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Allen County, Kansas
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Confederate Burials

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Submitted By John Jackson 11/27/2019

Location: Allen County, Kansas    

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Total Records: 102
NoLastnameFirst,Middle,Maiden NamesBirthDeathPlotInscriptionsNotes
1AbbottDominicus G. __/28/1841__/03/1920Company E 101st IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
2AdamsTravis __/__/1845__/__/1926(b:'1845)(d:'1926):Company I 14th OH Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
3AlsopWilliam __/29/1844__/12/1911Company G 150th IL Infantry - - Moran - -Moran
4AndersonThomas M. __/__/1841__/__/1933(b:'1841)(d:'1933):Company D 4th MO S.M. Cavalry - - Moran - -Moran
5AndrewsWilliam H. __/19/1830__/12/1902Company K 19th OH Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
6BaileyRichard __/12/1834__/02/1915Company H 47th IL Infantry - - Moran - -Moran
7BarnettJacob __/__/1824__/__/1909(b:'1824)(d:'1909):Company I 25th OH Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
8BaxterLeander __/__/____/__/__Company B 10th MN Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
9BettisThomas __/06/1833__/08/1907Company G 12th KS Infantry - - Elsmore - - Elsmore
10BoydJohn __/__/____/__/__Company I 55th MA Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
11BuckLewis D. __/18/1841__/11/1917Company A 20th OH Infantry - - Highland - - Iola
12BurnettWilliam __/__/____/__/__Company E 41 IL Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
13BurrisJames F. __/__/____/__/__Company E 3rd MO S.M. Cavalry - - Moran - -Moran
14ChurchillJohn F. __/13/1833__/08/1908Company K 15th KS Cavalry - - Ellison - - Allen County
15ClarkBenjamin F. __/__/1839__/__/1919(b:'1839)(d:'1919):Company D 5th KS - Cavalry -- Highland -- Iola
16ClarkWilliam H. __/__/____/__/__Company B 35th MO Infantry - - Highland - - Iola
17ConnerElisha __/__/1844__/__/1932(b:'1844)(d:'1932):Company B 118th IN Infantry - - LaHarpe - - LaHarpe
18CoxPeter M. __/25/1830__/22/1882Company E 133rd IN Infantr - - Moran - -Moran
19CoyElisha __/__/____/__/__Company K 9th OH Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
20CreightonJames W. __/__/____/__/__Company K 13th IN Cavalry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
21CunninghamWilliam __/26/1837__/06/1908Independent Battery G PA Heavy Artillery -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
22CushmanIra H. __/__/____/__/__Company D 107th IL Infantry - - Mount Hope - - Humboldt
23DavisWilliam __/__/1844__/__/1935(b:'1844)(d:'1935):Company E 82nd OH Infantry - - Elsmore - - Elsmore
24DelaneyAbel __/__/____/__/__14th Battery IN Light Artillery - - LaHarpe - - LaHarpe
25DeWittGrasson __/__/1834__/08/1901(b:'1834):Company F 110th IL Infantry - - DeWitt - - Allen County
26DickinsonGeorge W. __/22/1835__/14/1919Company G 72nd IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
27DornemannLouis __/01/1830__/11/1882Company M 8th PA Cavalry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
28DowIsaac N. __/__/____/__/__Company E 4th IA Cavalry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
29DrennenBenjamin F. __/25/1832__/17/1910Company A 99th IN Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
30EllisJames W. __/28/1834__/04/1898Company B 134th OH Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
31FlackJohn W. __/__/____/__/__Company I 40th IA Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
32FosterRobert S. __/09/1845__/23/1919Company G 113th OH Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
33FoxGeorge H. __/__/1839__/__/1920(b:'1839)(d:'1920):Company K 103rd U.S.C. Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
34FredericksonNathan __/09/1844__/30/1910Company H 30th IN Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
35GrayTimothy __/__/1845__/__/1920(b:'1845)(d:'1920):Company I 135th IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
36GreenThomas C. __/__/____/__/__Company I 4th IA Cavalry -- Highland -- Iola
37HaneyAugust * 05/04/1842__/21/1922Company F 43rd IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
38HarrisonRobert G. __/__/____/__/__Company B 120th IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
39HibbsJohn __/29/1845__/19/1913Company I 40th IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
40HobartRichard __/__/1839__/__/1904(b:'1839)(d:'1904):Company C 16th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
41HottensteinJohn A. __/__/____/11/1880 13th U.S.C. Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
42IngleSamuel A. __/__/____/__/__Company A 33rd IN Infantry -- Moran - -Moran
43JefferiesAmor __/02/1844__/16/1911Company K 74th IN Infantry -- Moran - -Moran
44JewellWilliam D. __/07/1831__/30/1907Company K 12th MI Infantrry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
45JonesJames M. __/__/1834__/__/1934(b:'1834)(d:'1934):Company G 11th WV Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
46KennedyWilliam C. __/__/____/__/__Company K 5th KS Cavalry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
47KileJohn W. __/27/1837__/26/1916Company E 116th IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
48KnappWilliam M. __/__/____/__/__Company M 9th OH Cavalry -- Highland -- Iola
49KramerTobias S. __/05/1840__/02/1919Company I 5th PA Cavalry -- Moran - -Moran
50LaceyEdward D. __/__/1843__/__/1922(b:'1843)(d:'1922):Company A 17th OH Infantry -- Moran - -Moran
51LaddLeroy O. __/24/1843__/10/1915Company D 110th NY Infantry --Ellison --Allen County
52LaRueDavid __/07/1841__/13/1915Company A 6th KS Cavalry -- Moran - -Moran
53LawlerThomas M. __/16/1827__/02/1893Company I 119th IL Infantry Moran - -Moran
54LewisAlbert __/__/____/__/__Company H 17th IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
55LewisWilliam H. __/02/1838__/02/1915Company K 175th OH Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
56LytleGeorge W. __/__/1840__/__/1916(b:'1840)(d:'1916):Company E 11th MO Infantry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
57MasonAbram __/02/1838__/14/1924Company B 48th NY Infantry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
58MattocksWilliam M. __/02/1840__/27/1905Company I 9th MO S.M. Cavalry -- Moran - -Moran
59McAdamGeorge A. __/__/1840__/19/1910(b:'1840):Company G 74th OH Infantry -- Moran - -Moran
60McElroyWilliam T. __/24/1845__/17/1911Company D 196th OH Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
61McHenryHiram __/__/1842__/__/1924(b:'1842)(d:'1924):Company B 65th IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
62MeyersJohn J. __/__/____/__/__Company K 102nd IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
63MichaelHenry H. __/__/1840__/__/1926(b:'1840)(d:'1926):Company C 105th PA Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
64MilesHarvey __/__/____/__/__12th Battery IN Light Artillery -- Highland -- Iola
65MoonGeorge W. __/__/1837__/__/1925(b:'1837)(d:'1925):Company B 69th OH Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
66MooreHiram __/22/1844__/16/1912Company I 46th IN Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
67MooreJacob D. __/__/1842__/__/1923(b:'1842)(d:'1923):Company E 107th IL Infantry Moran - -Moran
68MoulesJohn M. __/__/1839__/__/1908(b:'1839)(d:'1908):Company F 15th NY Heavy Artillery -- Moran - -Moran
69MyersJames L. __/__/____/__/__Company E 16th IA Infantry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
70NashDavid F. __/__/____/__/__Company C 4th OH Infantry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
71NighIsaac __/02/1829__/17/1916Company G 115th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
72OffillJames A. __/__/____/__/__Company F 44th IL Infantry -- Highland -- Iola
73OgdenJoshua D. __/07/1840__/10/1916Company B 5th MO S.M. Cavalry -- Highland -- Iola
74PercyEdward W. __/20/1833__/15/1899Company H 14th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
75PetersIsaac __/__/____/__/__Company G 35th IL Infantry -- LaHarpe -- LaHarpe
76PorterJames T. __/18/1830__/06/1880Company F 1st MI Light Artillery Mount Hope - - Humboldt
77PylesJoshua __/__/____/__/1919(d:'1919):Company B 12th WV Infantry -- Moran - -Moran
78RedfieldRichard R. __/__/____/__/__Company K 177th OH Infantry
79RiceGeorge D. __/__/____/__/1899(d:'1899):Company M 9th KS Cavalry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
80RussellEzra R. __/__/____/__/1928(d:'1928):Company I 83rd IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
81SchurfeldHenry __/__/____/__/1922(d:'1922):Company K 21st MO Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
82ShieldsJohn T. __/18/1838__/__/1916(d:'1916):Company B 46th IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
83SleethAddison __/29/1842__/18/1912Company G 52nd IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
84SmithHenry D. __/__/____/__/1913(d:'1913):Company I 10th KS Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
85SpeakmanSmith S. __/11/1844__/22/1907Company H 91st IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
86SpencerJames M. __/01/1831__/02/1908Company A 45th OH Infantry -- Moran -- Moran
87StacyJohn L. __/__/____/__/__Company E 12th IL Cavalry -- DeWitt -- Allen County
88StewartSamuel J. __/03/1833__/19/1917Company H 10th KS Cavalry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
89TarpleyJames J. __/__/____/__/__Company F 17th IL Cavalry -- Highland -- Iola
90ThompsonGeorge R. __/__/____/__/__Company A 2nd IN Cavalry -- Moran -- Moran
91ThompsonJoseph __/__/____/__/1900(d:'1900):Company E 12th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
92TinkerAvery __/__/____/__/__Company D 110 NY Infantry -- Ellison -- Allen County
93UngerJeremiah __/__/1840__/__/1927(b:'1840)(d:'1927):Company A 36th OH Infantry --LaHarpe --LaHarpe
94VorheesAugust * __/16/1827__/28/1905Company A 5th KS Cavalry --LaHarpe --LaHarpe
95WakefiieldWilliam __/09/1824__/29/19069th KS Cavalry -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
96WallisJohn __/03/1843__/19/1916Company C 9th IN Infantry -- Moran -- Moran
97WarnerGeorge W. __/__/1836__/__/1908(b:'1836)(d:'1908):Company C146th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
98WertElnathan __/20/1839__/26/1919Company B 120th IN Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
99WilkersonNewton J. __/__/____/__/__Company G 26th KY Infantry -- Ellison -- Allen County
100WilsonJames __/__/1841__/__/1928(b:'1841)(d:'1928):Company D 25th IL Infantry -- Mount Hope - -Humboldt
101WithingtonNathan C. __/10/1833__/09/1909Company E 1st IL Light Artillery -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt
102WorickWilliam __/__/____/__/__5th Independent Battery WI Light Artillery -- Mount Hope - - Humboldt

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