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Svealund Cemetery

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Submitted By Kal Perry 08/22/2022

Location: Kandota Twp. Location Map   

Description and/or Directions

Svealund Cemetery is located in Section 2 of Kandota Township of Todd County. It is on high ground north of Sauk Lake and northwest of Mud Lake. The road past Mud Lake at one time was the main road from Sauk Centre to Little Sauk. The land for Svealund Cemetery was given by Charlie Hanson who lived at the farm on Mud Lake. Charlie Hanson was the grandfather of Bob Lewis (related to Sinclair Lewis). At one time, there was a church at the cemetery, the Swedish Svealund Lutheran Church, organized in 1868. It was the first Lutheran church in Todd County. The church was built in 1868 or the following year and it was perhaps the first church building in the county. The minister's name was Magni, who resided at Anoka. (source: Todd County Histories) When Rev. Erik Forsberg (1861-1925) came to the county in 1905, he divided his ministry time between Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Eagle Bend and the Svealund parish. Rev. Forsberg was of Swedish heritage and he had served other Swedish Episcopal churches in Rhode Island and Minnesota. He was interested in missions, and the congregation at Svealund was considered a mission church. The mission at Svealund was known as Trinity Church. Rev. Forsberg lived for 18 years in Kandota Township, on the shores of Sauk Lake. When he preached from the chapel in Svealund, he was able to gaze upon his daughter Emma's grave from the pulpit. Rev. Forsberg was the last minister of the church at Svealund. When the church closed, some of the congregation went to the church in Little Sauk. The church building was torn down in 1929. (source: German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, 1990, John P. Arnold) To reach Svealund Cemetery, travel north from Sauk Centre on US Highway 71 (which goes on the west side of Sauk Lake). After 6.5 miles, make a right turn on County Road 2, which is also called Diamond Point Road. Travel for about 3/4 mile before coming to the first road on the left, which is Carpenter Drive. Make a left turn on Carpenter Drive, and you'll be on a dirt road that travels along Mud Lake. Continue driving along Mud Lake, and the road comes to a farm. Before going up into the farmyard, make another left turn onto a pasture road. This road goes up a hill, ending at the gate of Svealund Cemetery. "Svea" is from an old name for Sweden. "Lund" means grove. Nels Thornbloom (1901-1992, brother of Iver Thornbloom) thought "Svealund" also meant "a strip of land near a body of water." Svealund Cemetery has also been known as Mud Lake Cemetery and German Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery.

Total Records: 66
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AndersonAlbert 01/15/188207/20/1882
2AndersonGustaf A. 02/06/188808/06/1922Anderson lot.
3AndersonJohanna __/__/1845__/__/1923Anderson lot. on same stone as Nels Anderson
4AndersonNels __/__/1833__/__/1908Anderson lot. on same stone as Johanna Anderson
5AndersonNels 06/12/183309/09/1908next to marker for Nels & Johanna Anderson
6DahlAlfrita Rossella 09/17/187205/02/1903
7EmmeckErrol E. Allma 12/22/194012/07/1972
8EmmeckGarry __/__/1939__/__/1994
9ForsbergEmma __/__/1906__/__/1907Forsberg lot.
10ForsbergJ Willhelmina __/__/1886__/__/1986Nelson/Westberg lot.
11ForsbergMother __/__/1864__/__/1939Forsberg lot.
12HansonJohann __/__/1822__/__/1896next to Emma H.Johnson
13HendricksonHoward O. __/__/1903__/__/1967on same stone as Lorraine Hendrickson
14HendricksonLorraine C. __/__/1921__/__/1985on same stone as Howard Hendrickson
15HendricksonMelvin C. __/__/1905__/__/1978
16HigginsAmanda C. __/__/1909__/__/1976Holm lot.
17HolmAdrian Orrin 12/05/192401/14/2019on same stone as Eleanor J. Holm
18HolmAlma V. __/__/1888__/__/1972Holm lot.
19HolmBetty L. 07/03/192503/10/2022Holm lot. on same stone as Gordon C Holm
20HolmCharlotte __/__/1844__/__/1928Holm lot.
21HolmClara __/__/1913__/__/1913Holm lot. Our Baby Clara dau of Simon & Alma Holm
22HolmEleanor J. 12/05/193009/06/2020on same stone as Adrian Holm
23HolmFrans __/__/1829__/__/1910Next to Johanna Holm
24HolmGordon C. 07/25/192002/14/2004Holm lot. on same stone as Betty L. Holm.
25HolmJohanna __/__/1826__/__/1893Next to Frans Holm.
26HolmNorby __/__/1962__/__/2010
27HolmSimon F. __/__/1881__/__/1963Holm lot.
28HolmesCharlotte L. 07/21/190903/31/1999on same stone as Emil R. Holmes
29HolmesEmil R. 01/12/190810/21/1999on same stone as Charlotte L. Holmes
30JohnsonAugust __/__/1838__/__/1926next to Emma H. Johnson
31JohnsonEmma H. __/__/1849__/__/1913between August Johnson and Johann Hanson
32KnutsonAlbert 05/30/184605/28/1916tall marker between Betsy Knutson and Albert Knutson flat marker
33KnutsonAlbert __/__/1846__/__/1916flat marker next to Albert Knutson tall marker.
34KnutsonBetsy __/__/1844__/__/1934next to Albert Knutson tall marker.
35MolineErik __/__/1897__/__/1905next to Josefina Moline marker is a white wooden cross with black lettering.
36MolineJosefina __/__/1857__/__/1902next to Erik Moline marker is a white wooden cross with black lettering.
37MurchEdna __/__/1908__/__/1922
38MurchElmer __/__/1910__/__/1922
39NelsonAnshelm E. __/__/1884__/__/1931Nelson/Westberg lot
40NelsonBaby __/__/1933__/__/1933
41NelsonCarl V __/__/1888__/__/1955Nelson/Westberg lot
42NelsonEmil O. K. __/__/1895__/__/1931Nelson/Westberg lot
43NelsonMary __/__/1860__/__/1942Nelson/Westberg lot
44NelsonOtto H. __/__/1844__/__/1908Nelson/Westberg lot
45PetersonA __/__/1844__/__/1917Father next to An. Peterson
46PetersonAn __/__/1846__/__/1939Mother between A. Peterson and Walfrid Peterson
47PetersonEmily __/__/____/__/__Daughter Emily near Mother/Father Peterson similar stone
48PetersonFather 06/15/182901/17/1928same stone as Peterson Mother.
49PetersonMother 08/15/183505/06/1922same stone as Peterson Father.
50PetersonWalfrid __/__/1910__/__/1911next to An. Peterson
51RasmussenEmma J. __/__/1858__/__/1928Holm lot. same stone as Louis Rasmussen.
52RasmussenLouis R. __/__/1849__/__/1914Holm lot. same stone as Emma Rasmussen.
53Rev.Forsberg Erik __/__/1861__/__/1925Forsberg lot.
54StrobeckAgneta __/__/1855__/__/1948Strobeck lot.
55StrobeckB. Oscar __/__/1848__/__/1911Strobeck lot.
56StrobeckJohn E. __/__/1892__/__/1930Strobeck lot.
57StrobeckLillian G. __/__/1895__/__/1970Strobeck lot.
58StrobeckOlivia __/__/____/__/1886Strobeck lot.
59ThornbloomIver C. __/__/1894__/__/1930Forsberg lot. on same stone as Karine Thornbloom
60ThornbloomKarine L. __/__/1896__/__/1939Forsberg lot. on same stone as Iver Thornbloom.
61WahlstrandAnna K. __/__/1829__/__/1912Wahlstrand lot.
62WahlstrandGustaf N. __/__/1853__/__/1918Wahlstrand lot.
63WahlstrandLaura C. __/__/1861__/__/1941Wahlstrand lot.
64WestbergJohn __/__/1863__/__/1935Nelson/Westberg lot
65WestbergPeter M. 05/21/185810/05/1904Nelson/Westberg lot
66YoungbergA. 06/01/190806/01/__white cross erected May July 2005

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