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Cedar Hill Cemetery

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Submitted By Joy FisherThe Registry 09/25/2018

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Total Records: 145
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AlmyAbbie C. __/__/1837__/__/1918w/o Horace W.
2AlmyHorace W. __/__/1838__/__/1891h/o Abbie C.
3AvisCalbert S. __/__/18322/26/1891
4BentingElla 5/11/18583/13/1909w/o T. M.
5BirdsallElmer P. __/__/1862__/__/1936h/o Luella B.
6BirdsallLuella B. __/__/1879__/__/1902w/o Elmer P.
7BirdsallRuth M. 8/15/190111/18/1902d/o William H. & M. S.
8BrickerFrank O. __/__/18861/23/1888s/o E. A. & M. L.
9BrickerMyrtle __/__/18878/6/1887d/o E. A. & M. L.
10CalkinsAnna E. 1/9/18364/14/1917w/o W. W.
11CalkinsSarah E. 5/7/18887/9/1894
12CalkinsW. W. 11/18/18284/3/1903h/o Anna E.
13CalkinsWilliam H. __/__/18582/15/1883s/o W. & A.
15CowanAnnie E. __/__/186210/29/1883d/o J. & M.
16CowanB. A. __/__/18582/18/1896
17CowanD. J. __/__/1835__/__/1908h/o Margaret
18CowanMargaret __/__/1834__/__/1921w/o D. J.
19CoxMartin 4/29/18212/21/1886
20DurinIna A. __/__/183212/__/1892
21DurinMaria __/__/18129/2/1900
22EcklundCharles __/__/1853__/__/1934
23FarmerHenry H. __/__/18888/8/1890s/o L. E. & M.
24ForcadeAlphareta P. __/__/18661/1/1885d/o O. M. & A. E.
25ForcadeArchie E. __/__/__11/14/1882s/o O. M. & A. E.
26ForcadeFred H. __/__/18809/13/1883s/o O. M. & A. E.
27ForcadeToy L. __/__/18832/7/1885c/o O. M. & A. E.
28ForcadeVera M. __/__/18898/20/1891d/o O. M. & A. E.
29FranklinCatherine Pearl 8/21/18303/16/1906
30FranklinJulia E. __/__/184710/6/1880
31FreyLavinia 1/6/18212/7/1897
32FridayBeatrice __/__/1884__/__/1933w/o G. I.
33FullerJason __/__/18774/10/1889s/o C. W. & A. S.
35GilchristElla J. 8/22/185512/20/1895
36GrismanEunice L. __/__/188112/5/1885s/o J. & S.
37GrossErnest __/__/____/__/1881infant
38GrossJames A. __/__/1849__/__/1933
39GustafsonAndrew J. __/__/1853__/__/1933
40GustafsonLucy Irene __/__/1904__/__/1924w/o L. H.
41GustafsonMatilda A. __/__/1865__/__/1933
43HammerClaus 10/30/18951/4/1902s/o J. & P.
44HammerJohn H. __/__/1868__/__/1927
45HickelGranville __/__/18524/30/1938h/o Malinda
46HickelMalinda L. __/__/1854__/__/1930w/o Granville
47HillmanGeo. __/__/__5/8/1884
48HillmanJames D. __/__/1857__/__/1921
49HillsCyrus __/__/181011/30/1883
50HodgenJohn A. __/__/____/__/__15 IA Inf Cwar
51HowellWm. E. 2/3/18345/31/1897
52IsaacGeorge __/__/1839__/__/19172 MI Inf Cwar
53IsaacLucy P. __/__/1849__/__/1918
55JonesEdward T. __/__/19023/1/1902s/o W. J. & Nellie
56LindleyMyrtle __/__/18918/31/1892d/o T. B. & Bell
57LowellBertha A. __/__/1850__/__/1933
58LowellCharles W. __/__/1846__/__/193115 IL Inf Cwar
59LowellElinor 10/30/192510/30/1905
60LowellMary A. __/__/18548/29/1874w/o Milton S.
61LowellMaud 10/16/18711/31/1936
62LowellTruman __/__/182110/28/1891
63MartinAnn __/__/18396/28/1879w/o J. N.
64MartinJ. N. __/__/____/__/__33 WI Ivf Cwar; h/o Ann
65MartinPeter A. __/__/18671/10/1936
66MayAlbert D. 9/5/186010/16/1928
67MayCarrie E. 2/23/18644/20/1917
68McReynoldsFlorence E. 10/28/18674/27/1909w/o Willie A.
69McReynoldsWillie A. 4/18/1867__/__/__h/o Florence E.
70MeadPermelia __/__/18251/6/1879w/o Alfred
71MerrimanRoy L. __/__/18851/14/1886s/o S. & J. A.
72MillerBlanche Will __/__/18725/24/1896w/o J. S.
73MillerDavid C. __/__/1853__/__/1917
74MillerGlen E. __/__/__1/13/191840 Inf WWI
75Moon__/__/__11/14/1879infant s/o R. E. & E. C.
76MoonAugustus __/__/18752/20/1879
77MoonSilas A. __/__/18731/25/1874
78MoonTolie S. __/__/18732/18/1879
79MoonVerna __/__/18782/21/1879
80MulicaHattie A. 3/19/18753/7/1903d/o G. R. & L.
81MulicaRobert __/__/____/__/__85 IL Inf Cwar
82MyersJacob S. 3/4/18224/29/1882
83NewshamAda L. 11/2/18947/13/1902
84NewshamAdelbert M. 4/29/18639/21/1930h/o Emma E.
85NewshamAlva R. 5/18/18909/20/1896
86NewshamEllen R. __/__/18936/11/1933
87NewshamEmma E. 8/11/18714/22/1906w/o A. M.
88NewshamLee Wood __/__/1858__/__/1919
89NewshamVelma Doris __/__/19224/2/1924d/o C. M. & L. V.
90NightingaleFredrick 10/17/187811/15/1894
91NightingaleMary A. 2/10/18578/7/1904w/o W. M.
92NightingaleR. 10/2/18383/9/1901
93NightingaleW. M. 9/21/18523/17/1922h/o Mary A.
94PennyJohn T. __/__/18323/9/1886
95PennyLizzie __/__/18728/26/1874d/o J. T. & M. E.
96PierceJohn E. 7/4/18531/23/1907
97PlantzJesse W. __/__/18791/8/1886s.o J. & L.
98PowellBertie N. __/__/18838/27/1884s/o N. & S. M.
99QuickElsie Isabel 8/13/18977/17/1930
100RamshawAmelia 10/6/187110/6/1909w/o T. H.
101RamshawClyde H. 3/1/19133/30/1913
102RappJacob __/__/18422/23/1882
103SandstromA. J. __/__/1895__/__/1926
104ShelmodineMary P. __/__/18131/2/1881
105ShermanClem C. __/__/1887__/__/1918
106ShermanGeorge W. 12/24/183011/11/1916h/o Matilda
107ShermanGrace D. __/__/1888__/__/__
108ShermanMatilda 1/8/182812/19/1900w/o Geo. W.
109ShermanVernon D. __/__/18836/1/1935
110Smith8/29/19168/30/1916s/o C. C. & E. T.
111SmithEmanuel 8/9/18402/25/1890h/o Sarah L.
112SmithHarry __/__/18791/12/1886s/o E. & S. L.
113SmithIda M. __/__/1895__/__/__(d:131/1896):d/o J. B. & Mary
114SmithJohn B. __/__/18693/17/1936
115SmithSarah L. 8/9/18498/20/1925w/o Emanuel
116StootsberryEmma 3/20/18819/11/1907w/o T. M.
117StootsberryThomas M. 12/23/18765/14/1913h/o Emma
118TaylorGeo. C. __/__/18541/4/1874
119TaylorJohn T. __/__/181610/25/1901
120TaylorMartha __/__/18108/16/1894
121TraderBlanche Elizabeth 3/14/19154/18/1917d/o Wm.
122TruaxPhebe __/__/1839__/__/1925
123TruaxStillwell __/__/1834__/__/1919
124VancurenAlva __/__/186511/21/1935
125VinsonRosabel __/__/1879__/__/1887d/o J. & M.
126VinsonSophrona __/__/1884__/__/1884d/o J. & M.
128VoslerAnna __/__/1911__/__/1914
129VoslerElizabeth M. 11/9/18401/10/1908w/o John
130VoslerJohn 7/24/18311/12/1916h/o Elizabeth M.
131VoslerJosephine __/__/1913__/__/1916
132WeirOakley C. __/__/18855/18/1889
133WellsLeo J. __/__/18853/13/1887s/o N. G. & E.
134WheelerBonnie Jean 12/24/19319/19/1933
135WhislerEmeline __/__/18353/23/1898
136WillAdah M. __/__/187811/2/1884d/o G. A. & Frances
137WillAgnes S. 12/30/18506/17/1937w/o Silas L.
138WillFrances E. __/__/1851__/__/1912w/o Geo. A.
139WillGeo. A. __/__/1842__/__/1921142 PA Inf. Cwar; h/o Frances E.
140WillSilas L. 2/22/18479/1/1929h/o Agnes
141WilliamsCharles 1/19/183611/1/1918h/o Margaret J.
142WilliamsJerry F. 9/28/18824/12/1905
143WilliamsMargaret J. __/__/18476/23/1891w/o Charles
144WilliamsRuth Ellen __/__/19352/2/1936
145WinegarLucinda 8/21/18081/26/1879

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