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All files were contributed on 18 May 2005 by Joy Fisher, unless otherwise indicated.
Ackley, Abraham E.    
Anderson, George Charles Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Arcularius, Mrs. Charles S. 10 Feb 2007 Lisa McKinney
Avery, Francis B.    
Ayres, James R.    
Bailey, Thaddeus L.    
Banks, Marston Edson Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Barmore, Jr., Nathaniel    
Becker, Edward Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Benson, Clarence Rangnor Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Birdseye, Rev. Nathan Nov 2007 Guy Potts
Bing, John E. April 8    
Bloom, Charles H. Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Bloom, Charles H. Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
Bohan, John    
Bouton, Ezra B.    
Bouton, Ezra B.    
Bouton, John E.    
Bouton, Spencer    
Boyd, Andrew    
Brown, John    
Brown, Phineas    
Bryson, Frank    
Buttry, John    
Caldwell, Samuel    
Carroll, Morris    
Cifatte, Stephen Charles 02 Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
Clark, John S.    
Clark, Edward T.    
Clock, George W.    
Cook, Lewis A.    
Costello, William Patrick Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
Cowles, Robert Henry Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
Crissy, Andrew    
Daily, Edwin R.    
Daskam, John W.    
Durand, Charles    
Farnold, William    
Feeks, George D.    
Ferris, William I.    
Fox, Michael    
Fox, Patrick    
Freeman, Daniel    
Fryermuth, Peter    
Fuller, Philo C.    
Gillespie, William    
Graham, Thomas R.    
Greaves, Benjamin L.    
Hartson, George W    
Hobby, Horace P.    
Hobby, William    
Holmes, Joseph    
Hoyt, Andrew    
Hoyt, Emmet M.    
Hoyt, John E.    
Hoyt, Samuel B.    
Hoyt, Seth H.    
Hoyt, Henry W.    
Ingersol, Thomas S.    
Jennings, Charles    
Jessup, Edwin B.    
Jones, Benjamin    
Jones, Joseph    
Jones, Ira D.    
June, Theron B.    
Leeds, Francis R.    
Litchfield, Charles W.    
Lockwood, Andrew J.    
Lockwood, James L.    
Lockwood, Sherman D.    
Lockwood, Joseph L.    
Lounsbury, Banks    
Lowa, William    
Lower, Henry    
Mackern, Diana 24 May 2007 John B. King
Macrea, Murray    
Mahan, Hugh    
McDonald, John H.    
Mead, George A.    
Mead, Hibbard    
Miles, John A.    
Miller, Chas. W.    
Mollet, Thomas W.    
Monroe, Wm. H.    
Morehouse, William A.    
Morrell, Charles E.    
Nichols, Theodore    
Osborn, Samuel S.    
Palmer, David C    
Peatt, Reuben    
Peatt, William L.    
Peck, Theodore H.    
Picker, Patsy    
Platt, Gabriel W.    
Potts, Joseph Willard    
Potts, James A.    
Powell, Albert M.    
Provost, Charles E.    
Rosborough, Charles    
Sanchez, Mary Jane 9 July 2007 John B. King
Scofield, Theodore C.    
Scofield, William Ellsworth    
Scofield, Gilbert    
Scofield, Lewis B.    
Searles, Benjamin O.    
Searles, George H.    
Seely, Edward M.    
Selleck, George B.    
Sherwood, Nathan    
Simms, John    
Smith, Sylvanus    
Starr, Grosvenor    
Stevens, Albert    
Stevens, Wm. T.    
Stottlar, Henry    
Sutton, Joseph A.    
Swathel, George C.    
Taylor, James Lawrence    
Taylor, John J.    
Thorne, John W.    
Thorne, Marinus    
Totten, William H.    
Vail, James    
Vandervalt, George    
Vincent, Jacob W.    
Walters, James Henry    
Walton, Wm. H.    
Wardell, Jason    
Waterbury, Andrew C.    
Waterbury, Stephen R.    
Waters, John    
Webb, James W.    
Webb, William O.    
White, William E.    
Wilmot, George W.    
Woods, Paula "Lilly" 26 Aug 2007 John B. King
Youngs, George A.    

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