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Cheney Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 10/01/2018

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Total Records: 91
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1ArnoldSarah E. __/__/18457/13/1887w/o W. H.
2BaileyMary Elizabeth __/__/1864__/__/1932
3BaileySamuel T. __/__/1860__/__/1932
4BakerLewis B. __/__/1886__/__/1925
5BakerNorma D. __/__/1875__/__/1928
6BartonJohn O. 6/13/183010/9/1899
7BinfordAnna May 5/5/18893/11/1892d/o J. N. & A. M.
8BinfordEdna __/__/18884/7/1888d/o J. N. & A. M.
9BrunsonLillian A. 1/18/18402/11/1910
10BuckleyAndrew __/__/1830__/__/1899
11BuckleyMary A. __/__/1835__/__/1925
12BuckleyRuth D. __/__/1862__/__/1919
13BuckleyWalter E. __/__/1865__/__/1909SpAmWar
14BurgeFlora A. __/__/1886__/__/1916
15CampWalter L. __/__/18805/24/1938
16ChappellIsrael Campbell __/__/1878__/__/1894
17ChappellIsrael Watson __/__/1855__/__/1922
18CooperClyde Willard 2/10/19143/7/1914
19CooperGladys Lucille 6/20/19211/15/1923
20CummingsEdmund S. __/__/1857__/__/__
21CummingsFrank L. 4/20/187912/5/1905
22CummingsLate Lewis __/__/1852__/__/1924
23DavisAnna Della __/__/18899/12/1889d/o G. O. & E. A.
24DavisEffie M. __/__/18853/3/1888d/o F. & L. J.
25DeffenbauchAnthony W. 8/27/18389/10/1895
26DillClara S. __/__/1887__/__/1917
27DillLulu E. 3/20/18881/26/1898d/o R. S. & M. J.
28DillMartha P. 1/16/18862/23/1886
29DillRobert I. 7/25/18898/19/1889s/o R. S. & M. J.
30DillRobert S. __/__/184410/30/1901
31EhlersEva B. 11/26/18864/19/1909w/o J. H.
32EllingerMary __/__/1845__/__/1912
33FrenchFannie F. __/__/183311/10/1896w/o Geo.
34FrenchGeorge __/__/18203/10/1897
35GartenAnnie M. __/__/1862__/__/1931
36GartenWilliam L. __/__/1860__/__/1916
37GibsonMrs. Virginia 9/16/18469/25/1906
38GotchallAnna 10/18/18247/19/1911w/o John
39GotchallHenry __/__/____/__/__
40GotchallJohn 1/1/18262/15/1904h/o Anna
41GoudyMartha Jane 2/27/18375/2/1913
42GoveGanda A. __/__/1844__/__/1930
43GoveGrace M. __/__/1869__/__/1936
44GoveJoshua V. __/__/1831__/__/1911
45GoveLawrence __/__/____/__/__
46GoveLois Gene __/__/1900__/__/1901
47GoveLynn __/__/____/__/__
48GoveMyrta E, __/__/1871__/__/1919
49HarperSamuel H. 2/8/18253/10/1910b. Harpersfield, NY
50HawksArthur A. __/__/1866__/__/1916
51HendrixHenry A. __/__/1851__/__/1933
52HogeAmanda 11/22/18569/14/1932w/o Isaac
53HogeHerbert 5/31/18755/23/1932NE Inf SpAmWar
54HogeIsaac 12/19/1849__/__/__h/o Amanda
55HogeNora 7/6/18779/3/1919w/o J. L.
56HustonRalph W. __/__/__3/10/1930350 Inf. WWI
57JohnsonJames E. 3/24/186211/19/1914
58JohnsonLacy 4/26/18205/21/1910h/o Lydia G.
59JohnsonLydia G. __/__/18262/25/1893
60JohnsonMattie 6/8/18583/3/1899w/o William
61JohnsonWilliam 3/17/18563/14/1900h/o Mattie
62LewisJohn __/__/1808__/__/1891
63LockeJames C. 1/28/19383/13/1901
64MacyFrances R. __/__/1870__/__/1928
65MacyLowell W. __/__/1869__/__/__
66MageeAlvin L. __/__/1880__/__/1927
67MageeAngeline __/__/1847__/__/__w/o George
68MageeFlorence V. __/__/1853__/__/1926w/o John B.
69MageeGeorge __/__/1842__/__/19061 OH Cav Cwar; h/o Angeline
70MageeJohn B. __/__/1849__/__/1899h/o Florence V.
71MartinHenrietta __/__/19008/4/1902d/o F. O. &Lucy E.
72MortonCora B. 3/1/18825/18/1891d/o L. A. & C. L.
73PhippsNewell M. __/__/1908__/__/1909
74PhippsNoble J. __/__/1884__/__/1926
75RingJ. H. 7/27/18409/5/1917h/o Mary J.
76RingMary J. 11/30/18386/18/1908w/o J. H.
77SislerJos. R. 7/3/18674/3/1891
78SislerJos. 8/25/18252/7/1902
79SislerRalph Roy __/__/18843/29/1891s/o Edward & Lizzie
80StewartM. H. 6/12/18502/27/1893
81SturdyEdgen L. 5/12/19125/13/1912s/o R. E. & F. T.
82SturdyEmily J. __/__/1868__/__/1923
83SturdyHarriet __/__/1827__/__/1904
84SturdyThomas __/__/1828__/__/1901
85TempleMaud __/__/1900__/__/1901
86TempleRuby __/__/1895__/__/1896
87TempleWilliam __/__/1867__/__/1929
88VandersliceA. M. __/__/18239/25/1887
89VandersliceJane Ellinger __/__/1836__/__/1921
90VandersliceJohn __/__/1864__/__/1932
91VandersliceR. F. __/__/18395/25/1926

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