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Grove Hill Cemetery

22 Cemetery Ave
Rockville, CT

***All tombstone images and text files were submitted by Susan Lang during Feb. - Nov. 2009.***

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File Description Image & Size
Abbey, Alfred, Ella, John, Emma, & Florence Image 179K
Abbey, Ella Ahern Image 86K
Abbey, Ella Ahern Image 179K
Abrahamson, Gayland R. Image 59K
Abrahamson, Helen A. Image 56K
Ackerman, Agnes A., Albert J. Image 27K
Adams, Cilfford G. Image 48K
Adams, Esther Image 78K
Adams, Henry And Edith Image 14K
Adams, Howard Image 28K
Adams, Joan H. And Robert T. Image 7K
Adams, John E. And Mary S. Image 13K
Adams, Mary Josephine Image 1416K
Adams, Thomas Ritter Image 29K
Adams, Walker, Josephine L,, Gloria A. Image 8K
Affricano, Gloria Image668
Affricano, June A. and Benjamin F. Image669
Affricano, Santo and Rebecca Image670
Ainsworth, Family (Emily, Joseph, Mary Jane) Image296K
Albrecht, Ernest Image 291K
Albrecht, Family Image 275K
Albrecht, Father Image 274K
Albrecht, Mother Image 292K
Allard, Richard L. Image 7K
Allen, Carrie May Image 178K
Allen, Eva Broder Image 9K
Allen, Frank, Luella J. Image 32K
Allen D.D.S., George Willard Image 266K
Allen, Jason, Louise S. Edmunds Image 13K
Allen, Leverett T. Image 263K
Allen, Matilda P. Image 84K
Allen, Roy Image 84K
Alson, Doreen E. Image671
Alson, George Lewis Image672
Alson, Reginald And Janette Image 8K
~~Am~~ ***
Amende, Albert Image 15K
Amende, Bertha Image 18K
Amende, Moritz Image 17K
Anderson, Alexander N. Image674
Anderson, Lizzie Brown Image 264 K
Anderson, Pliny S. Image 282 K
Anderson, Pliny Lowell Image 269 K
Andre, Marie and Donald andre673gph.jpg
Andre, Emma T. Image 35K
Andross, William W. & Julia Image 21K
Angell, Gideon, Emma, Gertrude Image 286 K and Image 292 K
Angell, Grace I. angell676gph.jpg
Anthony, James H. and Beatrice B. anthony677gph.jpg
Aniello, John and Martha A. aniello700gph.jpg
Antonelli, William J. Image 38K
Apel, Conrad Image 16K
Apel, Mary F. Image 271K
Archer, Rosalie Anna Image 7K
Armstrong, Thomas J. and Elizabeth F. armstron680gph.jpg
Arn, Frederick and Helen arn679gph.jpg
Arnold, Alice L. arnold678gph.jpg
Arnold, George & Katherina Image 6K
Arnold, Mary Louise Image 28K
Arzt, Clara E. Image 29K
Arzt, Ernest A. And Hazel A. Image 18K
Arzt, Ida C. And Paul Image 16K
Arzt, Myrtle L. Image 17K
Arzt, Rinalda And Wilfred Image 29K
Ashton, Martha Laske Image 293 K and Image291 K
Ashton, Samuel and Fanny Image 292 K and Image 184 K
Ashton, Samuel Image 288 K
Atherton, Hazel Dolan Image 29K
Atkinson, Arthur O. Image 26K
Auclair, Romeo And Jill Image 69K
Austin, Grace A. Westcott Image 67K
Avery, Cherl-lyn And Lewis Image 25K
Avignon, Elizabeth Image 13K
~~B~~ ***
Babcock, Frederick E. Image 95K
Babcock, Virginia And Frederick Image 67K
Backofen, Anna Image 63K
Backofen, Family Image 264K
Backofen, Harry W. Image 71K
Backofen, Herman E. Image 292K
Backmann, Bertha Image 36K
Backmann, Christian William Image 17K
Backmann, Wilhelmiene Kranert Image 18K
Badmington, Alice W. Image 263K
Badmington, Edward Francis Image 263K
Badmington, Rodney W. Image 106K
Bailey, Family Image 280K
Bailey, John And Mary Image 13K
Baker, Albert Image 8K
Baker, Jane And Albert Image 7K
Baker, William G. and Helen M. baker702gph.jpg
Baldwin, Janet M. And Norman E. Image 61K
Bankin, Mary Image 272K
Baraw, Durward C. and Muriel A. baraw703gph.jpg
Baraw, Durward C. (military footstone) baraw704gph.jpg
Barbera, Jack J. and Alba Nardi barbera705gph.jpg
Barber, Forrest R. Image 277K
Barber, George E. And Jennie A. Image 30K
Barbero, John R. And Dorothy Image 28K
Barnes, Albert And Mary Image 15K
Bartlett, Nelson W. And Edna M. Image 59K
Bartlett, Nelson W (military footstone) bartlett707gph.jpg
Bartlett, William Image 283K
Bassett, Lorraine H. bassett708gph
Bassham, Charles N. And Rolene V. Image 32K
Batten, William Image 27K
Batz, Anton Image 13K
Batz, Elizabeth A. Image 54K
Beam, June Louise Image 276K
Beaumont, Albert Image 115 K
Beaumont, Mary Butterfield Image 34K
Beaverstock, Lester H. Image 120K
Becker, Michael and Amelia Image 80K
Beckwith, Ivan R. beckwith709gph
Beebe, Alfred And Kathleen Image 89K
Beebe, Juliana H. Image 103K
Beebe, Lois V And Earl H Image 94K
Beebe, Theodore, Ann and Naomi Image 300K and Image 182K
Beestin, Michael A. Image 285K
Beinhauer, Anne Image 192K
Beinhauer, Family Image 82 K
Beinhauer, Father Image 113 K
Beinhauer, John Image 111K
Beinhauer, Mother Image 108 K
Beinhauer, Myrtle Image 112 K
Belding, Alvah Norton Image 298K
Belding, Earl Image 288K
Belding, Frederick Image 185K
Belding, Helen Maxwell Image 202K
Belding, Lizzie S. Image 15K
Belding, Victoria Image 227K
Bell, John A. Image 113K
Bell, Mary and Everett Image 29.5K
Bellchamber, Carl J. Image 112K
Bellis, Claire J. And Joseph J. Image 89K
Bellis, Joseph J. Image 99 K
Benedict, Richard And Emma Image 203K
Bennett, Ira And Lucy Image 290K
Bennett, Philo And Abigail Image 295K
Bennett, George Melvin Image 79K
Bennett, Virginia Maynard and George Melvin Image 92K
Benson, Carl E. Image 123K
Benton, Hazel And Neal Image 31K
Berger, George J. And Josephine Bigda Image 32K
Bernhard, Agnes Image 86K
Bernhard, Charles Image 90K
Bernhard, Walter H. Image 32K
Berrer, Carl Image 32K
Berrer, Ella F. Image 102K
Berry, Evelyn H. Image 101K
Bertel, Karl Image 297K
Berthel, August Image 221K
Berthel, Antoine P. Image 297K
Berthold, Margaret and Walter Kurt berthold710gph
Bever, August, Elizabeth and Emma Image 27K
Bickel, Amelia W. Image 95K
Bickford, Gloria M. And Earle H. Image 118K
Bieu, Elizabeth Image 112K
Bika, Joseph Image 110K
Billings, Arlene E. billings712gph
Billings, Joann and Raymond (front) and billings210 (back) Image 81K(front) and Image 84K (back)
Billings, Ralph L. billings711gph
Bilow, John F. and Eva L. Image 62K
Bilson, Henry, Sarah and Ima Image 87K
Bindhammer, Henry And Katherine Image 93K
Binheimer, Raymond C. and Amelia M. binheime681gph
Bissell, Alice B. Image 104K
Bissell, Arthur T. Image 106K
Bissell, Christiana J. Image 107K
Bissell, Harriet Image 94K
Bissell, Katherine Image 100K
Bissell, Lebbeus Image 99K
Bissell, Lebbeus F. Image 99K
Bissell, Lucy A. Image 92K
Blake, Harriet B. blake689gph
Blaney, Frances And David Image 86K
Blank, Frederick C. Image 48K and Image 46K (closeup)
Blank, Marie P. Image 80K
Blankenburg, Fred R. Image 99K
Blankenburg, Richard Image 111K
Blinn, Shirley and Phillip Image 97K
Bock, Elizabeth And John Image 87K
Bogdan, Stefanida And Alexander Image 113K
Bogdonovich, Franciska And Vitolt Image 79K
Bohenko, George H. and Marie M. bohenko713gph
--Bohenko, George H. (military marker) bohenko714gph
Bohle, Frank Image 119K
Bohme, Martha, Bernhard, Bernie Image 103K
Boney, Holly Jeanne Image 76K
Bonnett, Louis A. Image 92K
Bonney, Catherine D Image 93K
Bonney, Harvey J. Image 105K
Bonniksen, Asmus and Rose bonnikse715gph
Booth, Antony, Angela, John Image 94K
Boothroyd, Charles Edward Image 93K
Boothroyd, Dorothy Pihl Image 93K
Boothroyd, John And Sarah Image 95K
Boron, John Image 111K
Boron, Joseph And Mary Image 112K
Boron, Stanley W Image 116K
Borst, Bertha Image 119K
Borst, Karl F. Image 87K
Bostrom, Svea I. bostrom716gph
Bottomley, Charles And Lucy Image 81K
Bottomley, Son And Daughter Image 93Kand Image 43K (closeup)
Boucher, Anne D. Image 100K
Boucher, Robert E. Image 100K
Bowers, Carl and Elsie Image 95K
Bowman, Paul And Harriet Image 72K
Boyle, Doris And Leonard Image 113K
Brache, Ellen A. Image 49K
Brache, Evelyn B. Image 35K
Brache, Margarethe Image 64K
Brache, Martha Eva Image 49K
Brache, Max R. Image 37K
Brache, Paul, Bertha, Auguste Image 35K
Bradley, Abbie M. Image 44K
Bradley, Eugene And Ida Image 86K
Bradley, Henry J. Image 42K
Bradley, James Robert Image 91K
Bradley, James R (military footstone) Image 113K
Brandenberg, Emma And William Image 95K
Bray, Joseph C. bray718gph
Brennan, Charles T. brennan719gph
Brenner, Christine Image 85K
Brigham, Adelaphene Image 110K
Brigham, Francis M. Image 34K
Brigham, Frank M., Aema F., And Rodney L. Image 91K
Brigham, George N. Image 114K
Brigham, Rodney L. Image 104K
Bronson, Chester K. Image 85K
Bronson, Hildegarde Image 293K
Bronson, Jennie Kesses Image 85K
Bronson, Melvin Image 85K
Bronson, Percy M. Image 96K
Bronson, Warren And Caroline Image 55K
Bronson, Warren Image 101K
Brooks, Charles, Evelyn, Lucy, Lillian, Cora, Ella And Myrtle Image 80K
Brooks, George and Mary Ellen brooks720gph
--Brooks, George (military marker) brooks721gph
Brose, Charles H. And Caroline A. Image 109K
Brough Sr, George H. Image 117K
Brough, Rose Marie Image 120K
Brown, Anna L. And Clarence T Image 90K
Brown, Elaine L., Joseph N., Steven M. Image 90K
Brown, Helen D. brown722gph
Brown, Irving A. Image 103K
Brown, Irving A., Kathryn, And Gleason A. Image 81K
Brown, John N.., Hazel M., Bryon H. Image 98K
Brown, Russell S. And Kathleen Image 108K
Brown, Scott And Dorothy Image 84K
Browning, Rilla M. And Bradford J. Image 100K
Bruge, Bessie Image 85K
Bruge, Edward Image 99K
Bruge, Emma J Image 103K
Bruge, Francis Image 96K
Bruge, George E. Image 88K
Bruge, Mortimer R. Image 91K
Bruge, Walter Angur And Emma J. Image 74K
Brunelle, Clarence F. brunelle724gph
Brunelle, Elizabeth Image 17K
Brunelle, Winona M. brunelle723gph
Bruske, Louise And Friedrich Image 65K
Bruske, Wilhelm, Wilhelmine, Wilhelm F. Image 39K
Buckminister, Elwin C. Image 117K
Buckminister, Henry, Ellen A., Martha Eva Image 35K
Buckminister, Lillian E. Image 86K
Buckminister, Lillian E. And Carlton L Image 112K
Buckminister Legge, Faith B Image 118K
Bulger, Francis And Joan Image 91K
Bull, Mark D. Image 83K
Bunce, Audrey E. bunce725gph
Burch, Russell C. And Rose M Image 99K
Burger, Anna Image 71K
Burger, George J. Image 88K
Burger, Joseph J. And Anna Image 69K and closeup
Burke, Joan C., William L. And Marjorie H. Image 76K
Burkhardt, Bertha Image 83K
Burkhardt, Carl Image 79K
Burkhardt, Katherine Image 75K
Burkhardt, Oscar H Image 79K
Burkhardt, Walter A. Image 97K
Bush, H. George, Anna And Hattie Image 78K
~~C~~ ***
Cady, William H., Emma J. And Charles L. Image 63K
Caldwell, Maxine And James Image 100K
Cameron, Annie S. Image 96K
Cameron, Donald C. Image 79K
Cameron, Family Image 48K
Cameron, John And Ann Image 48K
Cameron, John P. Image 97K
Cameron, Lizzie Image 90K
Campolongo, Doris Image 117K
Campolongo, Ernest Image 114K
Candito, Edward C. and Etta candito726gph
Carlson, Ax, Jeannie, Oscar, and Ida Image 108K
Carlson, John G. Image 112K
Carney, Virginia carney745gph
Caros, Achilles N. and Martha C. caros727gph
Carpenter, William, Emma, William, Emma Image 70K
Carroll, James H. Image 80K
Carroll, John M Image 40K
Carrow, Forest W Image 102K
Carrow, Stella And Forest Image 107K
Carson, David Hale Image 87K
Carson, David I. Image 87K
Carson, George Stickney Image 74K
Carvey, Daniel And Esther and photo #323 (front) Image 62K (back) and Image 88K (front)
Carvey, Glen D Image 100K
Cary, Marjorie And John Image 105K
Chadwick, Anna Enes Image 126K
Chadwick, George and Anna Image 87K
Chadwick, George Image 128K
Chamberland, Joseph G. chamberl730gph
Chambers, Raymond chambers731gph
Chapdelaine, Arlene E. Image 114K
Chapdelaine, Dennis E. Image 115K
Chapdelaine, John L. Image 107K
Chapman, Delores chapman750gph
Chapman, Gregory Rodman chapman751gph
Chapman, Naomi Corbin chapman755gph
Chapman, William N. chapman758gph
Chapel, Frank R. and Sadie A. Iamge 100K
Chapin, Loan A. Image 69K
Chapman, Buell I. Image 117K
Chapman, Harold L. Image 107K
Chapman, Lewis H. Image 103K
Chapman, Mae Image 105K
Chapman, Novatus and Lucia Image 71K
Chapman, Viola and Wm. Image 92K
Chapman, William H. and Minerva F. Image 57K
Charter, James M. Image 90K
Chittenhelm, George and Justina chittenhelm682gph
Chittenhelm, George chittenhelm683gph
Chittenhelm, Joseph chittenhelm684gph
Ciechowski, Frank William and Mildred ciechows685gph
Clark, Elaine Marilyn and Charles Ernest clark688gph
Clark, Joann W. clark686gph
Clarke, Lillian A. and Harold F. clarke690gph
Classon, Arvida H. and Nils E. classon692gph
Clifford, Martin J., Martha E., Ralph M. and Alice clifford693gph
Cowan, Fred Image 16K
Clift, Albert T. clift694gph
Clift, Anna clift695gph
Clough, Eliza clough696gph
Clough, Walter clough698gph
Cobb, Viram and Eben Henry cobb699gph
Cogswell, Alice M. and Katheringe cogswell732gph
Cogswell, W. H. and Harry B. cogswell734gph
Cogswell, Wm. T. and Maria cogswell735gph
Collins, Donna M. collins737gph
Collins, Susan J. collins736gph
Comenale, Nelson comenale738gph
Commo, Clyde H. commo740gph
Conger, Susan G. conger739gph
Conway, Lester conway747gph
Cook, George cook748gph
Cook, Vern H. cook749gph
Clift, Albert clift694gph
Clift, Anna T. clift695gph
Corbin, Ida S. corbin752gph
Corbin, J. Arthur corbin753gph
Corbin Jr., John A. corbin754gph
Corbin, Ruth corbin756gph
Corbin, Sadie corbin757gph
Corcoran Jr., Russell T. corcoran759gph
Cosman, Paul E. cosman760gph
Courtemanche, Roger R. courtema761gph
Crafts, Louis E. crafts762gph
Crans, Raymond crans763gph
Crosby, John H. And Abigail crosby764gph
--Crosby, Abigail B. crosby765gph
--Crosby, John H. crosby766gph
Cross, August cross767gph
Cuzman, Arthur F. cuzman768gph
Cyr, Stacey Gayle cyr769gph
~~D~~ ***
Daglish, James Image 89K
Dancosse, John D Image 296K
Danziger, Maurice danziger770gph
Danke, Carl And Emilie Image 71K
Danke, Otto Image 72K
Darico Jr, Andrew Image 106K
Darico, Andrew And Michael Image 90K
Darico, Morris darico771gph
Dart, David F And Susan R Image 78K
Dart, Olive And George Image 100K
Dauphin, Armand E. dauphin774gph
David, Garland Eric Image 93K
Davies, Anna Image 117K
Davies, Henry Image 109K
Davis, Arthur B., Eleanora E. Ad Eliza davis772gph
Davis, Edwin P Image 102K
Davis, Edwin, Laura And Frank Image 108K
Davis Ray A. davis773gph
Dawley, Edwin Alling dawley775gph
Dawson, Gilbreath dawson776gph
Dawson, Susan dawson-susan
DeCarli, Anthony decali778gph
DeCarli, Doris M. decali779gph
DeHoff, Anna dehoff782gph
Deschamplain, David Joseph, Jr. deschamplain-david
Dewey, Sally Ann dewey780gph
Durfee, Thomas And Harriet Image 80K
~~E~~ ***
Eckhardt, Christine E. Image 95K
Eckhardt, William C. Image 101K
Edmunds, Jane S. Image 81K
Emery, Philip L. Image 35K
~~F~~ ***
Fant, Mary H. fant679gph
Ferguson, Thomas And Margaret Image 75K
Fisk, Dorothy Image 146K
~~G~~ ***
Gibson, Anthony and Sarah Image 56K
Gray, Rosalie Anna Image 54K
Griswold, Eva Image 99K
~~H~~ ***
Haling, Family Image 81K
Haling, Randall, Mary, Nellie, Ella, Mabel Image 80K
Halmers, Gladys V. And Clemence A. Image 84K
Hammond, Allen And Orra Image 69K
Hammond, Allen Image 79K
Hammond, Augusta B. Image 85K
Hammond, Catherine Burr Image 102K
Hammond, Charles Hubbard Image 106K
Hammond, Family Image 72K
Hammond, George, Minnie, Sarah Image 36K
Hammond, Hattie C. Image 69K
Hammond, Joseph Churchill, Jr. Image 236K
Hammond, Lois C. Image 78K
Hammond, Lois C Image 78K
Hammond, Ronald L. And Patricia A. Image 109K
Hanel, Amelia Image 71K
Hanel, David Image 61K
Hanel, Gustave, Anna, Amelia And David Image 48K
Hanko, George J. Image 104K
Hanko, Susan And George Image 113K
Hanley, Ada N. And Edward H. Image 93K
Hansen, Ethel K And Frederick P Image 91K
Hansen, Frederick Peter Image 109K
Hansen, George And June Image 102K
Hardenbergh, Bertha Image 81K
Hardenbergh, Frank Eddy Image 84K
Harding, Mary H. And Frederick E, Image 86K
Harlow, Franklin C And Dorothy K Image 118K
Harned, Dale Image 118K
Harrington, Carrie Image 91K
Harrington, Charles C. Image 99K
Harrington, E. Wilmoth Image 87K
Harrington, Ellery W. Image 69K
Harrington Family (Gilbert and Martha) Image 69K
Harrington, Gilbert Image 88K
Harrington, Harriet M. Image 104K
Harrington, Howard E. Image 97K
Harrington, Martha S. Image 91K
Harrington, Susie A. Image 89K
Harris, Charles, Rhoda A. Lynde and M. Eva Simmons Image 45K
Harris, Charles and Rhoda Image 72K
Harris, M. Eva Image 68K
Hartenstein, Mary Image 104K
Hartmann, Otto Henry Image 106K
Haun, Edith Image 94K
Haun, Ralph H. Image 80K
Hawley, Clifford H. and Mercedes Land Image 103K
Hawley, Clifford H. Image 106K
Hayden, Gaye and Jan Image 83K
Hayden, Jan Vernon Image 99K
Heimerdinger, Arthur and Minnie Image 114K
Helm, Cora and Edward Image 109K
Henry, Abby E. Image 94K
Henry, Edward Fish Image 100K
Henry, E. Stevens Image 95K
Henry, Eliza A. Image 96K
Henry, Esther Image 96K
Henry, Lenore Image 90K
Hincks, Rose Marie and Harold Arthur hincks687gph
Hoffman, Mary Elizabeth Image 67K
Hope, Margaret And Stanley Image 77K
Hslany, Charles W. Image 107K
~~J~~ ***
Jackson, Edward S. Image 99K
Jackson, Harriet Image 89K
Johnson, David, Valerie and Alice (mother) Image 86K
~~K~~ ***
King, Albert And Lillian Image 17K
King, Albert J, Maria, Albert Edgar Image 62K
King, Carrie Image 83K
King, Georgie E. Image 19K
King, Harvey B. Image 20K
King, Harvey Image 82K
King, Kate L. Johnson Cogswell and Kate M. [Cogswel] king733gph
King, Mabel T. Image 78K
King, Sarah Image 82K
Kothe, August Image 109K
Kothe, Mary C. Beinhauer Image 109K
Kramer, Genevieve carney745gph
Ladd, Julia Hannah Image 84K
Lane, Walter And Anna Image 90K
Lee, Fred W., Joyce, and Fred W., Jr. Image 85K
Lee, Fred W. "Bill", Jr. Image 62K
Levitsky, Agnes Rose Image 15K
Levitsky, Willaim and Richard Allen Image 15K
MacLean, Edwin, Nancy Amelia, and Julia Image 50K
Macfarlane, Douglas W. Image 87K
Magdefrau, Albert and Emma Image 109K
Magdefrau, August And Hermine Image 58K
Magdefrau, Christiane B. Image 88K
Magdefrau, David Image 101K
Macdefrau, Family Image 222K
Magdefrau, Frances and Richard Image 99K
Magdefrau, Frederick W. Image 89K
Magdefrau, Harold and Caroline Image 101K
Magdefrau, Frances E. And Richard H. Image 99K
Magdefrau, Harold And Caroline Image 101K
Maloon, Bonnie And Walter Image 82K
McCormick, Arline carney745gph
Mckeegan, Richard K. Image 76K
Maloon, Bonnie and Walter Image 82K
Metcalf, James H. and Mary E. Image 100K
Novak, Joseph F. and Ruth E. Image 100K
Patton, Sarah E. Image 56K
Petig Sr, Frederick Image 166K
Petig, William F. And Margaret Image 20K
Rikohl, Lester And Isabelle Image 13K
Russell, Jeanie B. Image 48K and close up: Image 87K
Schmidt, Johanna Image 97K
Schulz, Carlton W. Image 113K
Seldon, Edith W. Image 82K
Selden, Lavinia F. Image 38K
Selden, Thomas And Harriet Image 15K and close up: Image 37K
Seymmour, Ellen Bancroft Image 24K
Seymour, Buel Image 83K
Stuart, Josephine (ADAMS tombstone) Image 14K
Swindells, Emily B. Image 98K
Taylor, Ethel Image 35K
Taylor, George A. Image 35K
Vater and Wishek, William, Minnie
and Joseph, Bertha, Frederick, Elsa Toot

Image 88K
Vater, Joseph and Bertha Image 91K
Vater, Otto Image 93K
Vater, William And Minnie Image 96K
Vaughn, Robert T Image 104K
Vespasiani, Orlando T Image 90K
Viens, Mary And Donald Image 94K
Vinton, William W. Image 96K
Vinton, William, Louisa, Infant Son, Flora Image 86K
Vitkus, Colleen And August Image 86K
Vogt, Michael And Catherine Image 109K
Wagner, Eleanor J Image 118K
Wagner, Jacob And Margaretha Image 84K
Waidner, Charles J Image 38K and closeup: Image 298K
Waite, Laura G Image 94K
Waite, Lester F. Image 95K
Wakefield, Mary And Walter Image 87K
Walker, Maria Bennett Image 70K
Walker, Viola M Image 89K
Walter, Eva L. Image 99K
Walter, Frederick G Image 95K
Walter, George And Harriet Image 42K
Waltman, Carolyn And James Image 99K
Waltz, Augusta Image 100K
Waltz, Irwin J Image 44K
Waltz, Jacob And Caroline Image 77K
Waltz, John F. Image 100K
Waltz, Lester Image 48K
Waltz Weigel, Family Image 79K
Waterman, C. Porter, Lectana, And Eliza Image 80K
Webb, Georgia Elizabeth Image 290K
Weber, Frank Image 98K
Weber, Frederick And Susanna Image 49K
Weber, George J Image 100K
Weber, George And Frieda Image 99K
Weber, Henry Image 109K
Weber, Lena Image 92K
Weber, Ludwig, Susanna And Frederick Image 49K
Weber, Meta Enes Image 115K
Weber, Mildred Hirth Image 98K
Weber, Minnie Image 56K
Weber, Nancy And Edward Image 109K
Weber, Naomi And Edward Image 112K
Weber, Russell Image 94K
Weber, William And Mary Image 95K
Wecal, Basil, Helen, And Sandra Image 85K
Weigel, Benjamin And Anna Image 97K
Weigel, Frank, Max, Emma And Amelia Image 95K
Weigel, Henry, Carrie, Russell, Dorothy And Cary Image 82K
Weigel, Russell A Image 91K
Weigold, Frederick And Bertha Image 51K
Weigold, William C. Image 65K
Weller, Kenneth And Doris Image 104K
Wells, Raymond And Vesta Image 68K
Werner, Carl And Ernestine Image 73K
West, Jennie And Alban Image 96K
West, Mary Ann And Herbert Image 97K
Westbrooks, Dawn G. Image 101K
Westcott, Olive Quinn Image 101K
Westcott, Richard N. Image 97K
Wexelman, Lois E. Image 88K
Weythe, Jane E. Image 94K
Weythe, Louise Maude Image 92K
Weythe, William Image 95K
Weythe, William Image 91K
Whatley, Lulu L Image 85K
Whatley, Samuel and Anna Image 91K
Whatley, Thomas And Maria Image 91K
Whatley, Willie And Louisa J. Image 83K
Wheelock, Howard A. Image 94K
Wheelock, Mary And William Image 108K
Wheelock, Pamela And William Image 99K
Wheelock, Rose G. Image 106K
White, Barbara And Edward Image 108K
White, Ivory E. Image 82K
White, Sheila M. Image 108K
Whitehead, Shirley And Frank Image 93K
Wieliczka, Yvonne And Edwin Image 107K
Wilcox, Linda And Ralph Image 97K
Wilcox, Olive J. Image 111K
Wilcox, William A. Image 108K
Wildekopf, Paul, Marie And Ida Image 48K
Wildekopf, William Image 67K
Williams, Millie J Bartlett Image 91K
Wishek, Frederick And Elsa Image 94K
Wood, Helen Image 65K
Yanke, Arno and Bernice Image 96K
Yanke, Beatrice And Arno Image 85K
Yost, Catherine F. Image 110K
Yost, Father Image 89K
Yost, John Image 98K
Yost Jr, Martin Image 100K
Yost, Mother Image 89K
Yost, Mother, Father, Martin, John Image 82K
Young, Frederick M Image 44K
Young, Frederick P Image 58K
Young, Frederick W Image 88K
Young, Thomas James Image 89K
Zekov, Thomas Image 76K
Zschirpe, August Image 92K
Zschirpe, Hattie Image 87K
Zuehkle, Theodor And Emilie Image 67K
Zwick, Beatrice Dunkle Image 103K
Zwingelstein, Louis And Beverly Image 73K

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