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Dietz Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 08/27/2018

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Description and/or Directions

Survey taken in 1930's

Total Records: 33
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1Ball__/__/____/__/1870mother & 3 children died of exposure
2BurlingMary 7/8/18788/2/1878d/o W. H. & S. E.
3BurlingSarah Ellen __/__/__5/2/1927Age 75y28d
4BurlingW. H. __/__/__9/7/1894Age 46y4m
5CharltonAddie J. __/__/1891__/__/1895
6CharltonJohn J. __/__/1846__/__/1919
7GramzowAnna W. __/__/__3/10/1879Age 25d; d/o Ch. F/ & Sophia
8HalldorsonArnfridur __/__/__10/20/1880d/o T. & J.
9HalldorsonArnfridur __/__/__8/1/1877Age 61y6m; h/o H. J.
10HalldorsonH. J. __/__/__9/1/1876Age 60y
11HalldorsonPaul J. __/__/__10/1/1880Age 25y; s/o H. J. & A.
12HalldorsonSigurdur __/__/__9/1/1880Age 21y; s/o H. J. & A.
13HartwigJohanna M. __/__/__4/10/1878Age 1y4m28d; d/o F. J. T. & J. A. S.
14HeckmanConrad H. __/__/__8/8/1880Age 7m18d; s/o S. H. & Louise
15MontgomeryDoyle 8/12/18289/26/1896
16MontgomeryMaria __/__/1834__/__/1918
17PapeMargarethe C. 7/8/18508/19/1881
18PascholdSophie __/__/__12/23/1885Age 43y11m27d
19PattonCaroline 6/7/18369/24/902w/o John
20PattonJohn 6/11/18328/15/1915
21RambowAnna __/__/__6/__/1883Age 9y4m20d
23RitzJacob __/__/__9/29/1883Age 65y
24WeberAndrew __/__/__3/9/1888Age 61y10m4d
25WeberMargarethe B. __/__/__7/22/1890Age 64y1m8d; w/o Andrew
26YappJames H. 11/8/185010/10/1901h/o Sarah Zuleme
27YeighFrederick 2/2/181810/12/1873Age 55y9m19d
28YoungA. J. 1/8/18484/24/1914b. Monroe Co., TN
29YoungCaroline __/__/__3/12/1879Age 2y7m; d/o A. J. & S. J.
30YoungEdward __/__/__3/25/1880Age 4w; s/o A. J. & S. J.
31YoungHenry Franklin 10/15/18732/11/1915s/o A. J. & S. J.
32YoungSarah J. __/__/__5/2/1898Age 54y2m7d; w/o A. J.
33YoungThomas H. __/__/__3/13/1879Age 8m; s/o A. J. & S. J.

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