J. 4/3/18491/5/1904
83CurryByron L. 2/17/18366/4/1916
84CurryManorah L. 9/26/18396/2/1927
85DahlAna R. __/__/1860__/__/1923
86DahlEmil __/__/1866__/__/1937
87DairA. J. __/__/1860__/__/1923
88DanleyEmma 4/26/18421/13/1911
89DanleyGeorge 2/10/19319/9/1915
90DanleyGertrude May __/__/1908__/__/1922
91DavidsonJoseph W. __/__/__2/9/1877broken stone; age 44y5m6d
92DavidsonRosetta E. __/__/__2/9/1877w/o Joseph
93DeiganHenry __/__/__4/8/188128 MI Inf Cwar
94DenistonMelissa __/__/1853__/__/1922
95DenistonZephaniah C. __/__/1849__/__/1917
96DeturlerAdelaide E. Richards __/__/1854__/__/1900
97DeturlerHarry W. __/__/1854__/__/1916
98DorseyDallas E. __/__/1871__/__/1888
99DorseyEdith M. __/__/1878__/__/1878age 6m2d
100DorseyFrances M. __/__/1849__/__/1878
101DoubledeeHannah Snyder 7/16/18394/16/1918
102DoubledeeJames __/__/__11/27/1888Age 53y
103DouglasEffie M. __/__/__4/14/1883Age 19y5m22d
104DouglasGeorge S. __/__/__12/15/1880s/o F. W. & E. J. age 2m18d
105DouglasJohn Jay __/__/1893__/__/1921
106DouglasPeter S. 11/7/18584/26/1898
107DouglassN. Gardiner __/__/1885__/__/1922
108DoveJohn 3/9/18446/1/1913
109DoveLouis Henry 8/25/186711/14/1892Age 25y2m21d
110DulingAmy A. __/__/__1/20/1888Age 46y9m11d
111DulingBertha __/__/__8/19/1880Age 1y7m19d; d/o E. & P.
112DulingE. __/__/__4/29/1901Age 79y 12d
113DulingFloyd D. 5/8/19086/30/1908s/o H. E. & Minnie
114DulingGrace L. 12/16/19099/16/1911d/o W. E. & W. O.
115DulingHarry C. 11/25/189811/28/1898s/o B. C. & Maggie
116DulingInna __/__/__5/1/1894d/o E. & P.
117DulingJ. G. __/__/1835__/__/1907
118DulingKenneth __/__/__4/1/1901Age 1m22d; s/o H. E. & M. O.
119DulingMaud Ethel __/__/__9/22/1888Age 1y5y19d
120DulingOlly __/__/__8/14/1891Age 6y2m18d; d/o E. & P.
121DulingS. J. __/__/1834__/__/1917Mother
122DunhamAddie E. __/__/1862__/__/__
123DunhamMonroe M. __/__/1856__/__/1929
124DybbroCarl __/__/1855__/__/1930
125DybbroChristian Alfred 3/14/186910/25/1897
126DybbroMary __/__/1867__/__/__
127EarlMary M. 2/17/189410/25/1897
128EllisJacob 4/11/18081/12/1877Age 66y9m1d
129EllisSarah J. __/__/__4/9/1875Age 63y1y11d
130EmighCharles Dewitt 9/28/19078/13/1909Age 2y11m15d
131EmighDelphene A. __/__/1848__/__/1919
132EmighFranklin Clark __/__/__4/11/1917Age 5m11d
133EmighJohn C. __/__/1848__/__/__
134EnglandJ. E. 4/3/18642/19/1935
135EnglandMamie __/__/1905__/__/1909d/o J. E. & Gussie
136EnglandS. T. 4/28/18354/2/1896Age 61y
137EnglandT. E. 8/25/183510/6/1913
138EricksonAmalga 1/13/18619/23/1873
139EricksonAnna W. 5/11/186911/1/1873
140EricksonJ. F. 9/28/18387/29/1902s/o J. & E. V.
141EricksonJohn W. 6/7/187210/11/1873s/o J. & E. V.
142EricksonSelma 5/3/187010/7/1873
143FassnachtSusie Etta 4/27/18952/14/1901d/o Paul & Ida
144FisherDiana 6/22/18445/25/1932
145FisherJohn 3/1/18413/29/1909
146FlodeenEllen __/__/1872__/__/1924
147FlodeenJohn R. __/__/1895__/__/1902Age 7y
148FlodeenRichard __/__/__1/20/1902Age 6y; s/o Frank & Ellen
149FochtMelvin __/__/1858__/__/1917
150FryeSarah E. 8/24/182810/12/1898
151FryeStephen 4/28/18249/31/1901
152GallupAnnie May __/__/1864__/__/1936
153GalvinCharlotte __/__/1832__/__/1911
154GalvinEdward __/__/1827__/__/1904
155GeerG. W. __/__/1840__/__/1920
156GeerGeorge Newton __/__/1880__/__/1881
157GerdesHerman H. __/__/1857__/__/1928
158GordonIsaac __/__/____/__/__NY Heavy Art. Cwar
159Grady10/3/189210/3/1892c/o John & Frances
160GradyBernard A. __/__/__3/27/1903Age 77y4m1d
161GradyHarriett __/__/__8/26/1904Age 74y10m17d
162GriffinAnnie __/__/__2/18/1883Age 74y10m17d
163GriswoldGeo. W. 1/7/18138/30/1902
164GriswoldSilas Clark 9/16/18404/13/1904
165HabbartFrank __/__/1864__/__/1923
166HabbartGeneva 12/16/190112/13/1918
167HallJohn A. __/__/__6/10/193015 Field Arty. WWI
168HallMary L. __/__/__4/12/1887Age 32y10m3d
169HallWinnie M. __/__/____/__/__Age 10m2d
170HallWinnie May __/__/__3/9/1876Age 10m; d/o R. G. & Mary L.
171HandHannah L. __/__/1850__/__/1900
172HarlessBarbara __/__/____/__/__(d:825/1888):Age 50y3m16d
173HarlessBarbara Constance 10/23/192512/6/1925
174HarlessDaniel A. __/__/__5/5/1888Age 19y8m22d
175HarlessDaniel A. __/__/____/__/__
176HarlessEnos K. __/__/__11/5/1888Age 6y7m2d
177HarmonA. K. __/__/____/__/__Mexican War Vet
178HarmonRuth __/__/____/__/__w/o James, Sr.
179HarrisEmmett R. __/__/189403/28/1905
180HelmerAndrew __/__/__4/22/1878Age 72y6m26d
181HelmsCharlie H. __/__/__8/22/1882Ade 8y7m18d; s/o C. D. & D. E.
182HendershotGeorge W. __/__/1838__/__/190619 IN Battery Cwar
183HendershotMartha A. __/__/1838__/__/1910
185HermanceBessie M. 9/17/18864/10/1909
186HermanceElla Jeanette __/__/1859__/__/1936
187HermanceErnest A. __/__/__2/20/1884Age 1y7m
188HermanceErnest D. 7/16/18832/20/1885
189HermanceEsther __/__/1831__/__/1900
190HermanceJohn L. __/__/____/__/__h/o Esther
191HetrickDavid A. __/__/1868__/__/1924
192HetrickDinola Belle __/__/1874__/__/1924
193HetrickElizabeth F. __/__/1840__/__/1904w/o Samuel S.
194HetrickSamuel S. __/__/1840__/__/1907h/o Elizabeth F.
195HoglandCarrie E. 8/20/18734/21/1901
196HoglandCarrie E. Weller 8/20/18734/21/1901
197HornungAlva __/__/__12/13/1902Age 25y7m28d
198HornungCasper 5/26/18216/6/1877h/o Louise
199HornungEliza 9/9/18496/24/1873
200HornungEloise __/__/____/__/__

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