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Grove Street Cemetery & Grove Street Wall

WALL TOMBSTONES -- Grove Street Cemetery; New Haven, Connecticut
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Tombstone Image
aa-stun063 ???STUN, Ser??? John
September, 2003
Nareen Lake
aa-sup064 ???SUP, John    
adye065a ADYE, Aner #1 and #2    
allcock066 ALLCOCK, Thomas    
alley067 ALLEY, William    
alling068 ALLING, Cap. Jonathan    
alling069 ALLING, John    
alling070 ALLING, Jesse    
alling071 ALLING, Mabel    
alling072 ALLING, Sarah    
alling073 ALLING, Oliver    
alling074 ALLING, Susanna    
alling075 ALLING, Ebenezer    
allsup076 ALLSUP, Joseph    
alsup077 ALSUP, Elizabeth 29 Aug 1693 Ms ELIZABETH ALSUP/ AGED 68 DECEASED/ AUGUST 29: 1693
attwater078 ATTWATER, Elisha 14 Feb 1768 Elisha Son of/ Mr. Jonathan/ & Mrs. Sarah/ Attwater/ Died Feb'ry 14th/ 1768 Aged 9 Years/ "Patient in Sickness/ Resigned in Death"
attwater079 ATTWATER, Hannah 13 Apr 1757 In Memory/ Of Mrs. Hannah/ Attwater wife of/ Mr. David Attwater Jur /who departed this/ Life April ye 13th 1757
attwater080 ATTWATER, Ruth 6 Oct 1739 Here lies ye Body/ of Ms Ruth Attwater ye Daughter of Mr David & Mrs. Tabitha Attwater/ Who Departed this/ life Oct ye 6 1739/ aged 20 years
attwater081 ATTWATER, Dinah can't read Here lies ye Body/ of Mrs. Dinah/ Attwater Wife/ of Mr. James Attw-/ater (can't read the rest)

ATWATER, David #1

ATWATER, David #2

28 Apr 1777 In Memory of Mr. David Atwater/ a noted Apothecary/ a valuable Member of Society/ just & upright in his Dealings/ generously beneficient to the Public/ definitely charitable to the Poor/ A Kind & amiable Husband/ a faithful Friend/ & a firm adovaile? for his Country/ in defence of when he fell a Volunteer/ in the Battle of Campo Hill/ April 28 AD 1777 AE 41 (2 pictures)
atwater083 ATWATER, James & Elisabeth 10 July 1766 Here Lies the Body of/ Mr. James Atwater who/ Died July 10th 1766 in the/ 69th year of His Age/ Also the Body of Mrs. Elisa-/ Beth Atwater his wife/ who ______2 in/ _____age
atwater083a can't read (On stone with James Atwater)
atwater084 ATWATER, Abigail 9 Jan 1769 In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigail/ Relict of Mr/ Daniel Atwater/ Who Died Jan/ 9 1769 In Her/ 77th Year
atwater085 ATWATER, ???ina 4 Oct 1743 In Memory of/ _____ina/ Relict of David/ Atwater who/ Died Octír ye 4th/ AD 1743/ aged 60 years
atwater086 ATWATER, Abigail 3 Feb 1795 In Memory of Abigail Atwater/ Consort of/ Mr Stephen Atwater/ Who departed this Life/ Febíry 3rd 1795 in the/ 88th year of Her Age/ "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
atwater088 ATWATER, Samuel 17 Sep 1742 Here Lyes Ye/ Body of Mr/ Samuel Atwater/ Died Septír Ye/17th 1742 Aged/ 78 years
atwater089 ATWATER, Abel <image corruped> 2 Apr 1744 Abel Son/ of Mr Daniel/ Atwater/ Died April/ Ye 2d 1744/ Aged 9 Years
atwater090 ATWATER, Stephen 16 Sep 1742 Stephen Ye/Son of Mr./ Stephen Atwater/died Sepír/ 16th 1742 in/ye 10th year of/his age
atwater091 ATWATER, Stephen Jan 173? In Memory of/ Mr Stephen/ Atwater who/ Died January the ? 173? (could be 7)
atwater092 ATWATER, Elizabeth none  
atwater093 ATWATER, H 12 July 1717 ____H/ Wife of/ _____D/ Atwater Died/ July 12 1717/ Aged 26 Years
atwater094 ATWATER, Elijah 30 July 1731 Elijah/ the son of/ James Atwater/ dyed July ye/ 30th 1731 Aged/ 1 Year & 6 months
atwater095 ATWATER, Samuel 19 Oct 1713 Samuel/ Son of/ Mr Samuel/ Atwater Died/ October 19 1713/ Aged 21 Years
atwater096 ATWATER, Abigal 17 Dec 1740 Abigal Daugh/ of Mr Daniel/ Atwater died/ Descemb'r ye/ 17? 1740 in (underground)
austin097 AUSTIN, Elijah 23 June 1794 In Memory of/ Elijah Austin/ who died June 23rd 1794/ aged 43 years



AUSTIN, Hannah and Elizebeth 4 Sep 1774 In Memory of Hannah who/ died Septír 4th 1774 aged - years// Children of Deacon David & Mary Austin
austin098a 9 Sep 1774 & Elizabeth who died/ Septír 9th 1774 aged 9 years//Children of Deacon David & Mary Austin
austin099 AUSTIN, Mr. Stephen and Martha Nov 174? Stephen ye/ Son of Mr/ Stephen &/ Mrs Martha Austin died/ Novír ye ?/ 174?/ aged 7 years
  None (on same stone with Martha)

AUSTIN, Stephen & Martha

None (may be a footstone for both)
austin101 AUSTIN, Anna 10 Nov 1790 In Memory of Anna/ the Daughter of Mr/ Jonathan & Mrs/ Sarah Austin/ Who died Novembír/ 10th 1790 aged 1 year
austin102 AUSTIN, Sarah None Sarah/ Daughter of/ Deacon David/ & Mrs. Mary Austin
austin103 AUSTIN, Unknown None Can only read "Austin"
austin104 AUSTIN, Stephen 8 Aug 1744 Ste-/phen son/ of Mr. Stephen/ & Mrs. Martha/ Austin died/ August ye/ 18: 1744/ Aged ? Ye___
baker105 BAKER, Lydia 12 Nov 1788 Here lies interred the Body of/ Lydia consort of John Baker/ who departed this life/Novbír 12th 1778 Aged 28 or 29
bal106 BAL, Celphelet 2 Sep 1721 Celphelet Bal/ Died Sept 2/ 1721 aged/ 13 months
ball107 BALL, Mr. Joseph None  
ball108 BALL, John 22 Jan 1731 Here lyeth the/ Body of Mr. John Ball Who/ Dyed Janíry 22/ AD 1731 In ye/ 46 Year of/ his Age
ball109 BALL, Joseph 3 Oct 1794 Here lies the Body of/ Mr. Joseph Ball who/ departed this Life Octo-/ ber 3d 1794 aged 23 Years
ball110 BALL, John Oct 1738 John/ Son of/ John Ball/ Died Octob'r/ ? 1738 Aged/ 2 Days
ball111 BALL, David 3 Sep 1742 David ye/ Son of Mr./ John Ball/ Died Sep'br/ ye 3d 1742/ Aged 5/ Months
ball112 BALL/PUNDERSON, Mary 23 Sep 1771 In Memory of/ Mrs Mary relict/ of Mr John Ball/ & late relict of Decín/ JOHN PUNDERSON/ who died Sept'r 23 1771 in her 79th Year
bartholimy113 BARTHOLIMY, Abigail August, 1726 Abigail/ Wife of William Bartholimy/ Died in August/ 1726/ Aged 21 Years
bassat114 BASSAT, Enos 31 Aug 1776 In Memory of Mr./ Enos Bassat who/ departed this life/ Aug 31 1776 in/ his 22d Year
bassat115a BASSAT, ??os & Mary (Amos) 4 Aug 1773 In Memory of Mr./ ___os Bassat who died/ August 4th 1773 in his 49/ Year. (On same stone with Mary)
bassat115b 22 Mar 1774 Mrs. Mary Bassat/ his Wife (___os Bassat) died March 22d/ 1774 in her 46th Year
basset116a BASSET, Thankful and Mary 9 Oct 1743 Thankful/ Daughter/ of Mr Amos/ & Mrs Mary/ Basset/ died Oct/ ye 9th 1743/ Aged 2 years  (On same stone with Mary)
basset116b 8 Oct 1743 Mary ye/ Daughter/ of Mr Amos/ & Mrs. Mary/ Basset/ died Oct ye 8th 1743/ Aged 16 years
basset118 BASSET, Mary 28 Nov 1728 Here lieth the/ Body of Mary/ Basset Widow of/ Mr Sam'l Basset/ Who Dyed Nov'br/ ye 28 1728 age/ about 69 years
basset119 BASSET, Ebenezer 28 April 1721 Here/ Lieth/ The Body Of/ EBENEZER BASSET/ Who Died April/ ye 28th 1721 Aged/ About 22 Years
basset120 BASSET, Hezekiah 20 July 1741? Hezekiah/ Son of Mr John/ Basset died/ July ye 20th 1741?/ Aged (Underground)
bassete121 BASSETE, Mehetabel 21 Oct 1777 In Memory of Mrs/ MEHETABEL relict/ of Mr Enos Bass-/Ate who died 21/ Oct 1777 in her/ 21 Year
becher122 BECHER, Hannah 15 Feb 1739 Here Lies ye/ Body of Mrs Han-/nah ye Wife of/ Capt Ebenezer/ Becher died/ Feb'ry ye 15 1739/ Aged 48 Years
becher123 BECHER, Lo??? 22 Febr 1724 LO_____/ Becher Died/ Febr 22 1724/ Aged 28/ Years
beecher124a BEECHER, Nathaniel & Sarah Feb 1786 Mr Nathaniel Beecher/died February ? 1786/ In the 80th year of his age (on same stone with Sarah)
beecher124b 4 Oct 1796 His Wife/ Mrs Sarah Beecher/ died Oct'br 4 1796/ in the 8?th year of her age  (2 pictures)
beecher125 BEECHER, Hezekiah 21 Sep 1751 In Memory of/ Mr HEZEKIAH BEECHER/ who died Sep'tbr 21st 1751/ in ye 48th year/of his Age
beecher126 BEECHER, John 3 Dec 1717? Here Lyeth ye/ Body of JOHN/ BEECHER who died/ Decem 3rd 1717?/ Aged 67 years
beecher127 BEECHER, Anna 30 June 1768 Anna Dau'tr of/ Mr Moses & Mrs/ Ann Beecher/ died June 30, 1768/ in her 10th Year
beecher128 BEECHER, Hannah 21 Aug 175? Hannah/ Daughter of/ Mr Hezekiah/ & Mrs. Hannah/ Beecher/ died August/ 21 175?/In Her 5 (underground)
beecher129 BEECHER, Joanna 24 Feb 1732 Here lyes/ the Body of/ Mrs. Joanna Beecher/ Relict to Mr. Isaac/ Beecher who died/ Feb'r ye 24 1732/ Aged 77 Years
beecher130 BEECHER, Lydiea 15 Dec 1757? Lydia/ Daughter/ of Nathaniel &/ Sarah Beecher/ December ye 15/ 1757? Aged one/ Year & 6 Months
beecher131 BEECHER, Lydia 1725/6 Lydia/ ye Daught-/ ter of Joseph/ Beecher Died/ A.D. 1725/6/ Aged 25 Years
bell132 BELL, John 27 Oct 1732  Here lyeth the Body/ of Ye John Bell of/ Stanford Who Dyed/ October 27: 1732/ Aged 51 Years
bishop133 BISHOP, Hannah Feb ??? Hannah/ Daughter of/ Mr. Yale/ & Mrs. Cybel Bishop/ ____ Feb  __/ ____ Year
bishop134 BISHOP, Sarah 4 Nov 1750 Sarah/ Daughter of/ Mr. Yale & Mrs. Cybel/ Bishop/ died Nov'br 4/ 1750 Aged 9 Years
blaklle135 BLAKLLE, John 30 Apr 1742 Here Lies Ye/ Body of Mr/ John Blaklle/ Died April/ 30: 1712 in/ ye 66 year
blaksle136 BLAKSLE, John 12 Mar 1712/13 Here/Lyeth ye/ Body of/ JOHN BLAKSLE/ Who Died March/ 12: 1712/13 Aged 59/ Years
blaksle137 BLAKSLE, Susannah 25 July 1751 In Memory of/ Mrs. Susannah/ Wife of Mr./ John Blaksle who/ died July 25th 1751/ Aged 67 years
bonecou138 BONECOU, David 26 Jan 1769 David Son/ of Mr. Peter & Mrs. Susan-/nah Bonecou/ died 26 Jan'r/ 1769 Aged 5 Mo & 17 Days
bontecou139 BONTECOU, Mary 5 Nov 1735 Here lyeth the/ Body of Mary/ wife of Timothy/ Bontecou who/ Departed this life/ Nove ye 5 1735/ Aged 35 Years
bontecou140 BONTECOU, James 8 Nov 1760 Here Lies Interred/ Body of/ James Bontecou/ who Departed/ this life Novem'br/ ye 8th 1760/ in the Seventeenth/ Year of his/ Age
bonticou141 BONTICOU, Peter 12 June 1794 In Memory of/ Mr PETER BONTICOU/ who Departed this/ Life June 12th 1794/ in the 24th Year/ of his Age
bonticou142 BONTICOU, David can't read  
booth143 BOOTH, Ralph can't read In Memory of/ Ralph Booth of/ Brookfield, who died/ ???
br-unreadable144 BR???, Unreadable 2 Nov 1723 BR____/ Novemb'r 2/ 1723 Aged/ 44 Years
bradely145 BRADELY, Israel 25 May 1735 Israel Son of/ ye Abraham/ & Sarah Brad-/ ely died May/ ye 25th 1735 in/ ye 13 Year
bradley146 BRADLEY, Sa??? (Sarah) can't read Here Lyes ye/ Body of/ Sarah/Ye Wife of John Bradley (can't read the dates)
bradley147 BRADLEY, Erastus and Lydia 28 Mar 1808 In/ Memory of/ Mr ERASTUS BRADLEY/ who died/ March 28, 1808/ AE 67/ also his wife/ Mrs LYDIA BRADLEY/ died May 7 1783/ AE 39
  BRADLEY, Lydia  7 May 1783 (See Erastus Bradley)
bradley148 BRADLEY, John July 1747 Here lies ye/ Body of Mr./ John Bradley/ Who died July/ ye ? 1747 Aged/ 73 Years
bradley149 BRADLEY, Abigal 31 May 1762 In Memory of/ Mrs. ABIGAL/ Wife of Mr./ ABNER BRADLEY/ who died May/ 31 AD 1762 in/ Her 66th year
bradley150 BRADLEY, Abnor 28 Apr 1747 Abnor Bradley/ ye Son of Mr./ Abnor & Mrs/ Abigail Bradley/ died April ye/ 28 1747 aged/ 24 Years
bradley151 BRADLEY, Stephen 3 Sep 1740 Here Lyes ye Bo-/ dy of Mr. Stephen/ Bradley Who/ died Sept'r 3 1740 (or 46)/ Aged 33 Years
bradley152 BRADLEY, Mary 9 Aug ??? Mary Daugh-/ ter of Mr./ Abner & Mrs./ Abigail Brad-/ ley died/ August ye 9 ____ Age/  ?? Years
bradley153 BRADLEY, Abigail 7 Aug 1739 Abigail ye/ Daughter of/ Mr Abner &/ Mrs. Abigail/ Bradley died/ August ye 7th/ 1739 aged 11/ Years
bradley154 BRADLEY, Chloe 1 Sep 1759 Chloe Daugh-/ ter of Mr. John/ & Mrs. Elisabeth/ Bradley Died Sep/ ye 1st 1759 in/ ye 8th Year of (underground)
bradley155 BRADLEY, Abner 27 Oct 17?? In Memory of Mr./ Abner Bradley/ died October 27th/ 17?8 in the 85 Year
bradly156 BRADLY, Ann 26 Jan 1739 Here lies ye/ Body of Mrs/ Ann Bradly ye/ Wife of Mr ???/ Bradly who Died/ Jan'ry ye 26 1739/In ye 40th year/ of her age
bradly157 BRADLY, Deacon Abram 12 Oct 1713? Here Lyeth Ye Body/ of Deacon Abram/ Bradly Who Died/ Octobír 12 1713 (or 18)/ Aged 63 Years
bradly158 BRADLY, Sarah 5 June 1726 Sarah/ Ye Wife/ of Stephen/ Bradly died/ June 5th 1726/ Aged 22 Years
bradly159 BRADLY, Hannah 26 Oct 1718 Hannah/ Wife of/ Deacon Bra-/ dly Died/ Octobír 26: 1718/ Aged 64 Years
At this point, the tombstone images stop. I hope someday someone will complete the Grovestree Wall submissions.
  BROWN, Hannah 1 Nov 1726 Hannah/ Widow of/ Mr Gershom/ Brown Died/ Nov'r ye 1st/ 1726 aged/ 57 years
  BROWN, Eliezer 21 Sep 1768 In Memory of/ Mr. ELIEZER BROWN who/ died 21st Sept./ 1768 In his 72 Year/ "Bessed are the dead who died in the Lord"
  BROWN, Timothy 21 Feb 1752 In Memory/ of Mr./ TIMOTHY BROWN/ of New Haven/ who died Feb. 21st/ 1752 Aged 35/ Years
  BROWN, Mrs. Sarah 12 Aug 1766 This Stone is Erected/ In Memory of Mrs./ Sarah wife of Mr./ ROBERT BROWN/ who departed this/ Life Aug 12th AD/ 1766 in ye 22 Year/ of Her Age
  BROWN, Hannah 9 Dec 1725 Here/ Lieth The/ Body of Mrs./ Hannah Ye Wife/ Mr. Frances Brown/ Who Died Decemb'r/ Ye 9th AD 1725/ Aged 47 Years
  BROWNE, Daniel 14 Oct 1741? Daniel Browne/ Son of Mr./ Nathaniel &/ Mrs. Olive/ Browne died/ Octobír Ye 14th/ 1741 Aged 6 Years (not sure)
  BROWNSON, Deborah Sept 175? Here lies Interr'd/ the Body of Mrs/ Deborah Brownson/ wife of Mr Timothy/ Brownson of Kensington/ who Died Sept'br the/ ?? 175? in ye ?2/ year of her Age
  BUNNEL, Israel 6 Dec 1763 ISRAEL/ Son of Mr Israel/ & Mrs Sarah/ Bunnel died Dec'r/ 6th AD 1763/ Aged 2 years
  BUPPUGHSS, Eden 9 Mar 177? Eden Buppughss/ died March 9th 177?/ aged 64 Years
  BURR, Betty 28 Apr 1794 In Memory of/ BETTY BURR/ Wife of/ STURGES BURR/ who Departed this/ Life April 28th 1794/ AE 32 years
  BURR, William 17 Sep 1776 In Memory of William Burr Son/ of Mr. Oliver & Mrs Elizabeth Burr/ who died Sept'r 17th 1776 aged 1 Year &/ 6 months
  BURR, John 3 Aug 1789 In Memory of John Burr Son of Mr./ Oliver & Mrs. Mary Burr who/ was Drowned near the well bridge/ August 3rd 1789 aged 13 years  ( On same stone with William)
  BURR, Thaddeus 22 May 1782 In Memory of two Children/ of Mr. Josiah & Mrs. Mary Burr/ Thaddeus Burr died May/ 22d AD 1782 aged 1 Year
  BURR, Sarah 12 Sep 1783 Sarah Burr died Septem'r 12th AD 1783 aged 1 Year (On same stone with Thaddeus)
  BURR, Mary 9 Mar 1791 In Memory of/ Mary daughter of/ Mr. Sturges & Mrs./ Betty Burr who was/ call'd home March 9th/ 1791 aged 3 years & 1 Month
  BURR, Sara 27 Sep 1766 Sara Burr/ Daughter of Capt./ Andrew & Mrs./Lydia Burr/ died Septír 27/ AD 1766 in ye  __ year of her age
  BURRILL, Unreadable 19 May 1768 (Top of stone is gone):  Son of Mr/ Thaddias & Mrs./ Sarah Burrill/died May 19th A.D./ 1768 Aged 2 months
  CABLE, Sarah can't read In Memory of/ Mrs. Sarah/ Late Wife of/ Mr. William Cable/ (the rest is unreadable)
  CARPENTER, Anthony 28 June 1768 Here Lies the Body/ of Mr. Anthony/ Carpenter/ who died June 28/ A. D. 1768 in the/ 39th Year of his Age
  CARPENTER, Unreadable July 1768  Here Lies the Body/ of ______/wife of Mr. Anthony/ Carpenter/ who died July/ ? A.D. 1768/ Aged 35/ Years
  CHEDSEY, John 31 Dec 1688 Mr. John Chedsey/ Deacon who died/ in ye 67th Year of his age/ Decemb'r ye 31 1688
  CHEDSEY, Elizabeth 22 Nov 1668 Ms- Elizabeth/ Chedsey dece-/ased Novemb'r 22/ __68 (New Haven Death Reg. states she died 1688; may be at age 68)
  CLARK, Eunice 4 Oct 1743 Here Lies ye/ Body of Eunice/ ye Daughter of/ Mr. Timothy &/ Mrs. Elizabeth/ Clark who died/ Octír ye 4th 1743/ aged ?? Years
  CLARK, Timothy 17 Jan 1732 Here lyeth the/ \Body of Mr./ Timothy Clark/ who died Jan'ry/ ye 17 A.D. 17-/ 32 Aged 37/ Years
  CLARKE, Mrs. Elizabeth 1754 Mrs. Elizabeth/ wife of/ Mr. Timothy/ Clarke/ died in 1754/ Aged 50/ Years
  COLT, Betty 3 Oct 1765 In Memory of/ Mrs. Betty Colt/ late Consort of Mr./ Jabez Colt/ who departed this life/ Oct'br Ye 3d A. D. 1765/ in ye 22d Year of her age/ Also a ______ aged 6 Hours
  COMSTOCK, Miss Martha 3 April 1734 To the/ Memory of Miss/ Martha Comstock/ who died April 3d/ 1734 aged 21 Years " This stone was erected by her uncle, Ebenezer Beardsley"
  COOPER, Jason 15 Dec 1774 In Memory of/ Mr. Jason Coo-/ per Who Di-/ed Dec'r 15th/ 1774 in his 36th/ Year
  COOPER, Timothy None (Can't readóunderground)
  CRANE, Elijah 12 Aug 1802 In Memory of Elijah/ Crane Son of Elijah/& Mary Crane who/ died Augít 12 1802/ AE 4 years
  CURTIS, Abner August 1773  In Memory of/ Abner Curtis/ son of Mr./ Stylis & Mrs./Abigail Curtis/ who died August/ ??  ??73 (can't read the rest)
  DAGGETT, Samuel Sept. ??? Samuel eldest Son of/ Mr. Philip & Mrs./ Beede Daggett/ Born August 24th 176?/ died September????
  DANIELSON, Sarah 18 Feb 1775 In Memory of/ Mrs. Sarah/ Wife of Mr./ John Danielson/ Who died Feb'r/ 18th 1775 in her/ 39th Year
  DANIELSON, Martha 8 Mar 1766 In Memory of three Children/ of John & Sarah Danielson/ Martha died March 8th 1766 aged 2 /Months & 6 Days
  DANIELSON, Susanna 19 Nov 1773 In Memory of three Children/ of John & Sarah Danielson/ Susanna died Novem'r 19th 1773 aged 1 year 9/ months & 13 days
  DANIELSON, Daniel an infant In Memory of three Children/ of John & Sarah Danielson/ Daniel an infant
  DICKERMAN, Stephen 1755 Stephen Son/ of Mr. Stephen / & Eunice/ Dickerman/ died Ju__ ?? / 1755 Aged/ ?? Years
  DICKERMAN, Abram 1 Nov 1711 Here/ Lies Ye Body/ Of Lieu./ Abram Dickerman/ Who Died November/ 1: 1711 Aged 77 Years
  DICKERMAN, Hubbart 21 Aug 1796 In Memory of/ Hubbart Dickerman/ Son of Joseph & Lucy/ Dickerman who De-/ parted this Life Au-/ gust 21st 1796 in the/ (rest is underground)
  DICKERMAN, Ashbill May 31 ??? Ashbill Ye/ Son of Ens./ Abraham/ Dickerman/ died May 31 (underground)
  DICKERMAN, Mary 4 Jan 1705/06 Mrs. Mary/ Dickerman Aged/ 66 Deceased/ January ye 4th 1705/6
  DICKERMAN, Mrs. Elisabeth 1767  
  DIODATE, Sarah 25 April 1764 In Memory of/ Sarah Diodate/ Relict of/ Mr. William Diodate/who departed this life/ ye 25th April 1764/ at age 74 Years
  DORMAN, Edmund May, 17?? Here/ Lyeth ye Body/ Of Edmund/ Dorman who/ died May 5th?/ 17?? Aged 76 Years
  DUMM__, Abagail 15 April 17?4 Abagail Daugh- of/ Mr. Abraham &/ Mrs. Lucy Dumm__/ Died April 15th/ 17?4
  EELLS, Susanna 30 Sep 179? In Memory of/ Mrs. Susanna Eells/ the Wife of/ Mr. Joseph Eells who/ Departed this Life Sep-/ Tember 30th 179? in the/ (looks like 49 but can't be sure--rest is underground)
  FITCH, Bethia 16 Jan 1792 In Memory of/ Bethiah/ Wife of Luther Fitch/ & Daughter of/ Zachariah & Bethia Ho?es/ of Windham/ who departed this life/ January 16th 1792/ AE 20 Years
  FITCH, Sarah None the Body of Sarah/Daughter to Mr./ Jonathan and Mrs./Sarah Fitch who/ departed this (underground)
  FORD, Matthew 7 Oct 1751 In Memory/ of Mr./ Matthew Ford/ who died Oct/ 7th 1751 Aged/ 76 Years
  FORD, Martin Oct 17??  Martin/ Son of Mr./ Timothy / & Mary Ford/ Died Oct'r (may be 9)/ 17?8 Aged ?2 Years
  FORD, Timothy 7 Aug 17?? Timothy/ Son of Mr./ Timothy/ & Mrs. Mary Ford/ died August 7th/ 17?? Aged 12 Years??
  FORD, Timothy Dec. 1732 Timothy/ Son of Mr/ Timothy &/ Mrs. Mary/ Ford/ died Dec./ ??? 1734/ Aged ??
  FORD, Elizabeth can't read Mrs. Elizabeth/ Late Wife of/ Mr./ Matthew Ford/ (can't read the rest)
  GIBAR_, Timothy 23? March 1684 1684/ Timothy Gibar_/ deceased in March ye/ 2? in ye 30th Year of his age/with 2 of his children
  GIBB, Henry 10 Sep 1789 In Memory/ of/ Henry Gibb/ Native of North Britain/ who departed this Life/ the 10th Sept 1789 aged 44 Years
  GILBARD/ALLING, Abiah 15 May 1783 In Memory of Mrs./ Abiah Wife of/ Matthew Gilbard/ who died May 15th/ 1783 Aged 66 Years/ Her first husband/ was Mr. John Alling
  GILBART, Jabez 16 July 1769 Jabez Son of/ Mr. David & Mrs./ Elizabeth Gil-/ bart died July/ 16: 1769 Aged 1/ Year 10 Months
  GILBERT, Hezekiah 10 Oct 1785 In Memory of/ Mr Hezekiah Gilbert/ who was educated at Yale College/ where he graduated 1783/ an early death terminated/ his studies & literary persuits/ and called him into Eternity Oct'r 10th 1785  AE 23/ also in Memory of his brother/ Mr. John Gilbert who died/ in captivity on board a Prison/ Ship in New York January 29th/ 1783 AE 25
  GILBERT, John 29 Jan 1783 (See Hezekiah Gilbert)
  GILBERT, Elizabeth can't read Eliabeth wife of Mr./ Stephen Gilbert who died _____ ye ______ aged/ 31 Years/ -----   1738 aged 6 years (probably a child)
  GILBERT, Child 1738 (See Elizabeth Gilbert)
  GILBERT, John 8 July 1713 John/ Son of/ Mr. John/ Gilbert died/ July 8: 1713 Aged/ ?? Years
  GILBERT, Elizabeth None Elizabeth/ Gilbert/ ??? of/ Stephen/ Gilbert
  GILBURT, James 14 Sep 1727 Here/ Lyeth/ the Body of/ James Gilburt/ Who Died Sept'r 14th/ AD 1727 Aged/ about 27 Years
  GOLD, Thomas March, ??? Sacred/ to the Memory of/ Mr. Thomas Gold/ who died March (can't read the rest)
  GORHAM, Mary Feb 1754 Mary/ Daughter of/ Mr. Hezekiah/& Mrs. Abigail/ Gorham/died Feb. ?/ 1754/ AE 9 Months & 4 Days
  GORHAM, Thearittable 16 June 1794 Thearittable Consort of / Mr. Isaac Gorham/ who departed this Life/ June 16th 1794 in the 2?/ year of her age/ also John their Son who/ died June 25th 1794 aged/ 9 months
  GORHAM, John 25 June 1794  (See Gorham, Thearittable)
  GREEN, Elizabeth None In Memory/ of Elizabeth & Abigail Green/ daughters of/ Samuel & Abigail Green (underground)
  GREEN, Abigail None (On same stone with Elizabeth)
  GREENLIEF, Stephen 6 Dec 1787 In Memory of/ Mr. Stephen/ Greenlief/ who died Dec. 6/ 1787/ AE 36 ?Years
  GREENLIEF, Charles 7 Aug 1796 Charles Son of Mr/ Newman & Mrs. Mary/ Greenlief Died Aug 7/ AD 1796/ AE 1 Year 9 months
  GREGORY, Stephen None Stephen Atwater Gre-/gory son of Mr G___/ & Mrs. Mary Gregory/ of North ????/ Grandson of Mrs. Abi-/ (underground)
  GUILBERT, Aaron 28 Sep 1747  Here Lies ye/ Body of Mr./ Aaron Guilbert/ died Sep ye 28th 1747 Aged/ 32 Years
  H, I 1683 I H  Age  79/ 1683
  H_____, Mary Ann 1793? This Stone is erected/ to the Memory of/ Mary Ann
  H______,  Juliana canít read Daughter of C____
  HALL, Richard 13 Feb 1725/6 Here Lies Ye Body of Mr/ Richard/ Hall who died/ Febríy 3d 1725/6/ Aged 54 Years
  HALL, Hannah 18 Aug 1741 Here Lies ye/ Body of Mrs/ Hannah Wife/ Of Mr. Richard/ Hall who died/ Aug 18th/ 1741 Aged 60?/ Years
  HANCOCK, John 10 Mar 1711 Here/ Lies ye/ Body of/ John Hancock/ who died March/ 10 1711 Aged?? / years
  HAND, Hannah Nov 1795?  Mrs. Hannah Hand/ is here interred/ Daughter of Mr./ Benjamin & Mrs./ Hannah Hand of/ Middleton who/ departed this life/ November ?? 1795? (underground)
  HANDY, Beulah 13 June 1798 In Memory of / Mrs. Beulah Handy/ Consort of Mr ____ Handy/ who departed this Life/ June 14th 1798 in her 21??/ Year of her Age/ Also Betty her child/ who died July 12th 1798/ aged ?? Months
  HANDY, Betty 12 July 1798  (See Beulah Handy)
  HARWOOD, William Henry 21 Oct 1796 Sacred to the Memory/ of William Henry/ Son of William & Eunis Harwood/ who departed this Life/ October 21st 1796/ aged 1 Year 3 months
  HEATON, Thankful January 17?7 In Memory of/ Mrs Thankful Heaton/ Relict of Mr./ Nathaniel Heaton/ of Hamden who/ died January ? 17?7/ in her ?? Year
  HEATON, Sarah 17 May 1750 Sarah/ Daughter of/ Mr. Nathanael/ & Mrs. Phebe/ Heaton/ died May 17th/ 1750 Aged 20/ Years
  HEUNES, John 10? Sep 1689 Mr. John Heunes/ Deceased Septemb'r/ 10 or 19 1689
  HICOCK, Samuel August 1793 In Memory of Mr/ Samuel Hicock/ of South Bury/ who died August/ ?? 1793 Aged 29/ Years
  HITCHCOCK, Deacon John 14 Oct 1753 In Memory of/ Deacon John/ Hitchcock Esq./ who died Octbr/ the 14th 1753/ aged 68 Years
  HOBBY, Mrs. Sarah None  May be a footstone
  HODSHON, Samuel 1673  Mr. Samuel Hod-/ shon aged 9/ ??? 1673
  HOLT, Ens. Ebenezer June 1736 Here Lyes Ye Body of/ Ensign Ebenezer Holt/ Died June ye ? 1736/ in Ye 86th Year of/ his age
  HOLT, Tabitha 18 Aug 1725 Here/ Lies the/ Body of Tabitha/ The Wife of/ Ens. Eleazer Holt/ Who Died/ August ye 18th 1725/ Aged 71 Years
  HOLT, Elizabeth 30 Jan 1689 Elizabeth Holt/ Aged 42 Deceased/ January 30/ 1689
  HOLTT, Lieut. Thomas 13 March 1758 In/ Memory of/ Lieutenant/ Thomas/ Holtt/ who died March/ 13th AD 1758/ in His 82nd/ Year
  HORTON, Samuel 6 Aug 1751 Samuel/ died Aug/ ye 6th 1751/ Aged 8 years/ All Children of Mr/ Samuel & Mrs. Sarah/ Horton
  HORTON, Elisha 12 Aug 1744  Elisha/ died Aug/ ye 12th 1744/ Aged 4/ Years/ All Children of Mr/ Samuel & Mrs. Sarah/ Horton
  HORTON, Naomi 4 Aug 1751 Naomi/ died Aug/ ye 4th 1751/ Aged 13/ Years/ All Children of Mr/ Samuel & Mrs. Sarah/ Horton (3 children on same stone)
  HORTON, Sarah 23 July 17?? Sarah Daughter/ of Mr Samuel/ & mrs. Sarah/ Horton/ died July 23d/ 17?? Aged ?
  HORTON, Timothy Aug ??? Timothy/ Son of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Sarah/ Horton/ died Aug (the rest is underground)
  HOTCHKINS, Thomas 27 Dec 1711 Here/ Lyeth ye/ Body of/ Thomas Hotchkins/ who died Decem/ 27 1711 Aged 58/ Years
  HOTCHKISS, Mehitable 30 Nov 1750 Mrs. Mehitable/ Late Wife of/ Mr. Caleb/ Hotchkiss/ died Nov'br 30th/ 1750 in Her/ 69th Year
  HOTCHKISS, Phebe 19 Feb 1795 In Memory of/ Mrs. Phebe Hotchkiss/ Relict of/ Mr. Caleb Hotchkiss/ who departed this Life/ Feb'ry 19th 1795 in the/ ?? Year of her age
  HOTCHKISS, Joshua August ??? Here lies ye Body/ of Mr Joshua/ Hotchkiss Who/ died Augs't ye/ ???4 in ye 66th/ year of his age
  HOTCHKISS, Silas 24 Sep 1776 In Memory of Silas/ Son of Mr. Obadiah/ & Mrs. Mercy/ Hotchkiss who/ died Sept 24 1776/Aged 11 Years & 6 months
  HOTCHKISS, Anna 30 July 1794 In Memory of the two children/ of Mr. Lent & Mrs. Sarah Hotch-/kiss Anna Hotchkiss who died/ July 30th 1794 Aged 4 Years & 10 months  (On same stone with Sarah)
  HOTCHKISS, Sarah 1794 In Memory of the two children/ of Mr. Lent & Mrs. Sarah Hotch-/kiss/ also Sarah Hotchkiss who died/ ----1794 (can't read)
  HOTCHKISS, Elif__  31 Mar 1726 ELif__/ Hotchkiss/ Died March/ Ye 31 1726/ Aged 11 Years
  HOTCHKISS, Mahetebel 1725? Mahetebel/ Hotchkiss/ Died No___ ye/ 1725?/ Aged 18 Years
  HOTCHKISS, Abigail 1780 In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigail/ consort to/ Capt. Stephen/ Hotchkiss/ died  ???/ 1780/ AE 42
  HUBBARD, Daniel 8 June 1792 In memory of/ Mr. Daniel Hubbard/ who died June 8 1792/ AE 36/ also Wyllys, son of Mr./ Dan'l & Mrs. Sarah Hubbard/ died June 16: 1794/ AE 12
  HUBBARD, Wyllys 16 June 1794 (See inscription for Daniel Hubbard)
  HUBBARD, Martha 1760 This Stone is erected/ in Memory of Mrs./ Martha L___ consort of/ Mr. Daniel Hubbard the/ died 1760 aged 50?
  HUBBARD, Anna February 1773 In Memory of Mrs/ Anna Hubbard/ the amiable & virtuous Consort/ of Mr. John Hubbard/ who early professed the/religion of Jesus ???/ ----- died on / Feb ?? 1773 in the 25th/ Year of her life
  HUBBARD, William Abdiel 25 Apr? 1772 In Memory of Mr./ William Abdiel/ Hubbard who de-/parted this life Ap_/ 25th 1772 in his/ 36 Year
  HUBBARD, Elizabeth 25 Aug 1744 Here lies ye/ Body of Mrs/ Elizabeth Hub-/ bard late ____/ Consort of Capt/ John Hubbard/ died August ye/ 25th 1744 in ye 42/ Year of her age
  HUBBARD, William None William Hubbard AEt 21?/" Whose twested form/ liere worms consume/His Parents breasts/ a living tomb/ The dearest image/ fate contains/ Till the same features/ rise again".
  HUBBARD, Sarah 14 Sep 17?? In Memory of/ Sarah Hubbard/relict of ???/ Abdiel Hubbard/ who departed this/ Life Sept 14 17?? in/ her 44th Year
  HUBBARD, Russell 10 Sep 1781 Russell Son of/ John Hubbard & Mrs. Martha Hubbard/ who died Sep 10th/ 1781 aged 18 Months/ and 9 Days
  HUBBARD, Elijah Sept 1776 Elijah Hubbard/ a promising Youth the/ only Son of Mr. Wm./ Abdiel and Mrs. Sarah Hubbard de-/ parted this life Sept'r/ 1776 in his ?? year
  HUBBARD, Mary May 1700 Mrs. Mary Hubbard/ Late Faithful/ Consort of Lieut/ Col John Hubbard/ Deceased ye/ May ?? 1700
  HUDSON, John 2 Nov 1711 Here/ Lieth the/ Body of / John Hudson/ who deceased/ Nov'r ye 2 1711/ Aged 44 Years
  HUDSON, Elizabeth Dec 1711? Here/ Lies the/ body of Mis/ Elizabeth/ Hudson who/ deceased Decm'r/ Ye ?? AD 1711?/ aged 35? Years
  HUDSON, John, Jr. 14 Feb 1721 Here/ Lies the/ Body of Mr/ John Hudson/ Junr Deceased/ Feb'r ye 14th 1721/ aged 27 years
  HUGGINS, Esther 22 July? 1795 In/ Memory of/ Mrs Esther Huggins/ wife of/ Mr. John Huggins/ of Branford/ who died June or July 22 1795/ AE??
  HUGGINS, John April 1801? In Memory of/ Mr John Huggins/ who died April ?? 1801(not sure of the year)/ AE 42
  HUGGINS, Mary 23 Jan 1775 In/ Memory of/ Mary Huggins/ wife of Samuel Huggins/ died Jan'y 23d 1775 AE 24
  HUMPHREVILE, Lydia Jan 11 ??? Lydia/ Daughter of/Mr. David/ & Mrs. Dirnee/ Humphrevile/ died Jan'ry 11th (can't read the rest)
  IVES, Sally 27 Sep 1801 In Memory of two children/ of Mr. John & Mrs. Lois Ives/ Sally died Sept'r 27 1801/ Aged 9 years & 6 months (On same stone with Mariah)
  IVES, Mariah 8 Oct 178? In Memory of two children/ of Mr. John & Mrs. Lois Ives/ Mariah died Oc'tr 9 178?/ AE 15? Months
  IVES, Mary 26 Oct 1770 Mary/ Daughter of/ Dr. Levi & Mrs. Lidia/ Ives died/ Oct 26 1770/ Aged 2 Years
  JEBINE, Mary 31 July 1795? In Memory of/ Mary Daughter of/ Nicholas and ____/ Jebine who died/ July 31 1795? Aged ?? Months
  JOCELIN, Desiah 28 Apr 1807 In/ Memory of/ Desiah Jocelin/ who died April 28/ 1807 AE 77
  JOHNSON, Sarah 13 April 1773 Mrs. Sarah Johnson/ wife of Mr. Ebenezer Johnson/ of New Stratford died April/ 13th 1773 in the 19th Year of her age/ ---- She was born at Marblehead & was/ the youngest Daughter of Mrs./ Mary Hubbard Consort of/ John Hubbard Esq of this town.
  JOHNSON, Enos 1 Nov 180? IN/ ____ of/ Enos Johnson/ who died No'vr 1, 180?/ in the 77th year of his age
  JOHNSON, Rebekah 17 Jan ??2? Rebekah/ Daughter of/ Capt Asa Johnson/ Died Jan 17/ 172? Aged 23/ Years/ Also Dorcas (can't read the rest)
  JOHNSON, Abigail 6 Dec 1724 Abigail/ the Wife of Capt. Isaac/ Johnson Died/ Decem ye 6 1724/ Aged 45 Years/ Also Her Daughter/ Eunis Died Sep ??/ 1725/ Aged ?/
  JOHNSON, Eunis Sep 1725 (See Abigail Johnson)
  JONES, William None William Son of/ William and/ Elisabith Jones/ Born March 7th/ 1775 & died on (rest is underground)
  JUDSON, David 1799 In Memory of/ David Judson Esq/  Son of Mr. David Judson/ ?? of New Town Deceased/ who died in this town/ ??? 1799 AE 33 or 35 (2 pictures)
  KIMBERLY, Mrs. Mabel 8 Apr 1803 His Wife/ Mrs Mabel Kimberly/ died April 8, 1803/ ae 63 (Top of stone is broken off)
  KIMBERLY, Nathan October ???  Nathan ye/ Son of ???/ Kimberly/ died October (underground)
  LANE, Susanna 27 Dec 1787  In Memory of Mrs/ Susanna Wife of/ James Lane who/ died Dec' 27th/ 1787 in the 44th/ Year of her Age
  LYMAN, Medad 29 May 1757 In Memory of/ Medad Lyman/ Son of Mr/ Medad and Mrs/ Mary Lyman who/ died May ye 29th/ 1757 aged 3
  MANSFEILD, Tapher can't read Here lies ye/ Body of Mr/ Tapher Mans-/feild died/ (underground)
  MANSFIELD, Elizabeth 29 Aug 1757? Elizabeth/ Daughter of/ Samuel/ Mansfield Esq./ & Mrs. Esther/ died Augst 29th/ 1757? Aged 1/ Year & 6 months
  MANSFIELD, Hannah Sep 179? Sacred/ to the Memory of/ Hannah Mansfield/ wife of/ Capt Stephen Mansfield/ who deceased in the hope of/ happy immortality on the 2?/ of Sept 179? AE 67
  MANSFIELD, Stephen 25 Aug 1751 Stephen/ Son of Mr/ Stephen & Mrs/ Hannah/ Mansfield/ died August/ 25th 1751/ Aged ???
  MANSFIELD, Unknown 5 Nov 1766 _____ of/ Mr. Stephen/ & Mrs. Hannah/ Mansfield/ died Nov 5th AD/ 1766 in the 11th/ Year of His Age
  MANSFIELD, Ebenezer August 1745 In Memory of/ Mr. Ebenezer/ Mansfield/ who died August/ 1745/ in His 73 Year
  MANSFIELD, Ann Mary 5 July 1742 Here Lies/ ye Body of Ann Mary/ Mansfield/ Wife of Moses/ Mansfield/ who Died July/ ye 5th 1742/ aged 33
  MANSFIELD, Stephen August ??? Stephen Son/ of Mr. Stephen/ & Mrs. Hannah/ Mansfield/ died August ye (can't read the rest)
  MANSFIELD, Joseph Oct ?? Here Lies ye/ body of Mr/ Joseph Mansfield/ Died Oct. ye (underground)
  MATHER, Increase 14 Sep 1795 In Memory of/ Increase Mather son of/ The Revíd Allyn Mather of/ this City who Died Septem-/ ber 14th 1795 in the 12th Year/ of his age
  MILES, Lieut. Richard 5 July 1756 In Memory of/ Lieut/ Richard Miles/ who died July/ ye 5th A.D. 1756/ in the 80th year/ of His Age
  MILES, Sarah 16 Aug 1769 Here lies interr'd/ the Body of/ Mrs Sarah Miles/ Relict of/ Capt. Samuel Miles/ who departed this Life Aug'st 16 AD 1769 (can't read the rest)
  MILES, Roswell 16 Dec 1753 Roswell/ Son of Captain/ Samuel & Mrs./ Sarah Miles/ died Dec'br ye 16th/ 1753 in ye 19th/ year of his/ Age
  MILES, Catirine 19 April 1723 Catirine/ Daughter/ of Lieut./ Richard/ Miles Died/ April 19/ 1723
  MILES, Capt. John 10 Feb 1710 Here/ Lyeth the/ Body of Capt. John Miles Aged/ 42 Deceased Feb. 10: 1710
  MILES, Daniel 25 Dec 1711 Here Lyeth Ye/ Body of Daniel/ Miles Who Died/ Decem'r 25: 1711/ Aged 27 Years
  MILES, Hannah 25 Oct 1738  Hannah/ Daughter/ of Mr. Joseph/ Miles died/Octo'r 25 1738/ Aged 7 Years
  MILES, Hannah 28 Sep 1714 Here/ Lyeth ye/ Body of/ Hannah Wife of/ Lieut Richard/ Miles who Died/ Sept'y 28 1714/ Aged 41 Years
  MIX, Lieut. Joseph 12 Feb 1757 In/ Memory of/ Lieutenant/ Joseph Mix/ Who Died Feb'r 12th/ Anno Dom' 1757/ Aged 72 Years
  MIX, Nathaniel 29 Nov 1781 In Memory of Mr./ Nathaniel Mix/ died Novembr 29th/ 1781 in the 32 Year/ of his Age.
  MIX, Rebekah 3 June 1767 In Memory of/ Mrs. Rebekah Mix/ daughter of Mr.Caleb & Mrs/ Rebekah Mix/ who died June/ 3d A.D. 1767/ Aged 39 Years
  MIX, Rebekah 3 Dec 1760 In Memory of/ Mrs. Rebekah/ the wife of Mr. Caleb Mix who/ decíd, December/ ye 3rd 1760 (underground)
  MIX, Esther can't read In Memory of/ Mrs. Esther Relict/ of Mr. John Mix/ & Late Relict of Ensign/ ??? Smith/ (can't read the rest)
  MIX, Rebecca 12 March ??? In/ Memory/ of Mrs./ Rebecca Mix/ the Consort of Mr Nathaniel Mix/ who died the 12th/ day of March (can't read the rest)
  MIX, Nathaniel 14 Oct 1756 In Memory of/ Mr. Nathaniel/ Mix/ who died Oct'br/ 24th 1756/ aged ??
  MIX, Nathaneal 20 Sep 1749 Nathaneal/ Son of Mr. Nathaneal/ & Mrs. Rebecca/ Mix/died Sept'br/ 20th 1749 (on same stone with Stephen)
  MIX, Stephen 11 Sep 1737 Stephen/ Son of Mr./ Nathaneal/ & Mrs. Rebecca/ Mix/ died Sept'br 11th 1737
  MIX, Hannah 14 Apr 1769 In Memory of/ Mrs Hannah Mix/ Daughter of Mr/ Caleb and Mrs/ Rebekah Mix/ died April ye 14th/ AD 1769 in ye 39th Year of her age
  MIX, Thomas 10 Aug 1719 In Memory of/ Thomas Mix Son/ of Mr. Caleb &/ Mrs Rebeckah/ Mix who Died/ August ye 10 AD 1719 (can't read the rest)
  MIX, Samuel 10 Apr 1730 Here Lyeth the/ Body of Mr. Samuel Mix/ Who Died April ye 10th AD 1730/ in ye 67th Year/ of his age.
  MIX, Caleb 30 Jan 1765 In Memory of/ Mr. Caleb Mix/ who died Jenry/ ye 30th A.D. 1765/ Aged ??
  MIX, Stephen 21 May 1736 Stephen ye/ Son of Mr. Nathaniel/Mix died/ May ye 21st/ 1736 Aged ? Years (On same stone with Mary)
  MIX, Mary 11 June 1736 Mary ye/ Daughter/ of Mr. Nathaniel/ Mix died/ June 11th/ 1736 Aged/ 4 Years
  MIX, Mary 25 Mar 1723 Here/ Lieth the/ Body of/ Mary Wife of/ Nathanel Mix/ who died Feb/ March ye 25th/ 1723 Aged 69 Years
  MIX, Nathanel 14 Oct 1725 Here/ Lieth/ Interred/ The Body of/ Nathanel Mix/ Who Died Oct'r 14th/ 1725 Aged 74/ Years
  MIX, John 7 Apr 1754 Here lyeth the Body/ of John Mix Son of/ Leiut. Joseph Mix/ Who Dyed April ye/ 7th 1754 in the 21st/ Year of his age
  MIX, Elizabeth             21 Aug 1711 Elizabeth/ Wife of/ ___N Mix/ Died August 21/ 1711 Aged 61 Years
  MIX, John      21 Jan 1711 Here/ Lyeth ye/ Body of John/ Mix who died/ January 21: 1711/ Aged 62 Years
  MIX, John 4 Jan 1760 John Mix/ died Janua'y/ 4d A.D. 1760/ Aged 10 days Son of John & Sarah Mix
  MIX, Thomas 14 Mar 1722 Here Lies Ye/ Body of Thomas/ Mix Who Died/ March 14/ 1722 Aged 56/ Years
  MORE, Thomas             20 Apr 1729 Here lieth the Body/ of Thomas More/ of Winsor A/ student of Yale/ College who Died/ Apr 20th A.D. 1729/ In ye 24th Year of his age.
  MORRIS, John         10 Dec 1711 Here/ Lies ye/ Body of/ Mr. John Morris/ Who Died Decem'r/ 10: 1711 Aged 65/ Years
  MORRIS, Hannah 12 June 1710 Here/ Lies Ye Body/ of Hannah/ Wife of Mr. John/ Morris Who Died/ June 12: 1710 Aged/ 59 years
  MOSS, Sarah 4 April 1730 Mrs./ Sarah Moss/ Relict of Mr/ Joseph Moss dyed/ April ye 4 1730/ Aged 67 Years
  MOSS, Mary 25 March 1716  Here Lies/ Ye Body of/ Mary Wife of/ Joseph Moss/ Died March 25 1716/ Aged 22 years
  MUNSON, Theophilus 13 Dec 1793 Here lies/ the Body of/ Theophilus Munson/ who died Dec'r 13th 1793 AE 80/ also Abigail his relict/ daughter of Cap. James Tallmadge/ died in Waterbury March 10th 1795 AE 80
  MUNSON, Abigail 10 Mar 1795 (See Theophilus Munson); "They who the longest life enjoy have told us with a sigh that to be born feers little none than to begin to die"
  MUNSON, James 20 Oct 1742 Here Lies ye/ Body of James/ Munson Son of/ Cap. Theophilus/ Munson died Oct/ ye 20th 1742 Aged/ 27 Years
  MUNSON, Benjamin 9 June 1746 Benjía Son of/ Mr. Benjía &/ Mrs. Abigail/ Munson died/ June ye 9th 1746/ Aged 8 Years
  OSBO___, Joseph 1724 Here Lies/ Ye Body of Joseph Osbo___/ ____or who/ died  ____/ 1724/ aged 70
  OSBON, Elizabeth can't read date Here Lies Ye/ Body of ??/ Elizabeth wife/ of Mr. _____/ Osbon (can't read the rest)
  OSBONE, Joseph 19 Nov 1785 Here lies the/ Body of Mr./ Joseph Osbone/ who deceased  Nov/ ye 19th 1785/ Aged 68 Years
  P. E.            1686  
  PARDEE, William 2 Dec 1774 William Son of/ Moses & Sarah/ Pardee who/ died December/ 2nd 1774 aged/ (underground)
  PARDEE, Abigail can't read  In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigail wife/ of Mr. Nehemiah???/ Pardee/ (can't read the rest)
  PAYN, John 4 July 1729 Here lyeth/ ye body of/ John Payn who/ died July ye 4th/ 1729 aged 80 years
  PECK, Frances Se__ Aug 1763 In Memory of/ Frances Se____/ Son of Mr. Joh_/ Mrs. Lois Peck/ who died Aug/ 1763 or 8 in the ? Mo
  PEIRSON, David can't read Here lies ?? ye/ Body of David/ Pierson son of Mr/ Daniel Peirson of/ Bridge (can't read the rest)
  PHIPPS, Roger Dearing 11 Sep 1770 In Memory of Mr. Roger Dearing Phipps/ who died Sep 11/ 1770 In the 35th Year/ of His age
  PHIPPS, Hannah 7 Sep 1789 In Memory of Mrs/ Hannah Phipps/ the Wife of Capt/ Solomon Phipps who/ departed this Life Sep-/ tember 7th 1789 in the 37th year of her age.
  PINTO, Abigail 9 Mar 1798 In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigail/ Wife of Mr./ Jacob Pinto/ who died March/ 9th 1798 in the 49/ year of her age
  PINTO, Thankfull 25 July 1768 In Memory of/ Mrs. Thankfull/ Wife of Mr./ Jacob Pinto/ who died July/ 25th AD 1768/ in ye 28thYear of/ Her Age
  POMEROY, Joseph 24 Aug 1744 Here Lies Ye/ Body of Mr. Joseph Pomeroy/ Who Died Augt/ ye 24th 1744 in ye/ 44 Year of His/ Age
  POTTER, Benjamin None Benjamin/ Son of Mr. Joel/ & Mrs. Susanna/ Potter (underground)

POTTER, Joseph


Here Lies ye/ Body of Mr./ Joseph Potter/ who died


  RHOADES, Frederick 22 Nov 1750 In Memory of the Children/ of Dr. John & Rebeca Rhoades/ viz Frederick Born Janr 14th/ 1750 died Novr 22d 1750
  RHOADES, Catharina 14 Jan 1773 In Memory of the Children/ of Dr. John & Rebeca Rhoades/ Catharina born Janr 27th 1770/ died 14 Jan 1773/
  RHOADES, Still Born Son 8 July 1772 In Memory of the Children of Dr. John & Rebeca Rhoades/ Still born Son July 8th 1772
  RICE, James None Too broken to read
  RICE, Mary Anne 1 June 1770 Mary Anne/ Daughter of Capt/ Thomas & Mrs/ Gloriana Rice/ died June 1, 1770/ Aged 1 Day
  RICE, G. W. can't read G. W. Rice/ AE 16 yrs
  RILEY, Capt Ebenezer 20 Apr 1773 In Memory of Capt Ebenezer Riley/ Who Fell a Victem/ by the Small pox/ On ye 20th Day of April/ AD 1773
  RUGGLES, Elizabeth None Elizabeth/ wife of Mr. Joseph/ Ruggles (underground)
  SABEN, Sybil Feb 1756 Here Lies Interr'd/ the Body of Mrs./ Sybil Saben wife/ of Mr. Charles/ Saben who departed/ this life Febry ?th/ AD 1756 in the 20 (can't read the rest)
  SACKET, Mary 26 Nov 1717 Mary/ Sackett/ Died November/ 26 1717 Aged/ 57  Years
  SACKIT, Lieut. John 6 Nov 1703 Lieuten. John/ Sackit/ Aged 59 Years/ Deceased Novem 6/ 1703
  SALTONS__, Elizabeth 3 April 1760 Here Lies Interr'd/ the Remains of Mrs./ Elizabeth Saltons__/ a vertuous and ---- Daughter of C____ /& Mrs. Mary ____/ who Departed this life/ April the 3d A.D. 1760/ AE 25
  SANDEMAN, George 23 Oct 1776 Momento George/ Son of Mr. George Sandeman/ Merchant in Scotland/ who died Octobr 23d/ 1776 AE ?
  SARIT, Jonathon 4 Feb 172? Here Lyeth/ Ye Body of/ Jonathan/ Sarit who/ Died Feb. 4/ 172? Aged/ 72 Years
  SCHOOLER, John ___well 3 Feb 1725/6 Here Lies the Body of/ John ____well/ Schooler of Wind-/ ser who died/ Febr ye 3 1725/6/ Aged 24 Years
  SEARL, Sarah 4 May 1765 Sarah/ Daughter of/ Mr. James &/ Mrs. Hannah/ Searl died/ May 4th 1765/ Aged 1 year/ & 5 Months
  SHERMAN, Gold 6 Feb 1777 Here/ hes inter'd/ the Body of/ Mr. Gold Sherman/ who died Feb 6/ 1777 of the small pox/ in the 51 Year of/ His age/ the body also of/ Leveret his Son who/ died Feb. 6th 1777 Aged 1 year 9 months
  SHERMAN, Leveret 6 Feb 1777 (See Gold Sherman)
  SHERMAN, Capt. Daniel Nov 1716  Here Lies ye Body/ of Capt Daniel/ Sherman who/ Died November/ 1716 Aged 75 Years
  SHERMAN, Nathanael 7 Sep 1759 Here lyes ye/ Body of Mr/ Nathanael Sherman/ who departed/ this life Sept / ye 7 AD 1759 (underground)
  SHERMAN, Daniel 8 May 1729 Here lyeth the/ Body of Mr/ Daniel Sherman/ Who Departed May/ ye 8th 1729 in the/ 61 year of his age
  SHERMAN, John 24 Feb 1727/8 Here Lieth The/ Body of Mr/ John Sherman/ who deceased/ Feb'r ye 24 1727/8/ Aged 54 Years
  SHERMAN, Rebecca 17 Feb 1750 Here Lyes ye Body/ of Mrs. Rebecca/ Sherman wife to Mr./ Nathanael Sherman/ who Departed this/ Life Febr'y ye 17th AD/ 1750 in ye 58th/ Year of her Age
  SHERWOOD, Andrew M. 26 Nov 1752 In Memory of/ Mr. Andrew/ Messenger/ Sherwood/ who died Nov'br/ 26 1752/ Aged 26 Years
  SINCLAIR, Elizabeth 7 Dec 1785 Here lies the/ Body of Miss Elizabeth Sinclair/ who died in her/ passage from Jamaica/ to this place Decem-/ ber 7th 1785 in the 34th Year of her/ Age
  SMITH, Eunice 5 July 1783 In Memory of Mr./ Eunice Smith/ the Wife of Mr./ Joseph Smith/ who died July 5th/ 1783 Aged 46/ years
  SPE___, William None William/ Son of/ Joseph Spe__/ died March (broken)
  SPEARY, daughter 17 ?? 1739 ______/ daughter/ to Joseph Speary died/ ?? 17: 1739
  SPERRY, Deborah 16 Dec 1711 Deborah/ the of Daniel/ Sperry/ who died Dec. 16: 1711/Aged 39 years
  SPERRY, Stephen 17 Feb 1765 In/ Memory of/ Mr./ Stephen Sperry/ who died Febr'y/ ye 17 A.D. 1765/ Aged 66 Years/ " All Living Must Return to Dust"
  SPERRY, Lydia 31 Aug 1776 In Memory of Mrs/ Lydia relict of Mr./ Stephen Sperry/who departed this/ life Aug 31, 1776/ in her 83 rd Year
  STEVENS, Nath 22 Oct 1709 Nath/ Stevens Aged/ 8 Deceased Oct/ 22 Ano Dom. 1709
  STILMAN, Elizabeth 18 May 1789 In Memory of Elizabeth Stil-/ Man Relict of Person Stilman/ who died May 18th 1789 in the / 35th Year of her Age/ Also  their son Alling Stilman/ who died September 6 1795/ Aged 19 Years
  STILMAN, Alling 18 Sep 1795 (See Elizabeth Stilman)
  STORER, Electa 6 Nov 1768 In Memory of/ Mrs. Electa/ Wife of Mr./ James Storer/ who died Nov./ ye 6 A.D. 1768/ in ye 26th Year of her Age
  STORER, John, Jr. 8 Aug 1794 In Memory of John Storer Jur/ Son of Mr. John & Mrs. Hannah Storer/ who departed this/ Life August 8th 1794/ in the 21st Year/ of his Age
  STORER, Sarah        29 July ??? Sarah/ Daughter of Mr. John & Mrs/ Mary Storer/ died July 29th (underground)
  STORER, John None John Son of/ Mr. John Storer/ Junr. & Mrs. Han-/nah Storer (underground)
  TA___, Elisabeth ??? 7631Mon 684/ Elisabeth Ta___
  TALLMADGE, Josiah 13 May 1700 In Memory of/ Mr Josiah Tallmadge/ who departed this/ life May 13th AD 1700/ in the 43 Year/ of his age
  TALMADGE, Mary 22 Feb 1787 In Memory of Mrs Mary/ Consort of Mr. Josiah/ Talmadge who/ died February 22d AD/ 1787 in the 33th Year/ of her Age/ Also Mary Daughter of/ Josiah and Mary Talmadge/ Who died Octb 8th AD/ 1780 in the 4th Year of her/ Age
  TALMADGE, Mary 8 Oct 1780 (See first Mary Talmadge)
  TALMADGE, Ann 23 ???  Ann Talmadge/ Deceased ye 23 (underground)
  TALMADGE, Hannah 16 Feb 1743 Here Lies ye/ Body of Mrs./ Hannah Wife/ of Capt. James/ Talmadge who/ died Febr'y/ 16 1743 or 45/ Ae 53
  TALMAGE, Unknown 26 Sep 1730  (top missing) Talmage ----/ dyed Sept'r Ye 25/ 1730 Aged 31 Years

TAPPEN, ___en

23 Dec 1770

In Memory of/ Mr. ___en Tappen who/ Departed this Life with/ resignation to his Hea-/venly Father who after/ in Lingering Confirm____/

Deceased Dec'br 23, 1770/ in the 34th year of his age

  THOMAS, Joseph 10 April 1739 Here lies ye Body/ of Mr Joseph Thomas/ Who died April/ ye 10 1739 in ye/ 78 Year of/ his Age
  THOMAS?, Elizabeth May ?? Elizabeth/ Wife of Mr/ Hezekiah/ Thomas? died/ May 3? (can't read the rest)
  THOMPSON, Mary 8 Feb 1788 In Memory of/ Mrs. Mary Thompson/ Relict of Lieut/ Abraham Thompson/ who departed this/ Life February 8th 1788/ Aged 82 Years
  THOMPSON, Phebe 10 May 1800 In/ memory of/ Mrs. Phebe/ Thompson/ wife of Mr. Abraham/ Thompson/ who died May 10: 1800/ AE 33
  THOMPSON, Lieut. John 17 Nov 1711 Here Lies/ Ye Body of/ Lieut John/ Thompson Who/ Died Novem'r 17/ 1711 Aged 55 Years
  THOMPSON, Joseph Dec 1711 Here/ Lyeth/ Body of/ Joseph/ Thompson Who/ Died Dec ???/ 1711 Aged 47/ Years
  THOMPSON, Frances 20 Aug 1770  In Memory of 3 Chi-/dren of Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Esther Thompson/ Frances died August 20, 1770 in her 2d Year.
  THOMPSON, Son 2 Sep 1770  In Memory of 3 Chi-/dren of Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Esther Thompson/ A son born &/ died 2d Sep 1770
  THOMPSON, Henry July ??? In Memory of 3 Chi-/dren of Mr. Jacob & Mrs. Esther Thompson/ Henry died July (can't read)
  THOMRSON,  Lieut. Abraham 2 Sep 1774 In Memory of/ Leut. Abraham Thomrson/ who departed/ this life Sept'r 2d/ 1774 in the 64th/ year of his Age
  THOMSON, Stephen 6 Aug 1732 Here lies ye body/ of Mr. Stephen/ Thomson who dec'd/ Aug ye 6th 1732/ Aged 37 Years
  THOMSON, Benjamin 20 Sep 1734 Here lies ye body/ of Mr. Benjamin/ Thomson who Dec/ Sept'r ye 20th 1734/ Aged 36 Years (2 stones)
  THOMSSON, Abraham Dec ???? Abraham/ Son of Mr./ Abraham/ & Mrs. Mary/ Thomsson/ died Dec (underground)
  TILLMADGE, Daniel April 1741 Daniel Tillmadge/ died April ?? 1741/ Aged ? (On same stone with unreadable entry)
  TODD, Jonah 20 Aug 1730 Here lyeth the Body/ of Mr Jonah Todd/ who died August/ ye 20th A.D. 1730/ in the 45 Year/ of his Age
  TODD, Charles None Charles/ Son of Mr. Mi-/chael & Mary/ Todd Di-/ (on same stone with Mary)
  TODD, Mary   None Mary ye/ Daughter/ of Mr/ Michael & Mary/ Todd Di-/
  TODD, Daniel 27 July 1794 Daniel/ Todd Died/ July 27/ 1794/ Aged 37/ Years
  TOWNSEND, Woodbridge 29 Feb 1792 In Memory of Mr./ Woodbridge Townsend/ who Died the 29th Febry/ 1792/ aged 29 years/ with an Infant Daughter lying by his side/ aged 10 months
  TOWNSEND, Infant Daughter None (See  Woodbridge Townsend)
  TOWNSEND, Catherine 14 Sep 1794 In Memory of Mrs./ Catherine Townsend/ who died on the/ 14th of September/ 1794 aged 22 Years/ a Victum to yellow/ Fever
  TOWNSEND, Hannah 30 July 1741 Here Lies ye/ Body of Mrs./ Hannah wife/ of Mr. Jeremiah/ Townsend who/ died July 30th/ 1741 in ye 33d/ Year of her Age
  TOWNSEND, Willis 22 Oct 1795 In Memory of/ Willis Townsend/ son of Mr. Robert &/ Mrs. Hannah Townsend/ Who died Oct 22: 1795 aged 2 years
  TOWNSEND, Abigail None In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigail/ Townsend wife of/ Mr. Jeremiah/ Townsend
  TROWBRIDGE, Joseph E. 19 Aug 1801 In memory of/ Mr. Joseph E. Trowbrdige/ who died Aug. 19 AD 1801/ aged 19 years/ also his wife/ Mrs. Sally Trowbridge/ who died Sep 13: 1799 AE 17
  TROWBRIDGE, Sally 13 Sep 1799 (See Joseph E. Trowbridge)
  TURNER, Nathanael 3 Feb 1751 In Memory Of/ Mr. Nathanael/ Turner/ Who died Feb/ ye 3d A.D. 1751/ in His 82d Year
  TUTTLE, Rebekah 12 Oct 1734 In Memory of / Mrs. Rebekah/ wife of Mr./ Daniel Tuttle/ died Oct ye 12th/ 1734 in her 20th year/ Also a daughter/ aged 3 Months
  TUTTLE, Infant Daughter   (See Rebekah Tuttle)
  TUTTLE, Eunice 31 Sep ??? Eunice Daugh-/ ter of Lieut/ Andrew/ Tuttle Dyed/ Sept 31 (can't read the rest)
  TUTTLE, Charles 8 July ??? Charles/ Son of Mr./ Jehiel &/ Mrs. Hannah/ Tuttle/ died July 8th (underground)
  TUTTLE, Abigail 6 June 1765 In Memory of/ Mrs. Abigal Wife/ of Mr. James Tut-/ tle who died June/ 6th AD 1765 in Her/ 62 Year/ "She was a Good Wife and A Kind Mother"
  TUTTLE, Hanna 27 Oct 17?8 Mrs. Hannah/ Late Wife of/ Mr. Caleb Tuttle/ who died Oct'r 27 17?8 in/ Her 65th Year
  UNKNOWN, Mrs. 23 Apr 1790 ____d at Sav_____ Georgia/ on the 23rd of April AD 1790/ in the ?4th year of her age
  UNKNOWN, John 2 ??? 1690 ?? John  ___S____/ Aged 76 Deceased/ 2 Fo?eer 1690 or 1696
  UNKNOWN, Abigail None Here lies ye Body/ of Mrs. Abigail/ ?? Wife (underground)
  UNKNOWN, Unknown 16 Sep 1784 (top is broken off) --- of Middletown who died/ here wile on a visit of/ Friendship -- Sep'tr 15th/ 1784 AE 48
  UNKNOWN, Unknown None Inscription:    600
  UNKNOWN, Unknown None Aged 19 Years
  UNKNOWN, Maybe Samuel ?? 8 April 1716  Here Lyeth ye/ Body of/ (unreadable)/Who died April/ 8th 1716/ Aged 69 years
  UNKNOWN, Elizabeth can't read Wife of John ????
  UNKNOWN, Daniel Oct 1720? Daniel ______ / Died Octo 1720 (not sure)/ Aged 54/ Years
  UNKNOWN, Sarah None Sarah Daugh-/ ter of Mr./ William &/ Mrs. Sarah (underground)
  UNKNOWN, Ruth can't read Here lies ye/ Body of Mrs./ Ruth ye Wife/ of Mr. John/ _____ died (can't read)
  UNKNOWN "A", Mr. ___ 9 ?? 1783 Aged 62 years;  This stone was located in the group with last name starting in "A"
  UNKNOWN "D", Mary None Mary/ Daughter of / Mr. Isaac (underground); In "D" Group 
  UNKNOWN "M", None 20 Jan 1752 Aged 62 Years
  UNKNOWN "M", Hannah None Here Lies ye/ Body of Mrs/ Hannah wife of/ Mr. Nathaniel (underground)
  UNKNOWN "S", Patiance None Patiance/ daugher of/ Joseph
  UNKNOWN "S", Unknown 20 Oct 1748 (Lettering at top missing) Dec'd Octob'r/ the 20th 1748/ One year and/ 8 Months Old
  UNKNOWN "T", E______  6 Nov 1766 In Memory of/ E____   ???/ who died Nov/ 6th 1766/ Aged ?
  UNKNOWN "T", Ann 1739 Ann ye Daugh-/ ter of Mr./ Nathaniel &/ Mrs ____ah/  ????? died/ ???/ 1739 Aged ?
  UNKOWN, Mary March ???? Here Li---/ Body---/ Mary---/ Who---/ March (can't read the rest)
  W___, Amos 18 Sep 1733 Amos ye Son of/ Mr. ??? & Mrs.Susanna W___/ died Sept 18/ 1733 Aged 4 Months
  WARLAND, Rebecca 17 Aug 1796 Rebecca Thomas/ Daughter of William &/ Mrs. Mary Warland/ Died Aug 17 AD 1796/ AE ? Year 2 months
  WELLS, David 5 Sep 1772 David Son of/ Cap. Gad and/ Mrs. Sarah/ Wells died/ Sept 5 (or 3): 1772/ Aged 1? Months
  WHETMORE, George A. 25 June 1789  In Memory/ of/ George Augustus/ Son of/ Hezekiah & Sarah Wetmore/ Who died June 25th 1789/ Aged 14 Months
  WHITEBREAD, Mary None In Memory/ of Mrs. Mary/ Relict of Mr/ Stephen Whitebread
  WHITED, Hannah Sept ??? Hannah/ Daughter/ of Mr.John/ & Susanna/ Whited di-/ed Sept 31? (can't read rest)
  WHITEHEAD, Samuel 12 Mar 1753? Samuel/ Whitehead/___Nor Died/ March 12 175?3/ Aged 13/ Years
  WHITING, Mary 27 Feb 175? Mary/ Daughter of/ Mr. Nathan &/ Mrs Mary/ Whiting/ died Febr 27/ 175?/ Aged ????
  WILMOT, Unknown can't read CH____/ of _____/ Wilmot who (can't read the rest)
  WINSTON, John 15 Feb 17?? Here/ Lies Ye Body/ of Mr. John/ Winston Who/ Died Feb'r 15: 17??/ Aged ?? Years
  WINSTON?, Elizabeth 8 Oct 1680 ___beth Wi_/ ston Aged 63/ Deceasted 10-8/ 1680 (Next to ___stun, Ser_  John, d. 1696)
  WOOD?, Martha 26 Feb 1726 Here lyeth/ ye body of/ Martha Wife/ of Nathaniel/ Wood (or Woodin) Who/ Died Feb 26/ 1726 Aged 62/ Years
  WOODBRIDGE, Mabel 10 May 1738 Here Lieth/ The body of/ Mabel Wife of/ The Revd Sam/ Woodbridge Who dyed May the 10th 1738/ Anno Bratis S____
  WOODHOUSE, Josiah 3 Sep 1764 In Memory of/ Mr. Josiah/ Woodhouse/ who was Born in ye/ City of London in/ Old England and/ died in New Haven/ Sept 3d AD 1764 in/ His 22nd Year
  WOODRUFF, Miss Rhoda 9 Sep 1776  In Memory of Miss/ Rhoda Woodruff/ Daughter of Lieut./ Charles & Mrs./ Prudence Woodruff of/ Litchfield who died/ 9 Sept 1776 aged/ 19 Years
  WOOLCOT, Timothy 2 Sep 1767 Timothy Son of/ Cap't William &/ Mrs. Phebe Woolcot/ died Sep'tr 2d 1767/ In his 4th Year/"Here Sleeps a Pleasant Flower"
  YALE, Nathaniel 29 Oct 1730 Here lyeth the Body/ of Mr. Nathaniel/ Yale Who Deceased/ October 29th 1730/ Aged 78 Years
  YORKE, Susannah 24 Feb 1797 In Memory of/ Susannah wife of/ Henry Yorke/ who died Feb'y 24th/ AD 1797/ in the 39 year/ of her age
  YORKE, Anne 29 July 1787 In Memory of Anne/ the Daughter of Mr./ Henry & Mrs. Susanna/ Yorke who died/ July 29 1787 aged 6/ Months & 26 Days
  YORKE, Son can't read ___ory of/ ---the Son of/ ___nry & Mrs./ ____nnah Yorke



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