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File Description Date Submitted Submitter
Anderson, Olaf   Shelley Barnes
Anderson, August   Shelley Barnes
Banta, Zachariah T.   Brad Goff
Belot, Adolph   Shelley Barnes
Berg, Hagen R   Judy Crook
Bills, Albert   Judy Crook
Bills, CharlesW   Judy Crook
Boner, Leander   Shelley Barnes
Budge, James   Judy Crook
Clark, William H   Judy Crook
Crook, John E   Judy Crook
Ellison, Albert C.   Judy Crook
Ferguson, David D.   Judy Crook
Gentry, James C.   Judy Crook
Goff, Brian Fisher Jun 1999 Brad Goff
Goff, John B.   Brad Goff
Goff, William H.   Brad Goff
Harker, Frank A.   Judy Crook
Harp, Horace S   Judy Crook
Hockett, Prior   Shelley Barnes
Holland, Timothy D   Judy Crook
JoHantgen, F. N.   Judy Crook
Jones, Owen O   Judy Crook
Keller, William A   Judy Crook
Kilduff, Thomas   Judy Crook
LeKamp, John H   Judy Crook
Lunny, Owen H.   Shelley Barnes
Lyttle, James   Judy Crook
Martin, Samuel   Judy Crook
McLaughlin, Farrell   Judy Crook
Melton, George W.   Judy Crook
Moog, John D.   Judy Crook
Morse, Oscar F.   Judy Crook
Nichols, Benjamin L   Judy Crook
Nimerick, James B.   Judy Crook
Nimerick, John C.   Judy Crook
Patterson, S. C.   Judy Crook
Pattison, William L   Judy Crook
Pirce, Albert M.   Judy Crook
Pierson, Henry   Judy Crook
Ralston, Joseph   Brad Goff
Rector, James W   Judy Crook
Riland, James L.   Judy Crook
Rock, Henley C   Judy Crook
Salmon, Elijah   Judy Crook
Sandy, Martin L   Judy Crook
Schutte, John Christian   Judy Crook
Simpson, William E   Judy Crook
Smith, Adam   Judy Crook
Smith, Charles   Judy Crook
Smith, David   Judy Crook
Smith, John R.   Judy Crook
Strehlke, Julius L   Judy Crook
Thompson, Robert E.   Judy Crook
Tomlison, Hiram W.   Judy Crook
Torrence, Hugh   Shelley Barnes
Veatch, William L   Judy Crook
Warren, William G   Judy Crook
Wilbur, Eddie P.   Judy Crook


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